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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 10 (the spark is contagious!?)

as I slept, I saw it again, the silhouette of myself, still burning with a fiery glow, but, something was different, there where other silhouettes around mine, I mainly noticed three, they apperead to be human, and female, all three of them had a small flame growing inside them as well, but, one of them, their flame was growing faster.
"may-maylene?" I thought to myself, and I suddenly realised, the other two were Candice and Nurse Joy, were my abilites awakening theirs? I have had extended interactions with all three of them, I guess it made sense...
I then heard Uxie's voice, "I guess...I'm not asleep anymore..." I thought to myself, slowly opening my eyes, Uxie started talking to me, saying
"what you're seeing, it's really happening, your's igniting others..."
"so" I started thinking "WHY is this happening?"
Uxie responded to me, saying "Humans have been so long without it, it must be an evolutionary reaction..."
"wait" I started, in my head "why didn't you know about this?"
"I'm...unsure, perhaps, I can only see the details of the ones with the spark?"
"maybe, but, why haven't you spoken with me for a while?" I thought
"there was no need, I merely observed..."
"very well" I thought "I'm going to travel Sinnoh soon..."
"I'm very aware, but, I want you to do something, I want you to seek out my brother and sister, the beings of willpower and emotion..."
"I will, Uxie, but, might I ask why?"
"my thoughts are not reaching them, and I want them to know about you..."
"am I really THAT important?" I asked
"...I can't say anymore, but, please, DO visit them..."
"I will Uxie, was there anything else you needed to say?"
"no...I'll leave you to your business now."
"okay, I guess I'll talk to you later then?"
"I'll contact you again before you leave..." Uxie said, her voice fading.
After Uxie had said her piece, I turned to look at the time "huh, 10:17..."
it was late, for me, at least, but then again, it WAS about 3:30 when I got to sleep last night, Turning to look at Seena, I suddenly noticed, she was wide awake
"good morning Lucas" she said, kissing me, before continuing "I tried to wait for you, I really did..." a sad look rose on her face
"it's okay Seena, it was pretty late when I got back anyway..." I said, trying to cheer her up
"so..." Seena started "was Ravan as bad as you thought?"
"originally yes" I said, before continuing "...he's changing though..."
Seena gave me a strange look before asking "are you sure?"
"well, I'm not completely certain but, he agreed to make amends with his past..." I resonded, Seena gave me a curious look, asking
"how did you manage to do this?"
"I don't know..." I started "but...he seemed to be astonished by the fact that I'm a half-born too..."
"too?" Seena asked
"oh yeah!" I said, suddenly realising no-one else seemed to know what I knew "...Ravan has a human father too..."
"Really!?" Seena blurted out, shocked at this new revelation
"yes, I confronted him about it during the fight, and he admitted it during our visit to the surgery floor..."
"is this a reason why he hates humans?"
"one of them..." I said, unsure if I should tell Seena that Ravan had his own feelings for Sati...
"so..." I started "want to go see the others again today?"
"no, I'm happy just staying here...with you, Lucas" Seena said, smiling.
when she said this I started to blush, before saying "well, Nurse joy DID ask me to take a break..." while slowly getting up and continuing "I'll need to check on Ravan though..."
"maybe I should come with you, he may try to fight you again" Seena said, as I turned my attnetion back to her
"no, no, I'll be fine, it's strange but, I can kind of understand WHY he was so angry, shortly after he was born, his father took his mother away, leaving him on his own, kind of like me, but, he knew who they were before they left."
Seena gasped "...that's...terrible"
"I know Seena, I know, that's why I'm trying to help him..." I said, slowly turning to the door, changing my clothes and grabbing my wallet.
As I opened the door, Seena said "please, be careful with him, he was bad, but, I believe you when you say he's changing..."
"I will Seena, don't worry, and thank you" I said as I slowly exited the room, as I passed through the main area, Nurse Joy turned to me and said, slightly panicked "that Weavile has already left..."
I turned to her and said "What!? do you know WHERE he might have gone?"
the nurse shook her head saying "I'm sorry, but I have no idea..."
"that's okay" I said "I'll go ask the Gyarados and Garchomp"
this got a small look of confusion from the nurse, before she remembered I could talk to pokemon.
When I saw this expression, I said "uhh... this may seem strange, but, it appears I'm awakening similar powers in others I've had contact with, YOU included"
"really!?" the nurse said, an almost happy look on her face "this seems strange, almost similar to something pokemon have, tell me Lucas, have you ever heared of Pokerus?"
"only by name..." I said, a curious look rising on my face
"well" the nurse started "it's a contagious strain of virus, well, Virus seems like the wrong term, it has no Negative effects on the carrier, instead, it allows them to grow in strength faster than usual..."
"huh" I started " should run some tests on me later"
"maybe" the nurse said
"anyway, I'll go talk to the other two" I said, starting to walk towards their room.
I heard the nurse say "I wonder, will I be able to speak with Beatrice at last?" to herself, presumably, as I reached the room, I knocked on the door, having it quickly swing open, the Garchomp was standing there, looking very panicked
"lucas!" he started "he's gone!"
"I know, calm down" I said, before asking "do you know where he might have gone? did he say anything last night?"
"not really..." the Garchomp said, before saying "he did mention a 'Sati' though..."
"okay, I know where he is, thanks!" I said, before quickly turning and running off
"okay, see you later..." The Garchomp said, as I ran off, I heard the door close.
As I exited the pokemon centre, I turned to run off towards Sati's grave, completely ignoring Candice, as I ran past, I turned my head to her thinking, "why's she out here?"
As I reached Sati's grave, I called out "Ravan! Where are you!?"
"Lucas!?" I heard Ravan shout back "Where are YOU!?"
"I'm at Sati's grave" I shouted, as I said this, I heard small footsteps from my left, looking towards the noise, I saw Ravan, he must of tried to find the grave on his own
"if you wanted to find the should have asked me" I said, slowly walking to Ravan
"I know, I's just, I kind of wanted this to be private" Ravan said
"that's fine, I can just wait over there for you..." I said, turning and pointing in the distance, before freezing up, Candice was standing there "oh!" I said
"what?" Ravan said, following my finger, before seeing Candice "argh, can you deal with her?"
"I was gonna" I said, rolling my eyes "anyway, if you want to say your piece, say it now" I continued, moving towards Candice, as I moved towards her, I heard Ravan say "to start, I wanted to say... I'm sorry...for everything" before fading out of earshot, when I reached Candice She said
"Lucas! why didn't you tell me you could speak to pokemon!"
"WHAT!?" how did you know?" I said, freezing up
"Maylene told me..."
"dammit! she can NOT keep secrets can she?" I said, a mildly angry look rising on my face
"welcome to my world..." Candice said, mirroring my expression, before continuing "look, I was going to go back into snowpoint temple soon, Maylene's coming over to snowpoint in three days, I was just wondering if your offer still stands..."
"oh! I was actually thinking about going in there myself, see, I'm kinda running low on money, and, I figured, there was probably SOME kind of treasure in there..."
"well, if money's a problem, I can't help you there, but, I was willing to offer you this..." as Candice said this, she pulled out an unpainted pokedex
"is that a...gen IV?" I asked
"a Gen IV prototype, professor Rowan gave it to me"
"wait, why would he give you something like that?"
"I think it has something to do with grandpa, he's friends with the professor"
"...Pryce?" I asked
"yeah, anyway, this is an unfinished model, it hasn't got a voice feature and it doesn't show the normal location of pokemon" Candice said, before continuing
"you don't seem to be the type who would pursue all the pokemon anyway..." she said, giving me a slight smile
"hey!" I sahouted "I MIGHT" I said, rolling my eyes
"anyway, three days, think about it, and take this" she pulled out a small badge
"this isn't..." I said looking at her in disbelief
"no, no, it's not an official league badge, but, if you show the trainers in the gym this, they'll let you pass"
"okay, thanks Candice" I said, before continuing "I have something I need to tell you, but, I'll tell you when maylene's here..."
"what? tell me now!" she said, an annoyed look rising on her face
"no, I'm not repeating it, you'll just have to wait" I said, smiling at her
"not really, I could get Maylene over here right now..." she said
"what? How?" I asked
"she's the Veilstone Gymleader Lucas, she holds a fly HM..."
"Fly!?" I said, before continuing "maybe I SHOULD get that badge..."
"well you're not getting it yet Lucas, YOU'LL have to wait..." Candice said, giving me a coy look
"you know Candice, I could just NOT tell you what I have to say, and trust me, it's good..." I said, overpowering her previous statement with my own
"fine, fine, look, I'll talk to Maylene when she arrives, but, you had better tell us what you believe is worth torturing me with for three days"
"I will Candice, I'm a man of my word" I said, holding out my hand, gesturing a handshake, she may have taken this the wrong way, as she leaned in and hugged me, I reeled a bit at this, saying "it was a handshake Candice" while blushing.
she took a step back and looked at me saying "oh, sorry..." as she said this, she was blushing too, this situation was making me feel uncomfortable, if Seena was mad when I merely talked to Candice, what would she think of this?
"anyway... I'll see you a bit later then", I said, turning around to see Ravan, he was now on his knees "I gotta go..." I said, running over to Ravan, as I ran, I could hear Candice simply say "bye..."
When I reached Ravan I asked "what's wrong?"
Ravan turned to me and said "I...SAW her, she was right here..."
"I know Ravan, I've seen her too..."
"why didn't you tell me this?" Ravan asked
"the experience wouldn't have been the same, would it?" I responded, closing my eyes
"you don't understand Lucas, this means she has regrets..."
"maybe, you just eliminated some of them Ravan, I have a letter for Jonah, and I think that may resolve the rest of her regrets"
"then, that means, she'll be reborn..." Ravan said
"I hope so..." I responded, nodding slightly, I WAS wondering why this hadn't happened yet, but, the elder used to tell me, spirits may still wander among us, emotional ties binding them here, I knew Jonah was one of these ties, but, the others, I was unsure...until now.
"anyway, are you ready to head back?" I asked Ravan, he turned to me, getting up, he said
"yeah, lead the way"
as I turned to head back to the centre, I saw Julian, he was collecting berries, he appeared to be having some trouble, I called out to him "hey Julian!"
when he heard this he turned to me and responded "hey! it's been a little while, Where's Seena?"
"She's back at the centre, we'll come talk to you guys tomorrow, anyway, you appear to be having some trouble in your search for berries here, I can get some for you"
"you could?" he asked, before continuing "that'd be great, I don't know why, but, we've been running out more often" he said, as he made his way over to me, then he saw Ravan and asked
"hey, who's he?"
"his name is Ravan, he'll be coming with us when we start travelling"
"why's that?"
"he has some 'unresolved issues' with someone living on the other end of sinnoh, so I'm going to bring him there, when we get there" I said as I started turning to Ravan "he may decide to stay there..."
Ravan looked up to me and asked "why?"
I responded by saying "it may take some time to resolve your issues with this man..."
"oh..." he said, before turning his head up to me and saying "if we DO split up, I can't guarantee we'll meet again, but if we do, I want to fight you again...on fair terms..."
"that's very honourable of you" I started "I can do that for you, but, don't try to kill me next time okay?" I said, laughing lightly
"okay, but only if you do the same" ravan said, smiling lightly
"I can do that" I said, holding out my hand
"good" Ravan simply said, grasping my hand with his claw, before shaking it
"looks like you have a Rival Lucas" Julian said
I turned to Julian and said "I guess so...anyway, follow me, you two"
I led them to the pokemart, being greeted by a cashier
"welcome! I've not seen you before, have you been here long?"
"longer than you might think, I've been coming here at night" I said
"oh! so you've met Michael then?"
"that's right, anyway, I was just looking at getting some berries today"
"okay, well, you should know which aisle they're in" the cashier
I turned and headed to the food aisle, looking at a sign that showed items on special, there was a special on berries "what luck" I thought, normally berries had prices ranging from 10 through to 40, but the special advertised said "any fifty berries for 700!"
it was a good deal, but only if I got a large amount of the more expensive berries, this rose a problem, they usually had more than one flavour, it wasn't really a problem though, I just went through and grabbed several handfuls of berries, while grabbing a couple of watmels for myself, as I brought all the berries up to the counter I said
"that's a good deal, so I'll take advantage of it"
counting out the berries, I had 46.
"looks like you need four more for the deal to kick in" the cashier said
"oh, okay, I'll just go grab them then..."
I quickly went over to the aisle again, grabbing four leppa berries, before heading back to the counter
"there you go" I said, handing over the berries and grabbing my wallet, pulling out a 1000 note
"okay, that'll be 700" the cashier said, as I handed him the note "thanks" he said, pulling out a 100 and a 200 coin, handing them to me, and putting the berries in a bag.
as I turned to leave, I said "tell Michael I said hi" to the cashier
"of course, and I hope to serve you again" he replied
"okay, see you later" I said, Leaving the store with Ravan and Julian following me, when we left the store, we moved a considerable distance away, before I said
"okay Julian, these should keep you going for a while"
"you're not giving me ALL of them are you!?" Julian asked, shocked
"well, I did grab a few for myself, I'll just get them out and you can take the rest" I said, pulling out the watmels and leppas, before handing Julian the bag
"and by the way" I said "ask Tira, I'm pretty sure she knows why your berries have been mysteriously dissapearing"
"what's THAT supposed to mean?" Julian asked
"you'll find out..." I said, smiling, had he really not figured it out?
we then separated, Julian headed back to his home, carrying the bag of berries with his mouth, I turned to the pokemon centre, leading Ravan back to his room, on the way, I held my hand out to Ravan "leppa?" I asked
"I've never had one before but, eh, how bad could it be?" he said as he took the berry from my hand, his reaction to it wasn't negative or positive, "maybe, he has a balanced palate?" I thought to myself
"it's...alright" he said, eating the berry, I guess he had a point, it was a very balanced flavour, nothing really special about it.
as we reached the centre, I pointed Ravan back to his room, and I headed back to mine, when I reached the door, I could hear the tv playing on the other side "huh...wonder what's on?" I thought to myself as I opened the door, Seena suddenly turned her attention to me and smiled, through a worried expression "you were gone longer than I thought you would be, Lucas"
"yeah, sorry about that, Ravan had already headed over to Sati's grave, so I had to go over there, when I got there, Candice started talking to me, and on the way back, I got some berries for Julian"
"oh...well, how is Julian?" Seena asked
"he's good, he doesn't seem to know Tira's pregnant though"
"what!? when's she planning on telling him? while she's giving birth!?" Seena responded, jokingly
"well, I told him to ask Tira why all their berries were disappearing lately, hopefully, he'll catch on..." I said
"yeah, hopefully..." Seena said, mirroring my expression
"well, anyway" I started "looks like I've got the rest of the day off, was there anything you wanted to do?"
"Oh" Seena started, blushing "I can think of a few things..."
Chapter End Notes:I believe this chapter takes place over the least amount of time in the entire story, it's about an hour and a half passed in this chapter, by the wa
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