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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 23 (finding her father...)

"okay, Seena" I started, lightly gripping her ball in my right hand "I'll bring you back out as soon as we touch down in Sunyshore"
"how long do you think it'll take?" she asked in response
"according to the map" I started "it's about the same distance as last time"
"well, alright then" she said, after that, I returned her to the ball, taking one last look at the town, I sighed lightly before letting Gordon out of his ball, he seemed a little shaken, looking around, he turned to me and asked
" long was I in the ball?"
"about a day, Gordon..." I responded, looking towards the sky as I clipped the two pokeballs back onto my waist
"it only felt like an hour to me..." he responded, utterly confused
"really? Well, maybe I was too harsh on pokeballs before..." I said, bringing my head back down to face him
"so...which way are we going?" he asked, I pointed towards the South-East, getting his response of, "well, alright then" he then lowered himself to the ground, continuing "okay, let's get going"
Nodding to him, I then climbed onto his back, saying "there shouldn't be any obstructions, so it should be fine to fly a little lower this time..."
"Is there anything else I should know before we depart?" he asked in response.
"Well" I started "we should be passing over Solaceon town shortly after we depart, but, that's about it"
"how long do you think it'll take to get there?" he asked, as he started ascending
"I'd say between seven and twelve minutes" I responded, looking at the receding clouds, "should be a clear night..." I thought to myself, soon after, we started moving.
Gordon was picking up his pace quickly, as we passed over Solaceon, I said "Gordon, if you look to your left now, you'll see the town, I've only been there once, myself"
"when was that?" he asked
"when I was training, I was living with Matt at the time..." I said
"that reminds me" he started "did everything turn out alright?" he asked, as I saw the the Lost Tower out of the corner of my eye, turning my head to face forward, I responded
"in the end, yes, but, Seena got injured in a fight..."
"that's no good...what's the damage?" he asked
"some grazing and bruising along her back, I'm kind of jealous actually, whenever I get in fights, it always ends with me getting cuts that become scars..." I responded, trying to make light of the situation
"anyway" he started "you should know this, the lower half of Sinnoh is the hotter half, so, be careful with Seena when you touch down..." he said, in a concerned tone
"yeah...I've been thinking of ways to stay cool, but, for now, I'm just going to let her hang onto the Ice I got from Candice..." I responded
"that seems like it'll work, but, that chunk of ice seems...unweildly" he responded, looking down, I could see another lake,
"I guess that's the one near Sunyshore Uxie told me about" I thought to myself as we passed it, looking in the distance, I could see a beach, "that seems to be route 222 up ahead, could you start bringing us down?"
"..." he didn't respond
"Gordon? is something wrong?" I asked in a worried tone
"what?" he responded, suddenly shaking slightly "no, nothing's wrong..."
"you seem a little distracted though..." I said
"heh, heh" he started, laughing nervously "why would I be distracted?"
"...I guess I'll take your word for it, anyways, could you set us down on that beach up ahead?" I responded
"well, alright then" he said, starting to descend, as we got closer to the ground I looked around and saw the two houses on the route, "so, we'll check those first" I thought to myself, as Gordon landed, I slid off his back, saying "thanks again for agreeing to this"
"that's okay, Lucas" he said, turning to face me
"I mean it, Gordon, Thank you" I said, trying to show I was serious, he blushed slightly as I said this and he responded
"it's okay, really" as he said this, he landed on the ground
"I'm leaving it up to Seena on when we'll all travel together, I think she may want it to be just the two of us, at least until after we meet Jonah..." I said, turning to face the ocean as I sat in the sand next to Gordon
"...I understand, Lucas" he started, leaning back on the sand as he continued "but, when everyone else is let out, they may be confused about how much time has passed..."
"I know, I'm trying to figure out the exact rate that time passes in the pokeballs, what's it like in there, anyway?" I asked
"what? in the ball?" he responded
"yeah, I'm curious" I said in response
"well, it's a little strange, it kind of feels like a dream, except you KNOW it's a dream..." he said, turning to me
"that does sound strange..." I responded, before unclipping his and Seena's balls from my waist
"what DO you dream about, anyway?" I asked
"...I'd rather not discuss that..." he responded, blushing
"ah, I get ya" I said, smiling, before continuing "anyway, I'll try to get you all out as soon as possible, after we meet Jonah, I'll set up a campsite outside his house"
", we'll be camping on a beach, then?" Gordon asked in response
"I guess so, yeah" I said, before asking "are you ready to go back in the ball now?"
"yeah, I guess I'll see you later, then?" he asked
"sure thing" I said, before dispersing Gordon's form into a red light, returning him to the ball, I then released Seena from her ball, while clipping Gordon's ball back to my waist
"Uhh..." Seena said, shaking herself a little, before turning to face me and saying "I'm still not used to that yet..."
"Seena" I started, while getting up "this is route 222, along the beach here, there's two houses, and there's another on route 213, Jonah lives in one of these houses, you're unbelievably close to seeing your dad"
She smiled as I said this before responding "I know, and I wouldn't have been able to do it without you, Lucas, Thank you so much"
"Save your thank you's until we get there, okay? but, for now, is there anyone else you want to accompany us?" I asked, getting her response
"I've thought about it, and it's kind of personal to me, so, not right now, no"
"well, after we meet him, I'm going to let the others out, I'll be setting up a camp outside his house, you see"
"do you think the others would want to meet him too?" Seena asked
"I'm sure they will, but, we should space it out, I don't want to overwhelm the guy..." I responded, before asking "how's the heat? do you need something for it?"
"well, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't unpleasant" Seena responded, as I set my bag down and pulled out the special ice I had recieved from candice
"well, use this, then" I said, handing it to her
"thanks, Lucas" she responded, taking the ice from my hand, I then turned to face the first house, saying
"well, let's get going"
it was a short distance to the first house, knocking on the door, a middle-aged man opened the door
"hi, are you Jonah Michaels?" I asked
"who? sorry, but I think the person you're looking for is elsewhere" the man responded
"well, thanks anyway" I said, turning to walk to the next house, before I knocked on the second door, I said "I should probably put the ring in my pocket, I don't want to give Jonah the wrong first impression" I undid the makeshift pendant, placing it into my pocket, before knocking on the next door.
A short while after I knocked, a younger man opened the door, "can I help you?" he asked
"I'm looking for a man named Jonah Michaels, do you know anything about him?" I asked in response
"hmm... no, sorry" he said, before continuing "maybe you should check at the grand lake hotel?"
"what's that?" I responded
"you don't know? well, just head west of here, you'll see it soon" he said, folding his arms
"well, thank you" I said, turning to leave
"so, it's the house on 213, then?" Seena asked, following after me
"seems that way, Seena" I responded, as we walked along the beach, soon after, I could see stairs and apartments nearby
"that must be the Grand Lake hotel, then" I said, as we continued along, the beach had ended, and we were now walking along a cement path.
"Are we going to stop there?" Seena asked
"there's no need, we know that Jonah is on Route 213"
as we ascended the stairs, I could see some Christmas decorations being set up
"oh" I started "that's right, it's december..." I said, as we walked through, along the path, which turned left, towards the main area, as we passed through, a man turned to us and asked
"have you ever been to the Grand Lake hotel before?"
"no" I started "and we're just passing through, thanks" as I said this, some automated doors opened, leading down to another beach, to the right of which was the path we had to follow.
"alright Seena" I started, as we continued down "we're close" I turned right at the water's edge, following along, I could see the house, it was small, about the same size as mine, as we continued, Seena saw it too
"so" she started, as we got even closer "this is father's house?"
"it has to be" I responded "it's the only one left..."
as I started to approach the door, Seena stopped me, saying "wait..."
"what is it, Seena?" I replied, turning back to face her
"I need to get my thoughts together first, it's kind of hard to believe we're actually here" she said, while handing the ice back to me
"alright" I started, putting the ice in my bag and pulling out Sati's letter, "don't get too excited, it's quite likely he doesn't even know he has a child yet, let me give him the letter first"
I put the letter in my pocket as I turned to the door, "are you ready, Seena?" I asked
"yes, Lucas, I am..." she replied, as I knocked on the door...
Chapter End Notes:alright, I need a small break, I've got the next chapter all in my head, I'm going to continue it tomorrow, and hopefully, post it in the next 1-2 day
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