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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 24 (meeting Seena's father, an Identity revealed)

the door slowly opened, revealing a middle-aged and somewhat stout man "...hello?" he said, in a quiet tone,
"you are Jonah Michaels, correct?" I asked in response
"y-yes..." he said, his eyes drifting down to Seena, who had a blank expression at the time
"may I come in? there's something I need you to see..." I asked
"okay..." he said, moving to let me in
"come on, Seena" I said, waving her in after me
"Seena?..." he said as she walked in after me, staying silent
when I reached the centre of the room, I saw a small picture of Jonah and Sati, he looked a lot thinner in the picture
"depression may have lead to some weight gain" I thought to myself, as I turned to face him, saying
"I have heard you can understand pokemon..."
"who...who told you that?" he responded
I pulled the letter out of my pocket, saying "read this, hopefully, it should explain..." as I said this, I handed the letter to him, I then continued "out of respect, I did not read it, myself, so, I'm really curious as to what it contains, I've held the letter for a few months now..."
"I can read it aloud, if you want" he responded, opening the letter
"that would be best" I said, sitting on the floor, before patting the ground next to me while looking at Seena, she silently complied, sitting next to me as Jonah took a seat in a chair opposite to us.
"I guess... I'll start, then" he said, holding the note in front of himself
"Jonah- this is Sati..." he paused, looking down to me, he asked "you know who Sati is?"
I nodded and said "please...continue"
"this is Sati, if you're reading this, it means I have passed on, even though our time together was short, I still cherish it dearly, I wore the ring you gave me everyday, never letting you escape my thoughts" looking up to Jonah, I said
"I know this is hard, but please, you must keep reading it" I said, through a stern expression, he had already shed a few tears from what he had read so far...
"Jonah, there's something I wished I could have told you earlier, I fell pregnant to our encounter before you left, and the Weavile sitting in front of you, is our daughter, Seena" he looked down to me and asked "is this true?"
"yes, Jonah" I said, before asking "Seena? shouldn't you say something?" she looked to me and said
"I don't know what to say...I know Ravan made him leave, but I still feel hurt that he wasn't there for me growing up..." Seena said, hanging her head
"Seena, don't be like that, Ravan would've killed him had he not left..." I said in response to this, before looking at Jonah, and continuing "Jonah, please, continue the letter"
"I left the ring to Seena before I passed, and, in turn, she gave it to the man sitting before you, his name is Lucas West, and he posesses the powers likening him to a pokemon"
he looked to me and said "it's you...isn't it?"
"I'm what?" I asked in response
"the link between pokemon and humans...that's you..." he continued
"...I guess so..." I said in response, before asking, "is there anything else in the letter?"
"yeah, there's still a fair amount left" Jonahe responded, before continuing to read
"Lucas has proven himself to be a strong and compassionate individual, he was single-handedly responsible for keeping Seena safe from those that would harm her, I speak, of course, of the one who forced you to leave..."
he looked to us and asked "so, that's Ravan, then? the one you and Seena mentioned earlier?"
I was thinking of the best way to approach this, Jonah probably wasn't the kind to just forgive such grievous actions "Jonah..." I started "I did defeat Ravan, but I'm not the kind of person to take a life, instead, I found out why he acted as he did, as it turned out, he too had a human father, but this man was not a good person, and Ravan had close-mindedly painted us all with the same brush..."
"but, I did my best to show I wasn't a bad person..." Jonah responded
"it turns out" I started "he loved Sati as well..."
"so, jealousy fueled his actions?" Jonah asked
"partially..." I responded, turning my attention to my bag, I then looked to Jonah and said "...he's trying to change..."
"change? what makes you say that?" he responded, folding his arms and taking his attention away from the note
"I caught him, originally I only planned to bring him in for medical treatment, but, that's when we talked, and I found out more about him, he's truly remorseful for his actions..." I said, once again turning to my bag
"oh god..." Jonah started, with a scared expression "he's here, isn't he?"
"yes, and he's trying to apologize for his actions" I responded, closing my eyes
"how? how could you convince him that YOU weren't a bad person?" Jonah then asked
"I guess, through kindness..." I said, through a slightly confused expression
"that couldn't possibly be all..." Jonah responded
"oh, that's right, you don't know..." I said
"know what?" he asked
I turned to Seena and said "Maybe, you'd like to tell him?"
she turned back to me and responded "well, if you think so..." before turning back to Jonah and saying "Lucas me, one of his parents is a pokemon, an Infernape, specifically"
"really?" Jonah asked, turning back to me " look completely human..."
"that's to be expected, the physical form of an offspring is taken from the female...after all" I responded, nodding slowly
"well, why does Seena seem...different?" Jonah asked
"something tells me that...there weren't as many pokemon species' originally... it was cross-breeding that eventually caused changes in appearance, and types...but that's just MY theory anyway..." I responded
"so, do you suppose that means..." Jonah started
"I'm assuming, if Seena and I were to have children of our own...they would appear more human..." I said, looking to Seena, who was blushing heavily
"Lucas..." she started softly "not in front of my dad, okay?..."
I turned back to Jonah and said "it just seems to be an evolutionary thing, these changes didn't happen until Seena evolved..."
"it's...interesting, to say the least" Jonah responded
"anyway" I started "is there anything else on the note?"
"oh!" he said, startled, before returning his attention to the note
"do not dismiss Ravan, he has shown remorse, and is trying to redeem himself..." Jonah read
"Sati knew when we would pause in the note!?" I thought to myself, through a wide-eyed expression
"Lucas has shown kindness to many that would be only strangers and enemies otherwise, there is something special about him, that even he does not know of, but he will learn in time..." he read
I stayed silent, I suppose this was to be expected.
"my only regret, is that we couldn't have more time together, but remember, I'll always love you, no matter what -Sati"
I remained silent, giving Jonah a minute for it to sink in...
"that was...beautiful..." he said, wiping a tear away from his cheek, before continuing "it's just, so hard to believe that she's gone..."
"I've made sure that she won't be forgotten, Jonah" I started "there's a grave you should visit outside Snowpoint..."
bringing his head up to face me, he responded "I will, Lucas, I will, but, you've done so much for my family, I must know, is there anything I can do in return?"
I thought about this for a moment, before deciding "you too, can understand pokemon, and I've learnt that deep affection between pokemon and humans is more common than we previously thought, I ask you, use your gift, convey their messages, let what was unheard BE heard..."
"well, that's all well and good, but, what if people ask me about this ability, I don't even know why I can understand pokemon, to my knowledge, I was born with this gift..." Jonah said in response
"I have a thought" I responded "it's kind of deep, you may want to write it down..."
turning to his desk, Jonah pulled out a notepad and a pen, before asking "okay, what is it?"
folding my arms, I continued "we all tread different paths in life, and we've left our mark, and marks have been left on us, our feet show how we follow our path, and how long we have travelled it..."
writing it down, Jonah asked "so, I should tell people this when they ask about my ability?"
"I guess so, kinda sounds like you deal in foot-creams, though..." I said, chuckling lightly
"well, as long as they believe it has a deeper meaning, I guess it should be fine..." he responded, before asking "is there anything else?"
"what do you mean?" I responded
"is there anything else I can do for you?" he asked, folding his arms
"well" I started "I suppose, having your blessing would be nice"
he paused at this, he then asked "how long have you two been together like this?"
"well" I started "I met Seena about five months ago, and I suppose you could say, we got together three weeks after that"
"really...that long, huh?" he asked, turning to Seena.
"it's true, but I kind of...decided he was the one since the first day we met"
"what changed?" Jonah asked
"I did" I responded, as he turned to look at me, "I awakened these powers, and I could understand what Seena, among other pokemon, said to me...and she told me how she felt...and we've been together since..."
"I'd be happy to give my blessing, as long as you continue to treat my daughter with kindness..." Jonah said, smiling slightly
"I'll certainly do my best" I started, getting up "but, for now, I'm going to set up a campsite outside, if you wish to talk to the other pokemon with me, just come out, or, if you wish, I could send Ravan in, if there's any trouble, just yell, I'll be in, in a second"
"well, actually, I was hoping to talk to Seena a bit first" he started "I was hoping to learn more about what happened after I had to leave..."
"alright then" I said, "tell me, Pastoria city is right nearby, correct?"
Jonah nodded and responded "yeah, it's just around the corner, why do you ask?"
"well, I was hoping to get some more supplies" I said, before continuing "I'm gonna leave the others outside here though..." after this I started to the door, being met with Seena's response
"I can't thank you enough for this Lucas..."
turning back to her, I smiled and responded "it's what I do Seena..."
Chapter End Notes:there you go, if you weren't aware, now you are, Jonah Michaels is Dr. Footprint..
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