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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 20 (Act 1, epilogue)

after Seena left with Ravan, I thought about what I needed to know '...a tailor, I need to know if there's a tailor nearby" I thought to myself, while looking at my ruined clothes, from my encounter with Albus, Garudan and Garth,
looking at my supplies, I saw the gold nugget I had been holding onto since I picked it up at the temple, I then brought my hand to the ring hanging from my neck "...yeah..." I thought to myself, I knew what I would do with it now...
after putting my shoes on, I left the room, being greeted by Nurse joy, and Katie, who was sitting on the counter
"hello Lucas" the nurse said, before turning her attention to the Happiny on the counter and saying "have you met Katie?"
"yeah" I started, also turning to face the little pokemon, "I met her two days ago, and from the looks of it, she's a little bundle of energy" I said, giving a smile to Katie, she happily bounced in response to this 
"un-cle!" she said, this surprised me, was she already speaking? I turned to the nurse and said 
"she just called me...Uncle?"
"I guess Beatrice and Albus have been referring to you as Uncle Lucas then" the nurse said, smiling
"well, I'm honored..." I said, returning the smile, before turning back to katie and saying "I'll see you later"
"where are you going Lucas?" the Nurse asked
"well, I'm just going around the City, I need to gather supplies and information"
"oh? what did you need to know?" the Nurse asked
"just some general things, location of a tailor, a Jeweller and other things..."
"a...Jeweller?" she asked
"yeah, don't tell Seena, okay?" I asked, blushing slightly, while holding the ring hanging from my neck.
"you have my word Lucas..." the Nurse responded, nodding
"okay, well, I'll be back later, if Seena comes back, just let her into the room..." I said, turning to the door
"sure thing, well, if I don't see you before you leave, I'll see you next week then..." the Nurse said, as I started walking to the door, before leaving the centre, I turned my head back and said,
"of course" I then left the pokemon centre, taking note of the houses around me, when I looked to the dock though, I noticed a new boat there, unlike the one that I had seen there before, a young looking brown-haired man was there, waving me over? I headed over to the dock to see what this person wanted, when I reached him, he asked
"you're Lucas, right?"
"yeah..." I responded, wary of this stranger
"professor Oak told me about you" he continued, this put me at ease, but I still hadn't met this guy before
"I'm sorry, but, who ARE you?" I asked, getting a surprised response, he stumbled a bit, before asking
"have you ever used a pokemon box?"
"no..." I started "I keep all the pokemon I have with me"
"oh...well, in that case, I'm Bill, the head Administrator of the pokemon box system in Kanto and Johto" as he said this, he held out his hand in a friendly gesture, I returned this gesture by meeting his hand with my own, resulting in a handshake
"well" I started "it's good to finally have a face to assosciate with the name"
"same here" he responded, releasing my hand, before continuing "I wanted to get here sooner, but, there were some problems with the pc's on the Sevii islands"
"well, at least I'm still here" I responded, smiling slightly
"anyway" he started "I wanted to talk to you about the results professor Oak showed me, hop on" as he said this, he got on the boat, motioning for me to follow him
"okay, I'll come with you, but, I need to be back soon, okay?" I said, getting slightly worried
"don't worry" he said, as he turned to face the sea "this shouldn't take long"
I got on the boat, feeling the rocking of the waves, this was the first time I had been on the water, but, it felt calming... "I've never been on a boat before" I said, getting Bill's response
"you'd better get used to it, if you want to fulfill the professor's request" Bill responded, shifting the boat's gear forward
"yeah..." I said, suddenly stumbling as we started to move, we didn't speak for a while, at least, I don't think Bill said anything, the rushing wind would've made it nigh impossible to hear him, after we were a fair distance out, I could still see Snowpoint, but just barely, Bill turned to me and asked
"it's true isn't it?"
"what is?" I responded
"you've unlocked abilities likening you to a pokemon?" he continued
"yeah, it is..." I said, folding my arms
"could me?" Bill asked, I didn't respond, I simply prepared a fire punch, engulfing my arm in a soft blaze
"woah!" Bill shouted in surprise, stepping back
"it's...been a while since I got this power..." I said, nodding slightly
"and you can understand pokemon, yes?" he asked
"yeah" I responded, turning around to face him, before dispersing the flame from my arm
"can you show me that?" he asked, pointing to the pokeballs on my waist
"oh" I started "I never keep them in their balls, they're currently still in snowpoint, maybe...YOU have a pokemon I could 'use'?" I said, being met with his response
"well, I always have some Eevees with me, I'll just let one out" as he said this, he pulled a silver pokeball off his waist, releasing a small brown pokemon, it looked around, after spotting me, it hid behind Bill
"it's alright" Bill started "he's a friend of a friend" the Eevee relaxed a bit as he said this, slowly walking forward, I knelt down, holding out my hand so the Eevee could smell me, so I could show it I wasn't hostile,
"it's okay, little one" I said, smiling, sniffing my hand, the Eevee looked up to me and said
"you...smell different, Human"
"I get that a lot" I started, "and my name, is Lucas" Bill just sat back and watched me converse with the Eevee
"you can...understand me?" the Eevee asked, it's eyes growing wide
"yeah, don't worry too much about it" I responded, the Eevee sniffed at me again,
"you smell like, one of us...a pokemon" the Eevee said, I was slightly surprised, did my scent really give away THAT much?
"that's very accurate to say, my father was an Infernape" I responded, moving my hand to pet the small pokemon
"really? that's interesting" the Eevee said, I then turned to Bill and said
"the Eevee here, KNOWS I'm not fully Human from my scent alone"
Bill then turned to the Eevee, then back to me and asked
"does scent really reveal that much?"
"I guess so..." I responded, still petting the Eevee, turning to it I asked
"you're...female, right?"
"yes, why do you ask?" the Eevee asked, blushing slightly
"no reason, I just wondered because of your voice..." I responded, putting her at ease
"oh, okay" the Eevee responded, sitting down on the deck of the boat, I turned to Bill and asked
"was there anything else you brought me here for, or did you just want me to show off?"
"yeah, there's more" Bill started, giving me a look of contempt, before laughing "anyway, I wanted to tell you some information I discovered"
"what is it?" I asked, sitting next to the Eevee, turning to face him
"I've discovered..." he started "from the information that the professor passed onto me, that the Primal spark was more present in times where pokemon-human relations were more common"
I turned to the Eevee and saw her blushing heavily now, smiling to myself, I turned back to Bill and said "I figured something like that would've been the case..."
"yeah, anyway, I think it has something to do with genetic diversity..." Bill said, turning to face the sea
"do you think...maybe, my parents were both recessive carriers of the Genes required?" I asked
"that WOULD explain why it wadn't shown up for a while" Bill responded
"if I'M affecting others, and I'm changing their genes, making them the recessive carriers, that means, if two people who carry the primal spark had offspring..." I started, being cut off by Bill
"that would mean... within three generations...EVERYONE would have these abilities" Bill's eyes went wide at this realization "that's why professor Oak want's you to travel the world..."
"it's spreading, Bill" I started "the people I've affected are affecting others"
"who HAVE you affected?" Bill asked
"that I know of... two Gym leaders, a shopkeeper, and the local Nurse" I said
"woah, that means, it'll spread through Sinnoh in no-time at all" Bill responded
" and Oak" I said, before continuing "and Oak went to Unova the other day..."
"woah, it sounds like you won't have to do anything,the professor and I go EVERYWHERE" Bill said, smiling
"maybe..." I started "but I DO want to travel"
"well" Bill started "you shouldn't feel as though you HAVE to, go at your own pace, okay?"
"I know Bill..." I said, before continuing "by the way, do YOU know of any tailors and Jewellers in Sinnoh?"
"why do you want to see them?" Bill asked
"well, I'm fighting pokemon a lot, and I want to be able to wear something that stops me from being wounded so often..."
"you mean like, Kevlar?" Bill asked
"something like that, but more accessible" I responded, I had something in mind...
"you know, when a Rhydon evolves, it develops protective plates, maybe you should look into some of those, I don't know how much they weigh, though..." Bill said, truth be told, it was something like that I was thinking of
"I also wanted some of my clothes fixed from the last times I fought pokemon...and I wanted to alter the design on one of my garments..." I responded, my clothes had been torn apart from my fights, maybe I should also look into a more durable material...
"well, I've heard there's a Tailor in Eterna city, if that helps" Bill said, before continuing "I'm gonna start us back to shore now" before moving to the driving area and shifting the gear on the boat, getting it to move again
"was there anything else you needed to know, Bill?" I asked, turning back to him
"oh yeah, I was wondering if you wanted to take that Eevee there with you, I can tell she'd be raised well under your care..."
"you think?" I asked
"I'm sure of it, you're a good person, and the professor trusts you" Bill said
"I'll only take her, if she wants to come with me... it's my policy" I responded, before turning to the small Eevee and asking
"what do you think? do you want to come with me?"
the small Eevee turned to face me and said "if Bill says you're okay, then, I accept your offer..." the Eevee then bowed it's head and continued "...master..." this comment upset me, I disliked that term...
"please, don't call me master, it doesn't feel right, just call me Lucas, okay?" I said, petting the Eevee
"alright...Lucas..." the Eevee said, I then turned to Bill and asked
"does the Eevee here have a name?"
"no...I'm used to handing Eevees out to trainers, so I don't name them myself, I let the new trainers decide" he responded, looking down to his waist, taking note of how many pokeballs he had with him, he snapped one of them off and tossed it to me "catch, this is her ball"
I caught the ball, looking at it, it looked slightly different, the ball was silver, with a red band around it "it's a premier ball" Bill told me
"why did you use a premier ball?" I asked
"...I really don't know..." Bill responded, looking confused
I turned to the Eevee and said "I guess you should meet the others, then..."
"others? how many are there?" the Eevee asked
"well..." I started "...maybe I should introduce you tomorrow, you don't mind staying in a ball for a while right?"
the Eevee walked towards me and said "not really, but, can I stay out for a while first?"
"yeah" I started "I'll at least introduce you to Seena..."
...we were on the boat for a couple more minutes before we reached the dock, when we arrived, Bill turned to me and said "I guess this is your stop"
"what do you mean?" I started, "that's it? you're not going to stay, even for a short while?"
"well" Bill started, "I'm a traveller, but that doesn't mean I won't keep you updated, hand me your pokedex, I'll install a message chip for you..."
this sounded interesting "alright" I said, taking the prototype Gen-IV out of my back pocket, before continuing "here you go"
Bill took the pokedex off my hands, and reached for a small toolkit, pulling out a screwdriver, before attatching a small panel to the back of the pokedex.
He turned around and handed the pokedex back, saying "I'll send you any updates about the professor's and my research on the spark, and anything the professor wants you to know"
"thanks, Bill" I started "it may be hard for you to reach me in person now that I'm going to be travelling, so I appreciate this" I said, pointing to the new panel on the pokedex, before placing it back in my pocket
"have you thought of a name for your new friend?" Bill said, pointing at the Eevee he had placed in my care
"not yet, but I'm thinking of some" I responded, turning doen to the Eevee, I said "I'm going to head over to the Snowpoint Gym, do you want to come with me?"
"sure" the Eevee responded, I turned to face Bill, who was sitting in the driver's seat of his boat
"thanks again, and maybe I'll see you later!" I said, getting his response
"if you're in Johto, you'll be able to find my family in Goldenrod City, I visit them often, so stop by"
"I'll try to remember that" I said, as Bill started up his boat
"SEE YA!" he shouted over the low roar of his boat, as he sped off, after he disappeared from view,I noticed that snow was falling pretty quickly "I guess there's no reason to dwell on this" I thought to myself as I turned down to face the Eevee before saying
"if at any point, you wish to break away from the group, just let me know, I won't keep you against your will..." as I said this, I felt my pokedex vibrating, pulling it out and opening it, a message appeared on the screen
"Lucas, I've also got a small lab above Cerulean city in Kanto, (Bill)"
"you don't need to say that, Lucas, I'm sure that won't happen" the Eevee said, suddenly a name came to mind 
"Everett? no, that's a male name..." (author's note: this is a reference to an Eevee I have...) I thought to myself, looking down to the Eevee, I responded "it doesn't matter what reason it is, I'll let you go..."
"you...hold pokemon in high regard, don't you?" the Eevee asked
"well, I've lived with them since I was seven, I see them as my equals, and as my family..." I said, smiling
"oh..." the Eevee responded, blushing slightly, I saw this and promptly responded
"I'm already in a relatonship" in a worried tone
"what!? what made you think I was interested in...that?" the Eevee said, surprised
"sorry" I started, scratching my head "I've already had one incident like that, I just don't want another..."
"well" the Eevee started, "I'm sorry"
"no, no, I'M sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you" I responded, looking down, before continuing "anyway, I'm going to head over to the Gym now, follow me" I then started making my way to the Gym, I was going to ask Candice if she knew where a Jeweller might be, she was a Gymleader after all, she SHOULD know.
The Eevee quickly followed after me, asking "how long have you been here? in Snowpoint, I mean"
"about four months" I responded, looking back to the small figure, before asking "how old are you, by the way?"
"in human years?" the Eevee asked
"that would be best" I responded
"I'm about one-and-a-half" the Eevee said, being met with my next question
"when does your species reach maturity?"
"at around two human years, why do you ask?" the Eevee responded
"no reason, I'm just taking down maturity ages in my head" I said "huh" I started thinking "I guess the relative size of a pokemon may enter into it's maturity rate..."
"alright then" the Eevee said, following after me, we soon reached the Gym, being greeted by the same trainer as last time
"hey, I'm just here to talk to Candice again" I said, smiling slightly
"oh, yes" he started "Lucas, right?" He asked
"yeah" I responded, simply.
"okay, I'll just get Candice over here then" he said, before turning around and shouting "HEY CANDICE, LUCAS IS HERE TO SPEAK WITH YOU!" the shouting frightened the Eevee, whom I knelt down next to and picked up, saying
"it's okay... just relax" she slowly calmed down. as Candice made her way over to us
"hey Lucas" she said, before looking down at the Eevee in my arms, and continuing "who's your cute little friend?" the Eevee blushed slightly at the compliment,
"well" I started "this is an Eevee that Bill gave me, I haven't thought of a name for her yet, though..." I looked down to the Eevee in my arms, who smiled n response
"her? you didn't..." Candice asked, I cut her off, saying
"no, no, me and Seena are still going strong, I only know it's a female from it's voice..." I shook my head lightly as I said this
"oh, that's good..." Candice said, blushing lightly
"so THAT'S who you meant by Seena..." the Eevee said, looking up to me
"yeah" I said, looking down to her, petting her lightly with one hand while holding her with the other
"anyway..." I started, looking back to Candice "I was wondering if you knew where a Jeweller might be?"
"why are you asking ME?" Candice started, looking annoyed "is it because I'm a GIRL?"
"no" I responded, matching her annoyance "it's because you're a GYMLEADER, and, I believe Gymleaders know the layout of Sinnoh..."
"oh, well, I'm sorry for acting like that then..." Candice said, before saying "I believe there's one in Veilstone, in the department store"
"thanks" I started, before asking "would this place have pokemon items, too?"
"it should, that place has everything..." Candice said, smiling
"well, that's all I needed to know, but here's something you should know" I said, before continuing "...I'm leaving tomorrow..."
"tomorrow!? so soon?" Candice asked, surprised
"it's not soon, I've been here for about four months..." I responded, before continuing, "I'll be back each week, though"
"oh,'s still soon!" Candice said, flustered now "you should've told me earlier, I wanted to get you something..."
"it's alright Candice" I said, pulling out the pokedex "you already gave me this"
"I know" Candice said "but, I wanted to give you something to remember Snowpoint by..."
"it's fine, honestly" I said, before continuing "if you want to give me something, how about next week?"
"alright, I guess I'll just see you off tomorrow then" Candice said, nodding lightly
"that's all well and good" I started "but, I don't HAVE a set time to leave, I'm thinking about noon though"
"should I tell the others?" Candice asked
"who do you mean?" I responded
"the shopkeeper, and some of the locals" Candice said, looking behind me
"if you want to" I responded, before saying "anyway, I'll see you next week"
"I guess so" Candice said, as I turned to the door
"bye, Candice" I said, walking out the door
"bye" she said in response as I left the Gym,
after I was outside, I placed the Eevee back on the ground, who pouted slightly and said "I was enjoying that..."
"I'm not giving you special treatment..." I said, playfully scoffing at her, before continuing "anyway, I'll show you my room, and, if you're so inclined, a temporary area for everyone else..." as I said this, I started walking towards the pokemon centre, being followed closely by the Eevee, as we walked in, we were greeted again by Nurse Joy, Katie had fallen asleep, and Albus was bringing her back to the room at the time
"welcome back" the nurse said, Albus turned his head to me and said
"hey, Lucas" and nodded to me, as he slowly brought Katie back to their room
"hey" I started, looking at the Nurse, "is Seena back?"
"yeah" the Nurse said "she got back a little while ago" before looking at the Eevee and asking "that' Eevee, right?"
"right" I responded, turning down to her, and picking her up, before continuing "why do you ask?"
"well" the Nurse started "if memory serves, you didn't have it when you left..."
"yeah" I responded "she's a gift from Bill, it seems..."
"I thought so..." the nurse said, looking away
"wait, you knew he was here?" I asked
"I heard a boat pull up at the dock before you left, so I assumed it was him..." the Nurse said, nodding lightly
"well, okay then, I'm gonna take her to meet Seena now" I said, walking by the front counter, "I'll talk to you later"
"incase I don't see you tomorrow, goodbye, Lucas" Nurse Joy said as I walked by, I stopped in my tracks, turning my head to face her, I said
"thanks..." before continuing to my room, as I opened the door, Seena was sitting there, watching TV, she then suddenly turned her attnetion to me...

(Seena's P.O.V.)
Ravan opened the door to our room, saying "alright, Seena, are you ready to go?"
I then noticed, I wasn't wearing my scarf, quickly remedying this by grabbing it and wrapping it around my neck, I turned back to Ravan and responded, "yeah, I'm ready"
Lucas turned to Ravan, then looked to me and said "I'll see you two later then..."
I turned back to him, trying to subtley remind him of what he said before, without letting on too much to Ravan, I said "tonight, Lucas, don't forget, okay?"
"I wouldn't think of it" he responded as we left the room
we walked out of the pokemon centre, not saying anything, I was uncomfortable around Ravan, he hadn't made any attempt thus far to show remorse to ME for what he had done, but, at the same time, he was different, he had stopped acting so antagonistic towards others, this was a welcome change...
when we stepped outside, I saw a strange boat docked nearby, a Brown-haired man was standing on it, looking as if he was waiting for someone "wonder who he is..." I thought to myself, as we slowly made our way to Mother's grave, I followed Ravan in silence, looking around at the wilderness, taking it in one last time, tomorrow would be the first time I had left this place... I wondered to myself "would everywhere else be like this?"
when we arrived at Mother's grave, Ravan knelt down and softly said "Sati, I've brought your daughter with me today, once again, I couldn't ask for your forgiveness for my actions, but, please understand, I am truly sorry..." he paused for a while, before sitting in the snow.
He turned to me and said "and you, Seena, I must apologize for my actions, both before, and during your time... I want to make this right, Seena, I truly do..." I sat down opposite him and responded
"but, why?"
"it's Sati, I believe her spirit is lingering here because of regret, or unfinished business..." he responded "I need to apologize, at least, to Jonah as well..."
I looked down and said "Mother..." softly, getting his reaction
"...I knew my mother, but only for a short time..." I looked up at him in surprise
"why's he telling me this?" I thought to myself
"the man who was my father took her away from me..." he continued "I haven't seen her since I was an infant, and I fear the worst" as he said this, he turned his head down in sorrow
"...why are you saying this?..." I asked
"I need you to speak to me...and I knew I would have to ease the tension" he said, before continuing "I've already told Lucas this, but, my father was Human, and I blamed humans as a group for his actions..."
"oh..." I said, was he really revealing this much about himself to me? "I guess that explains why you acted as you Father..."
"but it doesn't excuse my actions, Lucas has shown me that humans aren't all the same, that good people exist, we were so shut off from society that we never even encountered people who would challenge my view, until Lucas arrived..."
"I know Ravan, I know" it was true, when Mother and I lived with the hunt, we NEVER encountered humans who weren't there for Uxie, be it they wanted to capture her, or find her for their own selfish purposes... Lucas was different, Uxie willingly summoned him...
"...he truly cares about you, about us..." Ravan continued, looking back towards the City, before continuing "for what it's worth, you have my blessing..." this was truly surprising, Ravan, the old Hunt leader, giving me his blessing to be with a human-no, to be with Lucas...
"...thank you Ravan" I said, smiling softly, before continuing "why is Lucas so different to other people, you think?"
"maybe it's because he has the spark, maybe it's because he's a half-born, like us, or,'s something else entirely" he responded, which made me start thinking about it
"why IS he so different anyway?" I turned to look back at the City as I thought "he's been so kind, to us all...but, he had no reason to..." I turned back to Ravan and responded "I guess so, anyway, I need to tell Tira and her family that we're leaving tomorrow..."
"are they nearby?" Ravan asked
"yeah" I responded, before shoutng out to Tira "Hey! Tira! are you out there!?" I heard a response almost immediately
"no...of course I'm not..." Tira said sarcastically as she wandered out from the bushes, before continuing "so...what did you want to tell me Seena?"
"we're leaving tomorrow, so be sure to head over to the City tomorrow morning, the earlier the better" I said, getting Tira's response
"alright, but, we're still coming back each week right?"
"yes, I'm sure of it" I started "Lucas hasn't broken any of his promises so far..." I continued, smiling at Tira, she then asked
"do we have a confirmed travel route?"
"well" I started "I think we're traveling west from Sunyshore, but we'll be going to Celestic town first"
"why's that?" Tira asked
"didn't Lucas tell you? he grew up there, and he has a friend he wants to visit, he may even be able to get him to travel with us..." I said, looking up at the sky, it had started snowing heavier than usual
"anyway" I started, "that's it, from the weather, I think you should get back to your family"
Tira smiled and said "yeah, you should too..." as she turned around and started heading back into the bushes
"bye, Tira" I said, as she dissapeared into the bushes... I turned back to Ravan and said "well, I guess we should head back then..."
"yeah, but remember, I'm sorry for my actions, okay?" he responded as I started walking back to the City
"I know Ravan" I said, turning my head to face him as I continued walking
"please Seena, this is important to me" he said, following after me
"what do you want from me?" I responded
"I want you to accept my apology" he said
"I'm sorry Ravan" I started, changing my expression "but I can't, not yet"
"what do I need to do?" he said, through a sad, yet frustrated expression
"I need you to make amends with my father first..." I responded, I needed proof of his conviction to this
"I will Seena...I promise" he said, this made me freeze up, he just sounded incredibly similar to Lucas... "is something wrong Seena?" he asked, snapping me out of my state
"it's nothing..." I responded, still a little freaked out over what I had just heard, there was an awkward silence as we walked back to Snowpoint City, made even more awkward by a passing traveler saying "oh, what an adorable couple!"
I felt like snapping at the woman, before realizing, she wouldn't know what I was saying anyway... Ravan walked ahead of me and said "uhh...some people, right? I mean, I'm old enough to be your father..."
this comment didn't really help the situation, as a thought went through my head "you almost WERE..." when we arrived back at the pokemon centre, I turned to Ravan and said "...thanks...I'll talk to you later"
"okay, well...if there's anything you need, don't hesitate to call me..." he said, before turning and walking off to his room, my attention suddenly turned to Nurse Joy as she said
"Seena?" my attention snapping to her seemed to answer her question of my identity as she continued
"Lucas is still out, but he said I'm to let you into your room, I was about to head by anyway, I was going to call out Albus, his Daughter is falling asleep out here" she said, motioning towards the Happiny who was drifting off to sleep on the counter, I nodded in response as the nurse started leading me towards the room, pulling out her set of keys, when we reached the room, she was flipping through the keys, before saying "ah, here we are" and unlocking the door for me, she then turned to me and continued "he should be back shortly, by the way, and, don't be surprised if he has another pokemon with him..."
"what?" I thought to myself as I nodded to her and walked into the room, shutting the door behind myself, I turned on the TV as I passed by it and sat on the bed and started watching it, there was a news report already in progress about the PC system introducing a cross-regional transfer system, I had no idea what it meant, but, after that report ended, another report started about a possible link between humans and pokemon, it didn't name any names, but I was sure it was referring to Lucas... after that report had ended, the weather forecast started, but, before I could hear anything, the door opened, I immediately turned my attention to Lucas, who was holding a small brown pokemon in his arms...

(Lucas's P.O.V)

"hey Seena" I started "I intended to talk to the local populace, but, Bill arrived and talked to me instead"
"the Nurse told me you might have been bringing back another pokemon..." Seena responded
"yeah... she's a gift from Bill" I said, looking down to her, she looked at Seena, then back to me and said
"so, THIS is Seena then? I wasn't expecting her to be...well, a Pokemon herself..." I looked to Seena, shrugged my shoulders while shaking my head, then looked back to the Eevee and said
"okay...well, what DID you expect?"
"well, a Human, really, so, you two are...'together', yes?" the Eevee said, I looked at her, giving her a quick nod before saying
"I thought that was clear from the way I spoke of her earlier..." Seena looked to me and asked
"so...did you find anything out?"
"yeah" I started "Bill told me that there's a tailor in Eterna City"
"but what about-" the Eevee started, before I cut her off
"shh!" I shushed her, looking over to Seena, she had become curious
"what about what?" Seena asked
"it's nothing" I responded, giving the Eevee a quick glare, before continuing "anyway, the Eevee here needs a name, doesn't she?" 
"yeah, did you have any names in mind?" Seena responded, as I put the Eevee down, she walked over to the foot of the bed, being met with Seena's hand, rubbing her back
"I was thinking of some names, but, none of them seem to fit so far..." I said, sitting on the bed next to Seena, she put her free arm around my waist and said
"don't worry, we'll get one soon enough" she raid, rubbing my side, I put my arm around her shoulder and responded
"yeah..." while scratching my head with my other arm, Seena rested her head on my side, the Eevee jumped up and sat inbetween us, before saying
"you don't need to worry about it, I'll be fine" suddenly, a name came to mind, I softly responded
"Eliza..." while smiling
"that sounds nice" Seena said, bringing her arm up to my shoulder, before pulling herself closer to me, she leaned in and whispered to me "can I talk to you in te bathroom, in private?"
"okay" I said, getting off the bed and walking to the bathroom, I turned to the Eevee and said "Eliza...think about the name, okay?" Seena got up and followed me, the Eevee got up to follow her, I stopped her, saying "Seena and I need to talk, just wait there, okay?"
"okay" she responded, sitting back down on the bed, Seena came over to me and we walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind us, Seena turned to me and said
"you haven't forgotten, have you?"
"no, no, I haven't" I said, blushing slightly "I wouldn't think of it"
"that's good, but, I don't think we can, at least while our new 'friend' is here" Seena responded, folding her arms
"it's alright, she said she's okay with being in her ball" I said, pulling the premier ball off my waist, showing it to Seena
"well, alright, but, it doesn't feel right just putting her in the ball" Seena said, I quickly responded
"I'll tell her before I put her in the ball, but, for now, we'll just leave her out with us..." Seena suddenly said
"oh, right! I think there was a news report about you..."
"really!?" I repsonded
"yeah! it didn't name you, but it talked about a possible link between humans and pokemon" Seena said happily
"I...don't know how to feel about this" I said, scratching my head
"what do you mean?" Seena replied, confused "shouldn't you be happy?
"'s just, I've been thinking, if my powers are passing on to others, does that mean, that Team Galactic are going to have them too?"
this comment made Seena freeze up, I knew I could say something that would cheer her up "it's okay Seena, I was worried about them fighting me themselves, but, that shouldn't be a problem, and maybe, if they can understand pokemon, they'll realize that their pokemon don't even LIKE them..." I said, smiling lightly
Seena calmed down and said "yeah, maybe..." before moving closer to me and throwing her arms around me, wrapping me in her embrace, before continuing "thanks, Lucas"
"that's okay Seena, but what for?" I responded, confused, while returning her embrace
"...for being you..." She said, bringing her face to mine and pulling me into a kiss, this was always a nice surprise to me, I had always enjoyed Seena's way of doing this, not that I knew of any other way...
she brought herself even closer to me, nearly knocking me back with her movements, as she mingled her tongue with mine...we held our position until the Eevee interrupted us from behind the door, asking "is everything alright in there?" Seena pulled her face away from mine, a small trail of saliva connecting our mouths breaking as she responded "yeah, everything's fine, we'll be out in a moment..." before she turned back to face me, not saying anything, she nuzzled her head into my chest, I took one of my hands, currently around her waist, up to the back of her neck, slowly bringing it down, rubbing her back softly, getting a low moan in response
"should we go?" I asked softly, getting Seena's response
"just another minute..." hearing this, I continued rubbing her back gently for a short while, before releasing her from my grip, she let go of me shortly after, saying "alright, let's go then" I opened the door, looking down, the Eevee was waiting for us, I asked her
"have you thought about the name?" getting the Eevee's response
"yeah...I like it"
"I thought you would" I responded, before asking "so, do you want that to be your name from now on?"
"I'd like that, yes..." she said, getting my response
"alright then, Eliza" I then picked her up and put her on the bed, sitting next to her, Seena followed my lead, sitting next to me on the bed,
Eliza then looked up to us and asked "what were you two talking about before?"
"Eliza..." I started "if we wanted you to know, we would've said it out here, wouldn't we?" I then gave her a confused look
"oh..." Eliza said, looking slightly disappointed
"don't worry" Seena started "it wasn't THAT important" before looking at me, and smiling lightly.
"anyway..." I started, "I think we should just watch some TV for a while..." looking at the time, since Seena had left at about noon, it was around 4:30 p.m. now...
Seena returned herself to the position she had taken before we went to the bathroom, wrapping her arm around the back of my waist, pulling herself closer to me, and resting her head on my shoulder, as she sat there next to me, she asked "how was Bill? by the way..."
"he was nice" I responded, before saying "but I'm probably not the one you should be asking" as I said this, I put one of my hands on Eliza's head, rubbing her softly, she looked up at me, saying
"Bill is nice, quirky, but nice..." Seena looked down to her and asked
"he was, sort of strange at times, that's all" she replied, moving her head so I would rub her in different spots.
"strange like how?" I asked, looking down to her
"well, he did...experiments, from what I had heard..."
"yeah" I started "I heard about that, didn't he need someone to help him out when something went wrong?"
"I don't know" Eliza started "I wasn't there at the time, but, apparently, he stopped experimenting after that one..."
"hmm..." I said "that happened about three years ago right?" 
"yeah, but enough about that..." Eliza said, in a strained tone, was this something she didn't want to discuss?
"alright then" I responded, before asking "Seena? I'm gonna bring Eliza over to the other room, is that okay with you?"
"yeah..." Seena responded "but, everyone in there is male, don't you think she'd be more comfortable in here with us?"
Eliza looked up to Seena and said "I'll be fine, besides, I'm too young to go into heat yet, don't worry..."
"that's...not really what I meant Eliza..." Seena said, softly blushing at how blunt Eliza was being
"if you think it's fine Eliza, I'll bring you there now" I said, getting up, off the bed, before turning back to her and saying "come on, Eliza, there should be a free bed there, too" she then got up and jumped off the bed to follow me, before we left the room, I turned back to Seena and said "I trust them, she'll be fine" I then closed the door behind Eliza, I wasn't wearing shoes, I saw no need, as I would be back in my room in a few minutes,
as we walked to the other room, the nurse simply nodded to me, I returned the notion, noddng back, when we reached the other room, I knocked on the door lightly, soon, the door opened, Ravan standing there
"hey Lucas" he said, before looking around and spotting Eliza "oh! hello there..."
"hey Ravan" I started "this is Eliza, she's said she wanted to stay in this room with you guys, just for tonight"
"she?" he responded "well, alright then" he continued, looking down to Eliza, before saying "welcome, I guess..." while waving her into the room
before she walked in, she turned to me and said "thanks, Lucas" as Ravan walked back into the room, he asked
"the nurse knows, right?"
"why do you ask?" I responded
"just make sure, okay?" he said, before closing the door behind Eliza,
"alright, then" I thought to myself, I then walked to the front counter and said "the Eevee is going to be staying with the others tonight, Ravan wanted me to tell you that..."
"oh, well, if that's the case, we'll have another meal prepared for them tonight" the nurse responded
"so THAT'S why..." I thought to myself, before saying "thanks..." as I started back to my room, I saw Albus leave his room, so I called out to him
"hey Albus" he turned his attention to me and said
"Lucas..." as he nodded his head
"you know, we're leaving tomorrow, right?" I asked
"yeah, I's going to be strange without you here" he responded, looking down slightly
"yeah, this place has become a second home to me" I said, smiling slightly
"we'll miss you, Lucas" Albus said, looking back to his room
"don't worry, we'll be back next week, and each week after..." I responded, before asking "why did Katie call me 'Uncle'?"
"oh, she said that?" Albus responded, looking slightly embarassed
"yeah..." I started "was there something you wanted to tell me?"
"well" Albus started "I think you should know by now what I think of you..." he said, smiling lightly
"you consider me...a brother?" I asked
"yes...but not just to me" he responded
"I'm honored by this, thank you Albus" I said, smilng
"well, we shall see you again next week" Albus said, nodding
"very well, I'll see you then" I responded, opening the door to my room
"goodbye, Lucas..." Albus said, as I closed the door behind myself
"alright Seena" I said, turning to face her "it's all sorted out, Eliza's in the other room and Nurse Joy said she'd prepare another meal for the group."
"that's good" Seena responded, smiling, she then patted the spot beside her on the bed before saying "come sit down, Lucas"
I moved to the bed, sitting beside Seena, a movie was playing at the moment, it seemed to be aimed at children, but, it was one I had seen before, it was about a young pokemon trainer, dreaming about becoming a champion, I liked this movie, because it inspired a lot of children to become trainers when it first came out with it's message "you CAN achieve your dreams, no matter how far-fetched..." it was a terrible pun, because the child's first pokemon was a Farfetch'd, it seemed irritating to me, but the other children seemed to enjoy it, I liked the Farfetch'd itself, because it used the sprig it carried as a sword, to surprising effectiveness...
Seena turned to me with an unsure expression, asking "do you want me to turn the TV off?"
"no, no, I like this film" I replied
"you've seen it before, then?" Seena then asked
"yeah, it may seem...light-hearted, but, that's only so it doesn't scare children away from the concept of becoming a trainer" I responded, turning my attention back to the film
"oh, alright, then" Seena responded, as she turned back to the film herself...
about three-quarters of the way through, the film, I made dinner for us, it was a pasta dish, so it didn't take very long to prepare, when I brought the bowls back to the bed, the film was nearly over, it showed the child and his team of pokemon defeating the previous champion, personified by a silhouette of an adult, as we started eating our meal, the credits started rolling, at the end of the credits, it showed the message "Based on a true story"
Seena then turned to me and asked "do you know what this movie was based on?"
"no..." I replied, I actually did, but, I didn't want to reveal it, in the actual story, the ending isn't so happy...
"oh, well, when did you first see this?" she asked
"it came out when I was nine, I didn't rush to see it, I saw it a couple of weeks after it was released" I responded, turning back to my meal
after some advertising for various products and buildings played, the TV then started a short update broadcast, recapping some of the stories from earlier today, it mentioned Team Rocket being sighted in a place called Azalea town and being defeated there by a man named Kurt, and a young trainer, this was a strange coincidence, because, the boy from the story that this movie was based on, lived in Azalea town...
after that, it mentioned that magikarp were acting strangely at the lake of rage, becoming oddly aggresive
the short news update ended after that, and then a TV series started, it was about a young woman, working as a police officer, the show itself wasn't for younger audiences, it always struck me as strange that the studios would play an M-rated show right after a G-rated movie, as if to say "oh yeah, all the kids are asleep now, right?"
looking at the time, it had passed 8:30 p.m. "why does the programming ALWAYS become more...'adult' after this?" I asked out loud, not expecting an answer.
"it's confusing to me too, Lucas" Seena responded, before turning to me and continuing "I was wondering if you could teach me to cook someday..."
"of course, Seena" I responded, giving a quick nod.
after we had both finished our dinner, I took the bowls to the kitchen, placing them in the sink, heading back, I asked "I was going to look over my test results again, did you want to, as well?"
"okay, but why?" Seena asked
"I wanted a reminder of what I'm capable of, you know, so next time I fight, I'll know what to try out..."
"okay, well, I'll be waiting here" Seena said, as I reached for my bag, pulling out the sheets of paper,I turned off the TV and sat on the bed, scanning over the first page
"...Lucario..." I said to myself, it was still strange to me, Seena, quickly looked at the pages and asked "well, if Ravan and I both have human fathers, why doesn't it showmy species as having genetic similarities?"
"your species only holds the ground egg group, even if we're not that similar, cross-breeding is possible..." I responded, looking back to the sheets, turning the page, I saw that one of the 'moves' I was capable of using was Detect "I guess that explains why Lapis couldn't land a single hit on me" I said, scratching my chin
"Detect? how does that work?" Seena asked
"it heightens the senses temporarily, allowing one to dodge any incoming attacks..." I responded, looking to Seena
"so, that's why you didn't get badly injured with Ravan, isn't it?" she asked
"I...guess so, but, I've been using it without my own knowledge..." I responded, suddenly shaken by this revelation, looking back to the sheet, my attention stayed fixed on Aura sphere, I said "Aura sphere..." out loud, getting Seena's response
"you said Lucarios could use that, right?"
"yeah..." I responded
"why don't you try using it?" Seena asked, turning her entire body so she was sitting cross-legged on the bed facing me
"do you think I can?" I responded, mirroring her actions
"I'm sure you can" Seena said, smiling
"well, okay..." I responded, shutting my eyes, I envisioned moving the aura surrounding me to my right hand, as these thoughts ran through my mind, I could feel warmth forming around my hand, in my head, I saw my aura moving down, forming a ball around my hand, opening my eyes, I saw an orange glow coming from my palm, I then envisioned pushing this energy out softly, a small orange sphere formed in my palm, it was strange, but undoubtably beautiful, it looked like a fireball, from it's colouration...
"woah..." Seena said, looking on in awe, it felt like it was too powerful, unbalanced... I could feel myself getting worn out, I knew I had to release it, I envisioned my aura shifting back to its original position, looking closely at my palm, I saw the ball shrink in size, soon dispersing completely, after it had dispersed, I fell slightly, panting, this caused Seena to become worried
"are you okay?" Seena asked,
"...yeah, yeah...I'll be fine" I said, panting softly, I didn't want to admit it, but I felt pretty drained by this "I think I'm going to need some practice first..." I said, getting Seena's response
"maybe Maylene's Lucario can help you?"
"maybe" I responded, before saying "but, my Aura sphere was orange, from what I've heard, they're normally blue..."
"I guess..." Seena started "that's just the colour of your Aura, then"
"that makes sense" I responded, scratching my head, while still lightly panting, Seena pulled herself forward, bringing me into an embrace with her, before saying
"I'm sorry if it hurt you..."
"it's alright Seena" I started "it's better that I did this now, instead of when I was in the middle of a battle, who knows what would've happened then..." I said, wrapping my arms around her
"Lucas?..." Seena asked, her head resting on my chest
"yeah?" I responded, as I started to lightly rub her back
"thank you...for everything" she said, turning her head up to face me 
"you're more than welcome, Seena" I said, smiling warmly, as I gazed deeply into her eyes, she then moved herself forward, bringing me into a kiss, she pulled back soon after, saying

"we're alone, Lucas..." as she said this, she started blushing heavily, completely revealing to me what she had in mind
"I know, Seena, I know..." I said, noddng slowly, Seena then brought her hands down to my waist, she then proceeded to remove my shirt, I lifted my arms so the shirt could be removed easier, after it was off, she started looking at my torso, inspecting my scars, she said
"you have fought for so long, Lucas..."
"and I will keep fighting, for as long as it takes, Seena" I responded, smiling, but holding a serious expression, Seena then proceeded to trail her hand down the front of my chest as she pulled me into another kiss, I allowed my hands to trail further down Seena's back, moving them to her thighs, I could feel myself becoming quite aroused by the situation...soon, however, Seena broke away from our embrace, saying 
"please, just give me a minute..."
"it's okay Seena, I understand" I responded, slowly removing my hands from her thighs, allowing her to get up, she took the pills off the bedside table, taking them with her to the kitchen, I heard the water run for a moment, before stopping, a few moments later, Seena returned, she moved onto the bed and removed her scarf, saying
"okay, where were we?" as she brought herself back to the position we held before, pulling me back into a kiss, I returned my hands to where they fell before, this time caressing her thighs softly, getting a low, sustained moan in response, Seena brought her hands down to my waist again, this time, bringing my pants down, I moved my legs so my pants could come off easier, while still trying to hold our position, after Seena had removed my pants, we broke our embrace, Seena then looked down to my crotch, seeing my now hardening member through my underpants, she smiled softly, I then asked
"do you want me to do it?" pointing down
"no, I'll do it Lucas..." Seena responded, before giving me a decidedly seductive look, she then brought her hands to my waist one more time, slowly bringing my underpants down, first revealing the tip of my member, she smiled and continued her work, bringing my underpants down further, they came off easier than my pants, but, that was to be expected, after they were off, I returned my hands to Seena's thighs, continuing to caress her, she then turned herself around, bringing herself into my lap, sliding my length between her legs, just under her own genitalia, she gave a sharp moan as she did this, when she brought herself so that her back was touching my chest, she reached back for my hand, guiding it around to her front, she placed my hand upon her small breast, I followed her lead, cupping it softly as I leaned forward, kissing the side of her neck, 
I got a small gasp in response from her, as she brought a free hand back and started caressing the side of my face, she then started sliding herself back and forth along my member, panting softly as she did this, I could feel the fluids from her, leaking down onto my length, lubricating it for what was to come, I then started feeling the lips of her gentiatlia lightly gripping at me, she was becoming more vigorous in her movements, speeding herself up slightly
"Seena..." I started, "it feels great..." I said, continuing to fondle her chest, much to her delight, she turned her head slightly and responded
"but, we haven't even stared yet" she then brought herself up, allowing my length to move into a new position, she then turned to face me, bringing me into a kiss as she moved her hind end over my member, before slowly descending upon me, allowing me to penetrate her moist, quivering depths, we broke our kiss to let out a sharp gasp, I had done this twice before, but I still wasn't used to this sensation, after she had brought herself down as far as she could, she brought her hands to the sides of my face, bringing me into another kiss, in response, I brought my hands to the sides of her chest, using my thumbs to lightly circle her nipples, she started to moan into our kiss, as she brought one of her hands off the side of my face, bringing it downard, following it, I saw that she had started to fondle her clitoris, rubbing at it lightly, she soon started lifting herself slightly from my length, before bring herself back down, trying to find a steady rhythm.
she started letting out a series of sharper moans, clearly, the stimulation was becoming too much for her to handle, I broke our kiss, and said "are you alright?"
"of course I am, Lucas..." she responded, as she took her free hand and brought it to my chest, pushing me lightly, following her lead, I allowed myself to fall backwards slowly, shifting us to a horizontal position, as I fell back, I moved my hands to Seena's rump, so I could assure her position would shift with my own, soon, I was lying on my back, with Seena Lying on top of me, our union remaining unbroken, I moved one of my hands up her side, getting a small shudder, and in response, she met my hand with one of her own, entwining our fingers next to our bodies, she then started bringing her hind end up, returning to the rhythm she had held before, I could feel her inner walls gripping at me with each movement she made, I soon started thrusting into her movements, increasing our pace, I could feel her inner walls becoming more erratic in their convulsions as her moans increased in pitch, she was getting close, I decided I would increase my own efforts, I wanted this time to be best for her, after all, 
it may be a while before we had privacy like this again...
I could feel myself getting close at this point too, I moved my free hand down to her rump, pushing her into my thrusts, she brought her own free hand back and assisted my efforts, pushing herself down in time with me, this had increased my own pace to the point where Seena no longer had to move, instead, she started to shift her body back and forth, grinding through my thrusts, this increased the pleasure I felt, and quite possibly hers, too, 
soon after, she brought herself down, harder than before as I felt a small gushing of her juices flowing around me, as she felt her own orgasm hit, I freed my other hand from hers, bringing it to her thigh, I mirrored these movements with my other hand, I then held her weight, bringing myself up to the position we first held and began thrusting as fast as I could manage, intensifying the sensations she felt (signified by her pitch increasing), as my own release hit shortly after, I fired several spurts of my seed deep into her womb, as her own juices flowed freely down between us, I held our position, bringing my hands up to her back, as I started to caress her softly, holding her form to mine as we sat in our position, enjoying the sensations we felt, soon after, however, I could feel myself drifting into unconciousness, the previous attempt at an Aura sphere was taking it's toll 
I felt my length recede from Seena, I shivered slightly at the change in temperature to a sensitive area, then, I could feel myself becoming incredibly tired, I knew I would fall unconcious soon...
"Seena..." I started, in a tired tone "...I can't continue..."
"I understand, Lucas, I'll take care of things here..." Seena responded, before planting a kiss on my forehead as I felt myself falling asleep, right there, sitting up...

...when I next awoke, I was lying down, covered by the bedsheets, looking under the sheets, I was still naked, looking to my left, Seena was sleeping next to me "thank you Seena" I said softly, while lightly stroking her face, looking at the time, it was about 9:00 a.m.
"uhh..." I said, "I feel so run down..." this decided it, before I would even ATTEMPT another Aura sphere, I would need some pointers from Maylene's Lucario.
Getting up, I made my way to the bathroom, when I reached the room, I turned the shower on, stepping in after the water had warmed up to a considerable level, 
I started washing myself, first cleaning the mess from last night, then moving on to the other areas of my body, giving myself a general wash, soon afyter I had finished, I stepped out of the shower, turning the water off, looking in the mirror, I noticed large amounts of steam rising from my body
"this seems...forboding" I said, looking at my reflection, I then reached for a towel, wrapping it around my waist, turning to the door, I left the room, moving back out to the main area, I saw that Seena was still asleep
"it must've taken a lot out of her, too..." I thought to myself, as I reached for my shirt, putting it on, I started looking around for my underpants, finding them thrown off to the side of the bed, I removed my towel, putting my underpants on moments later, followed shortly after by my pants, after putting the towel back in the bathroom, I moved to the kitchen, opening the fridge, I started moving items from the fridge into my bag, seeing that some meat remained, I decided I would cook it, after all, I wouldn't be able to take it with me, I started the stove, putting a frying pan on soon after,
I placed the meat on the frying pan, it started crackling on the heat, taking the opportunity, I moved all the dishes from the sink into the dishwasher below it, I wasn't going to starte it yet, I would need to put the dishes from breakfast in with them first.
Looking back to the meat, I flipped it, letting the other side cook, as it was cooking, I looked back into the fridge, double-checking that everything I put into it was removed, seeing that it had all been removed, I turned my attention back to the meat cooking, it was soon ready, I then proceeded to take it off the frying pan, placing it on a plate, I started dicing it into cubes, thinking about what I would do with it, I decided that simplicity would be best, after all, I wanted to leave soon, I split the cubes of meat onto two plates, before seasoning the cubes with a mix I had brought form Celestic town,
"Matt always enjoyed this..." I thought to myself as I continued seasoning the food...
afterwards, I brought the two plates down to the bed, I then lightly rubbed Seena's shoulder, waking her.
"oh...Lucas? I didn't think you'd wake up first..." she said, moving to a sitting position
"don't worry about it" I started, smiling "anyway, after breakfast, you need to have a shower" as I said this, I handed one of the plates to her
"what is this?" Seena asked, looking at the food
"it's just something I threw together with some meat, because we wouldn't be able to take it with us without it spoiling..."
"have you made this before?" Seena asked, before saying "because it looks like you've practiced this..."
"I used to make it all the time for Matt, he enjoyed meat more than berries..." I said, taking one of the cubes of meat and eating it,
"so, we're going to see him later today?" Seena then asked
"as long as everything goes as predicted, then, yes" I responded
"okay then..." Seena said, starting to eat the meat, as well...
after we had finished our breakfast, Seena got up to go to the bathroom
"I'll just put the dishes and washing on, then" I said, as she closed the door, I then gathered the plates, putting them in the dishwasher, along with the frying pan and knife I had used earlier, I didn't start the dishwasher yet, I knew I should wait until Seena was done in the shower, I then moved to strip the bed, placing the bedding in the washing machine, this took a little while, Seena had finished in the shower while I was stripping the bed, when I had put the bedding in the washing machine, Seena came out of the Bathroom, carrying the towels, saying 
"we should probably wash these, too"
"good point" I said, taking the towels and placing them with the bedding, I then turned the washing machine on, and moved to the kitchen, starting the dishwasher.
"alright" I started, moving back out to the main area "Seena, if there's anything you need to get together, now's the time"
"actually, I did that last night Lucas" Seena said, pointing to the bedside table, there was nothing on it, looking in the bag I saw them, the pills
"well, alright then" I said, turning back to her "did you, by chance, inform Tira and the others?" while I said this, I put my shoes on
"yes, I did..." Seena responded, putting her scarf on
"okay, well, I guess we're done here, I'll gather the others together" I said, turning to the door
"wait Lucas" Seena siad, getting me to turn back to her
"yes, Seena?" I asked, before she jumped at me, kissing me, I was surprised, but I moved my arms to catch her, she wrapped her legs around my torso, so she could hang on as she deepened our kiss, I moved my hands down to her thighs, to stop her from falling, she held my head to hers, keeping us entwined, she released my head soon after, saying
"I wanted to do that last night..."
bringing her head in, resting it on my shoulder, I said "I'm sorry you had to wait so long..."
"it didn't feel that long, Lucas..." she started as I cut her off
"I don't mean that, I mean, I'm sorry you felt the way you did for three weeks before I knew..."
"Lucas, it's alright..." Seena responded, bringing me into a short kiss, before saying "I have you now, that's all that matters..."
she then unwrapped her legs, dropping back to the ground, she then said "and you know I love you..."
"and you know I love you too, Seena" I responded, before saying "can I gather the others now? or was there something else you wanted to do last night?" as I asked this, Seena blushed heavily, before answering
"yes, but that can wait..." this statement made me blush too, but it also made me start wondering what she had in mind,
"well, in that case" I started "I'll go get the others"
I then turned and headed out the door, walking along the main area, I looked at the counter, no-one was there, this confused me, were they operating on someone? I walked over to the other side, knocking on the doo, it was answered by Garudan
"hey, Lucas" he started "we've been waiting for you" as he said this, Eliza ran up to the door, I knelt down and picked her up, as she said "hey Lucas, did you see the movie last night?"
I looked down to her, then back up to Garudan, asking "you guys watched it, too?"
"yeah...we did..." Garudan responded, suddenly looking embarassed
"well, I did" I started "anyway, Seena and I are ready to go, could you call everyone else out to the main area, I'm just gonna go and get Seena and my bag..."
"alright then" he responded, before turning back to the room and saying "hey guys, it's time..."
"we'll be out in front of the main counter in a minute, just meet us there" I said
turning slightly, Garudan responded "alright" before turning back.
I quickly hurried back to my room, calling to Seena as I moved through, grabbing my bag "come on Seena, the others are waiting for us" I said, before looking down, I as still holding Eliza "oh, sorry, I forgot I was holding you still"
"it's alright Lucas, I like being held like this" Eliza said, smiling softly, I then moved to the door, waiting for Seena, she soon came out of the bathroom, saying 
"okay, ready"
"let's go then" I responded as we headed out to the main area, when we reached the main counter, I placed the room key on the desk "someone should be here..." I said, before turning to the others and asking "was there anything else you guys needed?"
I got a no from everyone "alright then" I started "let's head out then"
"where's Garth?" Seena asked
"he has opted to stay here for another week" Gordon said, turning to her
"well, alright then, by the way, Tira and her family should be waiting out front, Lucas"
"that's good" I started, putting Eliza back on the ground, "it saves me going to get them, then..." I then turned back, looking at the counter, wondering where the nurse and the others were, my questions were soon answered when we left the pokemon centre, they were waiting for us, and not just the residents of the pokemon centre, the whole town seemed to be there
"Lucas" Candice said, stepping forward "I couldn't organize much, but, I think I did a pretty good job, given the time limit" she continued, scratching her head while smiling
"this certainly is a surprise..." I said, with a shocked expression on my face
"I said I wanted to get you something" Candice started, holding something behind her back "I knew what I had to find, something that represented Snowpoint, and something you could remember us by" she then held out a chunk
"I can see how ice is relevant, but you didn't have to do this, Candice"
"this isn't regular ice Lucas, this is special, it will never melt, infact, I've had this in the gym for years..."
my eyes widened at this statement "it...NEVER melts!?"
"that's right, I knew you'd be able to use this, too" Candice said, putting it in my hand, it was cold alright
"you know, I could use this to keep foods chilled...this seems incredibly useful, thank you Candice" I said, placing it in my bag.
the shopkeeper stepped forward and said "Michael wanted me to give you this..." he then held out a small coin, like the one a meowth holds, this one was different, it was attached to a string, forming a makeshift pendant
"tell Michael I said thank you very much, but, why isn't he here right now?"
"he's gone to find another coin, this is the one he kept with him"
"oh..." I started "then there's also a sentimental value to it as well... I will treasure it" I said, nodding to the shopkeeper
Nurse Joy stepped forward and said "I'm sorry! I had a gift planned, but it's not ready yet"
"it's okay" I started "you've already done so much, you didn't need to get me a gift"
"even so, it should be here for you next time you stop by" she responded
"well, I'll give my thanks in advance then" I said, the three stepped back, Albus then stepped forward, some townspeople turned and looked on in disbelief
"we shall see you brother..."
"of course, we'll all be back next week" I said, he then leaned forward and hugged me, to my surprise, it actually started hurting
"Albus, that's a bit too tight..." I said, through a strained tone
"oh!" he said, releasing me and stepping back "I'm sorry..."
"there's no need to apologize Albus" I started, as Beatrice stepped forward and said
"don't worry about him, he just hasn't had much practice yet" as she said this, she stepped forward and hugged me herself, as Albus started talking to Garudan, Candice started talking to Nurse Joy and the shopkeeper started heading back to the shop, being followed by a couple of the locals
"thanks for everything Beatrice" I said, returning her hug, she then let me go and hugged Seena, saying 
"hang on to him Seena..."
"I will, Beatrice" Seena responded
I looked down and saw Katie playing with Jackie, Jacob and Terry, turning to Tira and Julian, I asked
"so, are you guys okay with Jackie staying here?"
"we already said we were, Lucas" Julian responded
"let her decide on her path..." Tira said, smiling
I turned to the people who were still there and said "thank you all for coming to see me off"
a child turned to face me and said "I heard you're a good person..."
"who told you that?" I responded, kneeling down
"they did" the child said, pointing to Candice and a man I had never seen before
turning to the man, I said "I'm sorry, but, who are you?"
"my name is not important right now..." he responded
"well okay, I'll see you later 'not important right now'" I said, getting the child to laugh
"make jokes if you wish" he said "but I WILL see you later, of that I'm sure" he then turned and walked away
trying not to dwell, I said "well, if I'm going to reach Celestic town today, I'll have to leave soon"
Candice turned to me and said "we're glad we met you, and we look forward to seeing you again..."
"okay, I'll see you all next week" I said, before turning to Jacob and saying "it's time for us to go..."
he looked up to me, saying "okay, Lucas" he then turned to Terry and said "come on, little sis" Terry nodded and followed him as he walked up to me
I turned to Jackie and said "we will be back...I promise..."
"I know you will Lucas..." Jackie responded, walking up to Beatrice
after Albus was done, he said "I'll see you later Garudan"
Garudan responded "of course Albus"
"Okay" I started "everyone, it's time to head out!"

end of Act 1

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