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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 13 (Snowpoint Temple)

when I reached the room, I was greeted by Seena
"that was shorter than you predicted..." I responded with
"yeah, the machines here are more advanced than the ones in celestic town, it seems..." Seena gave a curious response
"wait, does that mean, you've tried this before?"
"no" I responded "I took matt to one..." before continuing "I've got the results here, would you like to see them?"
Seena nodded in response, as I separated one of the copies of the results and handed them to her, whilst putting the other two copies in my bag...
"genetic similarities...see, I thought Infernape would've been the most similar..." Seena said, turning to face me
"yeah, me too, it's odd though, isn't it?" I responded, giving a confused response
"yeah, but, LUCARIO?" she asked
"I think it has mainly something to do with fighting style and...aura manipulation" it still felt strange saying that, I still had barely any idea what a Lucario even WAS.
" I guess so..." Seena said, before turning the page, looking at the avaliable 'moves' to me
"'ve got a lot of variety" Seena said, smiling and turning to face me, I blushed slightly and said
"it''s not THAT much" scratching the back of my head
"hmm... NORMAL-FIGHTING type, Ground and Humanshape egg groups... yeah, this seems to be all in order" Seena said, flicking through the pages "wait, 'somewhat super-human' strength?"
"yeah..." I started "I didn't believe it myself" I continued, giving a confused look, Seena turned back to the 'moves' page and asked
"do you think you can use all of these moves right now?"
"I doubt it" I responded, "Matt's results showed moves he didn't know yet, I'm assuming it's the same for me" I said, moving to sit on the bed
"this doesn't show anything about innate abilities OR the spark" Seena said, scanning the rest of the pages
"that's okay, the nature of it was strange enough to begin with, I was kind of expecting this, besides, this was set for a pokemon, if I DO have an ability, it must be a new, unregistered one, and, the results don't show the origin of the powers for pokemon" I said, then, I suddenly realised
"wait, without that information, I'm not sure if the professors will believe this" I said, a worried look suddenly rising on my face
"...the professors?" Seena asked
"Oak and Rowan, Nurse joy has sent the results to them too" I responded
"oh, I'm not sure if Professor Rowan would really care about this kind of information, if the news reports hold true, he's much more interested in legendary pokemon" Seena said, pointing at the TV
"well, IF I manage to meet professor Rowan, maybe he'll listen to me if I tell him I met Uxie..."
"...that sounds about right" Seena said, handing the results back to me "Professor OAK, on the other hand, he's very eccentric, he might just decide to visit us"
"that's fine with me" I said, turning my attention to the results, before continuing "he's the main force behind adding new pokemon to the pokedex anyway..." I turned to Seena and smiled

the rest of the day passed quickly, my attention sooned turned to the temple, I then realised, I had no idea when Candice was expecting us to be there, I then decided to head over to the Gym and ask her, after she told me "about 6 a.m." I decided, I would have an early night tonight, returning to my room, I informed Seena, getting a response of
"that's strangely early, isn't it?"
I responded with "yeah, but Candice has to be back at the Gym for 10..."

we went to bed at 8:30 p.m. that night, when I woke up, Seena was waiting for me, looking at the time, it was 5:42
"good morning Seena" I said, through a yawn, before being met with a worried expression
"I saw it again, Lucas..." now I was starting to get worried, could this have to do with the legendary pokemon, SUPPOSEDLY inside the temple?
"please, don't worry about it, Seena, I thought you'd be a little more at ease knowing what I was capable of now" I said, getting out of the bed, reaching for my pants
"it does help, but, it still seemed really powerful" Seena said, before telling me again "it was twice as big as you..."
"so?" I started "I've fought three pokemon, all of which were bigger than me, all at once, and now they're our friends, I can handle myself" I finished, giving a slight smile
"I guess so..." Seena said, before handing me a watmel berry "here, we don't have time for anything cooked, I grabbed this out of the fridge for you..."
"thanks, Seena" I said, happily taking the watmel from her, biting into it, I continued
"are YOU ready to go?"
"yeah, whenever you are, Lucas" Seena replied, giving a smile
I bent down and started to put on my shoes, before thinking out loud "I wonder how Maylene's doing..."
"why's that?" Seena asked
"because" I started "I haven't seen her in a while, and, she appears to be close to achieving what I did..."
" you know that?" Seena asked me, an even more curious tone in her voice
"oh! well... I've been seeing it in my dreams, not to mention, she trains like I did"
"with pokemon?" Seena asked, she didn't seem too hung up on the 'in my dreams' bit, I guess it's because similar things had been happening to her...
"yeah, I'm not sure how long she's been at it though" I replied, finishing my Watmel, and getting up, Seena walked closer to me. and wrapped me in an embrace, I happily returned her gesture, as she said
"let's try to come back in one piece, alright?"
"of course Seena, I won't let harm befall us, besides, we won't be the only ones there..." when I finished saying this, I broke away from the hug, grabbing my bag, and started for the door, Seena followed closely behind me, asking
"do you know what pokemon the other two use?"
"I only know what types they use, nothing more specific than that..." I responded, with a thoughtful look on my face, as we headed out to the main area of the centre, we were greeted by Beatrice, and Abomasnow, who was standing behind the counter with her
"hey guys" I responded, before turning to the Abomasnow and asking "so... what are you doing back there?"
"well..." he started, blushing slightly "I've been receiving training from Nurse Joy and Beatrice so that I could help out here" he said
"that's good to hear" I responded, smiling, before continuing "Seena and I are heading over to Snowpoint temple, were going to be meeting up with Candice and Maylene..."
"alright then, do be careful now, I've heard that there are strong pokemon in there" Beatrice said, a concerned look rising on her face
"we will Beatrice" I said, before turning to Abomasnow again, asking "it's been quite strange, but, I never learned your name, that is, IF you have a name..."
the Abomasnow turned to me and said "well, I don't have a name as such..." before looking down
"would you like one?" I asked, the Abomasnow turned his head up to me and replied
"yes, it's been odd for me, not having a name"
"all right then" I responded "I'll think of one today, I'll give you some ideas when I get back"
"thank you Lucas, I'll be waiting" the Abomasnow said, smiling, I had never seen him smile before, it seemed strange...
"all right, well, we'll see you guys later then" I said, before turning to Seena and saying "come on Seena, let's get going" before heading out the main door, being followed closely by Seena.
as we headed behind the pokemon centre, I saw the figure of Maylene standing by the temple, as we got closer she called out to me "Hey Lucas!" she shouted, as I got closer, I said
"people are still sleeping you know, you probably shouldn't be shouting..." as I said this I pointed to the sky, signaling that it was still dark out, Maylene got embarassed and said
"sorry, I'm just excited, that's all, it's been a while, but, I think we can get to the bottom now!" hearing this I asked "do you know how deep that place is meant to be?"
"well" she started "I heard it's about five floors, all underground, was there anything else you wanted to know?" she responded, before I glared at her and said
"you really can't keep secrets, can you?" Maylene saw my glare and said
"I'm sorry! I can't keep secrets from Candice, she knows this!" I then went on to say
"Candice said, that probably half of Veilstone knows by now, I certainly hope that isn't true..."
"no" she started "I only told Candice"
"well, that's alright then" I said, starting to smile, before asking
"did Candice tell you I was interested in getting your badge?"
"yeah, she told me you wanted it so you could use Fly, I don't blame you, it's really quite convenient" Maylene responded,
"well, it's true, if I have to fight you for it, I will..." I said, giving her a stern look
"oh...she also said you had something important to tell us..." Maylene said, before asking "what is it?"
"look, I already told Candice this, I won't tell you until you're both together" I said, a mildly annoyed expression rose on my face
"well, she's going to be here very soon, then" Maylene said, at this moment I felt I had to ask
"Maylene, what Pokemon do you have with you at the moment?"
"well, maybe I'll tell you once you introduce me to your friend there" Maylene said, pointing at Seena
"wait, didn't Candice tell you about her? well, anyway, Maylene, this is Seena" I said as Maylene took a step closer
"hi there Seena" she said happily
"I doubt you know what I'm saying yet but, hello, all the same" Seena responded, I turned to Seena and asked "should I translate?"
I heard Maylene cut in and say,"please do" as Seena said
"I don't mind" I then said
"okay" to Seena, before turning to Maylene and saying "she said, I doubt you know what I'm saying yet but, hello all the same"
"wait, "yet"?" Maylene asked as I turned around to see Candice coming
"hey Candice" I said as Maylene asked
"what does she mean by "Yet", Lucas?" I smiled slightly as I waited for Candice to be standing next to Maylene and said
"what Seena means is, my spark appears to be contagious, you'll eventually be able to understand her, and all other pokemon, just like me... that goes for you too Candice" I said, as I set my bag on the ground
Candice turned to me and asked, wide-eyed "is this what you were talking about earlier Lucas, that important thing you had to tell us?"
"that's right" I said, pulling out the test results 'but, it seems the news gets better, Look at these" I said as I handed the sheets of paper to the two girls, after they had read through them, Maylene asked
"what's so special about these? they seem like pretty standard combat evaluation results, wait, NORMAL-FIGHTING? that type doesn't exist..."
"...those tests were run...on me" I said, before continuing "do you understand now?
Candice's expression became even more surprised as she asked "you're capable of this?"
"I guess, I'll just have to show you then..." I said, as I showed them preparation for a fire punch, as my arm was engulfed in the soft flame Maylene asked
"does this mean, WE'LL be able to do this too?"
"eventually yes" I started "your abilities have already started to develop, both of you" I said, dispersing the flame from my arm, turninig to Maylene, I continued "you seem to be developing faster though, I believe it has to do with your training regimen"
"what makes you think that?" Maylene asked
"because, it's how I did it..." I said
"how long do you think it'll take before we can see changes?" Candice asked
"well... I started developing my abilities about two years before I started being able to use them, with you two, I'm unsure..." I said, scratching my chin, before continuing "you'll need to be patient..." I then turned to Maylene and asked
"anyway, before Candice showed up, I believe you were going to tell me which pokemon you have with you?"
"oh yeah!" Maylene said, before releasing two pokemon, a Meditite and a Lucario "oh... maybe THAT'S why..." I thought to myself as the Lucario turned to me, looking confused and said
"you...have a strange aura, Human..." it had a masculine voice, so I assumed it was male, I turned to Maylene and said
"your friend there, he just told me I have a strange aura" before turning to face the Lucario and said
"I'm well aware, by the way..." as I turned to Maylene and continued "maybe you should show them the results of my tests? it might help them understand the situation..."
after saying this, I held my hand out to the Lucario and said "my name's Lucas, by the way..."
he gave me a confused look before shaking my hand and asking "you understand me?"
"not just you" I started "but all pokemon now, look at the papers that Maylene has, you should understand, those are MY results, by the way"
the Lucario started looking over the papers, as the meditite turned to me and started speaking telepthically with a noteably feminine voice
"that Weavile there... you're together?"
I responded by thinking "yes, but why are you talking to me like this?"
"I just thought this might be something you'd want to keep private" the meditite said telepathically, as I looked to her, I saw she was blushing
"it's quite alright" I responded, thinking "besides, I was going to tell Maylene and Candice in a short while"
The Lucario turned to me and asked "how is this...possible?"
"well" I started "I'm only doing what all humans are capable of, these abilities have remained dormant in us though..."
Candice and Maylene turned to each other and started talking amongst themselves
I continued "I think you, in particular, Lucario, are the reason Maylene's abilities are developing quicker than mine did..."
"why is that?" he asked
"because, our abilities are a type of Aura, and, if you'd look over the sheets, WE are the closest related species from all the results..."
"how do you know this? couldn't these just be results on a personal level, what of your Ancestry?" he asked, handing the papers over to the Meditite.
"trust me, if my ancestry truly entered into it, Infernape would've had the highest percentage similarty" as I said this, I noticed Candice and Maylene turn to face me.
"what are you suggesting?" the Lucario asked, confused
"well" I started, making sure that Maylene and Candice heard me as well "My father, as it turns out, WAS an infernape..."
"wait, you're the child of a pokemon-human coupling?" Candice asked
"yeah" I responded, before turning to Seena "Seena is too..."
the meditite asked me, out loud this time "are these results true?" looking over the papers
I turned to her and responded "well, I have been able to perform some of those moves, so I'll have to assume they are" I then turned to Maylene, Candice and Lucario, wrapping my right arm around Seena, I said
"I want to clear up any misconceptions you may have had and say, since Seena and I met, we've been living together, and, I suppose you could say, I'm much like my mother..." as I said this I started blushing, as did Seena, she turned to me and asked
"are you sure it's a good idea to be so open about this?"
"I'm sure Seena, besides, I trust them..." I said, slowly turning to face the others, Meditite had started blushing again, Lucario's expression remained stern, Maylene and Candice seemed a little surprised "anyway..." I continued, taking my arm off Seena "we've wasted enough time out here, I believe we have a temple to explore" I said smiling, turning around to see the sun rising in the east
"...oh!" Candice started "just let me bring out my pokemon first" as she said this, she unclipped two pokeballs from her waist, releasing a Froslass and a Piloswine, she turned to them and said "this is the man I told you about, if you want to talk to him, he'll know what you're saying, but, for now, we're entering the temple again..."
the Froslass turned to look at Candice, giving an affirming nod, before turning to me and asking "'re Lucas?..."
"yes" I responded, before asking "I've never been in here before, would you guys mind if you could lead the way?"
Maylene turned to me and said "we were barely inside there ourselves, we only got down one flight of stairs..."
I started making my way to the large opening, behind Candice as she said "it's nothing too difficult to navigate, it's just the pokemon in there that we had trouble with..."
"all right then" I said, being followed by Seena, then by Maylene and her pokemon, as we made our way inside, the first thing I noticed, was a large statue looming in the distance
"woah..." I started "that's...ominous"
Candice turned back to me, giving me a shhh gesture, before pointing up, looking at the roof I saw them, sleeping Golbats, lots of them, then I thought to myself "wait, Golbats can learn Fly can't they?"
heading to our right of the statue, we headed down the first set of stairs, I heard a low flapping noise behind us "one of the Golbats must be shifting" I thought, they were nocturnal, after all, when we got off the stairs, I saw an onix waiting for us, it suddenly gave a low roar before saying "we chased you off last time, you won't reach Gigas!"
I responded to this with "I don't even know who this 'Gigas' is, but, if you don't let us through, I'll personally fight you myself" as I said this, Candice turned to me and asked,
"are you sure that's a good idea?"
"I've fought off three strong pokemon at once, I'm pretty sure I can handle an Onix, besides, I need a way of showing I wasn't bluffing about those results"
"you can't be serious, Human" the Onix said, giving a mocking look
"I'm always serious..." I said, giving an angry look, before stepping forward and taking up a fighting stance, being met with protest by the pokemon, other than Seena, who turned to the others and said
"he knows what he's doing, if he needs help, he'll tell you, but for now, just watch, you'll be surprised" before turning back to me and saying "you can do this Lucas, I believe in you"
I turned back to Seena and responded "thank you Seena" before turning back to the Onix and saying "well?"
the Onix suddenly seemed intimidated, saying "you ARE serious, very well, you will regret this" before starting it's attack, it grabbed several rocks before before throwing them at me, suddenly, everything seemed to slow down, I could see the rocks making their way to me, I quickly moved into a large space between the rocks, effectively dodging them, while moving only slightly.
to the others, I appeared to be moving in fast motion, I knew something strange happened to me during my fight with Ravan,
after the rocks passed by me, I quickly envisioned an ice punch in my head, before rushing forward and delivering it to the area below the Onix's head, getting a pained response, as the Onix stumbled back, before rushing at me, spinning to hit me with its tail.
I saw how it was moving and moved appropriately, ducking below the tip of its tail, dodging the tail completely before launching another ice punch, this time to its back, something happened that time, the Onix started to freeze! I didn't expect that, it gave another roar before attempting to bind me, it appeared to be moving even slower now, I assumed the freezing would slow it until it became completely frozen, the Onix was large though, the freezing would take a while...
I turned to face it's head, quickly envisioning myself jumping at it's head and delivering a kick, acting upon this, I jumped, falling short, but landing on its body, so I Jumped again, delivering a jump kick to the Onix's head, while this was happening, I envisioned a bullet punch, AND a Comet punch, as I finished thinking of this, my arms started glowing silver, as I delivered two bullet punches on my way back to the ground, as I hit the ground, the Onix said
" are you able to fight like this?" it slowly started freezing as it said this
"I'll tell you a bit later" I said smiling, before pulling a pokeball out of my bag and throwing it at the Onix, it tried to fight off the capture, but to no avail, I had caught it
"alright" I said, turning back to the others "that was easier than I thought"
Seena ran up to me saying "Lucas! I knew you could do it" as the others just stood there, staring at what had just happened, Seena hugged me, before leaning back and saying "you were great" suddenly becoming worried, she said "...your eyes...there's something wrong with your eyes"
"what is it?" I asked, suddenly becoming worried
"I can see...a flame?" Seena said, pointing at my eyes
"Seena just told me something in my eyes is strange, can you see it too?" I asked, turning to the others
Lucario suddenly blurted out "I can see an aura emanating from your eyes, Lucas..."
"really..." I started "well...given what I've seen before, that doesn't sound wrong, and to think, ALL humans had this power at one point..."
"why did you catch the Onix, Lucas?" Candice asked
"well, it's going to need medical attention, I'll release it back here afterwards..." I responded
"oh, that's kind of you" Candice continued
looking behind them, I saw a golbat, just flying, it didn't attempt to attack us, so I ignored it and said, "shall we continue?" before walking off and falling on an ice panel on the floor "Dammit, well, that'll teach me for not paying attention" I said, looking back at the others and laughing lightly, as I got up, I noticed, there were several panels on the floor covered in ice, much like Candice's gym, I turned to Candice and asked
"you didn't design the Gym, did you?" being met with a response of
"no, my parents did..."
"well then, I'm assuming they've been in here then" I said
"well, that would make sense" Candice responded...

as we made our way down, I witnessed several fights, Candice's Froslass beat a Jynx the next floor down, Candice caught it saying she would make it a part of her team,
on the following floor, Maylene's Lucario and Meditite fought a Steelix, using some impressive co-ordination to work together,after the fight, I saw a gold nugget on the ground, after asking if it was alright if I could take it, I picked it up, thinking "cool, this'll help with the money situation"
on the next level, a Sneasel actually started hitting on Seena, this made Seena furious, Candice and Maylene didn't know what was happening, they just thought the Sneasel was being friendly, I had to explain the situation to them, Candice had her Piloswine attack the Sneasel after this, quickly beating him with a Mud bomb, when he was down he said "I'm sorry! I didn't know!"
taking pity on the Sneasel, I said "there's a whole lot of others outside the temple, you know? but next time, pay attention to who they're with..." the Sneasel looked up at me and said " she's with you?"
I quickly responded with "yeah, if that wasn't obvious already, you're just lucky I'm a forgiving person, or I would've kicked your ass myself"
getting a slightly mocking response of "YOU can fight?"
"just get out of here!" I said angrily, as I engulfed my arm in a flame
the Sneasel's eyes quickly widened as he said "fine! I'm going!" as he got up and ran off, as I watched him bolt for the stairs, I noticed that the Golbat was still following us
"can you?" I asked the Golbat, quickly being met with the response
"ahh! what!?" that was odd, did it think I couldn't see it?
"well?" I said, looking at it expectantly
"uhh... I've been watching you guys since you entered this place"
"why?" I asked, curiously
"I...don't rightly know..." the golbat said, moving slightly closer
"well we're going to the bottom here, and we're going to see this 'Gigas' that I keep hearing about" I said, before continuing "if you're not here to fight us, I guess you can come with us, that is, if you want to"
the Golbat responded with "...really?" moving slightly closer again,
turning to Candice and Maylene, I said, "well, this Golbat here, seems to have been watching us"
Candice turned to it and said "oh! hello" before being met with a shy smile in response, Maylene turned to Candice and said
"man, when are WE going to be able to talk to them? I'm getting really jealous, Lucas is right here, having these conversations, and we only understand HIS parts, but, if we didn't believe him, he'd just look crazy"
the golbat heard this and said "crazy? crazy Strong perhaps" hearing this I laughed lightly, turning to Maylene, I said
"the golbat just appeared to have complimented my strength" before turning back to the Golbat and asking
"do you have a name, by the way?"
"oh" the Golbat started "it's, it's Gordon"
"well" I started "pleased to meet you Gordon, I'm Lucas" I said, nodding to the Golbat, he nodded in response as I set my bag down and pulled out some berries
"anyone want some berries before we keep going?" I asked, looking around at everyone, the Meditite, Piloswine and Golbat came forward, I took a Leppa and bit into it and said "well, take what you want, then"
they grabbed about 10 berries, all in all, after they retreated to their respective areas, I turned to Maylene and Candice to see them talking amongst themselves, I then noticed, the Lucario was acting strangely, beckoning him over, I asked "is something wrong?"
"it's...Maylene" he responded, looking distracted
"can you feel her aura or something?" I asked
"no, it's more than that..." he responded, suddenly blushing lightly
"oh... I get ya" I said, quietly
"she was my first friend, and after I learned about you, I started thinking, maybe we could have something more..."
"well, it's your choice" I said, before turning to Seena and asking "what do you think?"
"well, I'd say, if you've been thinking about it, you should just go for it..."
I turned to him and said "she'll probably be able to understand you soon" before pulling him closer and whispering, as I noticed Maylene looking over at us "that'd probably be the best time..."
"you think?" Maylene said, as all she heard was "she'll probably be able to understand you soon"
I turnde to Maylene and said, "yeah, I'm starting to see an aura around you, as well"
Seena turned to Lucario and said "after all...that's when I told Lucas, you shouldn't deny your feelings" after Seena said this, she moved towards me and hugged me,
"hey Seena" I said, smiling, before turning to the others and asking "should we keep going?"
"yeah, it feels like we're close to the bottom" Candice said, before motioning Maylene forward "go on" she said, Maylene turned to me and said
"I think you've more than proven yourself to be capable of earning this..."
"what do you mean..." as I said this, I saw Maylene pull out a square-shaped badge "oh..." I said, as she also pulled out a small, disc-like object
"here, it's my Gym badge, and A Fly Hm" She said, holding them out to me
"thank you, but, Don't you want to fight me yourself?" I asked
"normally yes, but, under special circumstances, an official League badge can be issued at any time"
"well, thank you Maylene..." I said, accepting the two items and putting them in my bag
"okay" Candice said, turning to the open area in front of us, "let's keep going"
Looking down, I noticed, almost all of the floor was covered in Ice, I decided, following behind Candice closely would be best, she knew these puzzles well...
a couple of minutes later, we reached the solid ground near the stairs and continued down, on the next floor, it was all solid, except only a single icy spot on the floor...
"this is...odd" I said
"why's that?" Maylene asked
"I was expecting MORE ice on this floor" I responded, suddenly spotting a strange rock in the corner "a...fossil?" I asked, as I moved closer and picked it up, bringing it over, Candice looked at it and said
"that looks like a...dome fossil? I think the Oreburgh Gym Leader would want to see that"
"okay, should I take it to them?" I asked, before continuing "I'm going to travel Sinnoh soon"
"I guess that should be fine" Candice said
"alright, well, I'll just put this in my bag then" I said, placing the fossil in the large pocket of my bag
"okay" Maylene cut in "let's keep going" before heading to the stairs, being followed by her Meditite and Lucario
"alright then" Candice said, moving after her, being followed by her pokemon, after they moved down the stairs, Seena turned to me and said "I guess we should head down too, but first..." as she said this she pulled me into a kiss, mingling her tongue with my own, after she broke the kiss she said "that's the one I meant to give you this morning before we left" and smiled at me,
"well, thank you Seena" I said, smiling back, as I turned around, I saw Gordon " were here the entire time weren't you?" I asked, suddenly becoming embarassed
he was blushing heavily as he said "...yeah..." Seena turned to face him and said
"oh! I thought you went down with the others, I thought Lucas and I were the only ones still here..." she said, blushing and turning to face me "sorry' she said
"why should you be sorry about that?" I said, hugging her and smiling, before continuing "okay, let's keep going" as I said this, Froslass came up and said
"are you two coming?" she then noticed we were hugging and blushing heavily, she started blushing herself and asked "am I...interrupting anything?"
"well, no" Seena said, as she broke away from the hug and turning to face the Froslass "let's go then" Seena said, following the froslass down the stairs, I turned to Gordon and said "...sorry about that" as I waved him over to follow me as I started down the stairs
"I'm okay" he said, still blushing "just, be careful next time"
when we reached the bottom of the stairs, I saw that Maylene, Candice AND Seena had frozen up
"what's wrong?" I asked
they, seemingly in unison, pointed to the centre of the room, I followed their fingers to it was exactly as Seena described it...
"THAT'S 'Gigas'!?" I asked
"I saw that thing in my dreams" they all said at once
"beating Froslass" Candice said
"defeating Lucario" Maylene said
"hurting you" Seena said
they turned to me, all at once and said, "we should get out of here..."
"No!" I responded "we've come so far, just, just let me try to speak to it...please..." as I said this, I slowly started walking towards it, met with protest, which I quickly silenced by saying "why do you think you saw it in your dreams?! it's trying to intimidate us!" as I stepped closer, I shouted to it
"Gigas! why did you do this!?"
"" it slowly responded, a low rumble emanating from it, it continued "I...can'"
I turned to the others and said "it just told me, it can't fight me, not yet, anyway"
"why did you send these images into my friends minds?"I said, turning back to the white and gold colossus
"" it said, not moving
"...we didn't come here to fight you Gigas, we only wanted to know if you existed" as I said this, the others calmed down
"oh, you're not going to fight it, that's a relief" Seena said, I turned to her and said
"I never planned on fighting it" I responded, giving a small smile.
"it is..." I said, before continuing "we meant no harm..."
"wait...others?" as I said this, I heard a loud flapping behind me, a Large group of Golbats were there "uhhh...guys..." I said, pointing behind them
they turned around and saw them, they quickly moved beside me and got ready to fight
"no..." I said "gigas told me he'd call them off"
"oh" Candice said, "alright then" she called off Froslass and Piloswine
Maylene quickly followed suit and Gordon flew towards me facing the colossus, saying "thank you, Gigas, these are good people, there's no reason to hold hostility towards them"
"...stand...down..." Gigas said, and the golbats retreated up the stairs, Gordon stayed with me though...he turned to me and asked "would it be okay with you...if I came with you on your Journey?"
I was surprised by this, I responded with "don't you have to stay here though?"
"I doubt one Golbat would make a difference, I'm not a fighter anyway..." he said, suddenly looking down
Candice turned to me and asked "does this golbat want to travel with you?"
"seems that way" I responded, before turning to Seena and asking "what do you think?"
Seena looked up at Gordon, then back to me and said "it's fine by me"
"okay, you can come with us then..."as I said this, Gordon suddenly flew forward and nuzzled at my chest
"thank you!" he said happily, I became slightly embarassed by this acton.
"it's quite alright" I said, turning back to the colossus, asking
"are you alright with this?" it slowly responded
Maylene turned to me and said "golbats can learn fly, maybe you could teach it?"
"I'll do it later" I said, rolling my eyes, before turning to Gordon asking
"was there somewhere specific you wanted to go?"
he had flown back slightly and turned to face me and said "I don't really know of anywhere else but here..."
Gigas turned on the spot slightly, causing a small rumble, and it said
Gigas slowly sat in place and stopped moving
"it just said something's sons?" as I said this, I looked around, seeing an inscription on the wall, I moved over to it and read it
"a body of rock, a body of ice, and a body of steel, these are the sons of Gigas..."
"what does that mean?" I said "it's too vague..."
"well" Candice said, I think that's all there is to this place, thanks for your help Lucas, but, for now, I think it's time to leave"
after she said this, she turned to the stairs and started up them, we all followed her, as we left, Lucario turned to me and asked
"why did Maylene say she saw Gigas defeating me?"
"I'm assuming" I started "the three of them saw their trusted partners being harmed in their dreams, in an attempt to keep us from coming down here"
"wait" Maylene started "three?"
"yeah" I said, turning to her "Seena saw it too, she saw ME being harmed by Gigas..." as I said this, Lucario turned to me and asked
"do you suppose that means...Maylene..."
"I'm not jumping to any conclusions" I said
"about what?" Maylene asked
"about Gigas" I responded, lying, to the relief of Lucario
"thanks Lucas" he said, turning to have a conversation with Meditite
"I had something I wanted to tell you, but, I can't remember what it was..." Candice said, in a strained tone
"something about the gen IV prototype, perhaps?" I responded
"Oh yeah, that" as Candice said this, she turned around and pulled it out of her pocket, before continuing "there's already some data on it..."
"on what?" I asked
"I used it on Maylene's and my pokemon, that what it was, that's still alright though, right?"
"yeah, it's fine..." I said
"well, I suppose it's yours now" she said and handed it to me
"thanks Candice" I said, taking it and putting it in my pocket
"anyway, it's about 9:30, we need to get back to the gym, Maylene" Candice said, as she started walking faster

ten minutes later, we exited the temple, it was much faster without pokemon resistance

"okay, I guess I'll see you two later, Seena, Gordon and I are going back to the pokemon centre, if either of you need anything, don't hesitate to tell me, and thanks again, you two..."
I then turned to head back to the pokemon centre, being followed closely by Seena, and my new traveling companion...
Chapter End Notes:alright, to anyone who was irritated by me saying I would have Snowpoint Temple up a chapter ago, this is for you
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