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Just getting back into the Pokemon franchise after about 15 years, so I'm still catching up on a lot of the stuff.

I'm a fangame designer and part-time student in college. I wish to major in Game Development/Programming. My current fangame project is a currently untitled Pokemon RPG starring a Riolu/Lucario who is on a quest in the Alto Region to avenge the cold-blooded murder of his mother-like Master.

My short story/fanfic "Fulfillment" is a scene from late in the game's plot. Since the game is going to be released to mixed audiences, that particular scene won't actually be viewable in-game, but it will still be acknowledged. The event plays a minor role in the game's plot.

My favorite Pokemon Pairing and my OTP is Lucario x Braixen, so pretty much anything I submit will be about them two :P I guess I won't say much more. Have a nice day :P

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