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Mewtwo's Legacy by knottymightyena


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This is my very first fanfic, as well as the first story I've ever posted to the Internet. Comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated!Also, if you don't want to repeatedly post reviews to chat with me, shoot me an email at [email protected] on hold.... Please see "Argh!" (A Letter to the Readers) for more details.

OLD CHAPTERS 1 and 2!!!


Mewtwo sighed with frustration, dropping his telekinetic focus on the microscopic tools within the cloning machine. Yet another sperm cell had died before he could complete the DNA transplant. If he didn't succeed soon, he'd have to replace the egg cell as well, and his mate's patience was growing thin with each failed experiment.
Felicia was a Persian about two months younger than Mewtwo. However, like Mewtwo, she was mature far beyond her age because she, too, was a clone and had been "born" physically developed. She was also an anomaly in her very existence: The Meowth she'd been cloned from was MALE; none of the other clones Mewtwo was responsible for had changed sex in the process. Except for Felicia.
Mewtwo did not wish to rely on the possibility of such a thing happening again, due to the facts that this was not the same cloning machine that had created Felicia, the chances of it occurring again were astronomical, and no one would enjoy a "trial-and-error" take on cloning to the opposite sex. For those reasons, he had designed his current experiment.
As the general rule of Pokémon reproduction was that the child was always born the species of the dam, the only way the experiment would result in a baby Mewtwo was to make a Mewtwo egg. Thus, he was attempting to swap the DNA from one of his own sperm cells with the DNA in one of Felicia's eggs so that, instead of cloning himself, per se, he would create a child that was half-him, half-Felicia, whom Felicia could bear as if naturally conceived.
When he'd first fallen for Felicia, Mewtwo had still been naïve and shortsighted. They had only been 'dating' a month when their first litter (Kyle, Ruby, and Rose) were born. The parents had been so proud, and still so young. Their second litter (Andy and Lily) was conceived only a week after the first were born. However, it was only a month ago, 5 months into Felicia's third pregnancy, that Mewtwo finally realized that, despite having a loyal community of his cloned Pokémon and their families, a loving mate, and seven children, he was still alone in a certain sense: He was the first Mewtwo, and would be the last if he didn't do something about it.
Cloning himself would not accomplish his goal to a meaningful end, however. If he were to truly leave his mark, and his species, on this planet, his descendants would need to be able to produce their own Mewtwo offspring: His child HAD to be female.
He laid his forehead on the side of the metallic cloning machine and took a deep, shuddering breath.
"Honey?" Felicia whispered from the doorway of the lab. "Are you okay?"
Mewtwo let his shoulders slump. "I just can't seem to keep the swimmers alive long enough to complete the gene transplants. It's a very delicate process, and I fear if I work too quickly, it won't do me much more good than the sperm expiring as they are...."
The Persian slunk into the heart of the laboratory on silent paws, then rubbed her side along her mate's thick thigh. "Why don't you take a break, baby? Hmm? You know what time it is?" She looked up at him expectantly. When he gave no reply, she murmured, "Eleven... A.M."
Mewtwo's jaw dropped. "I've been working for seventeen hours straight?!" Felicia smiled sadly and nodded. He sighed. "Give me one more try. If I don't succeed before lunch, I'll... I'll eat and go to bed.... Try again tomorrow...."
"Alright, Two," she whispered. "You've got an hour. And I'm watching."
Mewtwo spent the next forty-five minutes or so preparing a new sperm for the DNA transplanting procedure. He had to focus his telekinesis on several microscopic tools, which stretched his mind terribly thin; it was all he could do to remain standing in front of the monitor while he worked. With his lover's pressuring gaze upon him, he worked just a little bit more hastily than he'd been for the last several hours. Before long, he'd managed to successfully plant his own DNA into the egg cell. That was the easy part, however.
As the egg was considerably larger than the sperm cell, it was a far more delicate task to place Felicia's genes into the swimmer. At least he had gotten this far. Previously, each of his attempts had ended with the sperm cell expiring some time before he could try to insert the new DNA.
With sweat building on his brow, he slowly tried to pierce the membrane around the head of the sperm cell with the micro-syringe containing Felicia's DNA. If he worked too slow, the cell might die off before it could accomplish its purpose; if he was too fast, the syringe would likely break through the other side of the cell's head, which would cease it immediately. As he thought this, he lost focus for just an instant, and the needle slipped.
With a gasp as he realized what he'd done, Mewtwo dropped his telekinesis and fell to the floor.
"Oh my god, baby, what's wrong?" Felicia cried, trotting to him worriedly.
Breathing heavily, he whimpered, "It... it slipped. I... I killed it...."
She looked up at the monitor and said in a surprisingly calm tone, "Are you sure?"
Mewtwo looked at her incredulously, and she smiled and pointed her tail at the screen. The monitor displayed a magnified image of the micro-syringe's needle buried into the sperm cell's head, but not protruding from the other side. The swimmer's tail still wriggled energetically.
He stared in awe at the screen, occasionally glancing at Felicia as if for reassurance that this was real. "I... It... it worked.... It's alive...."
"Well, hurry up and initiate meiosis before it dies of exposure," Felicia reminded him with a kiss on the nose.
"Oh," Mewtwo muttered. "Shit. Right."
He pulled out the micro-syringe telekinetically, then dropped his focus an all of the tools. Now all he needed to do was let the sperm and egg meet, and nature would take its course in this unnatural situation. He guided the sperm cell gently toward the Petri dish in which the modified ovum waited and placed the swimmer into the jelly containing the egg. Within seconds, the male sex cell bolted toward the female cell, and they united.
With a sigh of relief, Mewtwo floated the Petri dish containing the newly fertilized egg into another machine. "Felicia, would you lie on your back by that red machine there? That's the one." He tapped a few keys on his main console and a door opened on the side of the contraption, revealing a long, conical rubber apparatus. "Now spread your legs.... That's it," he murmured, guiding the probe with a pair of joysticks so that it slid gently into his mate's now-exposed vaginal canal. Felicia cooed as the machine squirted the cool jelly from the Petri dish into her womb.
Mewtwo smiled. If all went well, the hormones in the jelly should cause Felicia's body to accept the new egg and plant it in her uterine wall, impregnating her as if they had mated normally. He toyed with the insertion apparatus for a few minutes, drawing it in and out of his wife's cunt for her pleasure, until she trembled and cried out with the shock of orgasm. As she drew herself up from the floor, vulva dripping with jelly and vaginal mucus, Mewtwo typed in the commands for his machines to clean and sanitize themselves.
Felicia strutted to her mate, then stood on her hind legs and drew him into a long, passionate kiss. He returned it quite affectionately, then let her return to all fours. "Well, you did it," the Persian declared with a smile. "I'm pregnant with a Mewtwo. You satisfied?"
He smiled more widely than he ever had in his life. "I've never been more satisfied."
Together, they walked to their palace's dining hall.


Six months later, Sabrina, the first female Mewtwo, was born as naturally as possible, given the circumstances.

"Don't you worry, Your Highness," the young Absol assured, "she'll see a perfectly normal childhood with me, and I'll take good care of her."
"Thank you, Abigail," Mewtwo said. "I hate to let her go, but even more, I won't have her grow up in isolation. Royalty on this island is the best life I can imagine for myself... but not my daughter."
Abby smiled warmly. "Like I said, she'll have a good childhood with me. She'll be around plenty of other Pokémon her age, she'll eat real good, and with me raising her, she'll be very kind and open-minded, I can guarantee you that much."
"Thank you so much," Felicia said, tears welling up in her eyes. She bit the scruff of Sabrina's neck softly and placed her upon Abby's back. "I love you, Bri," she whispered to the baby. "I'll see you when you've grown up a bit."
"Thanks for letting me adopt her, Your Majesties," the Absol said cordially. "Goodbye."
With Sabrina lying asleep on her back, Abby began the trip home to her den in northeast Hoenn, far from the family's palace in Johto, not to return until the child had turned fifteen.


To an outsider, it might seem as though Sabrina and the Kirlia, Angelica, had simply been staring each other down for the last twenty minutes. However, the crowd of their classmates gathered around the scene knew better: The girls were duking it out as fiercely as any rule-free fistfight. They simply used their minds instead of their bodies.
Sabrina exhaled heavily, glaring at her opponent. She knew she was winning, but she couldn't quite crack Angelica's defenses. The snobby Kirlia had been unable to assault Sabrina's shields and defend her own simultaneously, but with her focus entirely on resistance, the girl was more than able to keep Sabrina's onslaught at bay.
Several times, the Mewtwo attempted new tactics, angling her attacks from different 'directions' in the void of the psychic dimension. She was wearing her opponent down, but also growing exhausted herself. She couldn't let Angelica gain any advantage; this was a matter of pride, and Sabrina, being an outcast, needed a better image so much more than perfect, popular Angelica DeMarre. Victory would also be satisfying, then, due to the dethroning of the most popular girl in school.
Sabrina's body was about to give out from the strain of their standoff; it was now or never. She took a huge risk in dropping her defenses to put all her focus into a brute force attack on the weakest spot she'd found in the Kirlia's barriers. Angelica's eyes flew wide open as her mental shield shattered into oblivion. With her rival disarmed, Sabrina blasted Angel backwards into a thick tree, eliciting a sharp intake of breath from their audience.
With a smug grin, Bri straightened her back and scanned the awed faces of her classmates. Angelica struggled to stand upright, shaking violently as if she'd run a marathon nonstop. Once on two feet, she wiped a dribble of blood from the corner of her mouth. Sabrina floated toward her with a hand outstretched.
"Sorry about the tree," she said. "I kinda-"
"Don't talk to me, bitch!" Angelica growled, spitting blood at her feet.
Sabrina watched incredulously as the Kirlia stomped off, dusting off her dress and muttering curses under her breath. Her classmates made a pointed attempt to ignore the Kirlia, and several of them cheered and lifted Sabrina onto their shoulders. She was a hero.
Except to the teachers, who had just returned from their own luncheon to shepherd the students back to their classes in the various forest clearings. A few of the instructors rushed to Angelica's aid (despite her refusal) and the rest tried to quell the chaos and find out who had hurt the Kirlia.
Albert Schwartz, the headmaster, a wizened Alazakam, calmly entered the students' break clearing and looked Sabrina right in the eyes. Without her feeling any of his psychic maneuvers, he lifted her telekinetically from the shoulders of her friends and forced her to attention in front of him.
"Adolescent girls, particularly ones raised to fancy themselves royalty, tend to talk down to those who are unworthy in their eyes," the Alakazam declared quietly. "This is no excuse for you to shatter her mind. She may not use it to its potential, but she does need it. You understand that your punishment will be considered as if this were a case of physical assault, yes?"
Sabrina hung her head. "Yes, Headmaster," she mumbled.
"Please leave the grounds," Mr. Schwartz commanded in the same emotionless tone. "Your disciplinary hearing will be held tomorrow at noon."
"Yes, Headmaster...." Without a word, she flew home to her adoptive mother's den.
"Mom," she called unenthusiastically on her way to her bedchamber, "I'm home...."
"So soon?" Abby called back from her own bedroom. "Early day?"
"No," Sabrina yelled in response, dropping herself face-first into her cot.
Abby was silent for a while, then appeared in the doorway. "What happened, Bri?" the Absol asked suspiciously. "You're not playing hooky, are you?"
"Not by choice," Sabrina mumbled into her pillow.
"What happened?"
"Angelica called me a skank."
Sabrina removed her face from her pillow and looked her surrogate mother in the eyes. "I cracked her mind."
Abby's jaw dropped. "Honey! Bri! I - God.... You know that can do serious damage!" she scolded. "She may never fully recover!"
"She sure seemed 'mentally stable' when she spat on my foot afterwards!" Sabrina roared, floating herself upright.
"I don't care, Bri," the Absol huffed. "Honey, I've told you a million times, your parents put me in charge of you so that I could raise you to be a good, humble Pokémon. Where did I go wrong? What made you think it's okay to fuck with someone's head because she called you a skank?! Tell me what I did wrong, 'cause obviously you, little miss TEENAGER, are smarter than me!"
Sabrina glared at her stand-in parent for a moment before breaking down in tears. She wrapped her arms around Abby's neck and hugged her tightly. "I'm sorry, Mom.... So sorry.... I was just... being stupid...."
"Don't lose any sleep over it, dear," Abby consoled her, "you were being a teenage girl. Just learn from this mistake, and everything will be fine. You're turning fifteen in less than a week, you know. You'll be a young woman in the eyes of society, and these naïve endeavors just won't cut it."
"Yeah," Sabrina choked through her tears, "I guess my real parents wouldn't like to see me as a troublemaker, huh?"
They both laughed softly. Abby kissed Sabrina's forehead and wriggled from her embrace. "Yep. Big day coming up. Now, if you'll excuse me," she drawled, "Macie's still waiting in my room. I hope you don't mind.... We didn't expect you home so early, and she's still on fire."
"I've told you a million times, Mom," Sabrina replied, "you don't need me out of the house, just as long as you two aren't screaming loud enough to wake the dead. I can't hear much out of your room from here."
Abby smiled. "Thanks, Bri. I'll make dinner in a few hours. Until then, if you need me, don't come to me, yell." With that she trotted out of the room.
Sabrina sighed. Abby always seemed to be going in and out of relationships with other women. Her current girlfriend, Macie, was a young Mightyena. Abby particularly enjoyed this relationship due to the fact that a female Mightyena's clitoris was large enough to substitute for a phallus in sex. Abby wasn't attracted to males, but that didn't mean she didn't like the feeling of a stiff prick inside her.
And Sabrina had no one. Until just today, she only had a couple of friends, the only six Pokémon around the school that even acknowledged her existence, and none of them were too impressive. She hoped with all her might that her move to Johto would result in her meeting a nice male to share her bed and her life with.


"Oh, man, I'm so excited!" Sabrina cried, smiling broadly up at the Charizard beside her. He grinned warmly, patting her on the back.
"Believe me, your parents are ecstatic," he said. "They're dying to see you."
Sabrina looked down at Abby, who smiled sadly back. "I'm gonna miss you, Mom...."
"Honey," the Absol said, "I'll miss you too... but I'm not 'Mom' anymore. Felicia is. Call me Abby, 'kay?" She reared up onto her hind legs and embraced her foster daughter.
"Alright, M-Abby," Sabrina stuttered. She let Abby down after a long hug and looked back up at the dragon next to her. "Umm, so. Charlie, I guess we shouldn't keep my folks waiting much longer, eh?"
The fire Pokémon raised a brow at her. "It's gonna take us at least three days to get there," he said matter-of-factly as they walked toward the clearing from which they would take off. "I don't think a few minutes will make too much of a difference."
"Really?" Bri inquired. "Why so long?"
"Because you don't know where it is," Charlie replied. "You can't teleport somewhere reliably if you don't know where you're going, you know?"
"Oh yeah..." she muttered. "Duh."
Charlie spread his muscular wings and jolted upward with a single flap. Sabrina followed with her telekinesis, looking back to wave a final goodbye to Abby. She couldn't help but to admire the brawny beast who was guiding her to her new home. He was unlike any other Charizard she had ever seen: Red marks decorated his back and tail, and he was a bit larger than any Charizard ought to be. He seemed to have a much better temper than most fire Pokémon she'd met as well. She was sure she could trust him to lead her to her parents safely.
For hours on end, they flew. The sun had been down for nearly three hours before they finally stopped to make camp. The following two days were much the same. On the fourth evening, Charlie pointed out an enomrous mountain.
"That's where your folks live," he shouted over the wind. "They have a castle in the middle of the island. I'm in a cave close to the beach," he added with a smile.
"Cool," Sabrina replied. "Who else lives around?"
"Well," Charlie said, "within the castle, there's your parents and your siblings - you have four sisters and three brothers, all Persians."
"Wow, huge family."
"Yep. Then there's two or three servants. A Wobbuffet, a Lucario, and someone else... Not sure.
"Other than that, there are several families living around. There's a big family of Nidoqueens, some Rapidashes, a Gyarados, a Sandslash, a Raichu... not to mention my daughter, Claire. Quite a diverse population in terms of species, but we're all one big family.
"See, we're all clones."
"Clones?" Sabrina repeated in disbelief.
"Well, not all of us," Charlie clarified, "but quite a few. Me, for one. You might have noticed the red tattoos on my back. You'll be able to recognize most of us clones by our tattoos. Not all of us have weird marks, of course, but most do. A lot of us have naturally-born mates, though, so there's plenty of 'normal' Pokémon around too."

(Sorry, I never finished writing that before I lost my PSP.)
Chapter End Notes:So there you have it. That's what USED to be the first... uh, chapter and a half of Mewtwo's Legacy. Let me know what you think. Meanwhile I'm going to try to get back in the writing mood, now that I have my PSP's homebrew text editor to type with.....

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