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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 25 (new ideas and figures of the past)

I then turned back to the door, saying "I'll be back soon..." as I opened the door, I heard
"where's the ring?", I turned back to face Jonah and responded,
"I had it in my pocket, I didn't want you to see it without context, I didn't want you thinking that I stole it, or that I did something to Sati" as I said this, I pulled it out of my pocket and placed it back around my neck,
"well, thank you for thinking ahead, then" Jonah said, I then remembered a question I had meant to ask
"do you know of any tailors around here?" I asked, as I had a new idea for a garment, one in mind for Seena...
"there IS one in Pastoria, he's a little...eccentric at times, though" Jonah responded
"ah, that should be fine" I responded, as I turned back to the door, closing it behind me, I put my bag on the ground, pulling out and releasing everyone, after their collective daze passed, I said "alright, guys, it's been about a day and a half since you were put in the balls"
Tira looked back at me and responded "that long? it sure didn't feel that long"
"Gordon informed me that time appears to pass quicker while you're in the balls" I responded, getting a small nod in response from him as I said it, turning to Ravan, I said "behind me is Jonah's house, don't go in there yet, he's not ready to see you, but, I have told him you've changed, when I get back, and when Seena comes back out, I'll see if he's ready then"
"oh, well, if you think that's best" he responded, and I quickly answered back
"I do, but, for now, I'm going into the city"
Garudan turned to me and asked "what are we going to do tonight? camp on this beach?"
"well" I started "that's the plan, I'm going to need you to work together to get some things set up while I'm gone"
Julian turned his attention from Terry to ask "what would you have us do?"
"I need everyone to set up their own placings in a circular area around here" I started, marking a small circle in the sand, before continuing, "when I get back, I'll set up a fire pit here" I said, as I started walking up towards the grassy area east of Pastoria.
"how long do you think you'll be?" I heard Eliza asking, turning back, I responded
"hopefully, not long, but, I also have something I have to do tonight..."
"what's that?" she responded
"I shouldn't say, but, trust me, it's important" I responded, thinking about the lake.
"anyway" I continued "I'm gonna have to go now, if I hope to be back by nightfall" I said, looking at the afternoon sky, the sun was already starting to set in the distance, I then continued "I'll try to be back soon..."
after that, I headed off to Pastoria city with my goals in mind, walking through the grass just out of sight of the others, I sighed lightly as I felt a cool breeze roll in, then seeing a checkpoint up ahead, I knew it would let me into the City, there were a lot of trees around, which I liked, but it also meant there were likely many pokemon nearby, this wouldn't be a problem, however.
As I came up to the checkpoint, I walked through, saying hello to the officer stationed there, being met with a friendly response, as I entered the city, I decided to first find this tailor, I could see a house up ahead, and promptly decided I would start there, as I reached the house, I knocked on the door, which suddenly flung open, making me almost fall back in surprise
"yes, yes, hello!" the young man said, waving me inside
"that's quite alright" I responded, waving away at his offer, before continuing "I'm looking for a tailor, that's all"
"well, what luck you have!" he responded, before continuing "what did you need?"
I was pretty surprised by this, I was honestly expecting a longer search... "well" I started "I had an idea for a garment I wanted someone to put into practice"
"really? in that case, I think you should come inside" he responded, before once again waving me inside, I walked inside, looking around as I walked in, I saw a lot of scrap paper around the floor
"what's all this?" I asked, pointing to the paper
"oh, this?" he asked, picking up some of the sheets "these are ideas I had for new garments, none of them are any good though..." he said, before tearing the paper to pieces, scattering the shreds on the floor, he then turned his attention to me and continued "I've been trying to come up with an idea for something that would sell, something good for the season"
"well" I started in response "maybe my idea could be just what you're looking for"
"don't get too far ahead of yourself, but still, tell me" he said in response
"alright" I started, placing my bag on the ground, pulling out the ice I got from Candice "my idea..." I continued, holding the ice out to him "is this..."
"ice?" he asked, furrowing his brow
"not just any ice" I started "this stuff never melts"
"what!?" he shouted, surprising me
"using this..." I started "I had an idea of a scarf, that had some small pieces of this ice inlaid in it's weaving, allowing it to be a scarf that COOLS the wearer, instead of keeping them warm"
"how delightfully absurd" he said in response
"do you think you could make one?" I asked
"I will do this for you, I won't ask for any money, because you have just given me more ideas, tell me, WHERE did you get such an interesting item?" he said in response, studying the ice closely
"I got it in Snowpoint City, from the Gymleader, specifically"
"I'll have to remember that" he said, before asking "I could probably make multiple scarves using this, would you permit me to use a small amount for one, myself?"
"only if there's still some ice left over for me to take back" I said in response
he turned to his desk, drawing up plans for this new garment, muttering softly "I could use other things, like a fire stone, as well..."
"so, how long do you think you'd take?" I asked
"come back tomorrow, I'm not making any promises, but I hope to have them done by then" he said, pulling out a small hammer and nail, chipping some of the ice off
"very well, I guess I'll come back at about noon then" I said, taking my bag and leaving, as I left, I could hear him say
"that girl in Veilstone will love this...", paying him no mind, I closed the door behind myself, leaving him to his work, I had a feeling I could talk to the Gym Leader here now, with the time I had saved by not having to look for this tailor, "I may as well..." I thought to myself, as I could see the Gym in the distance, I passed by a building referencing a 'Great Marsh', whatever that was...
as I reached the Gym, the doors slid open, revealing a large area filled with water and tiles
"well, the types used here seem...obvious..." I thought to myself as I turned to the nearest trainer "hey" I said, getting their attention
"oh, hey" the man dressed as, what appeared to be a sailor responded "sorry, but trainer challenges are over for the day, if you want, you can stay a the pokemon centre until tomorrow..." he continued, folding his arms
"...did it end very recently?" I asked, curious about the fact that everyone was still there
"yeah, they end at 4 p.m." he said, as he started to pack up
"well, in that case, I'm actually not a trainer" I started, looking over to the far end of the Gym, before continuing "I was just hoping to talk to Wake"
"he'll be over soon, he's just finalizing some numbers, he needs to know approximately how many badges he'll need for tomorrow" the trainer responded
"well, I'll wait then" I said, leaning on the wall, before asking "so, how were the trainers today?"
"it was...interesting, to say the least" he responded
"what do you mean?" I asked
"there were some rare pokemon fighting today, like a Garchomp" he said
"wait, those are rare?" I asked, in surprise
"yeah, they were almost believed not to exist for a while..." he answered, raising an eyebrow
"I wanted to ask, have you heard of Team Galactic?" I asked, wondering about their presence nearby
"uhh...I'm so sick of them, they keep coming through here, asking people if they want to join them, they sound like a cult, it's crazy..." he responded, irritated.
"I've only seen one of them, and I hate them..." I responded, folding my arms and furrowing my brow
"wait 'til you see a bunch of them at once" he said, mirroring my actions
"I don't know if I'd be able to hold back..." I said, smiling a little
"in that case, give 'em a good smack for me 'eh?" he responded, smiling
"I'll be sure to keep that in mind" I responded, as I saw Wake walking over "well, there's Wake, maybe I'll talk to you later?" I said
"yeah..." he responded, as he started to leave "I gotta go, too"
"see you later, I guess" I said, as he left the Gym, I then turned to Wake and said "hey"
"hey there, guy" he said, as he walked up to me
"we've never met" I started "but, maybe Maylene has mentioned me, I'm Lucas" I said, holding out my hand
"so, you're the reason she's been in such good spirits lately" Wake responded, smiling, as he grabbed my hand, shaking it vigorously, after he let go, he said "come on outside, I need to close up the Gym..."
we exited the Gym, along with a few other trainers, after we were all out, Wake locked the doors, before sitting on the grass beside it, "sit down" he said, patting the grass, I complied, sitting opposite him on the grass, almost as soon as I sat down, Wake continued,
"Maylene's like a kid sister to me, it's good to see her happy" this confused me,
"did Maylene...explain WHY she's happy?" I asked, becoming somewhat uneasy
"well, she said that you told her that she'll be able to understand pokemon soon..." he said, this came as a relief to me.
"well, it's true, she may be able to fight like one, too..." I responded, before asking "you train physically as well, if I'm not mistaken?"
"yeah, why do you ask?" he responded
"my gift spreads, it's affecting everyone I come in contact with" I explained
"so, I'll be able to, as well?" he asked
"yeah" I said, before asking "I have a friend who said she lived here for a while, something about a home near the Gym"
"A...friend?" Wake asked
"an Ursaring, do you remember?"
"oh, her!" he exclaimed "what about her?"
"she may be coming back here..." I said
"huh, maybe I'll be able to continue our sparring" he said, smiling slightly
"yeah...she'd probably be bringing a Machoke with her" I said, sighing
"well, that's even better! why are you acting like that?" he said, before raising an eyebrow
"I'm just curious, did you ever...feel anything for her?" as I asked this, I leaned back supporting myself by my hands
"n-no...why would you think that?" wake responded, furrowing his brow
"I won't judge..." I said, looking up to the sky before continuing, "I guess Maylene didn't tell you about Seena, then"
"...Seena?" he asked
"a Weavile, I'm travelling with her at the moment, and I love her..." I responded, smiling
"the answer is still no, I didn't feel anything for her, she became a friend, but that's all" he responded
"that's a relief" I said, sighing
"why's that?" he asked
"I don't want to cause MORE conflict"
"...what do you mean?..." Wake asked, confused
I sighed and responded "she was waiting for me...and I didn't even know..."
"so..." he started "I'm guessing you two have some history, then"
"I lived with her for four years, she became like a sister to me, but clearly, she saw me as more than that..." I responded
"sounds pretty bad, is everything okay?" he asked in response
"yeah, things are better now, I've dropped hints to her and the Machoke, hopefully, they'll get it" I responded
"so, THAT'S why you asked?" Wake replied, through a somewhat relieved expression
"yeah" I said simply, before getting up and saying "'ll be able to hear them soon..."
"that was...creepy" Wake responded
"oh, well, I'm just saying, you'll understand what pokemon say soon, that's all" I said, before turning and asking "anyway, will the home still be avaliable to the bear when she comes here-IF she comes here?"
"yeah, it's in an area just west of the Gym, it's like a secret place, people don't even know it's there" Wake said, before asking "where are you going?"
"in the long run, Oreburgh, but, right now, the Pokemart" I said, before walking off slowly
"well, see ya' then" Wake said, I turned back and waved at him as I made my way to the Pokemart

(Seena's P.O.V.)
Lucas turned back to us and said "it's what I do Seena..." while smiling, he then turned back and left the house, after the door closed, Jonah asked
"why are you bandaged?" while looking concerned
"it's nothing, really" I said "it's only some grazing..." I continued, trying to end the questions, I didn't want him thinking that Lucas was in some way responsible for this.
"tell me, Seena, how did you meet Lucas?" he then asked, looking at me expectantly
"he came by, around an hour after Sati had passed, the first thing he did was take down the one who was responsible, he's special, he's done so much for me, and for the others outside, he may have saved my life that day..." I responded, looking to the door
"who was responsible?" he asked
"a man claiming to be a member of Team Galactic..." I responded, looking down
"Team Galactic... I should've known they were bad..." he said, before I cut him off
"that's not the worst part, he came back, and tried to kill Lucas..." I said, getting his surprised response
"what happened then?"
"he used a Gyarados, an Abomasnow, and a Garchomp, the Gyarados got Lucas, badly..." I responded
"how badly?"
"A deep gash in his back, AND heavy bruising, Lucas couldn't see it, but I could, and it was horrible" I responded, I really didn't want to think about that, I could remember it vividly though...
"but, he seems fine, now" Jonah responded
"he didn't know how bad it truly was, nor could he really feel it, I'm guessing" I said
"it sounds really bad" Jonah responded
"I want to just forget about it, but I can't, two very important things happened that day..." I said, smiling slightly
"and, what were those?" Jonah asked
"the first was Lucas awakening his latent abilities, and the second...was me telling him how I truly felt" I replied, thinking about our first shared moment
"do you think it was a good idea to tell him on the same day?" Jonah asked, through a worried expression
"I was scared" I started "scared I would lose him..."
"what happened then?" he asked
"Lucas told me, as it turned out, he felt the same..." I responded, finding myself longing for the warmth of his embrace...
"how long did you know each other when this happened?" he asked
"about three weeks" I responded, sounding somewhat sad
"what's wrong?" Jonah asked, noticing the change in tone
"...I feel like I could never repay him for everything he's done..." I said, looking down
"I'm sure he isn't asking you to repay this, Seena" he responded, attempting to cheer me up
I sighed lightly, before responding "I know, but, I just feel there's SOMETHING I could be doing for him..."
Jonah paused, before asking "tell me about Lucas, I need to know, WHO is he?"
"well" I started "I guess I should say the most important part first, he's...never met his parents..."
"maybe that's why you feel you owe him so much..." Jonah responded
"what do you mean?" I asked, I could guess what he meant, though
"he helped you find me, your father, while he, himself, never knew either of his parents" Jonah responded
"I think I feel this way" I started "because, I know something important, but I promised not to tell Lucas..." I said, sighing again
"...what do you know?" Jonah asked, pausing
"you can't tell him, do you understand?" I said, through a stern expression
"I know, Seena" he responded, nodding
"well, alright then" I started, pausing "...his parents are still around..."
"what!? why haven't they tried to contact him?" Jonah responded
"Terese told me it was out of shame..." I responded, sighing lightly
"well, I guess we shouldn't dwell on this, what else do you know?" Jonah asked, resting his arms on his legs
"well, he's lived with pokemon since he was seven" I continued
"really?...I guess that would explain why he treats pokemon differently..." he responded, looking down
"he's befriended all of his would-be attackers, at least, all the ones I know of..." I said, looking to the door
"who hasn't he told me about?" Jonah asked, becoming nervous
"Ravan's out there, so is the Garchomp, the Abomasnow and Gyarados are back in Snowpoint, and then, there's a Skuntank and Purugly..."
"a Skuntank and Purugly?" he asked, I dreaded telling him this
"they were...the ones unfortunate enough to be used as tools by that Team Galactic member" I said, hoping he would understand
"are you suggesting-" he started, before I cut him off
"yes... I am..." I started "they don't need you reminding them of this, they have a family now, and...that's how the Galactic member made them do his bidding, he threatened the life of the Purugly, a Glameow at the time, who was carrying the Skuntank, who was a stunky's children..."
"so..." Jonah started, I cut him off again
"it was one life...or three..." I responded, sadly
"I'm sorry to hear that..." Jonah said, as I continued
"and it's had lasting effects too, their son...appears to have been affected by this, he...changes..."
"changes?" Jonah asked
"he shifts between two personalities..." I responded
"maybe I should take a look at him..." Jonah said, rubbing his chin
"I think Lucas is trying to find his trigger for shifting at the moment" I responded, turning back to Jonah
"is there anyone else out there?" Jonah asked
"well, two of the three children of the Skuntank and Purugly are out there-" I started, before being cut off
"two of three?..." Jonah asked
"one elected to stay in Snowpoint, she's living with the Abomasnow, who has his own family... aside from them, there's a Golbat, and an Eevee"
"so, there's nine of you?"
"ten of us" I started "including Lucas, that is"
"but...isn't the limit six?" Jonah asked
"for a trainer, maybe..." I responded, standing up and stretching my legs, I then continued "I think were done for now, I'm gonna go outside and see what everyone else is doing"
"I guess...I'll talk to you later, then?" Jonah asked
"why don't you come out? I'm sure the others would like to meet you" I asked in response
"I...can't I'm not ready to face Ravan yet..." Jonah responded
"he'll still want to see you, you know..." I responded
"I need to think about it, first" he responded, before saying "I'm sorry, Seena..."
"there's no need to apologize, I understand" I responded, before continuing "I'm...gonna go, is there anything else you wanted, or anyone else you wanted to meet?"
"no, no, I'll tell you if I change my mind on this, though" Jonah responded, folding his arms
"alright then, I'll talk to you at least once more before Lucas and I continue on..." I said, slowly making my way to the door
"wait" he started, getting me to turn back to face him "where are you going from here?"
"we have some business in Oreburgh, so, there, probably" I responded
"well, I'm glad you came to visit, in any case" he responded, smiling slightly
"I'm glad" I responded, smiling before turning back to the door...
Chapter End Notes:okay, and I think this chapter brings me over 100,000 words...
Edit: nope, about 70 words off, well, I guess next chapter will be special, then..
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