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Mewtwo's Legacy by knottymightyena


Story Notes:

This is my very first fanfic, as well as the first story I've ever posted to the Internet. Comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated!Also, if you don't want to repeatedly post reviews to chat with me, shoot me an email at [email protected] on hold.... Please see "Argh!" (A Letter to the Readers) for more details.

Chapter 4

Claire sighed as her father's silhouette approached the horizon. He was flying the Absol that had raised Mewtwo's "special" daughter back home, leaving Claire behind... again.

The unusual Charmeleon had never, in all her nineteen years of life, been beyond the confines of this island. She'd heard of so many unthinkable wonders that existed beyond her isolated world: Rocks of every color you could think of that glittered like the stars; white powder that fell like rain from the sky; mountains that belched liquid fire.... She resented her father for leaving her behind every time he left home, but she was helpless to do anything about it. Charlie insisted she could do whatever she wanted once she had wings, and everybody who could help Claire get off the island refused to do so behind her dad's back. So for now, she was stuck.

This time seemed different somehow, though. Along with the usual anger at her father and longing to experience the mysterious world around her, Claire felt more alone than ever, even more so than when her mother... she stifled the thought, lest she feel even worse. However, unlike the loneliness she'd experienced those eight years ago, this feeling didn't seem to affect her heart so much as her thighs, which didn't make much sense.

Claire resignedly turned to return to the cave she and her dad lived in, once again trying to think of a way she could occupy her time, but was distracted by the sound of wings flapping above her. She didn't have to look up to identify whose wings they were -- the avian's feathers made a much different sound from the fleshy membranes with which Charlie and Goldie harnessed the winds.

"Hey, Wendy!" she called, waving her arms at the Pidgeot as she passed by overhead. At first, Claire was worried the bird Pokémon hadn't heard her, but Wendy soon stalled, dropping a few feet before she gracefully twisted around and spread her wings again. In no time, she glided and landed in front of Claire.

"Hi, Claire," the bird said cordially. "What can I do for you?"

"Well," the Charmeleon began, "I just... I need someone to talk to. and I know you and Dad chat a lot, so...."

"Sure," Wendy replied warmly. "Mind if I come inside? It's supposed to get pretty chilly tonight -- not that you'd be bothered."

Claire nodded and began to walk into the cave. "You mind coming to my bedchamber?" she asked with a glance over her shoulder. "I wanna lie down for a bit."

"No problem," the Pidgeot replied as she followed the golden Charmeleon through the halls. Wendy had been here dozens of times before, attempting to therapize Charlie, who still couldn't get over his lover's unfortunate death almost a decade ago, and instill some parental skills in him -- not that he listened. Despite all her visits to the Charizard's cave,however, she'd never seen his daughter's room.

When they reached Claire's chamber, Wendy's eyes went wide with wonder.

Carved into the walls were countless tribal-styled designs, most of which were abstract, but some of which contorted to suggest familiar shapes: Fire, flowers, the sun.... Wendy could tell the old scratches from the more recent ones, as the years had worn smooth the edges of the older carvings. Some of the earlier etchings seemed to express love and joy, while fresher images conveyed darker emotions, starting with loss and misery and evolving steadily to fury and pain.

As Claire lay down on the fuzzy cot Mewtwo had given her years ago, Wendy could only wonder how the Charmeleon's mental state had managed to spiral downward so harshly in the last few years. She had a feeling she would find out soon enough, however.

"So what's on your mind, Claire?" Wendy asked with an air of familiarity, as though she and Claire were more than barely-acquainted friends-of-friends.

"Well..." Claire began, unsure of where to start. "I... I suppose you've heard a lot from Dad, right?"

Much to the reptile's surprise, a cynical laugh escaped Wendy's beak. "It really bothers me when your father talks ab-- no, whines about you, because I can tell he truly doesn't know you. I've learned more truths about you from your doodles on the wall here than I ever learned from Charlie," the bird said dryly, gesturing around her with a wing. "So why don't we start there? Would you explain the emotional fallout described by your bedchamber?"

Claire was shocked that her father's friend had picked up on the meaning behind her artistic outlet. Charlie had thought she had simply been scratching randomly at the walls out of boredom.

"W-- I..." she stuttered. "I guess... Okay," she said softly, composing herself. "I... I honestly can't remember what it's like to be as happy as I was when I started this, oh... eleven years ago or so," she began, pointing with her flaming tail at eroded scratchings that made soft, pleasant shapes. "Back then, Mom... Mom was still... alive, and Dad wasn't so distant...."


"Well... when Mom... when she... d-died," Claire explained, her eyes stinging with the onset of tears, "Dad stopped... well, really doing anything with me. And -- And he still doesn't!" she shouted, finally breaking down and crying.

Wendy reflexively leaned forward to embrace the golden-scaled girl, but Claire had buried her face in her mattress, making it awkward trying to hug her. Instead, the Pidgeot settled for draping a wing over her.

"I-I'm s-so sorry," Claire mumbled, trying to choke back her sobs. "I... I n-need to b-be st-strong...."

"No, child," Wendy cooed, gently rubbing the Charmeleon. "Don't let your father's teachings misguide you. There are appropriate times to bare your emotions, and this is one of them."

Claire looked up with wide, teary eyes at her dad's friend. "R-really?"

"Absolutely," the Pidgeot replied with a kindly smile. "Let it all out. Trust me, you'll feel much better afterward."

With her new acquaintance's encouraging words, the young dragonelle fought her long-standing instinct to chin up and act tough, finally letting loose all of her pain for Wendy and all the gods to see. She cried and cried, straining her vocal chords and expunging her eyes until she didn't have the strength or tears to continue. When she finally looked up at Wendy, all she could do was smile.

"What did I tell you? You needed this release," the avian stated sagely. "Now then," she continued, resuming her more serious, therapeutic façade as Claire sat upright, "we've established that Charlie rarely interacts with you. I think I'm safe in assuming that you often feel lonely, lost, perhaps even... abandoned?"

The golden Pokémon's jaw dropped briefly before she composed herself and said, "Y-yeah, that sounds about right.... You're really smart...."

"I'm only drawing from my observations," Wendy said softly. "Anyone could make similar deductions if they paid enough attention. Anyway, as painful as parental abandonment is, I know that's not your only concern right now. Something else is bothering you."

Claire thought on this for a moment. "Well... I also don't have many friends...."

"But that hasn't been at the forefront of your mind, has it? Otherwise you wouldn't have had to think about it for so long." Wendy pointed out.

"I--well, um.... Oh, this is silly though...."

"I won't judge you. What is it that's really been bothering you as of late?" Wendy asked, embracing Claire more snugly.

The shiny Charmeleon sighed before responding. "I... I'm not really sure what it is," she conceded. "It's like -- well, a few weeks ago... I.... It's embarrassing...."

"I promise I won't judge you, Claire. I'm here to help you, remember?"

"Well, I woke up in the middle of the night a few weeks ago... and...." She looked up at Wendy briefly before blushing and looking away. "Well, my... special place... it was all wet, but it wasn't pee. I don't know how it happened. But ever since then, it's happened a couple more times, and I've felt really weird at the most random times. I can't pinpoint it, but something just feels out of whack. I get this weird tingling in my legs, and whenever I think about a male I know, my... you know... it itches." She tiled her head with a pensive look. "Well, not like an itch, exactly, but--"

"I know precisely what you're talking about," Wendy interrupted quietly, causing Claire to look up at her curiously.

"Y-you do?"

The bird nodded with a smile. "It's a part of every adult female's life. Not necessarily a pleasant one, but it's tied in many ways to the most wonderful thing you can possibly experience."

Claire responded with a quizzical look. "Uh... what?"

Wendy sighed, casting a sad smile upon the Pokémon in her wings. "Of course. Your mother passed away when you were still too young to understand, and knowing Charlie, I'm fairly certain he'd never bring it up," she said with a humorless chuckle. "What do you know about mating, Claire?"

The golden-scaled Charmeleon scratched her head pensively. "Well, it's... um... parents do it together.... I think it's how they have kids?"

Wendy sighed again. "Well, at least you're not entirely oblivious.... Seems we've got a lot to cover. You're an adult now, whether or not Charlie wants to accept it. You have a right to know how your body works."


Sabrina woke with a start, realizing she was still in the bathtub. With a bit of effort, she managed to groggily float out of the water, shaking her short fur dry all over the bathroom.

Once she'd thoroughly air-dried, the young Mewtwo flew into her bedroom and flopped on the incredibly comfortable artificial bed. It only took her a few minutes of restlessly rolling about to determine that she'd been sleeping for a while and would not be able to drift away too easily any time soon.

With a resigned sigh, she decided to explore her new home, quietly floating through the halls of the enormous mansion, admiring the various artificial appliances and artistic knick-knacks throughout. Occasionally, she would pass by one of the family servants, greeting them with a silent nod and a smile every time.

Before long, she was thoroughly lost, not having paid much attention to where she had been going or from whence she'd come. The easiest solution was to start checking rooms.

The first few rooms she peeked into weren't even bedrooms, but were instead occupied by odd pieces of art; sculptures depicting various Pokémon; and in one, a large painting of three young humans and a Pikachu. Bri took her time exploring these rooms; it would be hours before dawn anyway, and there was no way she could get any sleep before then.

Once she'd had her fill of her parents' odd collections, she crossed into another hallway and opened the door, fully scanning the room. She immediately regretted not knocking.

Lily was straddling Kyle on the bed in one corner of the room, both Persians staring at the doorway with shocked expressions. Lily instantly jumped off, hiding from Bri's view behind the bed, while Kyle scrambled to pull a blanket up over his shiny erect phallus.

Sabrina covered her mouth with her paw. "I'm so sorry!" she squeaked, slamming the door and shakily backing away.

"Wait, Sabrina?" Kyle's voice came through the closed door, causing his sister to pause in the hallway. He soon opened it back up, standing upright with a towel hastily tied around his waist and an apologetic grimace on his face. "For a second there, I thought you were Dad, I only saw your silhouette..."

Sabrina shook her head in reply, not quite able to form words at the moment.

Kyle sighed, his ears flattening against his head in embarrassment. "I'm so sorry you had to see that. It didn't really occur to me you'd be restless your first night here."

The Mewtwo absently scratched her ear. "It's okay," she replied. "Sex is nothing new to me. Well, I mean, I've never -- you know -- but I've seen it. It's... yeah," she stuttered, blushing a little at the topic.

Her brother chuckled nervously. "Riiiight. Well, anyway, I meant to tell you about all this, but not right away. Guess the cats are out of the bag now..."

Sabrina tilted her head inquisitively. "About all what?"

Kyle sighed. "Well, obviously you just saw me a Lily together.... See, all of your siblings have, er, incestuous relationships. Rose and Lily take turns with me, Jewel and Ruby have each other, and Ryan is the only one of us who'll let Andy have a piece," he explained surprisingly calmly.

"You make it sound so normal...."

The male chuckled. "Well, we discovered it on our own pretty young; it is normal to us."

Sabrina frowned thoughtfully, looking down at her hands while making gestures as if she were counting. "Wait, so Jewel and Ruby are lesbians, Ryan and Andy are gay--"

"Andy's bi, but our sisters won't have anything to do with him."

"Whatever, gay couple," Bri snapped, rolling her eyes. "And Rose and Lily are with you?"


"But... doesn't that mean you could..."

Kyle tilted his head with a smirk. "Impregnate them?"

The female blushed, nodding.

"Nah, I'm impotent," he said with a wink. "Couldn't make babies if I wanted to."

Sabrina gasped. "Well, that's kinda sucky. How?"

The Persian snickered. "Actually it's pretty convenient from my angle. And I don't know; some people are just born with problems, defects. Mine's both a blessing and a curse -- mostly a blessing," he added with a wink. "So, what do you say?"

Bri raised an eyebrow. "About...?"

"Do you want in?" he clarified. "You said you've never had s--"

"Oh! That," she blurted out, blushing a bit. "Erm, no thanks. I wanna, y'know, save it for..."

"That special guy?" Kyle asked with a grin.


The male nodded. "Good on you," he said, backing into his room. "Well, good night then."

Sabrina waved sheepishly as he retreated, then stuck her paw in the doorframe before it closed. "Wait!"

Kyle reopened the door a bit, giving his sister a curious look. "Yeah?"

Bri rubbed the back of her head sheepishly. "Umm, which way is my bedroom from here?"

Her brother snickered before pointing over her shoulder. "Down that hall, first hallway on your right, then the second door on the left."

The Mewtwo smiled and nodded, floating in the direction he'd pointed. "Thanks."

"No problemo, sis," Kyle responded, slipping back into his room.

In surprisingly little time, Sabrina had returned to her own dwelling area. She immediately faceplanted in her comfy new bed, trying to digest all the new information from the day: new parents, new neighbors, her personal servant, her incestuous siblings....

Before long, she drifted off to sleep, her dreams filled with a confusing mishmash of old and new faces and voices.
Chapter End Notes:Le gasp! I finally did it. Mewtwo's Legacy is rolling again... at least for now. I know where I want to go with Claire from here, but I'm not sure I want to jump into Sabrina's next bit I have in mind just yet, or put in some more family-friendly filler first. Bleh. Don't hold your breath for a new chapter, it might be a while.

Now available on Fur Affinity! (a few chapters behind so I can get it out slowly and therefore stretch the internet's attention span).
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