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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 22 (a budding friendship, a new source of income)

I walked into the pokemon centre, Terese and Seena following behind me, I saw a chansey working at the counter, I recognized her, but I never got a name from her
"hey there" I said, getting her attention
"oh...Lucas, right?" the Chansey asked, through an inquisitive expression
"it's good to see you remember me" I said in response
"you...know what I'm saying?" she responded
"I've said this so many times already...could you do me a favour and just contact the Snowpoint pokemon centre when you have the chance?"
"I...suppose so" the chansey said in response
"ask for Beatrice, if possible, anyway, I believe the two behind me need some medical attention"
looking behind me, the chansey asked "you are...Terese, right?"
Terese turned to the Chansey and responded "it's good to hear you can remember my name"
turning back to her I asked "did you visit here often while I was gone, or can she actually recall beyond seven years ago?"
"you were...that Teddiursa as well?" the Chansey then responded, surprised by my comment
"yes, that was me..." Terese said, looking slightly embarassed
"well, would you two like to come back to the operating area with me, then?" the Chansey the asked Seena and Terese, not missing a beat Seena responded
"yes, please..." before walking ahead of me, I could see that she had some grazing to her back, and some bruising, "it could've been much worse..." I thought to myself as the two walked to the doors
"wait" I started "do you want me to wait here for you? or should I head back to the house and explain to Matt what has happened?"
"I think Matt may have woken up during the commotion, you should probably go back there..." Terese said
"Seena? what do you think?" I then asked
"there may have been some things you wanted to talk about with Matt in private, I don't mind if you go back to your house, but, we'll be back soon, I'm sure" she responded
"alright then" I started "I may be asleep when you get back, and, you two, you'd better not fight again" I said, through a stern expression
"yes, Lucas..." Terese said, through a sad expression
"very well" Seena said, I then responded
"good, I'll see you girls later, then" as I started turning around, before leving the centre...
...when I arrived back home, sure enough, Matt had woken up
"what happened out there?" he asked, through a slightly panicked expression
"Terese and Seena got in a fight...over ME from the sounds of it..." I said, looking down, before continuing "is this my fault?"
"if I said no, would you believe me?" he responded, trying to sound sincere
"I don't know..." I said, sitting on the bed, before placing a hand to my forhead through a slumped position
"Lucas...I've not seen you acting like this before" he said, sounding worried
"I feel like I'm the one who hurt Seena..." I said, I didn't want anyone to see me like this
"look, I KNOW Terese had a chance to see you-no, US, before you left, she didn't take that opportunity, it's no-one's fault but her own that you found someone else" he said, trying to cheer me up
"I forgot her Matt, if she DID try to see us, I wouldn't have known who she was, or what she was saying..." I said, looking up
"oh, I can see why that may have been a bad choice, then..." Matt responded, concerned
"you DO like her, correct?" I asked, catching him off-guard
"I thought we already discussed this..." he said, becoming slightly embarassed
"that's the thing" I started "you know, we're alike, right?"
"alike? well...I suppose I can understand that" he responded
"I'm just saying, traits she may have liked about me, are probably ones that you got from me too, after all, you lived with me for almost half your life" I said, smiling slightly
"so, you're saying, she may turn her attention outward, to me?" he asked, blushing slightly
"yes, Matt, that's what I'm saying" I responded, before asking "you know I consider you a brother, right?"
"I figured as much..." he replied, smiling slightly, before asking "why didn't you tell me earlier, before you left?"
"some time away let me think about it" I said, returning his smile
"well" he started "thanks for telling me, but for now..." he continued, before yawning "I'm going to try and get back to sleep..."
"alright, I'm gonna wait for the others, then" I said, before returning to a sitting position on the bed...

(Seena's P.O.V.)

after I had followed the Chansey to the operating area, she asked
"could you please take a seat on this operating table?"
I quickly complied, placing myself on the table as instructed, I had never been back here before, and I figured it would be best to not waste time, I watched Terese take a seat on the table opposite me, she then turned to me and said
"I guess this means WE can talk in private now, too"
The Chansey then turned to her and responded "...I'm still here"
"we'll just chalk it up to doctor-patient confidentiality then..." Terese responded to the Chansey, smiling slightly, before turning to me and asking "what's YOUR side to the story?"
"of...what?" I responded
"of how you and Lucas met..." she continued, I promptly responded
"I'll tell you, but you REALLY think I stole him from you?"
"" Terese started, "I had a chance to see him, I could've returned to Celestic town at anytime, and, it was foolish of me to think he wouldn't have already moved on after seven years..." she responded, looking somewhat upset, before continuing, "I only acted out of jealousy... when I was younger, I thought that, maybe he was the one for me, and, I guess, seeing him with someone else just drove that part of me crazy, knowing that he was no longer an option for me"
"you were living together for four years, it's understandable, Terese..." I responded
"" you think you could tell me now?" she responded, she seemed really interested in the story...
the Chansey then saw the grazing on my back, she asked "could you lay on your stomach, please? I need to treat your back..."
"oh, sure" I responded, turning to lay on my stomach
"thank you" the Chansey said, before collecting some gauze and other assorted medical items
"to start..." I began "I met him around an hour after I had lost my mother..."
"oh..." Terese responded, becoming concerned "you don't have to continue the story..."
"it's okay... I WANT to tell you..." I started, as the Chansey applied disinfectant to my back, wincing slightly, I continued "from the moment I met him, I could tell he was different, he was angry...angry that such an act had happened, the first thing he asked was who did it, after I pointed him in the right direction, he ran off, I followed after him, to see him taking down the man who had killed my mother, even though he had taken a life, Lucas showed mercy, merely knocking the man out, leaving him for the police, after that was done, he spotted me, he then asked me to lead us back to my mother, as he was going to bury her, allowing her to rest undisturbed..."
I smiled slightly as I said this, reminiscing on my time so far with Lucas...
"it was after he did this, that he said it" I continued "he told me, that I would never have to be alone again..."
"he really cares for you, doesn't he?" Terese asked, smiling slightly
"and I care deeply for him" I started in response "I gave him my mother's ring, as a gesture that he is the one I wish to spend my life with..."
"you know of marriage, then?" Terese asked
"n-no...that is all Mother told me of the ring..." I responded, as the Chansey asked me
"could you sit up please? I need to wrap your grazing"
"oh, okay" I said, taking a sitting position, as the Chansey started wrapping gauze around my torso, she said
"as for the bruising, I would just suggest ice for it"
I waited as the Chansey continued wrapping the gauze, after she was done, she said
"alright, it's done, you should keep off your back for a day or so, after that, it should be healed enough..."
hopping off the operating table, I responded "thank you for this"
"it's quite alright" she started "I do this everyday"
turning her attention to Terese, she gave a quick look around her body "you appear to be completely fine..." she said, before sighing lightly and saying "alright, I guess we're done then, I'll see you next time"
getting off the other operating table, Terese said "we'll continue the talk once we're outside the pokemon Centre" before turning to the Chansey and saying "thanks"
we then made our way out of the pokemon centre, on the way back to Lucas's house, I felt I had to ask
"what IS Marriage?"
"it's...kind of complicated" Terese responded "it's a ceremony where two people pledge to spend their lives with only one another..."
"are you suggesting that we would be cut off from everyone else?" I asked, somewhat surprised
"no, no, it's not like do I's like, a concrete statement saying 'I won't love anyone else as much as I love you...' understand?"
"that sounds about right" I responded, blushing lightly as she continued
"the symbol of a Marriage is normally a set of rings, one for both people..."
"do you think Lucas knows too?" I then asked
"I'm sure he knows what Marriage is" Terese responded,
I then asked Terese "do you think he'll get me a ring, too?"
"I'd have to assume so..." she responded, before continuing "...I have something to tell, you...something that you CAN'T tell Lucas..."
I became worried by this, what could be so important that I had to hear it, yet Lucas couldn't?
"...what is it?..." I asked hesitantly
"while I was on the outskirts of Celestic town...'watching' Lucas...I met him..." she started, as we arrived outside the house, we lowered our voices so that anyone still awake wouldn't hear us
"who is 'him'?" I responded
"...his father..." Terese said, with a face that said she was desperately trying to contain this information from someone...Lucas presumably
"you met Ian!?" I asked, struck by this new information
"yes, and he told me that Lucas's mother was still around, too" she continued
"but...why haven't they tried to contact him?..." I asked, sadly
"he said, that they are ashamed of themselves, not being able to raise Lucas when he needed them, and all they can do is silently watch from afar... 'he didn't need us when we were ready to be his parents...' he told me" Terese said, looking down
"...and why can't I inform Lucas of this?" I asked
"he told me that he would tell Lucas himself when the time comes..."
"...why did you tell me?..." I asked, in a strained tone
"I could barely contain it, I had to tell someone..."she said, before I cut her off
"why didn't you just tell Matt, or someone else, for that matter?"
"I just wanted you to know, I do trust you..." she responded, nodding lightly
"are you saying, you want to be friends?" I asked, confused about the whole situation
"I guess you could say that..." she responded, before continuing "I guess we should head back inside, the storms are meant to continue through tomorrow, and I smell more rain coming..."
"I was so looking forward to meeting my father tomorrow, too..." I said, in a upset tone
"don't worry about it Seena, besides, I'm sure Lucas will keep his promise to you, when we were living together, whenever he promised something, even if it took a little longer than expected, he would do it..." Terese said, looking up at the sky, before continuing "...I guess...I'll just have to let him go..."
"you don't have to let him go, he did say he considered you like a sister to him" I responded, turning my head to see the moon poking through some of the clouds
"yeah, at least we'll have that" Terese said, laughing lightly, as a single tear fell from her eye, she turned to me after this and continued "please...make him happy..."
"...I'm trying, Terese..." I said in response, after that, I slowly opened the door back into the house...

(Lucas's P.O.V.)
after Matt had fallen asleep, I got to thinking "that man from earlier today...why wouldn't he tell me his name?...and why did he say he KNEW we would meet again? this is getting stranger by the day...but, I guess...I wouldn't have it any other way"
looking at the time, it was about 2 a.m. "wonder if Matt wants to spar tomorrow? it's been a little while, there's no doubt he's gotten stronger, but maybe, he should see what I can do..." I then thought to myself, smiling slightly, hearing a low creak, I saw Seena walk in, followed by Terese, I nodded to them as they walked in, getting a nod in response from Terese, Seena quickly climbed into the bed, alongside me, I turned to her and whispered
"is everything alright?"
"I just need some ice...or are you asking about between Terese and I?" she responded, quietly
"well, both, I guess" I said, before continuing "looks like it's YOUR turn to be wrapped up in gauze" I said, chuckling softly, I was trying to make light of the situation, but in reality, I was quite distressed by this
"you may be laughing now, but I'M to stay off my back for a day, so that means I'm either lying right here..." she started, before trailing a finger along my torso as her eyes narrowed "...or on top of you" she said, in a tone that suggested she was trying to be seductive.
Terese looked over to us as I said, "that's not funny, Seena..." before bringing my head closer to hers and whispering softly "maybe in a couple of days, okay?..." after I said this, I heard some more rain hitting the window, bringing my head back, I then said "ah... rain has always been calming for me..."
"I know, Lucas..." Terese responded, as she settled into the other bed, I soon felt myself falling asleep again "wonder when I'll wake up?" I thought to myself, as I finally drifted into subconciousness...

...when I awoke the next day, I could smell something sweet coming from the kitchen, rubbing my eyes, I said "good...morning?..."
"it's about noon, actually..." I heard Terese respond from the kitchen, looking around, Matt was already up, and Seena was too,
"why didn't anyone wake me?" I asked, yawning, Matt turned to me and responded
"it seemed inappropriate, besides, I don't think you'll be going anywhere today..."
"oh yeah" I started "...the storms..." turning to Seena, I asked "I hope you're okay waiting a little while longer..."
"the fact that we're doing this at all is enough for me, Lucas" Seena said, a little strangely, I decided it was nothing, I then got out of the bed, still dressed from last night and asked "I wanted to move on today, do you two mind if we left when there's a lull in the storm?"
"IF there's a lull in the storm..." Matt responded, looking to the window, Seena turned to me and said "Only if Gordon agrees to it..."
"Gordon?" Terese asked
"He's a Golbat, and my designated flyer, we're going to Sunyshore city next, by the way..."
"If you're truly adamant on leaving today, you should probably take my stone now" Matt said, before picking it up and bringing it to me
"sure" I started, taking the strange rock from his hand and placing it in my bag "I'll bring this back after I get it identified"
"when do you think that'll be?" Matt asked
"I'd say between 1 and 2 weeks from now, I don't know how long we'll be staying in each town" I responded
Terese then came around to the main area, saying "alright, it's ready"
"what is?" I asked
"it's not much" Terese started "it's just some pancakes..."
...after we had eaten, I asked,
"how much money is left here?"
"why do you ask?" Matt responded
"well, not much is left of the 30000 I took when I left..."
"maybe you should consider trainer battles?" Matt responded
"I know, I know, I HAVE considered it, but, for now, how much is left?" I said in response
"'s not much, about 15000" Matt responded, before continuing "and Terese and I need some, too..."
"...this is a problem..." I said, closing my eyes and folding my arms
"there...was a man interested in living here..." Matt said, I didn't see this as much help, my house already had two occupants
"if you're okay with us renting out some of the space to him, tell him it'll be...hmm...what's fair...12000 a month."
"well, alright, he said he'd be staying in the pokemon centre for a while" Matt responded
"I guess I'll go see him now then" I said, putting my shoes on, after I was ready, I turned to Seena and said "I'll be back soon, probably with the guy..."
"alright then, but are you sure you should go outside in this weather?" Seena asked in response
"I'll be fine" I started "I'm not going to be outside for more than a couple of minutes" I said as I opened the door, being greeted by a soft rain, along with a moderate wind
"see you soon" I said, before closing the door, I then turned and ran to the pokemon centre, getting only slightly wet, when I arrived, I saw small amounts of steam rising off where I was previously wet, the nurse on duty said "welcome, you're Lucas, correct?"
"yeah" I responded, before asking "there's a man in here interested in my home, I was hoping to discuss some terms with him"
"oh, him? well, I can show you to his room, if you'd like..." the nurse reponded
"that would be best..." I said, nodding
"well, alright then, follow me" she said, starting to move to the left of the main counter, I followed after her, being led to a back room, she then turned to me and said, "alright, this is his room, will you be long?"
"hopefully not" I responded as she knocked on the door, it was soon answered by a man, tall, dark-brown haired, wearing what could be described as a dogi
"hello, nurse" he started "I was just finishing up my training exercises" he then turned to me and asked "who are you?"
I turned to face him and responded "I'm the owner of the house you're interested in..." this statement surprised him
"really!?" he started "but you're still so young!..." he continued "are you one of those entrepeneurs?"
"it was actually left to me by my parents..." I responded
"oh... are you okay with me renting or buying it then?" he started "it may have some sentimental value to you"
"no, it's fine" I started in response "unless you're planning to knock it down"
"well, how much were you hoping to get for rent?" he asked
"since I already have two others living there, it'd be 12000 a month" I responded
"12000, huh? that's pretty cheap" he started "is there a reason for this?"
"well, the other two are a Machoke and an Ursaring, male and female, respectively" I said
"...that shouldn't be a problem, I won't spend much time in the house anyway, see, I'm actually a worker for the Poketch company..."
"...poketch?..." I responded, confused
"it stands for pokemon watch...anyway, I'm a developer for apps that are going to be used in the final product, I'm in charge of the clocks, for now"
" long is it going to be until the poketch is completed?" I asked
"it's a few months off yet" he responded, before asking "can I see your house?"
"of course" I said, before turning around and saying "follow me"...
...on the way to my house, he asked "so...a Machoke, huh?"
"yeah, what's your point?" I responded
"well, I'm training myself, maybe he could help?" he said
laughing lightly to myself, I said "yeah, I think he'd appreciate that too, I haven't been home lately, I'm travelling Sinnoh, you see"
when we reached the house, I opened the door, saying "alright everyone, this is him"
Terese walked forward and asked "is he okay living with us?"
"he said he's not going to be around much, at least, not for a few months, he's working on a product"
Matt asked "what's his name?"
I turned to him and said "Matt here..." I started, pointing to him, before continuing "would like to know your name"
"you...know what they're saying?" he asked
"yep" I started, smiling "and will too"
"what do you mean?" he asked, through a confused expression
"it's a long story, I'll tell you if you want, but first..." I started "what is your name?"
"it's Adrian, Adrian Moors" he said
"well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Adrian" I started, shaking his hand "I'm Lucas West" I then pointed to the others and said "this is Seena, Matt, and Terese"
I sat on the bed, and started explaining my story to him, and how I was affecting him, even as we speak, after I was done, an hour had passed, and the rain was easing up
"huh, looks like I can leave in around an hour..." I said, turning to the others
" can perform moves that pokemon can use?..." Adrian asked, still taking in what I had told him
"...yeah, do you need proof?" I asked, turning back to him
"well" Matt started "I was interested in seeing that too..."
"I guess I'll do it quickly" I said, before focusing on the preparation of a fire punch, the flames soon engulfed my arm, strangely larger than I was used to...
"woah!" Adrian said, stumbling back in surprise as my arm ignited, I soon dispersed the flame, getting a response of "that was...strange" from him
"there are many more moves I can perform, but they can remain a secret for now" I started "anyway, what do you think of the house?"
snapping back to why he originally came here, Adrian responded "yeah, it's nice"
"did you want to move in soon?" I asked
"anytime's fine" he said, looking at the clock
"well, I guess I should ask for an upfront fee, let's just say, if you give me 12000 now, you'll be covered for the first month and you can move in whenever you want"
"well, alright then" he started, looking back to the door "I'll go get my wallet then"
"if you're looking to move in here permanantly, however" I started "we'll talk after the Poketch comes out, okay?"
"alright then" he responded "...I really do like this town, you know"
"okay, we'll continue this after you get back" I said, as he turned to the door...
"alright, then" he said, leaving.
After the door closed, Matt said "he seems nice..."
"yeah" I started, turning back to the others "but it sounds like he'll want to live here, and soon for that matter" I turned to Terese and continued "Terese, the home you have in Pastoria, do you think it'll fit two?"
"I think so, I haven't been there in a while though..." she responded, looking towards the door,
"maybe that's something to consider..." I said, before turning to the window, seeing the rain had almost stopped I turned to Matt and said
"after we're done speaking with Adrian, I'm gonna get some stuff together and leave for Sunyshore"
"well, if that's the case" Matt started "you'll be back after you go to Oreburgh, right?"
"yeah, it's a promise" I said, smiling, before continuing "we can spar then, too, if you want"
Matt chuckled lightly and said "I got a lot stronger after I evolved, Lucas, you may be out of your league"
"you know what happened to the last person who underestimated me?" I responded, smiling "I'll introduce you to him next time I see you..."
Adrian opened the door, saying "alright, here's the money, but for now, is there anything else I should know?"
"yeah, just let me step outside and talk to you for a moment" I said, moving towards him, as he handed me the money, he stepped back allowing me to leave, closing the door behind me, he asked
"what is it, Lucas?"
"I need you to know now, Adrian, Terese" I said, through a stern expression
" there something between you two?" he asked, blushing slightly
"no, but there's probably something between her and Matt" I started "...they're like family to me, Adrian..."
"I understand..." he said, nodding
"anyway" I started "I really needed some money, these travels don't fund themselves..."
"oh" he said, surprised "I thought you were a trainer..."
"well, I'm not..." I responded "there may not be something between me and Terese, but Seena, I've been with her for around five months now..."
"sounds pretty serious..." he said, looking down
"I'm leaving soon, in about half an hour" I said, looking at the sky
"well, I won't hold you up then" he responded, turning to leave, before continuing "I guess I'll see you later then"
"yeah" I started "just move in whenever you're ready" I then turned back and re-entered the house, saying "alright, that's done, now, was there anything else to take care of before Seena and I leave?"
"no, that seems to be everything..." Matt said, as I sat on the bed, putting one of my arms around Seena's shoulder...
...half an hour later, I had everything packed and ready, as we left the house, after saying our goodbyes, I told Seena "according to the map, Sunyshore is in a south-west direction from here, it shouldn't take very long, so, you'll be in the ball for only a few minutes, after we arrive, it's your choice if I bring out the others or not"
"well, I'll make up my mind on the way then" Seena said, folding her arms, as we walked west of Celestic town, when we arrived in the grassy patch on the outskirts of town, Seena turned to me, wrapping her arms around me, she brought me into an embrace, I caught on, and picked her up by the hips, bringing her head to mine, she responded to this by moving her hands to my head, bringing me into a kiss, I moved my hands down to Seena's legs, as I held her in place, after about a minute, she broke away from our embrace, I put her back on the ground, saying
"well, let's go to Sunyshore, then..." I said, unclipping gordon's and her pokeballs off my waist...
Chapter End Notes:sorry if this seemed slower in pace and production than the other chapters, I was kind of distracted by dragon age:origins..
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