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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 9 (Ravan's past, hopes for redemption)

as I returned to the pokemon centre, I started feeling the full sting of Ravan's attacks, glaring at the pokeball that now contained him, I said "you're lucky I'm a forgiving person" but continued in my head "Seena, however, may not be..."
inspecting my fresh wounds, I noticed, they weren't as bad as the gash left by the Gyarados, these could heal much faster, but , they would leave significant scarring, my body would be completely covered now, the only place I had no scars previously was my right leg..."guess there's nothing I can do for it now..."
still, I could continue on, only pain, no debilitation was caused, as I reached the pokemon centre, I saw some passers by giving me some very worried expressions, I was bleeding from 5 different spots on my body, when I entered the pokemon centre, Beatrice met my form with a terrified expression
"Oh my goodness! What happened!?"
"don't worry, it's not as bad as it looks, I probably need some stitching though..." after I finished this, I placed the pokeball containing Ravan on the counter, saying "HE happened, by the way..."
"why have you brought him here?" Beatrice asked
"because, I can't let myself harm him, even if he hates me, it's not in my nature"
while I was saying this, I suddenly noticed nurse joy walking around the corner, reacting to Beatrice's shouting, I froze up, she didn't know about this...
"Lucas...are you talking to Beatrice?"
"...yes...but, that's not important now, I need some medical assistance, also, this guy does too, but, he may be unpredictable careful"
"yes Lucas, we'll see to this straight away"
"wait, I need to talk to Seena first..."
"okay Lucas..." nurse Joy said, waiting for me
when I approached the room, I called out "Seena? I'm back..."
the door slowly opened, Seena looking at me, she looked scared, but also relieved
"lucas! you're okay!" she shouted, wrapping me in an embrace
"I told you Seena, I would win..."
"does that mean?"
"yes, he's been defeated, I caught him, and brought him here, I had a feeling you may want to 'talk' to him..."
"I appreciate it Lucas, but... I can't let anger overtake my worry for you right now, please, get some help..."
"I am Seena, nurse joy is waiting for me, I'll be back soon"
when I said this, I looked at the time, it was 2:32 a.m.
I had completely lost track of time, since I left the pokemart, turning to Seena I said "you don't have to wait up, if you want to go to sleep, it's fine, I promise...I'll be there when you wake up."
"no Lucas, I'll wait for you" Seena said, meeting my eyes with a look of concern.
"okay Seena, I'll try to take as little time as possible"
after I had said this, Seena, still holding me, planted a kiss on my lips, while she was doing this, I heard a male voice say "fine, you caught me, but I'm not staying in tha-woah!"
I turned around to see Ravan, he had broken out of the ball and, he seemed to have seen our little display
"so...this is Sati's daughter?" he asked
I turned around and said "I didn't catch you because I wanted to keep you, I only did it so you could get medical assistance, so go with nurse joy, don't make me knock you out again" when I said this, I shook my fist at Ravan.
"feh! you got lucky! that's all-wait, you brought me here to, help me?" Ravan said, quickly becoming surprised at my actions.
"that's exactly why you're here" I said, rolling my eyes slightly "just, go and wait with nurse joy"
after I said this, Ravan gave a coy look and said "fine..." before walking back to the front counter
"well" I started "things are about to get annoying" as I said this I turned to follow Ravan, when I reached them, we moved to the surgery floor, I sat on one of the operating tables, and Ravan sat on the opposite one, before asking "so...does it hurt?" giving me a sly smile
"oh, shut it..." I said as nurse joy was giving me a curious look, clearly wondering what Ravan was saying, I turned to nurse joy and said
"he's just being a jerk, want me to translate for you?" I asked, raising an eyebrow
"oh, only if you want to..." the nurse said,
Ravan turned to me and said "I'm a jerk? you're a jerk!" crossing his arms and cocking his head
"he just said I'm the jerk" I said to nurse Joy
"oh... well, I'll get started then" nurse joy said, pulling out some gauze, disinfectant and a needle
I turned to Ravan and asked "where does it hurt for you?"
Ravan responded "mainly my pride..." he said, rolling his eyes.
"I'm being serious, if you want to be difficult, you can NOT have medical attention..." I said as I removed my shirt so the nurse had better access to my wounds, looking at my scarred torso, Ravan's eyes went wide, and he asked
"how many fights have you been in!?"
"that doesn't matter now, tell me, where are you hurt?" I responded, pulling focus back to Ravan
"well, my jaw hurts alot, mainly from that kick you gave me..." he said, giving me an angry look
"hey, YOU provoked me into the fight by issuing the initial threat, who do you think you are to say what's right for everyone?"
"well" he started "I am, or, WAS, the leader of the Hunt, they fell under my rule..." He said, as I started to feel the slight sting of the disinfectant
"well, I'm not the leader..." I said
"what!? but, you beat me..."
"well, in that case, I WAS their new leader for about thirty seconds, I disbanded the Hunt, and, I changed your previous rulings"
" managed to undo eveything I had done over thirty seconds?"
"well" I started "if anyone ELSE in the Hunt wanted to keep you as leader, they would have fought me, but, no-one did, as I see it, they didn't like what you did..."
"WHAT!?" he shouted "I thought some of them liked my rulings!"
"I doubt it, I met no resistance..." I said, before continuing "...why do you hate humans?" this question sparked the interest of nurse joy, as she started stitching up the cut on my left arm
"my father...he was human"
"I know that much" I said
"but, he was a cruel man, he left just after I was born, of his own will"
"that doesn't seem to be enough for a hatred of humans..." I said, before he continued
"he took mother with him, and left me on my own"
"oh..." I said, suddenly realizing his situation seemed to be a lot like mine
"I had to live on my own for my whole life, and, the one I loved... she too, was claimed by a human..."
I paused at this "...Sati?" I asked
"she broke my heart, she went with HIM, that Jonah, all because he knew what we were saying..."
I froze up, thinking to myself "but, Uxie told me I was the only one"
"and now YOU, you have claimed the one that could've been MY daughter, you remind me Too much of Jonah, you know what we say as well..."
"now wait a minute!" I said, becoming annoyed "why would you act this way? you're dwelling on the past here, and you made the entire Hunt suffer for it, maybe THEY had humans that THEY loved? but, you stopped them...all because you have a personal problem with humans? I've learned over the years, we all vary, you can't just generalize about us, or yourselves..."
"what makes you think you have the right to say these things to me!? you don't know what I've been through!"
"'re wrong..." I said, shutting my eyes and clenching my fists
"really!? well mr.fantastic. what do YOU know of suffering!?" Ravan shouted
"first of all, I NEVER met my parents, they just left me in Celestic town, I recently learned my father was a pokemon, and I had to deal with you trying to rip me apart from the one I love, all because you hate me for just being human, even though, I'm only half-human...just like you...and Seena..."
after I said this, Ravan looked down, before asking "why didn't you tell me this? we wouldn't have had to fight..."
"yes we would have" I said "I wasn't fighting for me tonight, I was fighting for Seena, for sati, Jonah, AND future generations...and seems, I was fighting for you too..."
"what do you mean?" Ravan asked, looking up at me, a single tear had fallen from his eye, he must have been trying to hide it from me
"if I hadn't fought you, you would have never learned...and started to change..."
"change?" he asked me
"yes, I can see small changes in you already, your tone is changing, and, I bet you never told anyone else what you had just told me..."
"no...I hadn't" Ravan said, turning his head up in thought
"do you understand what I meant when I said we are the same?"
"not really..." ravan said
"it turns out, humans WERE the same as pokemon, but, we separated, over many, many years, we changed..."
"but you, you are more similar to us than others..." Ravan said, at this point I turned to nurse joy and said
"it's his jaw, look at that..."
"oh, okay Lucas" nurse joy said to me, finishing stitching my left arm
"I am different because of something called the primal spark, it lays dormant within all of us, I seek to show others how to achieve this"
"wait, you're trying to make humans more us?" Ravan asked
"yes, I'm trying to change things..." I said, starting to smile
"..." Ravan stayed silent, instead, he stood up, walked over and stood before me, holding out his claw
"I want to help you..." he said
I was shocked, was this someting he wanted too?
"Ravan, if you truly wish to help me, you're going to have to prove YOUR conviction..." I said, withdrawing my hand, I didn't want him to think I would agree to this so easily, after all, he had NOT shown kindness previously, and I had the others words to go on here...
"what, what did you have in mind?" he asked, maybe he really did want to help me?
"first of all, you'll have to make amends with the mistakes you made in the past, if you had truly been watching me before, you'd have noticed, I know of the area where Jonah lives and, I know where Sati rests..." I said, giving a sombre look
"it's going to be hard Lucas, I made him leave, after all, and, I may have had some unresolved feelings for Sati that stopped me from intervening in her end..."
"Sati will be more forgiving" I started "she KNEW she would lose her life that day... Jonah may be hard to deal with, after all, I've never met him, but, I think the hardest of all...will be..."
"...Seena..." He said, ending my statement, before asking " you truly love her?" giving me a stern look
"of course I do, she's always been there for me, and I've always been there for her, at least, after we met, that is..."
"when DID you meet?" he asked
"almost three months ago, I didn't jump into anything, I originally hadn't planned on meeting anyone, I just wanted to travel Sinnoh...then, when I started hearing your voices, she told me..."
"and when did that happen?"
"she first told me she loved me about 4 weeks ago..." I said, getting even more of a curious response from nurse joy.
"but, I only heard you had 'intimacy' with her yesterday..." he said, slightly blushing
"like I said" I continued "I didn't jump into anything, I waited for her..." I responded, giving a stern look to him
"I feel like such a fool" Ravan said, frowning "you didn't deserve my hostility..."
"I've dealt with this before" I responded "guilt always strikes my attackers when I talk to them, so are the fourth one I've talked to, in Snowpoint alone..."
"I feel so...terrible for my actions" Ravan said, letting a single tear fell from his eye, nurse joy interrupted, whilst working on my leg
"the others are doing the way"
"thanks Nurse" I said, turning to Ravan, before continuing
"I helped them, I can help you too..."
"who are these...others?" he asked
"an Abomasnow, a Garchomp and a Gyarados, they were being used by team Galactic, when I brought them here, they were stricken with Guilt, they may still feel some of this guilt, but, they have been getting better, and that's all that matters..."
"how? how can you help me? am I not beyond help?"
"no-one is beyond help, no-one..." I said
Ravan Jumped up onto the operating table, sitting next to me "you...really think so?" He asked
"I KNOW so,if I can help the stunky who was forced into killing Sati, I can help you..."
"What!?" this statement seemed to offend him
"He didn't have a choice, his mate was being held at knife-point, and, she was carrying his children at the time..."
"was this team Galactic again?" he asked, he had calmed down
"yes, I want to stop them myself but, I've been told that it's impossible..." I said, this got me wondering, who WAS going to stop Team Galactic? and why was I unable to do so?
"they can't be THAT strong..." Ravan said, giving me a curious look
"I don't know, I have to trust what I've been told on the subject..."
"why? who's voice carries that much authority?" he asked, I then realized, Nurse joy could hear everything I was saying, when I looked at her, she was giving me a strange look, I couldn't let her know about uxie
"I'll tell you later" I said, turning to Ravan, before asking the nurse "was there anything YOU wanted to know?"
"yes..." she started "who were you talking about before?"
"you know that sneasel I originally brought back here the first time I arrived?" I responded, raising an eyebrow
"yes..." she said, starting to piece things together
"well, she's who I was talking about" I said
"she...told you she loved you?" the nurse asked, blushing slightly
"yes, why do you ask?" I answered
"and you've?..." she continued
"yes, is there something so wrong about that? if you had been fully listening, you'd realise, humans and pokemon WERE the same at one point..."
"'s just, a lot to take in" she said, before continuing "I'm sorry if it seemed like I didn't approve of your relationship, it's just, not as common..."
"well, Seena, myself AND the Weavile sitting here now, we are all results of these relationships, maybe they're more common than you think?"
"oh..." the nurse said, blushing "sorry..."
"why? there's nothing to apologize for..." I said, smiling slightly at the nurse, I turned back to Ravan and asked
" you want to find YOUR parents?"
Ravan had an angry look rise on his face before responding with "I only wish to find my Mother, I don't want to see, HIM"
"I understand" I started "how it can feel...but, you had them, albeit briefly...I know that THAT would be worse than not having them at all..."
"how could you possibly know that?" Ravan asked me
"growing up without my parents, never knowing them in the first place, I became independant very quickly"
"did you ever...let them go? from your mind, I mean..." Ravan asked me
"no, I've never stopped thinking about them, I wanted to at least know who they WERE..."
"what makes you so sure that they're gone?" Ravan asked, this concept made me very angry, if they weren't gone, then what is their excuse for never meeting me?
"they're gone... at me" I said, another sombre look rising on my face, Nurse joy had just finished stitching up my leg, she turned to me and said
"the other cuts aren't as deep, just wrapping them in guaze should be enough"
"thanks Nurse" I said, before continuing "could you take a look at Ravan now?" I finished, trying to change the subject from my parents
"was there anything else?" Ravan asked
"no..." I responded, looking at my new stitches
Nurse joy quickly looked at Ravan's jaw, before saying "there's nothing major, just bruising, application of heat or ice would be best..."
"thanks" I said "that's good to know..."
I turned to ravan and said
"well, looks like you'll be fine"
"fine, maybe, but, things will be strange, at least for a while, I've never been without the Hunt" Ravan said, looking down
"look" I started "it's for the best, besides, you can stay here..."
when Nurse Joy heard this, she turned to Ravan and said
"you can stay with the Garchomp and Gyarados"
I turned to Nurse Joy and asked "what about Abomasnow?"
"well" she started, blushing slightly "he's living in Beatrice's room now..."
"okay, so Ravan here will be with the other two then"
Ravan turned to me and said "I may be staying here now, but you're not leaving me behind..."
"I know, you need to see Jonah after all..." I said
"yeah..." Ravan said, looking down
"okay, you two can leave whenever you're ready" Nurse joy said to us, starting to lead us back to the main area, we both got up, I put my shirt back on and started following her, when we reached the main area, Beatrice said "if you'll follow me, I'll lead you to your room" to ravan
"thanks" Ravan said, simply, and started following her, Nurse joy turned to me and asked
"you've been very busy lately, haven't you?"
"yeah...and I'm going to be here for at least another two weeks"
"maybe you should take a few days off, I'm sure Seena would appreciate it"
"yeah...anyway, thanks again for your work here" I said, smiling at the Nurse
"it's quite alright Lucas" She responded, I suddenly felt the urge to tell her
"you know, I introduced the Abomasnow to Beatrice..."
"really?" she started "well, ever since, Beatrice has been a lot happier, so, thanks"
"I was quickly wondering" I started "was Beatrice YOUR first pokemon?"
"yes, she was given to me when I was 14, we've been best friends ever since" Nurse Joy said, smiling
"that's nice to know" I said, returning the smile, before continuing "well, I'm going back to my room, I'll talk to you later"
I turned around and headed back to my room, as I was walking back I could hear the Garchomp say "well, you too huh?" well, it sounded like Ravan would have some more talking to do tonight, to say the least.
when I opened the door to my room, I saw Seena, she had fallen asleep, as I locked the door behind myself, I removed my shoes and shorts, and slid into bed next to her, kissing her on the forehead I said quietly "thanks for trying..." before wrapping my arms around her and drifting off to sleep myself
Chapter End Notes:once again, sorry if the chapter was dull, it mainly reintoduces Ravan..
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