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This is my very first fanfic, as well as the first story I've ever posted to the Internet. Comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated!Also, if you don't want to repeatedly post reviews to chat with me, shoot me an email at [email protected] on hold.... Please see "Argh!" (A Letter to the Readers) for more details.


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I do not own, in part or in whole, Pokémon, Mewtwo, or any other characters, locations, or whatever else. Nintendo and The Pokémon Company do. You can't sue me for writing this. It's called fan fiction, people. I do, however, own my original characters and locations, which entails the personalities of the Pokémon as well as any characters, locations, etc. that were not invented by Nintendo. So put that lawyer down. This shit IS legal.

Mewtwo's Legacy
By Shadomew

Mewtwo sighed in frustration. Yet another egg broken.
He'd been at it for hours, repeatedly injecting his lover with hormones to trigger ovulation, drawing the egg cells from her, then attempting the DNA swap. So far, he'd killed every ovum, and hadn't even gotten to the point of tampering with his sperm, but he refused to give up. Felicia, on the other hand, had about had it with needles, and she nuzzled her mate's right hip softly as he moved on to the last egg of the current batch.
"Honey," the Persian murmured airily, "I understand how important this is to you... but can't you take a break?" She looked up at Mewtwo, whose eyes were determinedly focused upon the microscope display in front of him.
"I'm not letting you force out any more eggs tonight," she said slightly louder, growing irritated at her partner's tunnel-vision. "I won't be at all surprised if all those hormones you stuffed in me make me ill." Still no response. Felicia sighed.
"You know, all those shots made my ass hurt," she announced bluntly, giving up all calm pretenses. "And the more you give me, the longer it'll be before you can take me again without hurting me."
Mewtwo leaned back, sighed, and began rubbing his temples. Without speaking, he lay his thick purple tail on Felicia's back, gently stroking her spine for a moment. With a shudder, he stood up from his cushy black chair and at last made eye contact with his companion.
"I'm so close.... I know this will work," he mumbled, a sad, gaunt expression marring his face. "I just need to quit fucking up!" he shouted to a crescendo, slamming his fist against the large machine he'd been working with.
"Honey," Felicia said softly, standing on her hind legs with a tremendous effort so she could massage Mewtwo's shoulders, "Twoie, baby.... Just give it a rest. Just for the night," she amended at his shocked gaze. "Try with that last egg, and if it fails... come to bed. I'll be waiting for you," the cat added with a wink. She rubbed her cheek against her lover's hip once more before slinking out of the laboratory.
Mewtwo plopped back into his seat with a heavy sigh, then returned his attention to the panels of the cloning machine. His eyes focused not on the screen, but his own reflection upon it. He slowly took in his own feline countenance, eventually stopping on the wrinkles that had appeared at the corners of his eyes a few weeks ago... the feature that had started this whole mad endeavor.
When he'd first spotted the new grooves in his face, he had ignored them, assuming it was for lack of sleep that they'd appeared. When they failed to disappear, he realized that despite being only six years old, he was beginning to exhibit signs of advanced age. Sure, he had been brought into this world fully mature, taking perhaps twenty years from his life, but as he was the first - the only - member of his species, he had no point of reference to how soon his body would deteriorate.
Then it had hit him - he could pass away any time. There was no way to be certain when. And when that happened... what would Mewtwo be leaving behind? A mixed colony of natural and cloned Pokémon on this secluded island; fond memories in the hearts of three humans who would also undoubtedly leave this world eventually; a heartbroken Persian, if she outlived him; and their seven children, none of whom carried any trace of their unique father....
He needed a legacy. He needed a child his own species. But how? All Pokémon were born the species of their mothers; very little evidence as to the identity of the sire ever made it into a Pokémon's genes. He could clone himself, but the result would be male and, like himself, be unable to spawn another Mewtwo without the cloning machine.
Interestingly, Felicia, however, was an oddity in regard to the cloning machine: She was the only Pokémon cloned by Mewtwo to have changed sex in the process. Most of the other clones had been 'born' exactly like their 'parents' - the same sex, personality, abilities, and even physical age - except for five. Charlie, Trent, and Marvin had gained odd discolored markings on their backs; Sparky had a slightly different fur pattern on his ears; and Felicia had come out almost nothing like the impish Meowth she had been created from: female, with a calm and nurturing disposition, unable to speak English.... There had been no error reported by the cloning software during the process, yet there Felicia was, an unfathomable anomaly.
However, he couldn't take the chance that this 'error' might occur again. It wouldn't be worth it to clone himself dozens of times, hoping that just one of them might come out female. He had quit thinking about it at that point.
A few days later, however, it struck him that the cloning machine didn't have to be automated, as it had been for every previous use. He could manipulate it. Perhaps he could even use it to create a Mewtwo egg....
After that epiphany, he spent several days researching the technical aspects of reproduction. Before long, he formed the hypothesis that a successful DNA transplant between a sperm and egg could trick the egg, so to speak, into developing into a different species. If his theory was correct, he could have an eighth child with Felicia - except this one would have Felicia as its sire and Mewtwo as the dam.
And here he sat, hours later, trying and failing to transplant the DNA between his sperm and Felicia's eggs.
He returned to his work after these 12.7 seconds of thought and once again began to telekinetically manipulate the machine's many internal tools. He tried not to think about how this exercise proved he still needed to work on the acuity of his psychic abilities as he made his final attempt for the night.

Felicia curled up on the large, fluffy bed and sighed. She understood Mewtwo's dilemma - he was the only member of his species ever to have existed, and if he didn't do something about it soon, he would remain the only one. She simply wished there were an easier way. However, he insisted that his special daughter be brought into this world as a normal Pokémon would.
Meaning out of my vagina, she thought dryly. Not that I'm absolutely against giving birth a fourth time, but I didn't have to waste dozens of eggs getting one to work before.... And he mustn't realize how taxing it is on a female to ovulate twelve times in one day, she thought with a wide yawn. Hell, I may very well be the first Pokémon to ever do that. I feel so special.
Felicia had just begun to drift off when a vibrant telepathic sending snapped her back to awareness: "YESSSSSSSSS!"
She sat up on her haunches as Mewtwo flew into the room, wearing an uncharacteristically large grin. "I did it! Felicia, my love, I DID IT!" he cried, embracing her perhaps a bit too firmly.
"That's great, honey," she intoned, rolling her eyes as she nuzzled the crook of Mewtwo's neck. "What's that thing?"
The psychic floated back, releasing his mate and holding up the object in question: A hollow plastic tube, tapered at one end, with a large rubber bulb full of a mostly transparent liquid on the other side. "This? I'm not aware of any name for it; I believe humans use it in food preparation...."
"And what exactly were you planning to do with it?" Felicia inquired, raising a brow.
He unconsciously pointed the device down at her belly as he replied, "I'm using it to plant the egg in your uterus." At Felicia's 'what the hell' look, he quickly added, "Forget that this is a culinary tool! I chose it for functionality!"
She closed her eyes and shook her head with a sigh. "Okay, so the egg is in that fluid..." she paused, drawing out the last syllable, and looked up at Mewtwo for nonverbal hot-or-cold cues, continuing when he failed to interject. "Aaaaand you're going to stick that... in my twat."
Mewtwo face-palmed at her bluntness. He could never seem to get used to that. "Not the wording I would have selected... but yes."
With yet another roll of the eyes, Felicia muttered, "You'd better lube me up before that thing comes anywhere near me."
A sly, tight-lipped smile crossed Mewtwo's face, the same one that drew Felicia in every time they had an intimate evening, and his eyes glinted knowingly. "I think that can be arranged...."
He set the baster on the table beside the bed and used telekinesis to lift his lover into the air before him. Now floating above her mate, Felicia looped her tail through the gap between Mewtwo's neck and the protruding section of his spinal cord. He grabbed her haunches and began to nuzzle his queen's slowly inflaming labia. "Yes.... I think at least you will find this instance of procreation to be very similar to the others...."
When the cat's clitoris finally protruded from its hood, Mewtwo barely tapped it with the tip of his rough tongue, driving his mate mad with desire. She squirmed a little and tried to press her hips forward, for all the good it did her in midair. The male chuckled cynically, then ran his tongue the full length of Felicia's now bright red slit once. "Beg for it, my queen...."
"Ooh, Twoie," she moaned in response, "I want it. I want it!"
"I'm sorry, I couldn't quite make that out?"
"I WANT IT!" she screamed, thrashing her hind legs at the empty air behind her. "QUIT TEASING ME!!"
Mewtwo gave her left foot a squeeze. "Shh, love," he murmured, "don't wake the kittens now...."
"Please," she whispered desperately, eyes closed with what looked to be pain, "take me all the way." She opened her eyes to see her lover glaring at her expectantly, and sighed. "Master."
That sly smile beautified his face again, and he immediately plunged face-first between Felicia's legs. She bit her lip, fighting back the urge to moan loudly as the psychic's wet-sandpaper tongue explored every fold of her labia, her clitoral hood, the sensitive mound itself... finally burying itself in her birth canal, where he thrashed it around violently for his wife's pleasure.
Mewtwo's oral work was rewarded with a sudden torrent of minty discharge that quickly thwarted his attempt to drink it all, splattering his face and chest while Felicia futilely wiggled above him. Despite this, however, he maintained his focus on stimulating every inch of her walls he could reach... except for the one spot she so wished he would quit avoiding. Quite intentionally driving the female half-insane, Mewtwo let his tongue dance around the area that drove her over the edge while carefully not applying any pressure to it.
After a few minutes of this, the male was dripping with his wife's nectar, and she was done letting herself be teased. She slid her tail off of the odd segment of his spinal cord and instead tightly wrapped it around his neck. "That's enough of that," she muttered, failing to sound as angry as she wanted to. "Finish me, damn you!"
Instead of going for the sensitive spot in her vagina, however, the tom psychically slammed her against the wall, forcing her into a spread-eagled position with a sharp gasp, and manually picked up the turkey baster containing the experimental egg. "Don't forget, we have business, love," he mused.
Before she could fake an objection, he slammed the plastic tube, tapered end first, into Felicia's sopping wet cunt, driving it all the way to the rubber ball in a split second. Mewtwo didn't hesitate for a moment, immediately drawing the baster all but an inch out and thrusting it back in. The queen once again bit her lip so as not to awaken her children unnecessarily while her lover violently mated her with the strange culinary tool.
Realizing she was close to climaxing, Mewtwo floated up so that he was face-to-face with his partner, keeping the baster in motion telekinetically, and drew her into a passionate kiss. She barely had time to react before her orgasm flooded her nerves and she began flailing and released a shrill scream, mercifully muffled by her mate's mouth.
After her outburst faded to a moan and her body fell limp, Mewtwo broke the kiss, reached down, and squeezed the rubber globe at the bottom of the turkey baster, launching the contained saline solution and modified ovum into Felicia's expectant womb. She shivered at the cool liquid as it splashed her uterine wall, quite a different sensation from her lover's warm semen. The male slowly floated her down onto their come-soaked mattress and manually removed the plastic device from her canal, eliciting a sigh of contentment from her as she quickly faded out of consciousness.
Smiling fondly, he lay down next to his partner and drifted off to sleep, his usually chaotic mind now tamed by a soothing satisfaction.

Six months later...

Mewtwo watched proudly as Felicia cleaned the last of the afterbirth from the silver and lavender kitten now laying on her front paws. A young Absol sauntered forward tentatively, a happy-nervous sort of expression on her face. The Persian looked up from her quarry briefly and gave a quick nod to the black-and-white Pokémon, who then lay down opposite Felicia and gave the baby a small lick on the forehead.
Many of the other Pokémon had gathered for the occasion, but all remained at a distance to ensure that the child would not imprint on anyone other than her parents... and the Absol. She was a little different.
"I really appreciate you doing this, Abbi," Felicia whispered, sounding torn between utter joy and crushing grief. Mewtwo stood silently over the females, his countenance not betraying any emotion.
"You know I've always wanted a kid," Abbi replied with a smile. "So we're even."
The cat's eyes began to water, and her voice failed her as she choked out, "I - I don't want to give her up... b-but... i-it was my idea. I just don't th-think this is the l-life for her.... Sh-she needs... needs to be raised in a - in a q-quiet home...."
At that moment, the baby opened her eyes for the first time. The three parents gasped simultaneously as the child's orbs explored her surroundings briefly before locking on to Mewtwo's. The father's mouth fell agape as his daughter's inquisitive gaze seemed to bore right into his psyche. Perhaps he was just imagining it, but the psychic thought he could actually feel his offspring's mind prodding at his own.
Finally, the young Pokémon glanced at Felicia, then Abbi, before yawning and curling up against her mother's belly. The Absol nuzzled her friend, looking down at the sleeping newborn. "She'll be in good paws, Felicia."
"...Th-thank you...."
Abbi bit the scruff of the baby's neck - which, unlike her father's, did not have a section of the spinal cord separated from the rest - and lifted her so she straddled the Absol's back. The child must not have been entirely unaware of her surroundings, for she clasped her hands around Abbi's neck, still lightly snoring.
As the canine stood on all fours to leave, Felicia burst into tears. Whether they were of joy or despair, she couldn't be sure. Mewtwo kneeled next to his beloved and placed a consoling hand on her neck, gently caressing her. He looked up at Abbi, who stepped back toward the couple with a sad smile. Felicia swallowed heavily, then licked her baby on the nose. With the hand that wasn't on his mate, Mewtwo softly stroked his offspring for a long moment.
Finally, he looked up at Abbi, his normally indecipherable face marked by thin lines of matted fur below his eyes. "Take good care of her, my good friend."
The canine nodded once as Mewtwo blinked back a fresh onset of tears. "Goodbye.... I love you, my child... my Sabrina...."
Chapter End Notes:Whew! Done with the prologue.... Holy shit, I didn't expect it to come out this long (not that it really is very long, but hey, I thought it'd come out shorter) nor did I initially plan to throw a hot sex scene in this early. I had intended for the process of planting the egg to be a little sexy, but more of a tease than a full-blown scene. Ah, what the hell. It'll be the only sex for a few chapters, so enjoy it! ;D
This is the first fanfic I've ever written in my whole life, though not the first erotic story... more on that later �� everything I've written's on a different computer of whose location I am unaware, so I'm debating whether to wait things out until I have that PC back, or just rewrite Wyvern from scratch.
Oopsie, I went off on a tangent. I tend to do that. A lot. Especially when I'm just thinking and not actually talking to someone else. Sometimes it gets so bad I end up thinking myself into circles; if I was doing anything, my body just kinda shuts down, and I'll sit there for like half and hour just thinking, and then when I finally come back to my senses, wondering where the hell the time went, I can't even remember what I was thinking about the whole time. Hell, if I wasn't typing this, I would have totally forgotten I was about to say the following:
Since this is my first 'published' work, please leave plenty of questions/comments/feedback in either the forum thread or the reviews section (depending on whether you're reading from the HOK forums or AGNPH, respectively) or email me at [email protected].
The first actual chapter should be up... sometime. I'm not entirely sure what exactly I want to happen in the first chapter, but once I figure it out, I'll probably have it ready to go within three or four days. 'Cuz I'm ninja like that.

Peace and love!
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