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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 14 (the professor's visit)

as we reached the centre, we were greeted by Nurse Joy, Abomasnow was standing nearby, watching her intently. Handing the Nurse the pokeball Conataining the Onix, I said "here, this Onix is in need of medical attention"
"sure thing Lucas" She responded, taking the ball.
I turned to Abomasnow and said "while we were in the temple, I thought of some potential names like I promised"
being met with the response "I knew you would"
"alright" I started "I thought the most suitable names, would start with an A, things like Albert, or, it's shortened forms, like Al, maybe Alfred or Albus..."
"Albus? I like the sound of that one" Abomasnow said, before continuing "I've heard that some people have second names, I was wondering...could I have one as well?"
"well..." I started "it's unusual for me to think of a surname, but I did have one in mind, Greene"
"Albus Greene?" Abomasnow asked (authur's note: Albus is Latin for White, White green, get it?)
"yeah, I like the sound of it too" I said, smiling
"it does sound nice...thank you, Lucas" he said
"alright then, shall I announce it officially?" I asked, being met with a nod in response
I then turned to Nurse Joy and said "our friend here has opted for my names for him, he'll now be known as Albus Greene, but, you can just call him Albus" as I said this, I turned to him and said
"who knows? maybe Beatrice would like that last name too..." I smiled as I said this, before saying "you should go tell her"
"okay, and thanks again Lucas" as Albus said this, he headed off towards his room, to see Beatrice, presumably, I then turned to Nurse Joy and asked
"did you get a response from the professors?"
"well" she started "Rowan was initially dismissive, and Oak said, he would like to come and talk to you, if it was alright with you, that is..."
"alright" I said, turning to Seena and Gordon "looks like we'll be speaking to professor Oak soon"
Being met with Seena's response "I had a feeling he would do this..."
the nurse asked "so...that's an okay?"
I turned back to her and said "yeah...tell Oak that we'll be here for at least another week, here at the Snowpoint pokemon centre"
"he also said in his response that he told someone named Bill about this, saying this was the kind of thing he'd be interested in..."
"oh, well, I guess that's alright" I said
I then turned back to the others and said "alright, let's got to our room then" as I started to walk back to the room, I said "thanks Nurse" being met with the response
"you're always welcome, by the way, if you find yourself in Snowpoint again, don't hesitate to come visit us here"
"I know I'll be back" I started "I have a promise to keep to a young friend..."
"well, I'll let the professor know where to find you if he arrives, I'll also tell him, he should only visit at appropriate hours, too" I suddenly realised why she said this, blushing, I said
"thank you..." as I continued to my room
when we arrived, I sat on the bed and turned to Gordon and asked "would it be okay with you if I taught you Fly?"
"fly? but, I know how to fly already" he said, rolling his eyes and flapping his wings slightly faster
"no, this is slightly different, it'll allow you to carry people long distances" I said, pulling the HM out of my bag and pointing to it
"then, why's it called Fly?" he asked, giving a confused look
"because 'carry people long distances" doesn't roll off the tongue quite as easily" I said, starting to laugh
"well, I guess that'll be fine, but you'd better not just leave me in a ball and only bring me out to fly you around" he said, giving a deadly serious look
"what are the odds of THAT happening?" I said, before suddenly feeling incredibly strange, almost as if someone was glaring at him... (author's note: Ha! comedy...)
"that reminds me" I continued "I need to assign a pokeball to you first" as I said this, I pulled an empty pokeball out of my bag "don't worry" I started "I only use pokeballs as a safety precaution, it'll stop someone else from catching you" as I said this, I thought to myself "I should probably do the same for the others..."
"okay then Lucas, catch me, I guess..." Gordon said, landing on the bed, I then lightly threw the ball at him, he became a red light and disappeared into the ball, it didn't shake, this was either a good sign, or a horrible one.
after the ball emitted a small *click* I went to release Gordon back out, before being halted by Seena "before you let him back out" she started, blushing lighty "I believe I owed you this..." as she said this she pulled me into kiss, mingling her tongue with mine, as we held our kiss, I thought to myself "it's been a while since we've kissed like this" , as I lightly stroked Seena's back, getting a low moan in response, after we broke our kiss, Seena said "that was nice, a shame we won't have our privacy anymore..." as she said this, she frowned lightly
"what do you mean? just because I caught him doesn't mean he's staying in this room..." I said, getting Seena to smile
"you mean it?" she asked
"yeah, I was going to leave him with Ravan" as I said this, Seena kissed me again, lighlty this time, I continued to say "I knew you'd prefer our privacy, anyway"
I then turned to the pokeball laying on the bed, I released Gordon and said "Gordon, I'm not going to leave you in the ball, but, you aren't going to stay in here though" as I said this, Gordon had a frown rising on his face
"it's okay" I started "just across the centre, there's a room with a Gyarados, a Garchomp and another Weavile, I want you to stay with them, that doesn't mean I'm going to leave you there though, we'll be travelling together soon..." after I said this, I got up and motioned for Gordon to follow me, I led him to the other room, knocking on the door, it slowly opened, Ravan was standing there, looking up at me
"oh, hey Lucas" he said, before Looking at Gordon and asking "who's that?"
"he's your new roommate" I said, grabbing the attention of the other two pokemon, in the back of the room
"okay" Ravan said "but, now, there's no more room, this place has four beds, that's it"
Gordon turned to him and said "I don't need a bed, I sleep on the roof, getting a response of
"oh yeah, you're a golbat, duh!" Ravan said, slapping himself lightly on his forehead and continuing "anyways, welcome" he finished, waving Gordon in.
"okay" I started "I'll see you guys later, don't hesitate to tell me if you need anything"

...the rest of the day passed quickly, the TV showed more reports on findings of rare pokemon, I noticed, the attention of the reports was starting to shift to Johto, talking about Team Rocket
"Team rocket?" I started, turning to Seena "they broke up before I was living with Matt, did they get back together?"
"They look similar to Team Galactic" Seena said "in the way they act, at least..." she continued
the next report talked about a professor living in Johto 'Professor Elm' the report called him.
"huh..." I said, giving a curious look, he looked younger than the other professors, the report focused on him studying pokemon eggs and the benefits of walking with your pokemon
"hey" I started "maybe this means other people will start walking around with their pokemon out?"
"Like you?" Seena asked
"well...yeah, but I don't consider you to be MY pokemon, it just seems too...too...contraire to what I'm trying to achieve"
"thank you Lucas, but, you DID capture me officially"
"yeah" I started "but it's not like I did it against your will, and besides, I only did it so someone else COULDN'T capture you, if there was another way, I would've chosen that"
"I guess..." Seena started "you don't like the idea of pokeballs then?"
"well, not really" I said "it basically forces ownership upon the pokemon captured"
"maybe...this is something you can change?" Seena asked meaningfully
"maybe, but I can't just expect things to change" I said, looking down
"I mean" I continued "I'm glad Silph co. made them, but, they seem to hinder friendship between Humans and Pokemon"
"I suppose" Seena responded, turning back to the TV...

the next day... the Gyarados and Garchomp spoke with Gordon, and decided they wanted names of their own, calling me in, they asked, Ravan offered to name one of them, and I would name the other, we decided that I would name Gyarados and Ravan would name Garchomp
"let's see..." Ravan said "something that fits and starts with G... of course!" he said, turning to the Garchomp "Garudan!"
"hey, that's...not bad" Garchomp said, smiling slightly, I then turned to Gyarados and said
"okay...I'm going to give you a name, starting with a G, with a meaning that fits...something like...Grimgar"
"grimgar?" Gyarados asked
"it means 'fierce spear'" I said (author's note: Lucas knows of Germanic names, it seems) before continuing
"no... it doesn't roll off the tongue... how about Godhelm?"
"what does that one mean?" he asked
"god's protector" I said, rubbing my head "this is hard..." I continued
"it's okay, just call me the first one" he said
"fine, but I'll call you Garth for short" I said
"Garth...I like it" he said, turning to Garchomp "do you like the name Ravan picked for you?"
"it sounds nice" Garchomp said
"so..." I started "are you wanting these names made official?"
"yes" they both said, seemingly in unison
"okay, follow me" I said, leading them out to the Nurse
"the two behind me have decided on their names, the Gyarados will be know as Garth and the Garchomp will be known as Garudan"
"garudan? that sounds a little odd..."
"well" I said, looking to Ravan "Ravan named him"
"it does sound similar to his name, anyways, the Onix is here for you to take, and Professor Oak said he'll be here tomorrow hopefully"
"thank you Nurse" I said, taking the pokeball off the desk, before turning to the others
"that reminds me, if you wish to travel with me, I'm going to need to assign pokeballs to you..." I said, before being cut off by the Nurse
"actually...we still have them assigned to pokeballs"
"oh yeah" I said, turning to the others "nevermind then, anyway, I'm heading over to the temple to release this Onix back to where it was before"
I said, before heading out the main door, when I reached the temple, I was met with th gaze of several Golbats "it's okay" I started "I'm just releasing an Onix back here, I'll be out of here shortly..."
I released the contents of the pokeball, revealing the Onix from yesterday
"ah! wait...why am I back here?" the Onix asked, before spinning around to see me
"you...I remember you, why am I here?" it asked
"because..." I started "I didn't catch you to keep you, I only caught you to get you medical attention..." as I said this, the Onix shifted expressions from one of concern, to one of relief
"but why?" it asked
"hey, it's just the kind of guy I am" I said, taking the pokeball and breaking it apart, before continuing "alright, you're free now"
the Onix slowly slid up to me, before coiling itself around me "hey! I don't want to have to fight you again" I said, surprised, then, I felt it gently squeezing me, it was hugging me!? the sudden realisation of this made me blush slightly.
"thank you..." the Onix said, before releasing me
"it's quite alright, don't worry about it, anyway, see you later, I guess." I said, before turning around to leave
"you're a good person..." I heard the Onix say as I left...

the next day,Seena went out to see Julian and Tira, shortly after she left, professor Oak arrived, he greeted me as he entered my room, turning to look around the room, he said "cozy..." before moving to sit at the table, motioning for me to follow him, when I sat down, he started "so, you're the one named Lucas West?"
"yes I am, sir" I said, still finding it hard to believe I was talking to the pokemon professor, everyone knew who he was, the original inventor of the pokedex...
"the reason I'm here" he started "is because, you aren't the only one who had these abilities"
"I know that much" I said
"yes, but, the last reported case of this was over a century ago, it's become less common as time went on, I looked into your family history, and found this" as he said this, he pulled out a family tree, scanning it, the firest thing I noticed was the names of my parents Joanna West and Ian West "Ian" I thought to myself "Mom called Dad Ian?"
I turned to the professor and asked "what are you trying to show me?"
he traced his finger up the family tree, stopping on a name, William Hargrave
"who is this?" I asked, this many generations meant he couldn't be the one professor Oak was talking about
"william Hargrave, Born 1411, Died 1442, he had the same abilities you posess, however briefly, it was reported he passed away due to poisoning briefly afterwards"
" you know this?"
"I have a reliable source" he responded, before continuing "over time, ocurrences of the abilities you posess, became much less common, eventually slowing down to only one person per generation until, it just stopped... but now, YOU have shown up, having these abilities, do you know what this means?" he asked
"not really" I responded, still scanning over the family tree
"I have a hypothesis, I believe this may mean that Humans and pokemon are finally merging back together..." he said, an ecstatic tone to his voice
"wait, you knew about this?" I asked, becoming even more confused
"I've just...had a hunch about this since I entered the field, people may not have agreed with me, but now, evidence is showing up!"
"there's more to it than what's on the paper" I said "I seem to be passing these abilities on to people I've had contact with..." I said, feeling open about this for once, after all, this man knew what he was talking about
"I had a feeling that might happen" he said, before continuing "these abilities you now posess...they link us to pokemon, I need to know, how did you first awaken them?"
"well" I started "I've been living with pokemon almost all of my life, I even recently found out that my father, this Ian West, was an infernape" as I said this, I pointed to his name, before continuing "I began training myself among pokemon when I was fourteen, two years after that, I started seeing images in my mind, of a flame slowly rising within my body, growing in size, I kept up my training, two years after that, I started to travel, the first place I came to was here, I didn't plan on being here longer than a week, but things kept happening, it's been about four months since I first came here, I ran into a team galactic grunt, who tried to kill me.
in a fight against three of his pokemon, I saw the flame again, it exploded and became an aura around me, in my mind at least... after that, I could fight like a pokemon, I even understood what they said"
"that's very interesting" Oak said, before asking "do you understand why it awoke when it did?"
"I think it was emotional stress, combined with a life-or-death situation, sir" I said, turning to face him
"I'll need to record this, anyway, I want you to have this" as he said this, he pulled a ticket out of his pocket "it's a special boat ticket" he started "it'll get you to Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and back here, at least until I get together with the authorities of Unova, and allow travel there too..."
"unova?" I asked, I hadn't heard of this place before, but why?
"there are many places where pokemon training is common,but I'm only allowed to grant access to the ones presided over by the pokemon league though...
"so, you're trying to convince Unova to start a Pokemon League there?" I asked
"yes, after that happens, I'll tell you, the ticket you now hold will allow you access to that area afterwards"
"it's a great honour, but, why?" I asked
"I had a feeling you might be 'contagious' so to speak, I want you to visit as many places as possible..." he said, I responded with
"that's all well and good, but, I'd like to travel Sinnoh first, after all, it's my dream, AND I have some promises to keep, I will visit the other regions though, just, not yet"
"oh my! I've lost track of time, I need to go meet professor Juniper!" as he said this, he started to pack up the sheets of paper he brought with him
"wait! can I keep my family tree sheet?" I asked
"well, that's why I brought it" he said, pushing it forward, I took it from the table and put it on the bed, before turning back to professor oak and saying
"I'll visit those places eventually, I promise, but, for now, I'm going to find out more about my home"
"of course, it was a pleasure meeting you Lucas" he said, before moving to the door, before he opened it, I said
"I wouldn't be surprised if YOU are starting to develop these abilities now" as I said this, the professor turned to face me saying
"I'm no fighter, but, I would enjoy being able to understand pokemon, oh yeah, quick question, when you first saw this flame, where was it?"
"...over my heart..." I said
"I'll be sure to write that down..." the professor said as he opened the door, leaving the door open behind himself, I heard him say "thank you for having me" out at the front counter.
I stayed in the room for a while longer, looking at the family tree "yep, there it is, Joanna West's mother, Carolina West, odd, a blank space and below it...Cynthia, I have a cousin named Cynthia?"
as I was having this thought, I heard a quick pitter-patter of feet, Seena suddenly stopped infront of the room "Lucas!" she started "it's Tira, she just had the Child!"
"what!?" I shouted, suddenly throwing the sheet to the side, quickly getting up to follow Seena "well, let's go!" I said, running to the door, locking it behind me,
we quickly ran out of the pokemon centre, heading to the Acuity Lakefont... (author's note: I'm including Unova because I might have Lucas visit it in the story, I honestly have no idea how long the story will be anymore...)
Chapter End Notes:damn...this is an important chapter..
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