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Emile is a master smith, learning many different ways to smith during his travel, learning much, including how to wield many of the weapons he makes. He is a mix between a Blaziken and a Snorlax, and was raised by a Machamp named Ike, and a Medicham named Schala. He can wield some small magic, but lacks any major talent for it, needing a few elixirs beforehand, and a few afterward, but can do some really powerful magic in the meantime. Can shapeshift at will, and has obtained godhood, but prefers his base form. He is a newly proclaimed acolyte of Axle, and is now part Giratina in his base form as well, which mainly manifests in the form of wings from Giratina's altered form. He is a powerhouse, and moves much faster than his appearance would suggest, and his weapons of choice are a scythe he carries at all times, a large bastard sword, and a pair of twin blades. He will tend to stick to himself, but if you get him to like you, he will defend you with everything he is. He also is a avid weapons collector. Does whatever entertains him at the time.

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