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When Mewtwo begins to see signs of physical deterioration in his reflection, he begins to wonder what his legacy will be when he leaves this life. Out of his pondering comes the realization that he can leave behind his species. Thus, his daughter, Sabrina, is created.
This is her story.

Story Notes:

This is my very first fanfic, as well as the first story I've ever posted to the Internet. Comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated!Also, if you don't want to repeatedly post reviews to chat with me, shoot me an email at [email protected] on hold.... Please see "Argh!" (A Letter to the Readers) for more details.

  1. OLD CHAPTERS 1 and 2!!! (3269 words)

  2. Prologue (3068 words)

  3. Chapter 1 (4469 words)

  4. Chapter 2 (1480 words)

  5. Chapter 3 (4823 words)

  6. Chapter 4 (2576 words)

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