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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 8 (a new threat revealed, Lucas's conviction)

Over the next week, I noticed some wild pokemon knew that I could understand them, this was a relief to me, maybe I wouldn't have to explain it so often now.
On the second night of the first week, I headed over to the pokemart to talk to Michael.
when I arrived Michael greeted me happily, saying "you're coming here more often now I see"
I responded to this by saying "yeah, but, I'm planning on leaving Snowpoint soon..."
Michael was a little shocked to hear this, he replied with "I thought you were living here..."
"well, I didn't originally even intend on spending more than a week here, when I met Seena though, things really changed, I have no regrets about the meeting though..."
Michael responded with " *sigh* it must be nice to have someone care about you that way..."
I was a little surprised, I don't remember even talking to him about Seena before this
"how did you know?..." I asked, still very surprised.
"I have to assume from the amount of time you've been here, and the fact that you've only stayed here as long as you did as a result of meeting this 'Seena' I believe you really care about them, I want to know how that feels..."
I replied by saying "Seena was a Sneasel who had just lost her mother when I first met her, originally, I stayed so Seena could adjust to living without a parent, but, I've also made friends here, you're one of them, other friends though, have a child, a child who appears to be interested in meeting you."
"really?" Michael asked, wondering who I was talking about
"a Glameow, named Jackie, she wanted to meet you..."
"well, can you tell her, I'm here every night then?"
"I already have, she could arrive any night between now and about next friday"
When I finished saying this, I heard an eerily familiar voice asking "what are you doing here Lucas?"
I turned around to see Jackie, she was already here, she had just turned up now...
I turned around to face Michael and said "Well, speak of the devil" before picking Jackie up and placing her on the counter, She turned back to me saying
"thank you Lucas" before turning to face Michael again
"I hear you're the one named Michael..."
I cut in to say," well, I'm gonna go grab some stuff, it might take me a while though"
Michael turned to me and said "yeah, you know the drill" I noticed he seemed pretty distacted, but, then again Jackie WAS sitiing right in front of him
I turned to go get some stuff, I was purposefully going to spend more time here than I needed to, I think Jackie would have preferred me to be in close proxomity anyway,
I looked around the aisles, noticing some new stock, they had a new type of potion, called a max potion, actually, it may not be that new, all I knew was, I had never seen it before, I started to think about all the pokemon that would accompany me on my travels, and turned to the pokeballs, grabbing another 10.
I started thinking "if Jackie decided to stay here, the hardest part would probably be convincing Tira, I have a feeling I could have Abomasnow look after her, Michael's trainer could take her in, or, maybe Jackie could live at the pokemon centre, there are a lot of options here" I started to smile to myself with this knowledge, I knew Jackie would be safe here...
I then turned and headed to the accessory section, something was new here too, there were items I had never seen before, and they looked mighty handy, there was a watch with an in-built compass, I knew I should grab that, next to it was a phone with a map system, that looked handy...upon closer inspection, it had a gen-3 pokedex built into it, I thought to myself
"gen-3? does that mean it has the data of all the pokemon from Hoenn, johto and kanto? I heard Professor birch was working on that a couple of years ago, but, I didn't know there were plans to intergrate it into anything else..."
Looking at the price tags I saw that they were really expensive "if I'm gonna get those, I guess I might need to get a job here for the next 2 weeks, but, what about Seena? I can't just leave her on her own, maybe, Candice knows something I could do..."
as I thought about this, I remembered "wait, Candice told me about Snowpoint temple, maybe it has some relics of value inside?"
I knew I didn't even need these, I'd been fine so far, and my new traits could help me far more than these devices ever could...
slightly disappointed, I turned to the next aisle, training items, I decided it would be best to grab some full heals, I never knew what I could encounter in my travels and it would be best to be prepared, I quickly scooped up 8, I calculated in my head "okay, full heals are 600 each, 8 of them should be 4800, combined with the ten pokeballs, I should be at 6800" looking in my wallet, I saw that about half of the 30,000 I had originally brought with me was gone
"I'm gonna need to find some way of making money if I want to keep travelling like this, I could fight trainers, but, most probably wouldn't let me, and the ones that would, well, they may be 'less than reputable'... Maybe, Julian would be intersted in becoming an official registered pokemon? from what I've seen, he is pretty strong..."
my trance-like state quickly faded when I felt something rub up against me, it was Jackie, I crouched down and asked "have you made a decision Jackie?"
the little glameow turned her head up and responded "yes, and I would like to stay here"
I replied "well, it may be hard to convince your parents to let you stay here, but, I've been thinking, maybe Abomasnow could look after you? from the sounds of it, he might be living in the pokemon centre with Beatrice now"
Jackie responded to me by saying "well, that does sound good, but, I wouldn't want to interrupt anything going on between them..."
"wow" I started "so young, yet you're already so mature, maybe it won't be so hard for your parents to see your point of view..."
"thanks Lucas" Jackie said, blushing slightly from my compliment
"anyway" I started "it's getting late, maybe you should head back"
"okay Lucas, if you think so" Jackie said, before turning around and heading out through the front door, "bye Michael..." she said as she passed.
I walked up to the counter with my items, after I had payed for them, I asked "so, what do you think?"
"about what?" he asked
"about Jackie..." I said
"well, she's very nice, maybe...she's who I could be looking for"
"from the sounds of it" I started "she's looking too..."
after I said this, I heard a small creaking, looking behind me, I saw a sneasel, poking it's head around the corner at me, it didn't look happy...
"hey there little fella" I said, trying not to upset it.
It turned to me and said
"consider this your first and final warning, stay away from our kind!" after he said this he ran off, I turned the corner in time to see him disappear into some bushes.
"he's fast" I thought, before thinking "who does he think he is, telling me to stay away from their kind, he couldn't possibly mean Seena, could he? if so, why didn't this sneasel confront me earlier?"
I started to get worried, why would a sneasel be so xenophobic as to threaten me about this, then I remembered, Seena said that her and Sati WERE part of a Hunting group, I started to think I understood why Seena didn't want to go back, this may have had something to do with the fact that her father was Human too... maybe, this is why he had to leave when he did...

Sneasel's P.O.V
I hurried back to the pack leader, he wanted us to confirm the target before talking to him about this.
when I arrived I quickly said "Pack leader Ravan, I have confirmed the Identity of Lucas West, he is the man who is currently with the daughter of Sati"
he responded by saying "so the sins of the mother have passed to the child? Sati knew that laying with a human was forbidden, but she still did it, and now her daughter does the same? we shall do to this man what we did to Jonah Michaels, if he does not leave of his own will, we will drive him out, if we cannot drive him out, he will be destroyed, Sati's child shall be dealt with afterwards..."
"yes Ravan, but, I must ask, why did we not intervene and help Sati in her time of need? she was one of us, after all"
"how dare you question me!? we did not aid her because she revealed her terrible secret to her child, she now knows of her human father, we had warned her that her life would be forfeit if she told her child this, we only allowed her to live because she was one of us, and now, her daughter echoes her actions, but, she will not be so lucky, after all, she's half human herself..."
"we've had some reports Ravan, they seem to suggest that Lucas can fight..."
"pah! a human!? how could a human stand up to us!?" Ravan started cackling after he had said this
I had heard that Sati's compassion was her weakness, that she originally helped Jonah in a time of need and eventually fell in love with him, all I knew was, these acts were forbidden, and those who were caught were punished, we had been watching them closely, these two, when we had heard that they had layed together, that was when we knew we had to act, events were repeating as they had 4 and a half years ago...

Lucas's P.O.V
when I arrived back at my room, I saw Seena sitting on the bed, I moved to the bed and sat down beside her and I asked "why was a Sneasel telling me to "Stay away from our kind"?"
"why would I know anything about that?" Seena asked, starting to make a panicked expression
"I have to assume, that this is a reason why your mother and yourself broke away from this group living here?"
"...yes, mother always said they were cruel and would unjustly treat humans, before mother died, she told me that my father was human, I then knew, I could never return to them, they must of thought I was a freak..." Seena said, a sorrowful expression on her face
"they would treat people like this often?" I asked
"yes, if a human even wandered into their territory, they would attack them"
"I have to know, do you think this is why your father had to leave?"
"not orignally no, but, I do think so now, I can't believe he would do something like this..."
"he?" I asked
"Ravan, when he became the leader via rotation, he refused to step down, he started enforcing worse and worse rulings, that's why Mother took me away from them..."
"Seena, are you worried about them?" I asked
"there may be some insurgency within the group, but, Ravan was always considered the strongest of our kind, others will follow his rule..." this made me wonder, if the hunt would follow it's strongest member, what if I bested Ravan? would they listen to me?
"Seena" I started "maybe I can help, if I beat Ravan, maybe I could change the hunt's ways..."
"maybe" Seena responded "but, I doubt Ravan would fight fairly, especially if matched up against a opponent whom he personally despises"
I knew I had to do this, not just for Seena, but for Sati, AND Jonah " I don't care if he isn't fair, I know now, I have to do this, if he decides to issue a threat to me, because I am with you, I will defend my choices, if he has issued a threat against you? well, he'd better be prepared for a fight, and, if I find out he's the reason you never met your father? well, he's going to have some answering to do..." I was really angry, I wanted to take care of this now.
"Seena..." I started "do you know where they could be now?"
Seena had a worried expression rise on her face "please don't do this, I don't want you getting hurt because of me..."
"it's not because of you, Seena, it's because of US" I said, I wasn't just going to back down, I had a feeling they wouldn't leave us to ourselves
"Seena..." I started "if I let them do what they intend, they will force us apart, I will never let that happen..."
"but, what if he has others helping him?..."
"then, it will be all the more embarassing to him when he loses..." I said, nothing will stop me from doing this
"Seena, I promise you, I will fight him, and, I WILL WIN..."
this statement calmed her, whenever I promised something, I delivered, Seena knew this
"be strong Lucas, come back to me, and remember, I'll always love you, no matter what happens..." when Seena had finished this she gave me a soft kiss on the lips, I got up, and turned to her saying
"I'll be back soon, don't leave the room, and, don't answer the door unless you hear my voice, I may not be their only target..."
"I will be careful, please, return alive..." Seena said, her worry had become painfully obvious, Ravan may be strong, but, I will not back down, my conviction shall lead me through this...
when I left the room, I passed by Beatrice, "good evening Lucas!" she said, she seemed happy, upon turning I noticed, she had an egg now, this just served as another reason I had to get through this, I simply nodded to her, trying not to show any sign of anger, before heading out through the front door
"they'll be at the far edge of lake Acuity..." I thought to myself as I started to move faster, I quickly passed through to the Acuity lakefront, turning to Sati's grave and offering a quick prayer
"Sati, if you can hear me, watch over your daughter in my absence, I'm not just doing this for her, but myself, Jonah, and you, not to mention, future generations, let love be their guide, as it was ours..."
when I finished saying this, I turned and continued through to lake Acuity, when I reached the area, I started to notice, there were other wild pokemon here, did the Hunt hold control over them too? I sincerely hoped not, they didn't deserve this cruel treatment, as I reached the opposite edge, I called out to Ravan
"Ravan! I KNOW you're there! SHOW YOURSELF!"
A weavile slowly appeared from the bushes, glaring at me
"are you the one called Ravan?" I asked, furiously
the weavile didn't respond, slowly backing away into the bushes, it's glare never leaving it's face.
"boss? The one called Lucas is here..." I heard the weavile say, I heard a deeper, Male voice say
"fool! never call me boss! you are to call me Ravan, and nothing else..."
"yes Ravan!" I heard the first voice say, fear starting to shake it's voice.
"this Human, why does he approach us now?" I heard the second voice say, at this point, I cut in
"I'm here because, you have issued a threat upon me! I'm here to see if you are willing to back it up, or, if you're nothing but a coward!" I wanted to provoke him, maybe this would cause him to fight me on his own, in a flustered state
"a coward!? how dare you!? I am the Leader of this Hunt, and I deserve repect!"
the figure that this voice was linked to slowly emerged from the bushes, it was strange, this Weavile was darker in colour than I had seen before, he was a Jet Black, instead of a navy-like deep blue, I then quickly thought "maybe, his father was human too..." I then realized, this could be a potential weakness, something like that suddenly being revealed could prevent the others from listening to him
"so, a human wishes to stand up to the mighty Ravan!? don't make me laugh!"
"wow, you sure are full of yourself, what are you, a Narcissist?"
when I said this, he started getting angrier "good" I thought "he'll be more likely to make a mistake this way"
"you realize you stand no chance, human?" this weavile said to me, suddenly smirking
"really!?" I responded "then I assume you haven't ssen me fight?"
"why would I need to see something like that, you are weak human, and we are strong..." he had a grin growing wider as he said this
"well, are you going to fight me or aren't you?" I said, taking up a fighting stance
"what? you're serious? hah! I'll give you one last chance, if you leave, and leave Sati's daughter to us, we'll let you live"
"never, leaving Seena, is something that I would never do!" I shouted, startingto feel strange, almost like when my spark first ignited
"you're a fool Lucas, just like Jonah, but, he left, after I personally made him leave..."
"what did you do!?" I shouted, suddenly feeling myself become that much angrier
"he was weak, like all humans, when I assaulted him, he fled, leaving Sati to us, the way it should be!" he shouted, clenching his claws together
" you realize, how it feels to be torn away from those you love!?" I shouted, he clearly had no idea the reprucussions of his actions
"Seena never knew her father, BECAUSE OF YOU!?"
"he was a human, he did not deserve Sati, just as you do not deserve her daughter, even if she is a half-breed..."
that was it, I was going to say it
"so, Seena's a half-breed!? is she some kind of freak to you!?"
"yes! she is the result of a forbidden act..."
"so..." I started, a small smile creeping onto my face "she's just like you then..."
"WHAT!? how did you!?"
"it's your colouring, it would've been natural otherwise..." as I said this, I started to look around at the rest of the pokemon who had gathered there, a collective look of disbelief was on their faces
"it''s not true!" Ravan shouted
"yes it is, and you know it! you've been taking out this frustration on humans ever since!" I shouted, once again taking up my fighting stance
"I am still the strongest one here, half-breed or no, and I will destroy you for this humiliation!"
as he shouted this, he launched himself at me, claws ready, I quickly moved to the side, getting slashed alongthe side of my arm, spinning to look at where he had landed, he turned around, licking my blood off his claw "don't say I didn't give you a chance..." he said before disappearing, he had gone into a faint attack, I couldn't see him, so, I did my best to dodge, he managed to leave 2 slashes on my leg before reappearing, I started to feel faint, My eyes were closing on their own, I slowly fell to my knees
"what did I tell you!?" I heard him shout "he is nothing but a weak, feeble HUMAN!" I could see it again, my silhouette, burning with an orange aura, but suddenly, two small flames appeared over my eyes, I then snapped back, opening my eyes to see Ravan jumping at me
"prepare to die, human!" I heard him shout, but, something was strange, he looked like he was moving slower that he was a moment ago, I quickly rolled out of the way, completely avoiding him, I turned to face him, seeing him start another faint attack, but, he didn't disappear this time, I could see his silhouette darting towards me, I quickly held back my arm, readying a mach punch, when he was right in front of me, I released it, nailing him in the ribs
"gih!" I heard him shout, falling to his knees, reappearing, he was winded, he looked up at me and said "it was nothing...but...a lucky shot human, and your luck just ran out, when he said this, he tried to claw at my legs, only to have one rise to meet him, kicking him in the jaw, he fell backwards, a small trail of blood had started to leave his mouth, he quickly recovered, feeling around his mouth and looking into his hand, he saw it, he was bleeding
"No-one has made me bleed before! and after today, no-one ever will again!"
he launched himself at me again, preparing an ice punch, I quickly readied my own fire punch, when he threw his hand forward, I met it with my own, clashing his ice with my fire, knocking us both back,
I slid backwards from the force, as did he, when I came to rest, I saw him disappear again, he tried to run around me and hit me from behind, only to have my hand grab him by his claw, I used his force to throw him, sending him quite a distance away, only to see him get up again, trying the same attack, I held my position, ready to counter his attempt, when I saw his silhouette, he stood still for a short while, before attempting to take me by surprise, I landed another mach punch, to his left arm this time, he managed to land a slash on the front of my torso, and another on my side during this attack,
I didn't care if I was bleeding, I had something to prove here, I needed to defeat this weavile, my life, and my love, rested on this fight, I couldn't lose!
when I saw the wevile again, he was grabbing his arm, I had hit him quite hard it seemed
"it seems I underestimated you human, how are you able to fight like this?"
"I'm only doing what any human is capable of!"
"you LIE! how could a human fight like a pokemon!?" he shouted as he launched himself at me
"BECAUSE WE ARE THE SAME!" I shouted as I launched myself at him, readying a blaze kick
he had managed to land another slash on my torso, above the other, but, I had managed to hit him with the full impact of my kick, he was thrown to the side, blood trailing from his mouth, when he landed, he said "heh...humans and pokemon are the same?..." before fainting, I had done it, I had finally proved that I could fight for myself, in front of an audience no less.
I turned to the pokemon that stared at me and said "if you meet any others, tell them what happened this day, I want this event to be known as the day humans and pokemon started merging together again..." I said, as blood trailed from my mouth
"some weaviles and sneasels looked at me, getting ready to fight "I'm not here to fight anyone else, I only needed to overpower your leader, if I'm correct, that makes me your leader now, doesn't it?"
when I said this, the pokemon returned to normal stances, one of the sneasels asked "is this true, has Ravan...lost?"
a weavile turned to it and responded "you saw it happen, did you not? this man has beaten Ravan..."
in that moment, an image of Sati ren through my mind, I heard her voice say "tell them..."
I then turned to them and said "yes, I have beaten Ravan, and since I am now your leader... I make the decisions, my first decision is that it is no longer forbidden for humans and pokemon to be together, I must ask you all, to disband, and pusue your own dreams, your own love. This Hunt is officially disbanded as of today!"
the pokemon turned to me in disbelief, was this really happening? could one man change so much in such little time?
a sneasel looked at me and asked "but, who will be our leader now?"
I responded "you don't NEED leaders, you never did, all you need, is your family"
when I said this, I heard the word echo through my mind "Family..." it rose so many questions to me, "where are they? are they still alive? why haven't I met them?"
a Weavile turned to me and asked "what will happen to Ravan now?"
"i'll leave that up to him, I'll take him to the pokemon centre, but, when he has healed, I will give him his options.
If Ravan would seek redemption, it would be a long path... if he would seek a rematch, I wouldn't decline...and, if he would seek leadership again, I would inform him that the Hunt was already disbanded
I pulled one of the 2 spare pokeballs I always kept on my person out, before catching Ravan with one, as I started to leave, I heard a small voice say "thank you!"
when I turned around, I was greeted by an infant sneasel, I knelt down to pat it on the head, before saying "you're more than welcome, now, you should be with your parents"
after I said this the little sneasel nodded before running back to 2 adult weaviles, one of them said "we won't forget this kindness, Ravan was a cruel pokemon, he would only push his own ideas forward, completely oblivious to anyone else..."
"a being like that, human or pokemon, doesn't deserve leadership..." I said as I continued back to the pokemon centre...
Chapter End Notes:okay, that's the chapter done, this contains references to the end of the story, but, the end is nowhere near this point...

Merry Christmas, by the way..
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