AGNPH Help Pages (IRC/Discord)

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What is IRC?
IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It's an older and very simple method of communication on the internet that has been around since the late 80s. It was created in 1988 and is a very well established protocol, with clients and services for IRC available for pretty much every type of device and operating system. For more information, read the Wikipedia page.
How can I access the IRC?
The most reliable and most encouraged method of using the IRC is to use one of the many IRC client apps that exist for practically every operating system and device. Popular app-based clients include:
  • YChat (Windows)
  • mIRC (Windows)
  • HexChat (Windows)
  • Pidgin (Windows, Linux)
  • XChat (Linux)
  • Colloquy (Mac OS X)
  • Limechat (Mac OS X)
  • AndChat (Android)
  • IRChon (iPhone and iPad (iOS))
What details do I enter into my IRC Client?
When configuring the client to use the AGNPH server, the following information should be used:
  • Server: irc.agn.ph
  • Port: 6667
  • Nick: The nickname you want to use.
  • Channel: #agnph
If irc.agn.ph isn't working, you can try two other servers on the same irc network, irc.kitsunet.net and irc.digibase.ca. If your IRC client continues to have problems connecting, be sure to contact a staff member for assistance.
Common Chat Commands in IRC
Here is a list of the most common commands you can use in IRC. Note that all channels have a name starting with '#', so be sure to include that.
  • /join #channel
    Joins a chat channel.

  • /part #channel
    Leaves one of the chat channels you are in.

  • /query (nick)
    Opens a new private chat with a single person. Replace "(nick)" with the nickname of the person you want to chat with.

  • /msg nickserv register (password) (email)
    Register your nickname to keep other people from using it. This reserves the nickname you currently have for you to use permanently. Replace "(password)" with a password to log in with and "(email)" with your email address.

  • /msg nickserv identify (password)
    Logs in with your registered nickname. Replace "(password)" with the password you registered with.

  • /msg nickserv help
    Lists all the commands you can use with NickServ, including more detailed descriptions of the register and identify commands above.

What services are available on IRC?
We have the standard NickServ and ChanServ services available on our IRC network. Additionally, there is a bot user named Dexter that resides in #agnph and provides some commonly-used functionality. For more info, ask him "!help", or just ask anyone in the channel.