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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 12 (the test results)

the next day...

I had my plans set out for me, I was going to ask Nurse Joy about those tests, I needed to know some things... about MYSELF, back in celestic town, I once took Matt to a combat evaluation test, it was held at the pokemon centre there, it was used to determine what moves and abilities he had and could learn, since I gained these abilities, I'd been wanting to do a combat evaluation myself, but, I forgot until the nurse brought up pokerus in conversation.
as I started getting dressed, I noticed, I Finally woke up first for once, looking at the time, it was 8:24 a.m. I set off to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for Seena and myself, given what usually happened, I expected her to be awake in about six minutes, I put some batter together, I was going to make pancakes again, honestly, I didn't have anything else I could prepare with what I currently had, "I'll have to pick up some more supplies today..." I thought to myself, sighing in the process, as I started cooking the batter, I got to thinking
"I wonder if the nurse could run an type-scan on me? maybe, I should just ask her to do the general testing for a pokemon..." as I was lost in thought, I didn't notice the pancakes were starting to burn, I only first realised when I smelt them, looking down I quickly flipped them, thinking "...crap..." in the process, I decided not to distract myself, and that I would focus on the pancakes, watching them intently, after they had finished cooking, I split them onto two plates, before preparing the syrup to go with them, as I set the plates on the counter, I saw that Seena was waking up
"good morning" I said, Seena yawned and responded with
"oh, you're already up?" I gave her a smile and said
"yeah, it was strange to me too, anyway, I've already got breakfast here" I said, as I brought the two plates over to the bed, Seena sat up and said
"thanks, Lucas" before she moved forward to sit beside me as I sat on the edge of the bed "how long have you been up?" she asked me
"about fifteen minutes..." I said, taking note of the time, as we ate, Seena seemed a little distracted, so I turned to her and asked "something wrong?"
Seena turned to me and responded "it's...nothing, just had a bad dream, that's all"
"oh..." I said, a slighlty concerned look rising on my face "what was it about?"
"I saw...something, it was a large figure, white and gold in colour, towering over you, it was at least twice as tall as you are, it was huge, and I saw it attack you..."
"Seena..." I started "please... don't be worried about that, if something like that DOES happen, I'll be fine, I promise..." as I said this, I pulled Seena into a hug, trying to comfort her
"I know you will, I just couldn't help but be scared by that thought, it looked much stronger than anything else you'd fought before..." Seena said, before returning my embrace
"really?" I asked, I was starting to wonder if such a thing existed, and if so, where was it? I broke away from the embrace and said
"Seena, I'm going to get some testing done by Nurse Joy, I don't know how long it will take, so, if you want to spend some time with the others, I won't stop you..."
"what do you mean 'Testing'?"
"I'm going to try and find out what 'moves' I know, without trial-and-error, also, I wanted to find any genetic similarites that I shared with any species of pokemon, and I'm thinking it'll take at least a few hours"
"well, I'll wait here then" Seena said, before continuing her meal and turning the TV on.
"alright then, I'll try to not take long" I said, as I finished my meal, I then got up to leave, being followed by Seena, when I opened the door and turned around to close it, Seena jumped at me, wrapping her arms around my torso and kissed me, I was very surprised at this, she hadn't been this forward before "woah" I said, breaking our kiss "that was, unexpected"
Seena gazed at me and said "it was nice though..." giving me a playful look, before releasing her grip on me, continuing with "I'll see you when you get back Lucas, please, stay safe..."
"I will Seena, I will" I said, before closing the door after Seena had returned to the room, I turned around and walked out to the main area, greeting Nurse joy with
"hey there" getting a smile in response from her, I continued "I was wondering about those tests, I asked about earlier, would it be okay if we did them now?"
"I suppose, but, which tests did you have in mind?" she responded, a curious look had risen on her face
"mainly the combat evaluation and the genetic similarity tests" I responded, getting a repsonse of
"those tests are designed for pokemon, you know..."
"I know, but, this will answer my questions about myself, and, it may answer some unasked questions plaguing humans"
"are you suggesting, that YOU could be a link between Humans and Pokemon? you are aware that these results will be sent to Professor Rowan for re-evaluation, correct?"
"yes, I've seen them done before, if you would refer to the results for a Machop, nicknamed 'Matt', you may see, that I was present during it"
"alright then" the nurse started, before continuing "I'm the only one who knows how to run these tests though, I'll need to call on one of the Chanseys to take the front counter while I'm absent"
"okay" I started "could you point me to the door I'll need to go through?"
"it's the last door, in the centre of the hallway to your right" she replied, pointing to her left.
"okay, I'll wait there, then" I said, as I started moving towards the door, as I waited, I thought "would my ancestry affect the results, or would it be a general result for Humans?" as I finished this thought, Nurse Joy opened the door, and said
"well, shall we begin?" before beckoning me inside and pointing to a machine that was similar to an MRI scanner, I had seen this before, the occupant would be scanned head-to-toe, getting a genetic similarity sheet as the result, as I sat on the bed-like structure, I asked
"would there be any chance of a Type-scan during this process?"
"of course, I only need to adjust the" Nurse Joy said as she prepared the machine, before asking "do you think it'll work?"
I responded with "we won't know until we try..." which got me thinking "had no-one else thought of this before me, or were they merely ignored?"
as I layed down on the structure I said "okay, ready whenever you are, Nurse"
"okay" she responded "since your body size is considered large by pokemon standards, it'll take a while longer, about 30 minutes in total"
"huh, I thought it would take longer" I said, being met with surprise
"oh! you said you came from Celestic town, yes? well, Towns have less advanced machines, cities are more up-to-date, so to speak, alright, the scan is"
as she said this, the lights on the panels above me emitted a soft blue glow, it was pretty calming, as blue scanning lights passed over my form, emitting a low buzz, results started showing up on the Nurse's computer hooked up to the scanner "okay, type-scan is coming through, strange, it shows you as a NORMAL-FIGHTING type..."
"why is that strange?" I asked
"well, no known pokemon in existence shares that type, it seems you're, or is that we're, very unique"
"hmm... is that so?" I asked, a small smile forming on my face, about 10 minutes later, Nurse joy said
"I've located a single genetic similarity so far...Spinda? that can't be right..."
"why's that?" I asked, before continuing "wait...what are it's egg types?"
Nurse Joy turned back to the screen and responded "Ground...and Humanshape..."
"huh..." I said, as I continued to wait for more results, 5 minutes later, Nurse Joy informed me that she got another 3 results, the entire chimchar family, this one I saw coming, even if it had nothing to do with egg type.
another 2 minutes later, another result showed up, Lopunny
and 3 minutes after that, another, this time, Lucario
another 5 minutes after that, the scan finished, the six results were there
"could you run a similarity check between them? I asked, before being met with
"okay, Lucas" before the nurse turned back to the computer, in a couple of minutes she turned back to me and said "the only real link between them is the egg types, I guess that means..."
"Humans are ground-humanshape?" I answered
"yeah, was there anything else you needed to see in these results?" I answered with
"yeah, could you bring up the similarity rating for each of the six results?"
the nurse turned back to the screen and read them out "Spinda, similarity rating 27% Chimchar, 32% monferno, 46% Infernape, 58% Lopunny, 35% and Lucario...76%!?" this last result surprised me, I had never even SEEN a Lucario before, much less had contact with one, I turned to Nurse joy and asked
"why do you think this is?"
"ancestry...perhaps..." she responded, I said
"no, that can't be right...I KNOW who my father was, and he was an infernape!"
"wait, your father was an infernape?"
"yeah, Uxie told me this..."
"...Uxie? the being of knowledge, thought to be nothing more than Myth?" Nurse Joy asked
"the very same, I thought you would be a bit more open to this, I've shown you a lot of things that turned out to be true..."
"I guess, but, still...why a Lucario?"
"wait, how do they fight?" I asked
"they fight physically, mainly punches and kicks, but, they can manipulate auras as well"
"that explains it!" I said, the primal spark WAS a type of aura
"what is it?" the Nurse asked me
"our abilities, that have layed dormant for so long, they're a type of Aura themselves"
"oh, that makes sense" the nurse said, turning to me and pulling out a set of electrodes "okay, it's time for the combat evaluation, come over here" the nurse said, beckoning me over to a padded pressure-sensitive wall, I quickly followed her over to the wall, before she attached the electrodes to my head (these aren't the pokemon, just FYI)
before asking me to punch the wall, I complied when Nurse joy had returned to the computer, ready to record the changes in my brainwave patterns, as I hit the wall, it caused a spike in the pressure readings, as well as my brainwave patterns, Nurse joy looked back at me and said "hmmm... a 5.4"
I responded by saying "I have no idea what that means..."
nurse Joy looked back at the screen, before turning back to me and saying "normal human activity rates at a 2.6 at best, you appear to have developed almost superhuman senses, and strength
"what!?" I protested "that can't be right!" was I really THAT strong? I knew I was above-average, sure, but almost super-human seemed to be pushing it
"try hitting it again then..." Nurse Joy said, I quickly complied, getting a "5.6" in response, frustrated, I hit it again "5.5" the nurse said, before asking me to look at the computer,
moving to look at the screen, I saw a list of moves start showing up

Mach Punch
Fire Punch
Thunder Punch
Ice Punch
Bullet Punch
Comet Punch
Blaze kick
Jump kick
Double kick
Bulk up
Calm mind
Brick Break
Sucker Punch
Sky Uppercut
Close Combat
Cross Chop
Vital Throw

"woah..." I said, I wasn't expecting so many, then, another result showed up

...Aura sphere...

"I guess it's true then" I said, pointing at the genetic similarities page, Lucarios WERE our most similar species, I really wasn't expecting that.
"okay, do you want a print-out of these pages?"
I thought on it for a second, before realising Maylene and Candice would want to see these too...
"could I get three copies of these sheets, if possible?" I asked
"sure thing, you know, you've revealed a lot about Humans today, I'll send these results to Professor Rowan, AND professor Oak"
"alright then, hopefully, they won't take it as a joke, but, if they do, I may have to visit them myself."
"okay, I'll just print out your copies of the results now, I'll bring them out to you when they're done, you can go and wait at the front counter" Nurse Joy said, as I removed the electrodes from my head
"it was un unexpected result" I started, "but an important one all the same..." I said, walking out to the front counter, I was greeted by the chansey standing there
"so, how did it go?" she asked
"surprisingly well, I mean, it WORKED, that's a good sign isn't it?"
"so, does this mean we have proof now?"
"I guess so, Humans WERE pokemon at one point..." I responded, getting a smile in reponse
the Nurse soon walked out, holding a small bundle of papers, handing them to me, she said "the professors will see these results soon"
"that's good to hear, and thanks again for all your hard work in this endeavour" I said, as I started back to my room...
Chapter End Notes:all right, that chapter flowed easier, next chapter will be Snowpoint temple, I know I may have said that at the end of the last chapter, but, I'm serious this time, and, I believe this is an important part of the story that I couldn't afford to skip..
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