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Chapter 3

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Mewtwo's Legacy
Chapter II

By Shadomew

Felicia had never, in all her years, seen her lover act quite like he was now. Normally one to hide his emotions in favor of a calm, cool façade, Mewtwo had teleported to the entrance of the dining hall as soon as Sabrina had entered the room, grinning widely and sweeping his (surprisingly small) daughter into his arms before she'd had the time to say 'Hi.' Felicia would have been rushing to see her child as well were she not so profoundly stunned at her mate's behavior.

Sabrina blushed brightly as her father set her down, stepping back to take a better look at her. He looked a lot like herself, but more masculine, and he easily stood at least two feet taller than her.

"My God, Sabrina," he said excitedly, his eyes scanning her up and down, "look at you! You've grown so much -- though not as much as I expected -- but you were only this big when you were born!" he cried, spreading his hands about eight inches apart. "And here you are, fully matured...."

"Um..." Bri mumbled, trying and failing to speak during Mewtwo's short pause.

"There's not a day that has gone by since you were born," he murmured, his voice beginning to crack, "that I have not dreamed of your return."

"I'm happy to see you too... Dad?" she added with a tentative half-smile.

For the first time since her birth, his eyes met hers. Sabrina felt a strange sensation in her very essence, not unlike when she had been fighting Kelly, as her father's smile faded into an open mouthed stare. For a brief moment, it seemed as though she could read his thoughts, feel his emotions; and he hers. After what seemed simultaneously to be both an instant and an eternity, the connection faded, leaving both Mewtwos with tears forming in their eyes.

Mewtwo hiccuped, drawing his offspring into an embrace again, just as Felicia sidled up to them, her other children in tow. Felicia glanced at her lover before focusing on Abbi, who had been silently watching father and daughter reconnect.

"You know, Abbi," Felicia said softly, "that's only the third time Mewtwo's ever cried in his life."

Abbi smiled meekly back. "Well, this is kind of a huge deal."

"Thank you so much, Abbigail," Mewtwo sobbed, "for raising her, a-and for r-reuniting us...."

"No problem, big guy," she replied kindly.

The male released his daughter again, wiping his eyes dry. "Well, I suppose I should not occupy all of your attention, Sabina," he said earnestly. "Shall I introduce the rest of your family?" Bri smiled and nodded, indicating that he could continue.

"This is your mother, Felicia," he said, nodding to the mother Persian, who immediately rubbed her head against her child's midsection. Sabrina kneeled down and embraced her.

"It's so good to see you again, honey," she murmured. "You don't know how... painful it is for a mother to let go of her child moments after birth...."

"I'm so glad to finally meet you," Bri replied, joining her mother in silent tears of joy.

As they came apart, Mewtwo continued, gesturing to the other seven Persians. "And your siblings, uh -- well, you kids are better at introducing yourselves," he conceded, resting a paw on his neck with apparent embarrassment.

A male stepped forward first. "I'm Kyle, the old one," he said, sarcastically drawing out the word 'old'.

"The rad one," a female added with a cheeky grin, stepping up with her youngest sister right beside her.

"One of my -- our -- middle sisters, Rose; she pretends everyone around her is perfect," Kyle drawled, rolling his eyes.

"Oh, whatever," Rose retorted, sticking out her tongue. "I do not. Anyway, this is Lily."

The sister next to her spoke up softly. "Nice to meet you, Sabrina."

"She's, like, so quiet," Rose explained. "I've known her sixteen years -- all her life -- and I can't say I really know her, y'know?"

Sabrina blinked a couple times. "Umm... okay?"

Two more females made their presence known at that moment, one probably Kyle's twin and the other Rose's. The elder must have been shiny; her fur was paler than the others' and the gem on her forehead was an attractive shade of light pink instead of the usual deep red.

"My name is Jewel," she said, "and this is my shadow, Ruby," she added, elbowing the sister that seemed to be attached to her at the hip.

"Shadow?" Ruby asked, raising a brow at Jewel.

"Don't deny it, Rubes," a younger male interjected with a slight slur to his voice, slinking up beside her and rolling his eyes. "You stalk Jewel worse than Andy does me."

"Hey!" the last sibling, and obviously the youngest, shouted indignantly.

"Anyway, I'm Ryan, and my shadow is Andy, though I'm sure you gathered as much."

"You could've introduced me without stabbing at me at the same time," Andy muttered, bumping his shoulder into Ryan's side.

"Oh, come on," Ryan replied with a wink at his brother, too quietly for anyone besides his siblings to hear, "you like it when I stab you."

Andy's face went beet red as all of his brothers and sisters, save for Sabrina, snickered. "Am I... missing something here?" she inquired, never one to enjoy being clueless to inside jokes.

Kyle walked closer to her and whispered, "We'll tell you some other time, when the parental units aren't around...."

"Umm...." Sabrina's brows furrowed. Sounds kinda fishy to me....

"AAAAAAAnyway," Kyle said much more loudly, "now that we've overwhelmed you with a million names to remember, time to meet some of your neighbors!" Before Bri could object, her eldest brother stood upright, took her by the shoulders, and walked her over to a small group of Pokémon of various shapes and sizes.

Before she knew it, Sabrina was saying 'hi' and shaking hands with a bunch of Pokémon she would soon forget all about. There was a Hitmonlee named Dan, who seemed excessively proper and gentlemanly; a maternal Nidoqueen named Victoria; her three children, all miniature Nidoqueens, whose names Bri forgot as quickly as she learned them; Laika, an almost cockily self-confident Vaporeon; and Michael, a young Vulpix who avoided Laika as much as possible and seemed to be unnerved by everyone and everything around him. When Sabrina had kneeled down to shake his paw, his face went an even deeper shade of red, much to her surprise, and he tripped over himself trying to back off.

Just then, a soft female voice came from behind her. "Don't worry about him," the unknown speaker said with a giggle. "He's deathly afraid of females."

Michael stuttered a bit before bolting to his seat at the banquet-sized table. Bri turned around to find a Charmeleon, her eyes twinkling with humor. This was no ordinary Charmeleon, however: Where one would expect dark red scales, this Pokémon had skin a pleasant shade of goldenrod, and Sabrina thought she could she the edges of some red marks on her back, much like Charlie's.

"Obviously you're Sabrina," the girl stated, holding out her paw. "I'm Claire. My dad escorted you here."

"Nice to meet you," the psychic replied, struggling to keep her eyes away from Claire's back.

Claire picked up on this immediately, however. "Of course," she said, rolling her eyes. "Take a gander." The reptile turned around, exposing the elegant rose red design that spanned her back. In her encounters with humans, Sabrina had seen similar markings that the humans referred to as 'tribal tattoos', but none were ever larger than the person's fist.

"That's... really cool," Sabrina murmured, tracing the intricate patterns with her eyes.

"Everyone tells me I'm the only Charmeleon in the world with a pattern on its back," Claire said, turning around, "but I wouldn't know. I've never seen another Charmeleon. And they're usually supposed to be red or something like that?"

"You've never seen another Charmeleon?"

"Born and raised on this stupid rock," the reptile replied with a hint of venom. "I've never even seen what's on the borders of the lake we're smack in the middle of. Dad insists I'm free to explore the world when I can fly, but there's nobody I can train with around here, so I'm not evolving anytime soon."

"Wow, that really sucks...."

"You're telling me?"

"My apologies for interrupting, ladies," the canine servant said quietly, imposing himself between them, "but dinner is served."


"So who's that Pokémon that served dinner?" Sabrina asked Felicia after dinner.

"His name is Leo," the Persian replied. "He's a Lucario. Very noble, very intelligent. He'll be your personal servant staring tonight."

"Personal servant?"

"That's right."

"Until now," Mewtwo added, "Leo has been part of a team who serve our whole family together -- Victoria, Michael, Goldie, and Natalie to name a few of them. However, since you are new to the family and unfamiliar with our servants, as they are with you, we've decided it would be the least stressful for you and them to assign you a single assistant."

"Umm, okay," Sabrina exhaled, a little overwhelmed by all the new.

"This will be your room," her father intoned, gesturing to a door coming up on their left.

Bri pushed the door open and gasped. "Seriously? This is my bedroom?!"

Abbi, who had been following the trio silently, froze with wide eyes as she stepped through the threshold. "I -- Mewtwo, Felicia... don't you think this is a bit much? We've never even had an entire den this big before...."

"I'm sure she will find the space more pleasant than daunting," Mewtwo said with a smile and a nod a Sabrina, who was now eagerly exploring her gigantic new home.

Michael and Leo had both been putting the final touches on the décor and cleaning as their masters walked in, and Michael now ran for cover as Sabrina excitedly zipped across the room. Leo, however, remained calm and impassive through it all, fluidly catching and replacing the many objects the joyful feline's tail knocked over in her explorations.

After satisfactorily excavating every nook and cranny of her bedroom, Bri turned to find her parents still talking to Abbi in the doorway, while Michael and Leo finished cleaning up the room.

"This is awesome, Mom, Dad," she said graciously, smiling up at her parents.

"Glad you like it, honey," Felicia replied. "And if you need anything else, just let Leo know. He'll come to us for anything he can't handle," she explained, "but that's rare. He's good at what he does."

"So he'll do anything I ask him?"

"That is his assignment, yes," Mewtwo confirmed.

"Cool," she said, turning around to face the Lucario. "Hey, Leo, there's this thing I hear trained Pokémon talk about all the time I want to try out. I think they call it... a hotbat? Something like that?"

"A hot bath, you mean?" the canine inquired, tilting his head a little to the side.

"Yeah, that's it," Sabrina answered excitedly. "Could you make one of those for me?"

"Certainly, my lady," Leo responded with a smile and a bow. He then retreated into the bathroom that was attached to the bedroom on the right side.

"Alright, kid," Abbi said, nuzzling Sabrina, "you have fun. I'm gonna head home."

"Wha -- you're leaving?" Bri asked in surprise.

"Don't worry," the Absol reassured her, "it's not like you'll never see me again. Your old man here's gonna teach you how to teleport sometime, and then you can visit me whenever you like, okay?"

"But... I...."

"I know you don't want me to go, but Mina's waiting for me, and I gotta keep the den under control or someone else will take it," she explained. "Plus, I don't really have any good reason to stay here. It was nice to see some of my old friends again, but I have more important things to do."

"I... I'm gonna miss you, Mom..." Bri sniffled softly.

"I'm gonna miss you, too, Bri," Abbi replied, rubbing her head against her adopted child's head, "but remember, I'm not Mom anymore."

Sabrina released the Dark-type and stepped back. "I know, but you'll always be Mom to me, even if she is too," she declared, nodding towards Felicia.

Abbi smiled, the onset of tears budding in her eyes. "I love you, Sabrina."

"I love you too."

After a tearful embrace, Abbi said her farewells and departed for Charlie's cave, leaving Sabrina to adjust to her new home. In short time, she made her way to her personal bathroom, where Leo was filling the tub with water and some oily substance that made a lot of bubbly froth on the surface. The canine nodded at her as she came in.

"Your bath is almost ready," he informed her. "Another minute or so and the water will be full enough."

"Okay," Sabrina said. "Umm... so what do I do?"

Leo almost failed to hide a smile. "You simply lie down in the water and relax. You may also clean yourself while bathing if you so desire."

"What's the bubbly stuff?"

"An artificial substance called 'soap'. It consists of various chemicals that break down dirt and destroy viruses and bacteria."


Again, Leo had to suppress a chuckle. "Bacteria are living creatures, so small you cannot see them, that, in some cases, can cause you harm. Using soap to clean yourself can help prevent that. You'll get sick less often."

"Umm... okay," Sabrina said, deciding to leave it to her servant to know why everything worked the way it did.

"The water is ready, Mistress," Leo announced, standing up and walking toward the door. "Lower yourself into it slowly; it is rather--"

"HOT!!" Bri cried, floating upwards so quickly that she hit the ceiling before Leo could blink. The canine once again resisted the urge to laugh at her; it was comical to see his mistress floating above him, unable to decide whether she should rub her head or cradle her foot.

"Hot water is pleasant to rest in," Leo explained, "but only after growing accustomed to it. Try entering more slowly this time."

After a moment, Sabrina drifted down from the ceiling and into the tub, hissing softly as the water rose up from her rear to the bottom of her neck. "Ooh.... That's actually pretty... nice," she slurred, the heat immediately calming her down.

"I am glad my mistress is pleased," Leo said with a bow before turning to leave. "If you need anything, a telepathic sending will do well to alert me."

"Hey, before you go...."


"Umm..." Sabrina chose her words carefully. "When I have to, umm... let go of a meal...."

"Do you see the large white bowl beside your bathtub?" Leo asked calmly.

"Yeah," she replied with a quizzical look at the device in question.

"It's called a toilet. Sit on that, facing away from the wall," he explained, "and, er, deposit your waste into the bowl. When you've finished, clean yourself with some of the rolled-up paper hanging from the wall there, put that into the bowl, then twist the lever behind the toilet."

"Umm, okay," Sabrina said. "Thanks."

Leo bowed once more before leaving Sabrina to herself. Soon after, the warm water calmed the female to a point where she nearly forgot where she was... or who she was, for that matter. Whether she fell asleep during that time or not was indeterminable, but she didn't particularly care.



Michael left the new girl's room as she went to take her bath, heading for Kyle's room to clean up a 'spill'. He hated cleaning up after the Persian Septet, as he and some of the other servants referred to them, but he knew that disobeying their commands would anger Mewtwo, and there was no way Mewtwo would believe Michael if he tried to explain exactly what demeaning tasks the kids made him see to.

"Going somewhere?"

Michael froze, not daring to look the speaker in the face.

"Hmhmhm... Didn't think so," Laika said softly, slinking around him until they were face-to-face. "If you're not too busy, I have an... assignment for you."

"I-I-I don't an-answer to you," he stuttered weakly, looking anywhere but at the lovely Vaporeon before him.

"But you want to," she said slyly, leaning closer to the flushed male. "You can't deny that."

"I-I have something to do already!" the Vulpix insisted.

"Oh, you mean Kyle?" Laika asked nonchalantly. "I already set Natalie to it. Now, if you'll come with me...."

"N-no! I-I..." he stuttered. Laika ignored his protests and twisted her tail around several of his, yanking until he gave in and followed her into a vacant room nearby. "Alright, alright! Where's the mess?" he asked submissively.

"We haven't made it yet," the aquatic feline purred, sliding her tailfin across his snout.

"W-w-what?" he stuttered, his voice cracking.

Without a word, Laika shoved Michael onto his back, then sat on his stomach. The Vulpix had a feeling he knew what she had in mind, and was both enthralled and scared shitless at the same time.

"I know what you're thinking, little Mikey," the blue Pokémon drawled. "You're thinking 'Why is such a gorgeous female acting like this to me?'"

Michael gulped, unable to confirm nor deny her hypothesis.

"It's no secret, Mikey," the female whispered, leaning in so that her face floated inches from his own. "You're terrified of girls... me especially," she added with a smirk. "I think we need to fix that, hmm?"

"Ah - I - uh..."

"Now, why would such a handsome little todd like yourself," she muttered sultrily, "be afraid of me, hmm? Maybe because I'm a higher level? No?" she asked, raising a brow as she began to slide a finger up the male's chest. "Perhaps because I'm a Water-type? Still cold?"

Michael squirmed under her, but she was sitting on just the right portion of his torso to deny him any mobility.

"Or maybe..." Laika drawled, sliding her tailfin from tip to base of Michael's six tails, "it's because I'm so damn pretty, and you're afraid I might see... this!" She exclaimed in an accusatory tone, clamping the two ends of her tailfin around the bulge that had began to form between Michael's legs.

"Eep!" Michael cried. "No! I-it was an accident! I swear! I -- it -- ah...!"

"You know what your problem is?" Laika asked rhetorically, still sitting atop the Vulpix with her tail around his slowly inflaming member and testes. "You're too used to being controlled, Mikey, so when your instincts -- the very core of what drives your existence -- tell you to be the master... you flop," she stated, narrowing her eyes at the quivering male. "You're a pussy," she accused with a smirk. That struck a chord.

"Don't call me a pussy," Michael growled, his eyes alight with a fire Laika had never before seen in them.

"Then don't be a pussy," the Vaporeon demanded, her eyes narrowing again. "You're the big bad male here.... You want something? Take it."

"Rrragh!" the male grunted, throwing Laika off of him before pouncing on her.

Bingo, she thought while Michael's front paws painfully held her shoulders to the floor.

"I am not a pussy!" he spat, glaring at her from an inch away.

Laika simply smirked again. "Then prove it. If there's any masculinity in you, you won't flinch away from this," she declared, grabbing the fox's neck and pulling downward.

Before Michael realized what had happened, he felt the Vaporeon's silky-smooth tongue stroking the roof of his mouth, summoning sensations and emotions he was unfamiliar with. He started to pull away, then realized these unusual feelings were... pleasant. With a soft murr, he began to explore the female's maw with his own tongue.

The two spent several seconds out of sync, but Laika didn't let their lack of experience deter her. She'd had a major crush on Mike for years, but the boy seemed dead scared of any creature with a vagina. After all this time, though, it seemed she had finally gotten to him. Grabbing his cheeks with her paws, he managed to tame his wild licking into a more manageable kiss.

After two or three minutes, Laika released Michael and lay her head down, panting lightly. "There you go," the Vaporeon drawled dryly. "Your first kiss. Now go huddle in a corner and cry 'cause a girl actually touched you."

Michael seemed to have no response to this, only glaring at her openmouthed. The female below him took advantage of his momentary stupor to rapidly roll him onto his back, establishing her own dominance again.

"So, little Mikey," she said, "seems there is a real male somewhere in the furry, red bundle of nerves I'm sitting on.... And speaking of bundles of nerves...."

"W-what are you doing?" Michael asked nervously as the Vaporeon scooted her rear further and further up his chest. He shivered as he felt a trickle of liquid trailing behind her as she moved. At last, she stopped just short of sitting on his neck. Michael couldn't take his eyes off the deep sapphire orbs that watched him from above the whole time.

"Giving you a chance to prove you aren't a pussy," Laika replied, "by taking care of mine."

Mike's eyes darted back and forth between the feline's bright eyes and her pearly pink flower, now inflamed with arousal and close enough for the male to bury his nose in if he were to angle his head down.

"Go on, boy," Laika whispered condescendingly. "See if you can't satisfy the girl you've been avoiding like the Plague all your life." After a moment's hesitation, Michael took a deep breath, then tentatively licked the swollen pink flesh in front of him. "That's it, don't be afraid of it...." Instilled with a confidence he'd never felt in his life, the Vulpix began feverishly lapping at the Vaporeon's folds, enjoying the wonderful minty fluids that gushed from her depths with increasing speed.

"Oh, yeah, that's it!" she moaned as his tongue found its way inside her, writhing against her walls in a way only her own tailfin ever had before. "Go deeper!" She loved the sensation. As much pleasure as jilling off with her tail could bring, there was nothing she could compare to the moist, slightly lumpy muscle that now invaded her most intimate space.

As Laika's canal convulsed around his tongue, Michael knew her climax would come soon. Drawing a moan of protest from his newfound lover, he withdrew his tongue from her immaculately smooth tunnel for a breath of fresh air.

Just as the girl opened her mouth to ask why he'd stopped, the fox softly bit her stiff clitoris, eliciting a short scream from the Vaporeon above him. Holding it between his teeth, Michael slid the tip of his tongue back and forth across the pink mound, causing Laika to squirm and moan. In no time at all, her orgasm came, wracking her entire body with a pleasure unlike any she'd experienced before.

She scooted her behind backwards, leaving a puddle of vaginal discharge on the fox's chest, until she felt his member prodding at her butt. "Oh, good," she panted, "you're all ready to go." Before Mikey could ask what she meant, the female pressed herself downward onto his twitching tower, engulfing the first half-inch within her warm walls. Both moaned with pleasure at the sensation, though Mike stopped when he realized Laika was no longer moving atop him.

"I-is something wrong?"

"I -- Mikey, I... I'm a... a virgin," she stuttered. "You'll have to... s-split me open...."

After a brief hesitation, the Vulpix reached up to stroke his mate's face with a paw; clearly, her libido earlier hadn't involved her thinking about that particular moment in their encounter. "Don't worry, Laika, it'll only hurt for a moment."

"I... could you... repeat that?" she asked, her eyes alight with inexplicable wonder.

"I said it'll only hurt for --"

"No, no," Laika said, shaking her head. "Say... say my name again...."

Michael tilted his head to the side. "...Laika."

"Ahh..." she moaned, closing her eyes with glee. "It sounds so nice when you say it."

The Vulpix smiled, placing a paw on each of his partner's haunches. "Laika.... Are you ready?"

Her gaze darted every which way, betraying her indecision, before at last she locked eyes with Michael. "Do it."

Michael clenched his paws on her thighs, yanking downward. She exclaimed loudly as her hymen broke, allowing the fox's shaft to bury itself to the hilt inside her. Every muscle in the Vaporeon's body tensed in reaction to the sudden damage. The Vulpix shared in some of Laika's pain as her virgin walls squeezed his phallus tightly, finally relenting with the rest of her body, and the female collapsed on top of him.

"M-Mikey," she muttered, still aching slightly while his member throbbed inside her, "mount m-me.... Take me...."

After a brief kiss, the red Pokémon slid out from underneath her and approached her rear. She shakily stood up and lifted her tail, exposing her slit to him again, a trail of blood now snaking down the inside of her leg. Michael then mounted her back, licking her neck before he awkwardly tried to ram his thin pink appendage back inside her. The first several times, he missed, painfully poking at her legs, but at last, his meat plunged into her depths, drawing a cry of mingled pleasure and pain from both Pokémon.

Slowly at first, Mike gyrated his hips, sliding his penis in to the hilt, then all but an inch out repeatedly, until all pain gave way to pleasure. When Laika began to purr beneath him, the fox began to accelerate, reveling in the wonders created by the friction between their sexes. Before long, he felt a dull throbbing at the base of his shaft.

Laika yelped as her lover hilted inside her once again, now slightly larger at the base. He's got a knot? While she had been shortsighted on the topic of her hymen, she had definitely not been expecting that. This'll be interesting.

Ignorant of his partner's inner talk, Michael thrusted away, repeatedly burying his growing cock inside the beautiful blue Pokémon beneath him. Soon, it became difficult to push himself in all the way, and for several thrusts, he was unable to completely fill her.

"Don't... stop..." the Vaporeon panted, feeling oddly empty without the male's swelling knot popping in and out of her. "All th-the way!"

Emboldened by her words, Michael stopped his mindless humping for a moment, just long enough to dig his rear claws into the carpet, then slammed his hips forward, tucking his enormous bulge inside her with a loud squish. Laika screamed as the male resumed mating her, now unable to pull his knot out. The pressure against her clitoris from inside drove the feline wild, and the pain of the still growing knot inside her was drowned out by an explosion of ecstasy.

Michael's ramming sped up just a bit more as his lover's orgasm once again caused her canal to clench tightly onto him. With four more short thrusts, he unloaded wave after wave of fiery-hot semen into her womb, causing her to groan at the overload of pleasure. After several seconds of shakily remaining on their feet, the satisfied pair collapsed onto the wet red carpet, occasionally licking each other affectionately until slumber claimed them.

The next morning, Michael woke to find Laika licking his chest free of the last of her discharge.

"'Bout time you woke up, Mikey," she said softly. "Now back to work." Without another word, she traipsed out of the room, leaving him to take care of the mess they'd made.
Chapter End Notes:There you go. You waited patiently for the next sexy encounter, so there it is: A little action between a pair of Mewtwo's clones. And SabbyKat, (and/or fans of Sabetha, the Walker of Fate) if you're reading this and something seems oddly familiar: YES. ;D

For those of you who think Charlie should be more than just a one-shot character (*coughnemagicough*), I'm gonna tease the hell out of you now: Charlie and his daughter Claire pretty much have a whole story to themselves. I'm still undecided as to whether or not I want to post their 'adventures' as a separate story or as part of Mewtwo's Legacy, since it happens in the same world, at the same time, but doesn't really cross over a whole lot.

So how about we do this the American way? Who's got a gun? ...Kidding! Anyone who gives a rat's ass, vote in your review: Should Charlie's story be posted as chapters of Mewtwo's Legacy, or its own story?

Also, for future reference, this is probably how nearly every chapter is going to end up, with some story from either Sabrina or Charlie, followed by somebody -- anybody -- getting a little action. The story from this point on is going to be laid out pretty much like this:

-Sabrina/Charlie plot development
-Someone having sex
-Sabrina/Charlie plot development
-Someone having sex
-Sabrina/Charlie plot development
-Someone having sex
-Sabrina/Charlie plot development
-Sabrina having sex? (Finally!)
-Sabrina getting scolded for having had sex
-Sabrina/Charlie plot development
-Someone having sex

...and so on. So all of you who have been itching for this story to get a little more... ahem, exciting... your dreams are about to come true.

Oh, yeah, one more thing.... NEW CHAPTER IN THREE DAYS, BITCHES! *cackles like a crazy person*
And I've not a clue when the next one will be ready. I've been improvising a lot, 'cuz the planned portions of the story are all later on... Argh.

Thanks for reading!


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