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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 11 (untimely Lust, plans for the temple)

"is this why you wanted to wait for me last night?" I asked, now blushing at what Seena was suggesting
"well" Seena started, blushing heavily now "yes, I thought that maybe we could...we could..." Seena stammered, before pulling herself together "Lucas, I want you, it's only been about a week since we were last together, but its felt like an eternity to me..."
"Seena..." I started, finding myself unable to speak, instead, I moved forward to the bed and sat beside Seena, and kissed her, she quickly moved her hand behind my head, holding me into the kiss as she mingled her tongue with my own, shortly after, she broke our kiss saying "Lucas, before we do this, I need to do something first" as she said this, she reached under the bed and pulled out a small box...of pills.
"what are those?" I asked, pointing at the box that was now in her hand
"oh, these are...pills that Beatrice gave me, she told me it prevents pregnancy" I understood, but, I felt slightly hurt at this
"you don't want kids?" I asked
"I do, I do, just, not yet, I don't think I'm ready yet" Seena said, trailing one of her claws down my side, I shuddered at her touch knowing what was soon to come "okay" Seena continued "I'll go take two of these, I'll be back in a second" after she said this, she moved into the kitchen, I heard running water, so I assumed she was meant to take them with liquid, soon after, I saw her turn the corner and slowly make her way to the bed.
When she reached the bed, she leaned forward and held me into another kiss, moaning through it, but, this time, I watched her arms trail down my torso, when they reached my waist, she gripped my shirt and lifted it off, revealing my lightly scarred torso, I had guaze on my waist that I had lightly bled through, upon seeing this, Seena broke our kiss, her expression changed to one of worry "Lucas..." She started, looking me in the eyes "we don't have to do this..."
"I'm okay Seena, really, this isn't enough to get worried about, besides, I think it's from last night anyway..." I said, truly, I would've felt if I was bleeding, and I wasn't.
After I said this, I wanted to show Seena I was willing to continue, so I pulled Seena into another kiss, she moved one hand to hold my head to hers, while she did this, I moved my hands down to remove my pants, accidentally brushing one of my hands past Seena's genitalia, upon contact, she moaned into the kiss and moved her hips, trying to follow my hand, she really seemed eager, this got me wondering, "why would she be acting like this if she's no longer in heat?" I thought to myself, as I slowly brought down my pants.
When we broke this kiss, Seena gazed deeply into my eyes, saying nothing, just smiling, while I looked over her form, she removed the scarf I had bought her on the day after we had met, I suddenly realised, she was missing the strange red thing that was on a weavile's neck normally, I hadn't noticed this before because there weren't any others to compare her to, and it only looked strange now because she didn't have the scarf there...
Seena saw my confused expression and asked "Is something wrong Lucas?" I quickly snapped my attention back to her and responded
"it's nothing really, I just noticed about your neck..."
"oh, is it strange?" Seena asked, concerned
"actually, I like it" I said, smiling
"thanks Lucas..." Seena said, blushing again, before she moved in closer to me, kissing me again, her hands trailed down my sides again, stopping at my waist as she wrapped her arms around me, embracing me, I happily returned her embrace, enjoying the feeling of her body heat, as I slowly moved my hands down to my underpants, Seena could feel what I was doing and loosened her grip on me, and I felt a warm fluid flowing from in between her legs, she really was eager for this, as I slowly brought my underpants down, I could see Seena's attention moving to my crotch
"how long have you been thinking about this?" I asked, after breaking our kiss.
"since last night Lucas, I could barely think about anything else..."
"oh, Seena..." I said, before pulling her into another kiss, my hand trailed down her side, and I could feel her shuddering, I brought my hand down to her waist and started to stroke her thigh, getting a low, sustained moan in response, after about a minute of this I moved my hand to the inside of her leg, stroking her inner thigh, this got a different response, she started to move her hips down to meet my hand, urging it up towards her moist opening, taking her hint, I moved my hand upwards, placing it at her entrance, before using one of my fingers to rub at her lips, this got a sharper moan in response, as Seena almost thrust herself down onto my finger, before she broke our kiss and tried to compose herself.
"please don't tease me Lucas..." Seena said as she moved forward, trying to make her way into my lap, in response, I picked seena up from her back and behind her legs, cradling her form, I leant down and kissed her before I placed her on the bed on her back, I then crawled over her and positioned myself at her quivering entrance, she looked up at me with a pleading expression, saying nothing, but holding onto my waist, urging me inside, I responded by slowly moving myself closer to her, bringing myself down and kissing her as I slowly slid my member into her moist depths.
It felt exquisite, as I exhaled a sharp moan of my own, being met with one of Seena's, as I slowly slid my entire length within her, when I had reached as far as I could, I slowly pulled myself out so only the head of my member remained inside her, before sliding in again, being met with more moans from Seena, I continued my actions a few more times, before Seena said "...faster..." in between her moans, I happily obliged her wishes, feeling her inner walls squeezing my length in response to my new tempo, as I sped up, so too did Seena's moans, becoming almost laboured breaths, as I continued my motions, Seena's walls were squeezing me harder and quicker, I figured her release was close, so I redoubled my efforts, making my thrusts deeper than I thought possible, being met by Seena bucking her hips in time with my thrusts, her moans grew louder, as my breathing became more rapid, I felt I was getting close too,
I moved my hands so I was holding onto Seena's hips, allowing me more control of the situation, Seena's moans were getting faster, as her inner walls started to convulse around me, she cried my name as I felt a sudden gush of fluids leave her opening, soaking the bed and my crotch, I felt myself reach my limit as I thrust into Seena one last time and loosed my seed within her, waves of ecstasy washed over me as I felt Seena's inner walls continue to squeeze at me, looking down, I saw that Seena's mouth was wide open, her tongue hanging from it, as I closed the distance between our heads, I saw Seena move one of her hands behind my head as she suddenly snapped back to the moment, bringing herself up and pulling me into another kiss, we held our position for a few minutes, in our afterglow, as a small puddle of our fluids slowly formed between us.
after the pleasure had passed, I shivered as I felt myself recede from within Seena, I released her from my grip, as she allowed herself to fall backwards onto the bed, as she hit the matress, she looked up at me and said "thank you Lucas, I really needed that..."
"I know Seena" I started "but why? you shouldn't still be in heat, should you?"
Seena paused at this, before saying "I'm really not sure, but, it almost feels like I'm still in it..." before returning her gaze to meet mine and smiling saying "I guess that means we can have a little more fun then..." while shutting her eyes and poking out her tongue at me, seeing this, I rolled my eyes at her and said
"you've been spending too much time with Tira..." before chuckling lightly "anyway...looks like I'll have to wash the sheets again" I said, rolling my eyes
Seena turned to me as I got off the bed and said "okay, I'm gonna have a shower then" as she slowly started to get up, and I watched her walk her way to the bathroom before I took the bedsheets off the bed and put them in the washing machine, waiting for Seena to finish her shower, I moved into the bathroom, removing my gauze, I turned to Seena, who was currently in the shower and asked "so, how have YOU been feeling lately?"
Seena looked over my body, mainly at my new stitches, and said "worried about you mainly..."
"oh..." I started " well then you may not like this, but, Candice said she was going into Snowpoint temple in three days, and I'm planning on going with her and Maylene"
"wait, Snowpoint temple?" Seena asked, then it hit me, when I talked to Candice while Seena was with me earlier, she hadn't heard a word we said...
"it's the temple to the north of the pokemon centre, if you want, you can come with us..." I said, but I would have preferred if she stayed here, I didn't want her getting hurt...
"that would probably be best" Seena said as she exited the shower, motioning for me to get in, as we switched places, she grabbed a towel and wrapped it around herself, before continuing "I don't want Candice, or Maylene taking you away from me..." she said, jokingly, I knew she was kidding but I was still hurt by this comment.
"Seena, I was going to tell them we're together then too..." I said, starting to wash my body, carefully avoiding my stitches, as I looked at my body, I noticed, my lighter cuts seemed to have healed already, I knew I was healing faster, but this was ridiculous, I continued "Seena, look at this, my lighter cuts have already healed, I guess Ravan barely grazed me" maybe I healed faster when I slept?
Seena looked closely at my cuts in disbelief before asking "you only got those last night, didn't you?"
"yeah, that's why it's so strange" I said, a confused look rising on my face, before remembering the most important thing I'd discovered today "Seena, Uxie told me that I'm awakening similar abilities in other people"
"so...does that mean, others will soon be like you?" Seena asked, a small smile rising on her face
"I guess, but, I'm not sure how long it'll take for these changes to start showing up in others, so far, though, I know the local nurse, Candice, and Maylene have been affected by me, at least, I THINK maylene was affected by me, she does train similarly to how I did..."
" the others know?" Seena asked
"so far, I've only told Nurse Joy, I'm telling the other two when we go to Snowpoint temple"
"how do you think they'll react?" Seena asked
"well, judging from what it'll do for them, a positive way, I'm hoping" I responded, finishing up in the shower, I turned the shower off, when I exited, Seena gave me another kiss before saying "don't worry, in the temple, I'll keep you safe..." laughing lightly
"hey! I won't let it come to that" I responded, grabbing a nearby towel and wrapping it around myself, before continuing, "they're probably mainly Ice-types in there anyway, from what I've seen, I'm quite proficient in fighting-type moves, I should be fine"
"yeah, but, do you think we should bring some of the others, just in case?" Seena asked
"well, who did you have in mind?" I asked, it's true, I had a lot of potential choices here, but, then again, we would be with two gym leaders, and if they both have active pokemon out, I would find it too distracting, there would just be too many pokemon at once...
I continued, saying "actually, I don't think we should bring anyone else..."
"why's that?" Seena asked
"I would find it too distracting, besides, I trust Candice and Maylene will be adequately prepared..." I responded, a stern look rising on my face.
"all right then Lucas" Seena said, looking slightly worried...

the rest of the day passed quickly, nothing of interest really happened, after the bedsheets were done, I put them back on the bed, we watched TV for the rest of the day, seeing assorted news stories, nothing on Team galactic, I guessed they had some control over the media, and this seemed to be holding true with the broadcasting..., when we woke up the next morning, I knew what I had to do today, I had to tell Julian and Tira about Jackie deciding she wanted to stay here, and, if Julian hadn't caught on, I would tell him about Tira, when she took Seena off to the side, as she always did.
"so, Seena, are you ready to go?" I asked, getting dressed, Seena had woken up before me, again, she always managed to do that, and it was starting to make me wonder how.
"of course, Lucas, I'm always ready to go see the others" Seena said, smiling.
when I finished gathering my things together, I turned to the door and said "all right then, let's get moving" before opening the door and motioning Seena to follow me, she quickly complied, exiting the room as I closed the door and locked it behind me, as we headed out through the main area, I caught Nurse joy looking at us and blushing, clearly, she had not forgotten, or maybe, she heard us yesterday...
"good morning" I said as I passed by, getting a response of
"oh!...good morning Lucas" this reaction made me wonder, was she distracted by something? turning to her I asked
"something wrong?" getting a hasty response of
"no!...nothing's wrong..." yeah, I started to assume she had heard us.
"all right then" I started, turning to the door "we'll be back a little later"
as we headed out through the door, I saw that man again, in his green trenchcoat, waiting on the boat that headed to the battle frontier, but, this time, a smaller, yet similar figure stood beside him, with a green scarf around the neck of a stiped shirt. "his...son?" I thought to myself as we headed off to the usual meeting place, before calling out
"Julian? Tira? we're here..." being met with Julian's response
"we'll be out in a minute Lucas"
"okay then..." I said, sitting down in the snow, putting my bag in front of me, followed by Seena sitting beside me, her scarf lightly blowing on the wind.
soon, Tira emerged from the bush, shortly followed by Jacob, then Julian and Jackie, when Jacob saw me, he shouted
"hey Lucas!" as he jumped into my lap, I happily started to rub his back, before saying
"yeah, hey Jacob, you seem to be in a good mood today" hearing Seena respond with
"when ISN'T Jacob in a good mood?" as I looked at her, she started chuckling to herself, I turned to Julian and Tira and said
"look, I've got something important to tell you both, before we split off into our 'groups'" as I said this I stared at Tira, getting a reponse of
"what is it Lucas?"
"okay" I started "this may be hard, but, Jackie has decided she wants to stay here"
as I said this, I watched their reactions, Tira seemed unsurprised, Julian was a little shocked, but Jacob seemed devastated, knowing my priorities, I looked down to Jacob and said "it's okay, I'm going to get something that will allow us to visit her whenever you want..."
Jacob's expression slowly changed from one of sadness, as he said "...really?" a small smile forming on his face, though his eyes still looked sad, turning to Julian, I asked "were there any problems you had with it? I've already thought about where she could stay"
Julian looked at Jackie for a moment, before turning to me and asking "what did you have in mind?"
I responded with "so far, I've thought of two options, first, she could live in the pokemon centre, much like Seena and I have been, but, she'd be living with the Abomasnow and the Blissey that works there. Second, she could live with the owner of the pokemart, I'm sure Michael would have some pull with the choice."
Julian seemed a little surprised, and asked "Michael?" before turning to Jackie, getting a blush from her in response, I turned to Julian and said
"yeah, he works at the pokemart at night, every time, except yesterday, he's the one I've been talking to, he's a little quirky, but, otherwise, he's a good guy."
"I guess, that's all right eith me" Julian said, before I asked
"did you have any other problems with it?"
Julian turned his head back to Tira, shrugging his shoulders, Tira turned to me and said
"no, I'm fine with it..." this got me confused, I turned to Tira and asked
"but, why?"
"because Lucas, she is her Mother's Daughter, through and through..." then I realised, Tira must have been quite young when she met Julian, Jackie turned to me and asked
"was that...a compliment?" I turned to her and responded with
"I don't know..." looking to Tira who was now smiling slightly, she turned to Jackie and said
"I mean you're more like me than you realise..." this confirmed my thoughts.
"okay, that seems to be it, Tira, if you want to talk to Seena, now would be the time" I said, turning to Julian and continuing "I had some stuff I wanted to tell you, anyway"
Tira the turned to Seena and said "all right, come on Seena" as Seena got up to go with her, I turned down to face Jacob, who was still sitting in my lap and said "it'll be alright Jacob, I know it will" still trying to console him.
after Tira had led Seena out of earshot, I turned my head up to Julian and asked "so, do you know yet?" Julian gave me a confused look and responded
"Know what?" hearing this I turned down to Jacob, who was giving me a similar look, asking me "what does that mean?" I responded with
"it means, you'll have a younger brother or sister soon, Jacob" before smiling at him, and looking up to Julian and asking "do you understand now?"
Julian gave me a mortified look, before asking "why wouldn't she tell me?"
I shrugged and said "I really don't know, I guess she must have her reasons..." before I looked down at Jackie and Jacob, Jackie had moved to sit alongside me, saying "thanks for helping me earlier" before nuzzling my side, I rubbed Jackie's head, getting a soft purr in response, before saying
"you're more than welcome" then, I looked down to Jacob and asked "are you feeling a bit better now?" getting a response of
"yeah, thanks Lucas" before Jacob turned to Jackie and asked "How long have you been thinking about this?" this seemed surprising to me, Jacob wasn't usually as 'verbose' as he was right now, I tried not to let it bother me, I turned to Jackie as she said
"about two weeks now..." Jackie said, looking down
"well, I won't stand in your way" Jacob said, before turning to me, his expression suddenly changed, catching me off-guard as he said "you'd better be able to fulfill my request too!"
"well, Jacob" I started, becoming surprised by his sudden change in attitude, AND speech patterns, "if we're going to be able to visit Jackie, I need to catch a pokemon capable of learning Fly, well, catch OR befriend, you know me..."
Jacob started to smile as he said "well, that's just for starters..." this confused me, what did he mean by this? I turned to see Seena starting to walk back to me, being foolowed by Tira, I turned to Julian and said
"okay, well, I guess we're about done here for now" before picking jacob up and placing him in the snow as I stood up, Julian turned to look at me, and through a confused expression he asked
"wait, why did you bring your bag?"
I responded with "it's more of a preparedness thing, I wasn't planning on using any supplies, but, you know, better safe than sorry"
Julian's confusion cleared up as he said "oh, I guess that makes sense"
as Seena and Tira reached us, I asked "was there anything else anyone needed to ask?" looking around for reactions, there seemed to be a resounding "no" coming from everyone, taking this as a sign I said
"okay then, I guess we'll see you four later" then as I turned around I said, through a wicked smile "or should that be five?"
I heard Tira say "what!?" being met with a response of "we know, Tira" I laughed at this a little as I walked away, when we reached the town, I turned to Seena and asked "is it okay with you if I go and talked to Candice for a minute? I just need to tell her WE will be coming to Snowpoint Temple with her in two days"
Seena turned her head to me and said "only if I come with you, I've been wondering what that building looks like anyway.
I responded to this by saying "alright then, follow me" as I led her to the gym, when we stepped inside, we were met with a somehow colder climate to what was outside, looking down, there were multiple levels in the gym, all but a few pieces of the floor were covered in Ice, there were trainers all over the place and...snowballs?
turning to the first trainer, he said "welcome to snowpoint Gym! are you here to take the league challenge?" I responded by informing him I wasn't a trainer, and I just had some business to discuss with Candice, before showing him the badge she had given me
"oh, alright then, I'll just call her over" he said, before turning to Candice, who was waiting on the far side of the room and shouting "Candice, someone is here to talk to you!"
"who is it!?" she called back, the trainer then turned to me and asked
"what's your name?"
I told him my name and he turned back to Candice, shouting "Someone named Lucas West!"
"okay then!" she shouted back as she made her way over to us, when she reached us she asked "so, why are you here?"
I responded by saying "I'm here to say that I'll be going to Snowpoint temple with you and Maylene in two days..." before being cut off with
"that's fantastic news! we could really use the extra help, thanks Lucas"
I informed her " are aware that I fight pokemon myself right?"
"yeah, you told us the first time we met"
"well, you haven't seen anything yet..." I said, smiling, before remembering, and old Candice "remind me not to tell Maylene anymore sensitive information..." I said, a weary look rising on my face
"yeah... I'll bet that half of veilstone knows about you by now" this information made my hairs stand on end, wasn't the main Galactic base, or, at least, one of the galactic bases centered there?
I didn't respond to this comment as Candice moved her attention down to Seena, "who's your friend?" she asked, I wasn't sure how I should tell her this
"this is Seena, you recall the sneasel that was beside me one of the times we talked?"
"yeah, I remember" Candice said, through a thoughtful expression
"well, this is her now" I said, looking to her
"her? wait, are you two?" she started, before I cut in
"I'll explain in the temple" I said, before turning to Seena, saying "come on, let's go Seena" as I started to walk through the Gym doors, I heard Seena say "that's right, he's with ME" to Candice, before quickly catching up to me
"Seena, she doesn't know what you're saying..." I said to her as we walked back to the pokemon centre, I heard Candice simply say
"what?" as the Gym doors slid closed
Seena turned to me and said "well, she will soon, right?"
I responded with "I don't know, eventually, yes, but, I'm unsure how long it will take..."
Chapter End Notes:...god, I hate writing sex scenes, it feels so awkward to me..
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