AGNPH Help Pages (Accounts)

Help! I had an account and I forgot my password!

If you registered an account after the site remake, you should be able to have your password reset via email by clicking "Forgot your password?" at the login screen.

If you registered your account before the site remake and can't remember your password, you should:

  1. Register a new account. You can use the same username and/or email as your old account if you want to.
  2. Contact a staff administrator either via PM, via IRC, or via another site like FA. See the staff page for info about staff.
  3. Once an administrator has verified your identity, they can reset the password on your old inactive account. You can then follow the instructions for multiple accounts below.
I had multiple accounts before the site remake. What do I do?

If you had multiple accounts before the site remake, please do not log into all of them. Instead, either register a new primary account, or log into only the primary account you'd like to keep.

Then, under your account settings in the sidebar, you can import/link your other accounts. This will merge it and all content associated with it into your current primary account.