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I'm Rocko.
Not a real wallaby, I'm afraid. Nothing that exciting.

No, I'm just an average guy, living an average life, and generally trying to frequently kill myself doing insane, stupid things in my spare time.
In other words, I'm an Australian.
What can I say about myself?
I'm male, single, temperamental, frequently obnoxious, and hilariously amusing.
I have a job, I have a house, and I own a lot of stuff.
Not overly informative, but there ARE limits on what I'll give out, you know ;>

Also, I'm generally quite friendly, if you take the time to know me.
Honestly, try it and see what happens! I only bite a bit ;)

So, why start writing?
Good question!

Basically, there are a few authors online, here and elsewhere, who truly inspire me.
Not many. Just a few.
They include Xianyu, FoxStriker25, Shinjihiroku, Ysrnty, Dark Awry, Arcane Reno and Ausfer, amongst others.
I admire well written stories, with decent plots, and memorable characters.
I like a story that keeps me guessing, and makes me want for more...
These folk know how to do it right.

Unfortunately, There are also a lot of people out there who don't do it right.
Sorry people, but reading a badly written, lame arse story, with poor grammar, and even poorer spelling, is like having a root canal performed without anaesthetic.

So, I asked myself, can I do better?
That's why I'm here. No point criticising, if you're not prepared to stand up and be judged by your peers, risking making an arse of yourself in the process ;)

I don't delude myself into thinking I'm a real author. I'm doing this for the simple pleasure, and challenge, of doing so. If it doesn't "suck" then hopefully I'm achieving what I wanted.

Mind you, don't expect me to keep to the given mantra on any specific topic or subject.
I don't care that everyone else writes it "that" way, or the characters "don't do that"!
I'm more than happy to twist everything around to fit MY plot. My fic, MY choice!

I like a story that has a sense of REALITY about it!
If it doesn't sound like it could possibly happen, its not likely to be my cup of tea.

I also like certain characters, and dislike others.
In many cases, these characters are used to death by others.
S'fine with me. I'll use them anyway, cause I like them :)

Just remember, my concepts, story ideas and created characters are a personal reflection of me, and my feelings. I ask that they not be used, abused or reused without my permission. Be creative. Come up with your own ideas, and leave mine to stew in the murk of my imagination, where they belong.

I also write non-pokemon stuff. Most is posted on Sofurry. Look me up ;)

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