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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 21 (the first night on the road, a confrontation of emotion)

I led the group to the outskirts of Snowpoint City, to Sati's grave
"why are we here?" Jacob asked, as I moved closer to the Pecha tree, which had grown to a considerable size, turning around, I started
"this seems the best time to tell you all" I started, watching the reactions of the group "this spot here... have you sometimes wondered what it means?" I asked, looking down to Jacob, Terry and Eliza
"it has been strange at times, but no-one would tell me what it meant, who is SATI?" Jacob asked, becoming somewhat more serious, I watched his eyes, knowing that something could happen soon
"Sati is, or WAS...Seena's mother..." I said, looking across to Seena, there were some mixed reactions, those that were unaware looked to Seena, their eyes conveying different messages
"please, don't be upset" Seena started "Lucas only wished to spare your feelings..."
Terry moved up to Seena and softly nuzzled her leg, Seena knelt down, petting Terry in response, saying "thank you"
"...I'm sorry to hear that..." Jacob said, his eyes suddenly shifting, I was starting to understand what was happening to him now...
"Seena was there too" I said, looking down "she saw it happen..."
"who did it?..." Garudan asked
"it was...that Galactic grunt..." I said, suddenly seeing Garudan become quite aggravated
"I can't believe I was put under the control of someone so...FOUL..." he said, folding his arms
"I know, it must've been terrible, but, rest assured, he has been dealt with" I responded
"...but Team Galactic itself remains..." he said, closing his eyes
"please don't worry about it"
"how did you go on, Seena!?" Eliza started "you saw your own mother, lifeless..." she continued, shivering
"if Lucas didn't intervene the way he did" Seena started, walking over to me "I don't think I would've been able to continue..."
"Lucas..." I heard Uxie's voice ring in my head "you need to know this, before you leave..."
"what is it Uxie?" I thought
"my siblings live in the caves at the lakes, one near Sunyshore, the other, near Twinleaf"
"thank you Uxie" I thought
"I wish to re-establish a mental link that had been severed between the three of us, somehow, we became cut off from one another"
"is this something I can do?" I thought
"yes, I ask because you are travelling Sinnoh, when you meet them, tell them I sent you, and give them the password "Ingenuity"...they will take care of the rest"
"Ingenuity, got it, was there anything else?" I thought, trying my best not to give any signs that I wasn't listening to the others
"tell them...when Team Galactic comes, tell them not to resist..."
this thought scared me, does this mean they'll succeed to some extent? was there really nothing I could do?
"...very well Uxie..." I thought, before being shaken back to conciouseness by Seena asking
"is something wrong, Lucas?"
"no" I responded "just needed some time to think..." turning to the group, I said "okay, when I go to Celestic town, I'm going to leave you in your balls for a while, I have some things I need to do, in private"
"I understand..." Jacob said, still holding a serious expression
"that's fine by me" Tira said
"..." Terry didn't say anything, she just nodded
"well, I'm fine with that..." Julian said, looking to his family
"whatever..." Ravan said, looking to the side
"I'm used to it" Eliza said
"whatever needs to be done" Garudan said, nodding
"well, you CAN'T put me in my ball, not if you wish to FLY there..." Gordon said, flapping slightly faster
"I hope you don't leave me in there for long..." Seena said
I then pulled out the balls in my bag, I had earlier marked them so I knew which was which with several coloured dots relating to the colours each of them were, I pulled out Garth's ball, placing it aside, pulling out the other balls I then turned to the group and asked "are you all ready"
they nodded, almost in unison as I clicked the balls open, dispersing their forms into red lights quickly dissapearing into the balls, I then placed all of the balls in my bag, when only Gordon remained outside his ball, I asked "okay, you can do this, right?"
"I'm not weak, Lucas, I'm just pacifistic" he responded, before saying, "jump onto my back, I guess..." he landed as he said this, allowing me to climb onto his back.
He started flapping his wings, to surprising effectiveness, soon lifting us both off the ground, before we were two meters off the ground, I said, "okay, turn to your left, until I say so"
he complied, shifting slowly to his left, soon, he was facing the direction of Celestic town
"alright, this is the direction" I said, he stopped turrning and started lifting himself higher off the ground, we reached about ten meters vertically before I said
"okay, this should be enough"
"are you sure? the mountain in the distance looks pretty steep..." he responded
"it'll be fine, we should be going around that, anyway" I said, as he started to move, he quickly picked up speed as we neared the mountainside
"okay, navigate around this point, heading to your left, afterwards, I should be able to see Celestic town"
"alright Lucas" he said, turning to his left, circling around the point I mentioned, looking down, I saw the eastern entrance to Mt. Coronet
"okay" I started "this is the point up ahead, could you start descending?"
"sure thing" he said, bringing us down slowly, we landed in the grass east of Celestic town.
"thanks Gordon, that would've taken me a couple of hours otherwise" I said, stepping off his back
"why's that?" he asked, sitting in the grass
"the inside of Mt. Coronet is maze-like..." I said, looking back at the Eastern entrance
"alright then" he said, before asking "are you going to bring Seena back out, now?"
"yeah" I started "but, will she be able to cope with the sudden temperature change?" I asked
"it should be fine, there are hotter places in Sinnoh, this place is one of the colder areas..." he responded, this confused me
"how did you know that?" I asked
"you'd be surprised how much Gigas told us..." Gordon responded, smiling slightly
"okay, well, I guess I'll talk to you later" I said, unclipping his and Seena's balls off my waist
"very well, but remember your promise to me, okay?" he said through a serious expression
"I won't only bring you out to fly me around, but, bear in mind, next time I DO bring you out, you'll need to take me to Sunyshore, after that, we'll be travelling together normally..." I said, calmly
"okay, well, I'll see you soon" he said, before I withdrew him, I then brought Seena back out, she seemed a little disoriented, but that quickly faded, she soon walked up to me and asked "how long was I in the ball?"
"about ten minutes" I repsonded
"it didn't even feel THAT long..." she responded, before looking over my shoulder and asking "is that it?"
"yeah" I started, turning around as well "this is where I live" pointing out one of the houses, I continued "over there, specifically" I then started walking to my house, not sure who to expect, maybe Matt had found someone himself? maybe not...
as we entered the town, I looked around, no-one was out of their houses "just like old times..." I said, shaking my head
"what do you mean?" Seena asked, as we walked to the house
"this is a very quiet town, people usually just stay in their homes" I responded, stopping in front of my house
"oh..." Seena said in response, I then turned my attention to the door, knocking on it firmly, soon after, the door opened slightly, before swinging open
"Lucas! you're back!" Matt shouted, as he wrapped his arms around me, the Machoke was very happy to see me again, clearly...
"yeah, I'm happy to see you too, Matt" I responded, slapping his back with an open palm
"well, come in, come in!" he said, after releasing me, waving me in, he then turned his back and walked in
"alright then, come on Seena" I said, waving her after me
"Seena?" he asked, turning back, he noticed her, "oh..." he said, sitting down "sorry, I didn't see you before"
"that's okay" Seena responded, looking slightly embarassed
I took a seat on one of the two beds that were avaliable, Matt then asked "so, how have you been? where have you been? actually, just tell me everything!" he didn't expect a response outside of what I used to say, but I had changed...
"calm down, Matt" I started "all in due time... but first of all, I've only been north to Snowpoint City so far..."
"wait..." he asked "you know what I'm saying?"
"yeah, but I don't want to explain it more than once, tell me, is anyone else here?"
"yeah, she arrived here a couple of days after you left, she said she knew you, so I let her stay here, she's been waiting for you it seems"
"Terese?..." I asked
"yeah! so you DO know each other, then" as he said this, as if on cue, I heard a toilet flush, soon followed by an Ursaring walking into the main area, she soon froze up
"...L..Lucas?" she asked in disbelief
"yeah, it's me" I responded, she soon ran forward and pulled me into a hug of her own, it was more pleasant than Matt's, but, it was still different, it was painful on a different level to me
"it's good to see you again..." she said, before releasing me from her hold, she then turned her head and saw Seena
"who's that?" she asked, in an almost hostile tone
"this is Seena, and before you ask, yes, we're together..."
"hey, that's great!" Matt said
"oh..." Terese said, looking somewhat dissapointed "...can you excuse me? I needed to go gather some berries..." she said, leaving soon after, Matt then turned to me and said
"she's been kinda moody lately, I don't think you should blame her..." hearing this, I realized, he had developed his own feelings for her
"Matt" I started "do you...LIKE her?"
"well, I guess so...but I doubt she's interested in me" he responded, looking away, embarassed, before turning back to me and asking "how long were you planning on staying here?"
"well" I started "I was really just passing through"
"you can't leave tonight, there's a strong storm coming..." Matt said, through a mixed expression
I turned to Seena and said "huh, I must say I was expecting delays..."
Matt looked confused "what do you mean?"
I turned back to him and said "I've been in Snowpoint City for four months, I didn't expect to be there for so long, about a week, at most, but things kept happening...I don't regret it though, it's how I met Seena" as I said this, I turned back to Seena, nodding to her
Matt then took a serious expression and said "you're aware that you put your dreams on hold?"
"we ALL have dreams, Matt, and what's important to me right now is finding Seena's father..." I said, returning his expression
"well then" he started "have you met any others?"
"yes" I responded "I have about eight other pokemon with me now"
"I didn't think you'd become a trainer..." Matt said, cocking his head slightly
"who said anything about me being a trainer?" I responded "I didn't 'catch' these pokemon, I brought them with me, it was their choice"
"you've always held pokemon in high regard..." Matt said, folding his arms and smiing
"of course I have, I've lived with them for many years, turns out...I am a son to one as well" I said, looking down slightly
"really? do you know which?" Matt asked, suddenly becoming very interested in my lineage
"an Infernape...Ian West" I said
"so he is your father?"
"yes..." I responded
"that certainly explains a lot..." Matt said, through a small smile
"what do you mean, a lot?" I responded
"well, you've always seemed to be above-average in terms of fighting ability" he said
"I WAS training two years prior to meeting you..." I said in response
"I know, Lucas" he responded, looking at the ceiling
"anyway" I started "I wanted to know, how was Spear pillar?"
"it was say the least" he responded, before moving to grab something, pulling out a...stone?
"I found this while I was there, I don't really know what it is, but it looks special" he said, holding it out so I could inspect it, taking it from his hands, I looked at it closely, it was a stone, but it seemed...different...
"I was going to Oreburgh soon, maybe I can get this identified for you?" I asked, handing it back
"you think so?" Matt asked, placing the stone on the bed, I tirned to my bag, pulling out the fossil
"I found this in Snowpoint temple, I'm taking it to Oreburgh" I said, handing it to Matt, I then looked back to Seena and asked
"you're not saying much, is something wrong?"
"no, this just seems like something you'd be more involved in..." Seena responded
"this is very intersting" Matt said, examining the fossil
"anyway" I started, getting his attention "I suppose that means Seena and I are spending the night here..."
"I guess so, you two can share a bed, right?" he asked
"of course" I responded
"I guess I'll just sleep on the couch, then" he said, looking back to the couch, opposite the TV
"Matt..." I started "did you encounter anyone claiming to be a part of Team Galactic on Spear Pillar?" I asked, suddenly becoming very serious
"no...why do you ask?" he responded
"they're becoming a serious threat...but, apparently, I can't do anything about them" I said, looking back to the door
"this sounds...unsettling" Matt responded, frowning slightly
"I know, Matt, I know..." I said, shaking my head slowly "but we should still defend ourselves from them..."
"undoubtably...there something like the Team Rocket you told me of, right?" he said, folding his arms
"yeah..." I responded, turning my head back to him...
we spent the next couple of hours catching up on what had happened, he explained to me that the village elder wasn't surprised about my departure, I told him of my somewhat short history with Seena, and about Snowpoint
we stopped catching up when Terese came back...
"you've been gone a while" Matt said, turning to face her
"yeah... I needed to do some thinking" Terese responded, before turning to me and saying
"I'm... glad you're back, Lucas, I just...didn't expect you to BE with someone already..."
"what do you mean Terese?" I asked
"I was...waiting for you, Lucas" she said, with a saddened expression
"Terese..." I started "I don't control what any of us, I only met Seena by chance...but I'm glad I did..."
"'s been seven years, Lucas" Terese said, looking down
"I know, Terese, I know..." I said, suddenly noticing some rain hitting the window "...the storm is coming..." I said, looking back to Matt
"well, I guess I should get dinner started" Matt said, standing up, as I watched him walk over to the kitchen, something caught my eye, a small picture, it was one of Matt as a Machop, and myself, freshly bruised from our training, but smiling happily anyway, in the picture, I had recieved a vertical cut to my left cheek recently, and now, it had become my most prominent scar...
I turned to Terese and said "look, I'm sure you're wondering why I can understand you" trying to change the subject
"yes, actually..." she responded, bringing her head back up to face me
"I'll tell you and Matt at the same time over dinner" I said, before turning to Seena and saying "I'll explain how WE met, too"
"if you wish, I don't really mind" Seena responded, before exchanging glances with Terese
"okay, well, I'm gonna turn on the TV..." Terese said, in a strained tone, she turned on the TV as she passed, before sitting on the second bed
A news report was already in progress, I saw a man on the TV called Lance, apparently, he had been assisting in the efforts against Team Rocket, after that, it detailed a recent theft from the lab of professor elm, a Totodile, to be precise...
"stealing a pokemon...why do people do these things? don't they realize it's the same as kidnapping?" I said, shaking my head
Terese turned to me and responded "desperation drives people to do strange things..."
"pokeballs aren't exactly expensive, though, couldn't the person in question just catch a pokemon instead?" I said, Seena then turned to me and said
"I heard that the pokemon handed out by the professors are quite rare, Beatrice told me in Snowpoint"
"really? well, I guess that explains it..." I responded, wondering why rarity should enter into it
Matt turned the corner from the kitchen saying "I'm making a curry, is everyone alright with that?"
Terese turned to Matt and said "that sounds lovely, thank you"
Seena looked up and said "yeah, anything's fine"
I got up, reaching for the rice I had in my bag, saying "I've actually got some rice you could use here, just give me a second, I'll come help you"
"no, no, it's alright" Matt responded "you're a guest here, don't worry"
"excuse me?" I started "are you forgetting whose home this actually is?"
"...I guess you have a point..." he started in response "alright then, I guess another pair of hands are welcome"
I moved into the kitchen, bringing the rice with me, even if we weren't going to use it, I was going to leave it here, seeing what Matt had already prepared, he had cut up the vegetables and meat, and was simmering the water, to become the sauce
"okay" I started "I'll grind the spices, then" moving to the mortar and pestle that was on the bench, placing the pack of rice next to me
"first" Matt started "does Seena have any allergies?"
"I wouldn't worry, she had no problem with these spices when I used them this morning" I responded, as these were the same as the ones I had in my pre-made mix
I placed the spices into the pestle, before grinding them in a clockwise motion, turning back to Matt I asked
"so, how often have you been cooking while I was gone?"
"quite often, there were only a few nights I haven't" he responded, before saying "Terese said that these are recipes you knew when you were younger, as well" as he said this, he put the vegetables into the water, and the meat onto a frying pan, cooking it slowly
"I learned to cook while Terese was living with me originally" I responded
Matt then dropped his voice, so the others couldn't hear us
"was there ever...anything between you two?"
"no, but Terese seems to think there might have been" I responded, softly, continuing to grind the spices, adding more to the mix
"it seems like an awkward situation" Matt said, still in a soft tone
"tell me about it, things out there are really tense..." I responded, handing Matt the spices "here"
"thanks, could you look after the meat while I take care of this?" he said, in a normal tone, as he turned to the water, adding the spices, colour bloomed through the water, but it would still need to thicken, first
"Matt, the sauce is looking a little light, maybe you should add something..." I said, hoping he would understand
"I know, I just prefer doing it in this order" he said, moving to the bench and grinding some remaining vegetables into a thick paste, adding that to a small bowl, he added some oil to it, before mixing it with the vegetables, water and spices, allowing it to thicken, he then turned his attention to me, asking "is the meat about ready?"
looking at it, it looked cooked, but not too cooked, allowing it to retain flavour from outside sources
"yeah, it looks ready" I said, taking the frying pan off the stove, and putting it into the mix
"alright then" Matt started "all that needs to be done now is the rice, thanks for your help"
"alright then" I repsonded, before saying "we may be leaving soon, but, we can come back at any time"
"I'd like that..." he responded, smiling, before continuing "you should go back out there and wait with the others, I'll tell you when it's ready"
"okay, thanks Matt" I said, turning to leave the kitchen
as I sat on the bed next to Seena, I asked "as there anything either of you needed to say?"
Terese turned her attention from the TV to me, and said, "no..."
Seena asked "about Matt... where did you guys meet?"
"on the outskirts of town" I started "at the eastern entrance to Mt.Coronet"
"so...just west of here?" Seena then asked
"yeah, it's an important location to me" I said, before turning to the TV, seeing an advertisement for the Solaceon day-care centre
"how many pokemon, do you think, they have there at once?" I asked
"where? at the Solaceon Day-care?" Terese asked
"yeah..." I responded
"I heard from some travellers that they have around 50 there at a time" she responded
"really? they must have their hands full, then..." I said, turning back to the TV
...shortly after, Matt called me into the kitchen, the food was ready...
...during dinner, the four of us sat at the table in the kitchen, I explained to them what happened after I left, how I met Seena, and my mysterious abilities, we ate rather quickly, but we all stayed at the table to talk further
"so, Terese..." I said, turning to her "what happened to you? where had you been?"
"well..." Terese started "if you're interested, I'll tell you, it all started shortly after I left the village, I was very upset, sure, but the elder promised me I could return later, I traveled down, through to Solaceon town, I actually lived in the Day-care centre for a while..."
"how long is 'a while?'" I asked
"about six months" Terese said, before continuing "after that, I moved on, down to Hearthome city, I stayed in amity square for a long time, I actually lost track of time, I forgot how long I was there, it had everything I needed, right there..."
"why did you leave?" I asked
"I evolved..." Terese said "apparently, I was only allowed to stay because I was considered 'cute' at the time, but, when I evolved, I took on a more 'tough' appearance, and they suggested that I should head down to Pastoria, on my way there, I saw a man calling himself Mr.Backlot, he claimed to travellers that his garden was so marvellous, that it could attract wild pokemon, needless to say, some pokemon showed up, but never the ones he talked about, I actually overheard him telling his butler to find the pokemon and put them in his garden,
"why would someone do that?" Seena asked, turning to her, Terese responded "I really don't know, this man appeared to get to his status through bluffing, it seems, anyway, when I arrived in the great marsh, I collapsed in the bog, I was scared, I thought I would lose my life there, but, as luck would have it, I was saved by a man who wore some strange clothing, he called himself 'crasher Wake', he said he was the Gymleader in Pastoria City, he offered me a home near the Gym, on the condition that I become his sparring partner, he mentioned something about wanting the strength of a bear, I accepted his offer, as I had nowhere nearby to turn to"
"Wake?" I asked, I briefly recalled overhearing Candice refer to him as one of Maylene's friends
"yes, 'crasher Wake' and he was very serious about the sparring, I actually picked up some moves, myself, but, a year ago, I moved on, I travelled up to Veilstone city, staying on route 214, I had almost forgotten about you, until, six months ago, I overheard some travellers talking about a young man, fitting your description living in Celestic town, after that memories came rushing back to me, knowing where I had to go, I headed through Veilstone during the night, trying to avoid detection, when I arrived on the outskirts of Celestic town, I saw you, training with a Machop, I stayed outside the town for a while, just watching you and the Machop from day to day, content that I had remembered you, but then, one day, you were just...gone"
"that must've been the morning I left" I said, turning to look out the window, a low rumble of thunder from outside
"what was that?" Seena asked
"it's just thunder, Seena, don't worry about it" I responded, before turning back to Terese and asking "why didn't you try to follow me?"
"I didn't know that you had left, I continued to watch, in hopes that you had just missed a day of your training, I saw that the Machop had evolved, and he left, going up to the top of Mt.Coronet, when he got back down, however, that was when I confronted him, asking about you"
"and that's when you found out?" I asked
"yes, he introduced himself as Matt, and he told me that you were travelling Sinnoh, I felt sadness wash over me, that was lifted when he told me that you would return here, someday, I told him that I would like to wait here for you, after I told him of the four years we had spent together, he allowed me to stay here, and the rest, you know..." Terese said, before saying "that was a lot to get off my chest, sorry if I talked your ear off, there"
"don't worry about it, I wanted to know" I said
"...thanks Lucas..." Terese responded
I looked at the clock on the wall, it was quite late, it seems we had been talking for some time
"okay" I started "I think I've taken in enough information for one day, I'm gonna go to bed" I said, yawning.
Looking at the time, Matt said "woah, it's gotten late, I guess we should all be going to bed" before turning to Terese and saying "Lucas and Seena are going to sleep in his old bed, you can use mine, I'm just going to sleep on the couch"
"thanks, Matt..." Terese said, before turning to me and saying "goodnight, I suppose" I got up and sat on the bed, removing my shoes, Seena soon sat on the bed with me, asking "do you think we could find Jonah tomorrow?"
"I'm sure we can..." I said, kissing her softly on the forehead, after I had removed my shoes, I moved myself under the sheets, being followed by Seena, after she had removed her scarf, lying on my back, I put my left arm around her back, as she turned on her side, wrapping her arms around me, "try not to let the storm bother you Seena" I started "I'll keep you safe, if you need me to..."
I watched Matt turn off the light to the main room as he retreated to the couch, lying down on it, I soon fell asleep, content that I had seen him, and her...again

(Seena's P.O.V.)

I awoke what seemed like a few hours later, looking around, Terese was there, she had woken me
"what is it, Terese?" I asked, freeing myself from Lucas
"can we talk...outside?" Terese asked
"I guess so..." I said, getting out of the bed, and following her to the door, I felt somewhat uneasy from this proposition...
when we arrived outside, the rain had stopped, but there was still some occaisional thunder, with bright flashes in the sky
"Seena" she started "I may have said Amity square had everything, there was one thing it lacked, however..."
"what was that?" I asked
"companionship" she started "even if there were willing males, I wouldn't have them, hell, even Wake offered to ease my urges, but I declined, do you know how that feels?
"no..." I said, catching on to what she was saying
"do you know how it feels to have your hopes smashed over the course of an hour?"
I suddenly realized what was happening, she tried not to show it in front of him, but she was incredibly hurt, and jealous.
"Terese, I didn't choose for this to happen" I said, trying to calm her down
"four years...I lived with him for four years...don't you think I'm owed something for that?"
"Terese, why are you saying this now?" I asked, she didn't seem to be listening, she was intent on delivering her message
"then YOU show up, you, who was so lucky as to claim him..." she said, her eyes turning into an angry glare, I couldn't take this, she had no reason to act this way
"I didn't make this happen! and how can you expect to disappear for seven years, and come back to find him still on his own!" I shouted
"we had history, he would understand that!" Terese angrily said back
"But he still wouldn't understand you!" I said, becoming furious
"you STOLE him from me!" she shouted, taking a fighting stance
"he came to me of his own free will!" I shouted back, I must admit, through all the shouting, I allowed myself to become so flustered I actually launched the first attack, I knew this was coming, I had to be prepared, I took my own fighting stance, and waited for an opportunity, Suddenly, a loud crack of thunder boomed through the sky, I used this as my sign,
I jumped forward, attempting to slash at her, she was strong though, too strong, as I would soon find out, she easily dodged my attack, delivering a punch to my back as I sailed past, slamming me into the wet ground, I slid along the grass for some distance, I turned to get back up, preparing an ice punch, I then ran forward, weaving as I ran, making my attempt to dodge any incoming blows, when I got in striking range, she grabbed me, throwing me down, sending me sliding back,
she jumped forward, pinning me to the ground, "why!? why did you take him from me!?" she shouted, bringing a claw to my neck, looking behind her, I saw a pair of orange, glowing eyes, and an furious expression

(Lucas's P.O.V.)
I awoke from the sound of a loud crack of thunder, I looked at the time, it was only a few hours after I had gone to sleep, I was about to go back to bed when I noticed, Seena wasn't here, looking to the other bed, Terese wasn't either, I got out of bed, thinking to myself "this could be bad"
I quickly checked the other areas of the small house, trying not to assume the worst, I couldn't find them in the house, so I ran outside, feeling an anger build within me, opening the door, I couldn't believe what I was seeing, Terese throwing Seena back, before jumping at her, pinning her to the ground "why!? why did you take him from me!?" I heard Terese shout, I knew I had to intervene, I walked forward, shouting
she froze up, bringing her claw back, she got off of Seena, turning around to see an expression alien to her, my anger, I was determined to have a peaceful resolution to this, though, I walked forward, helping Seena back up, hugging her, before turning back to Terese and asking "what are you trying to prove?"
"Lucas, I waited for you, I saved myself for you!" she said, looking away
"Terese, I never had any interest in you like that..." I said, trying to calm down
"you mean, all my effort, was for naught!?" she said, becoming angry again
"and yet you bring your aggression out on the innocent one, if you want a fight, fight ME" I said, gesturing to myself
"...I can't, I won't fight you must hate me right now..." Terese said, a tear rolling down her cheek.
"I couldn't hate you Terese, I DO love you, you're like a sister to me..." I said, bringing her into a hug, she started bawling through my embrace.
"I'm so sorry Lucas" she said, through a torrent of tears, I released her from my hold, my shirt now drenched in tears.
"Terese...please listen to me" I said, stepping back
sniffling slightly, she responded "what is it, Lucas?"
"if you focus on the past and ignore the present, there will be no future for you" I said, I was suddenly inspired to say this
"what do you mean, Lucas?" she asked, wiping tears away from her face
"pay more attention to those in your present company, you should realize soon enough" I said, before turning to Seena, saying "I'll take you both to the pokemon centre, follow me..." I said, leading the two to the pokemon centre,
on the way there, I heard Seena say "I'm sorry...if I hurt you, Terese"
Terese looked to her and responded "I should be the one apologizing, not you..."
looking back, I said "Terese, you know Matt has lived with me for two years, correct?"
"yeah...why?" she responded, confused
"he's more like me than you may think..." I said
"are you suggesting that...he..."
"you've been living together for four months, maybe you should ask him how he feels about YOU..." I said, trying to set her on the right path
we then arrived at the pokemon centre, "come on" I said, as we stepped inside...
Chapter End Notes:the next chapter should include Sunyshore City..
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