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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 26 (Tira's speech, a reference to times past?)

(Seena's P.O.V)
opening the door, I saw everyone else setting up a small ring of sleeping areas, I could see the dwindling sunlight reflecting off the horizon from the sea, it was truly a sight to behold, and one I had not seen before...I stared out into the sea, admiring this new sight for what felt like hours, until I noticed Tira walking up to me out of my peripheral,
"are you okay, Seena?" she asked, as she came closer, I turned to face her and responded
"yeah...I've just never seen the sunset like this before..." as I turned back to face the sea, she sat in the sand next to me and asked
"it's beautiful, isn't it?"
"yeah..." I responded, smiling, before sitting in the sand, it felt strange, more coarse than snow, but not as much as gravel
"this is your first time at a beach, isn't it?" Tira asked, turning to face me
"it's nice, but, I can't say I prefer it to the snow..." I said, running my fingers through the sand, while turning to face Tira
"I've been to a beach before..." she started, shrugging slightly "I think it was this one, it's been a while though..."
"how long ago, do you think?" I asked, realising I may be able to get some details of Tira's past from her
"well, I hadn't met the Stunky now known as Julian yet, and I met him when I was pretty young, does that clear anything up?" she asked
"not really, I don't even know how old you are..." I responded, leaning back and turning my attention to the clouds, which had become pink in the light of the sunset.
"well" she started, chuckling lightly "you're not getting THAT out of me, I'd prefer to keep you guessing..."
"that's hardly fair..." I responded, pouting slightly, before continuing "you know how old I am"
"yeah, well, maybe I'm just better at pressing for information than you" Tira responded, smiling slyly
"I COULD just ask Julian, you know..." I responded, sighing lightly
"not possible, I haven't even told HIM" she responded, shaking her head.
"'re unbelievable, you know that?" I said, smiling, as I let myself fall onto my back
"and YOU'RE naive..." she responded, turning her body around so her head was in line with my own, tilting my head further back, I could see Ravan approaching us
"are you two about done?" he asked, as he walked up to us, before continuing "is Jonah willing to see me?"
"I asked him" I started, bringing my head back down so I was focusing on the clouds, before continuing "he's not ready to see you yet, he may need a while..."
"yeah" Ravan started "I figured that would be the case..." he continued, as he turned to face the house
"we'll probably see him again soon anyway" I responded, resting my head on my hands
"I've been thinking about it" he started, as I saw the sky deepen in hue "I'm gonna stay here"
sitting up, I turned to Ravan and responded "I know Lucas may be okay with it, but, wouldn't the climate shift be, at least, uncomfortable?"
"I don't care about that" he responded, shaking his head "I at least owe Jonah this much, I'm going to stay until he's ready to talk to me"
"I won't stop you" I started, turning my attention skyward once more, before continuing "but please, think about this first"
"I have been, Seena, I've been thinking about it since I heard about us coming here..." he responded
"I mean, think about what you're going to do afterwards..." I said, looking out to the dwindling sun
"Julian and Lucas both know, I'm going to travel, myself, if we should run into each other again, I have requested a rematch with Lucas, to which he agreed" he said, getting my surprised response
"are you sure you should fight Lucas again? from what I've seen, his last fight resolved without him being hit even once..." I responded, thinking back to Snowpoint temple
"I'm going to be training too, Seena, besides, we're not going to try to kill each other..." he said, shrugging
"well, in that case, just be careful" I said, before being suddenly alerted to Lucas's presence by Jacob shouting happily, turning to Tira, I asked
"why do you think Jacob and Jackie are so different, anyway?" Ravan took this as as sign that our conversation was over, so he headed back to the group
"honestly? I have no clue, it seems strange for twins, doesn't it?" she responded
"different is putting it lightly" I started, turning to watch Lucas walking over to everyone, before I continued "they're complete opposites"
"yeah...maybe it's something we don't need to know" Tira responded, as she got up and started back to the group herself, I got up and followed her lead, as Lucas turned to face Tira and I as we came back
"hey, you two" he said as we joined up with everyine else, he then turned to me and asked "is everything okay?"
"yeah, I've just been thinking about Jacob and Jackie" I responded, giving a confused look
"I've got a theory about Jacob" he responded, whispering, "I'll tell you later tonight" he then placed his bag in the grass, as he continued "okay, is everyone set up?" he looked at the site, as it was slowly coming together, there was a set place in the centre for a small fire, to his request, "I mainly just wanted to know where everyone else would be sleeping" he said, looking to the small spots in which the others had pulled together things like leaves and, in some cases, sand and rocks, it seemed pretty obvious who was using the rocks though, given his types, I hadn't seen Garudan for extended periods of time before, but he really seemed to set himself apart.
There was a low-hanging brach on a tree behind Jonah's house which had been marked, I had to assume that was where Gordon would be sleeping, looking back to Lucas, he set down a bedroll in an open area, before saying "I'm gonna gather some stones and firewood, when I get back, I'll dig out the area and set up the fire" he then proceeded to the trees behind Jonah's house, after pulling a small hatchet from his bag, after he had disappeared from view, I looked over to his bedroll and started setting up my own sleeping area next to it...

(lucas's P.O.V.)
I pulled a small hatchet from my bag, I knew what I would have to do, I had watched a program about camping before, not to mention I had practiced a while back, sleeping on the outskirts of Celestic town.
I headed into the area thick with trees, I knew what to be aware of, spotting where wild pokemon were inhabiting was pretty simple, before hacking into any trees, I would search for markings denoting ground-dwelling pokemon using it, or search the branches for any nesting, luckily, it was around winter, so bird-type pokemon wouldn't be nesting for a while yet, but I still didn't want to take any chances, so I would look for trees that looked rether flimsy, ones that would normally be avoided by wild pokemon, it would also be easier to collect the wood of said trees, the downside of this was, I would need to cut down more of the trees themselves, spotting a small patch of thinner trees, I came to the conclusion that something must've been wrong with the soil in this area, but still, I took my hatchet in hand, stripping the trees of branches first, I would need kindling anyway.
After I had stripped two of the five smaller trees, I started cutting into the trunk of the first one, getting a dull *thunk* in response "well, at least it isn't hollow..." I thought to myself as I continued my work...
A little while later, I had cut down both of the trees, so I headed back to the campsite with the wood, taking note of any stones nearby, there were very few near the trees, "no matter" I thought to myself "there seemed to be an area in front of Jonah's house that looked abundant with rocks..." when I reached the site, I saw Seena had set up her sleeping are next to mine, it didn't exactly surpise me, smiling slightly, I placed the wood in the centre area where I would start the fire, before saying "I still need to get some stones" as I said this, I placed the hatchet back in my bag and walked over to the rocky area in front of Jonah's house, I saw a large amount of small stones littering the area "perfect" I thought to myself, as I started gathering some together.
After I had gathered a significant amount, I carried them the short distance back to the campsite, placing them next to the wood
"you know..." Ravan started "you could have asked us for help"
"it's no problem" I responded "really" I continued, as I started to dig out the area, only so that the fire wouldn't touch the grass, after I had removed the grass from the area, I circled it with the stones, and lined the base with smaller sections of the main pieces of wood, I placed a main log on top of the wood, before covering THAT, in kindling.
"Alright" I started "you guys may want to step back" I then thought to myself "maybe I could light it using the preparation to a fire punch..." while I was thinking this, I ignited my arm, almost sub-conciously "okay..." I said out loud, while bringing my arm closer to the wood, I let some of the emanating flames touch the kindling, I then thought to myself "what if this isn't even a real flame? what if it's just an illusion?" my thoughts ceased when I felt the temperature pick up, as some of the kindling had ignited, reeling back, to avoid burning, I then dispersed the flame from my arm, before moving back to my bag...
I spent the next hour showing the others how to prepare certain aspects of meals, I showed them rice first, as it was one of the most basic, and commonly used ingredients, after that, I showed them preparation and cooking of red meats, before creating a sauce for it, I used some plastic bowls that I had bought earlier to serve it up, they were cheap, so I didn't mind just throwing them out afterwards...
another hour had passed, and everyone had finished, I decided it was time for me to go and see the guardian of the lake, "alright everyone" I started, getting their attention, "I'm gonna go, I'll be back soon hopefully..." as I continued, I stood up, and started towards the Grand Lake hotel
"wait, why are you going?" Seena asked, I turned back to her and responded
"it's something I have to do, but I'll tell you when I get back, okay?"
"well, alright, then..." Seena responded, with a worried expression
"Seena, I'll be fine, I promise..." I said to comfort her, I watched her expression change from one of worry, to one of relief as she replied
"okay, Lucas..."
"alright" I started, turning back to face the path ahead "I'll try to be back soon" as I said this, I started walking towards the beach...
it was about eight at night, so I didn't expect anyone to be outside, so it was a pretty quiet walk through the Grand Lake hotel, they had, what seemed to be, a restaurant that was still seating people, I could see silhouettes through the curtained windows as I passed, I soon saw the entrance through to the lake, similar to the one at Lake Acuity, passing through, I suddenly felt as though I was being watched "I guess it's just the presence of the guardian" I thought to myself as I looked towards the cave situated in the middle of the lake, I would have preferred not to have to swim across, so I attempted to call out to the Guardian
"Azelf? Mesprit? Your sister sent me..." I waited for a that didn't come, "very well" I said out loud, as I sat down and removed my shoes, before jumping into the lake and making my way across, it wasn't as large as Lake Acuity, but it was still pretty big, it took me a couple of minutes to reach the centre, I then climbed out of the water, soaked, looking down, I decided to ignite my limbs, to quicken the drying process, I imagined I would've looked quite a sight, both arms and legs appearing to be on fire...
I walked into the cave and repeated my statement, this time getting the response
"I didn't respond earlier, because I had to test your will and resolve..." the voice sounded Male, so I assumed this would be Uxie's brother, I suddenly thought to myself "swimming across a lake isn't much of a test..."
"would you prefer another?..." the voice responded
"it's not that" I responded, shaking my head, before continuing "it just doesn't seem relevant..."
"I suppose I should say that the true test is me reading your mental responses then..." the voice responded, as a small figure, similar to Uxie appeared "I had to know WHY you were here" he looked over me and said, "you look...impressive, to say the least..."
"what do you- oh" I responded, realizing he must have meant my limbs, still ablaze, I dispersed the flames, and steam started trailing from my body, I then continued "I am merely here to deliver a message from Uxie"
the small blue figure turned away before continuing "I wish I could believe you, I really do, but I'm going to need the password first..."
I gave a stern look and said "...ingenuity..."
"that one? that means-" he started, before I cut him off
"she wishes to re-establish the mental link with you..." I said, getting his response
"very well, I shall leave for Lake Acuity soon" which got my confused response
"wait, if you KNEW the mental link was cut, why didn't you contact the others on your own?"
"this is the only reason we can leave the lakes, we need to know beforehand that this was or wasn't intentional" he responded, floating back to me
"...has this happened before?" I asked
"yes... it seems to happen once about every eighty years, I have an idea why it's happening, too" he responded, nodding slightly
"...why?" I asked, hesitantly.
"I think it's Arceus, it's doing something that requires energy from all of it's children... we can't keep our mental link established during this process..." he said, rubbing his head slowly
"when did this happen last?" I asked, becoming more and more interested in this concept...
"about forty years ago..." he responded, lowering himself to the ground
"why do you think Uxie waited so long?" I asked, shocked at this information
"when you are eternal... time seems to pass much faster..." he responded "I have seen the world take form, and split... I am Azelf, being of willpower..."
"Uxie asked me to tell you something as well" I said, getting his response
"what is it?"
"she said, when Team Galactic comes...she said, not to resist..." he seemed shocked by this
"why would she ask such a thing from me, I KNOW who they are, and what they're planning..." he responded, taking a somewhat angry tone
"I don't understand why, myself. She told me I can't defeat them either..." I responded, looking down
"you are strong, child, I don't understand...I must speak to Uxie at once..." he responded
"wait" I started "before you go, could you teleport me to the edge of the lake?" I asked, getting his response
"you are travelling Sinnoh, for our sakes as well, who would I be to deny a simple request like that?" he responded, as his eyes suddenly started glowing a bright blue, before continuing "reach Mesprit as soon as you can, she needs to know this, too..."
"I'll try, Azelf" I responded, as I suddenly felt my very being shift, almost lke a twisting of reality, a flash of darkness, and I was there, at the edge of the lake, I looked above the cave, and could barely see Azelf, I coudn't make out his form, but I saw a trail of blue light following him, as he started towards Snowpoint, I looked down, still seeing that I was pretty wet, I decided I would wait until I got back, I wouldn't want to worry anyone, by making them see me like THAT out of context...
I picked up my shoes and headed back towards Jonah's house, after I left the lake, what Azelf said earlier rang through my mind
"I have seen the world take form, and split..."
"Split?" I thought to myself as I made my way through the Grand Lake hotel, looking skyward, I saw a small group of Zubat flying overhead, I watched them flying for a little while, while I made my way through the Grand Lake hotel, I brought my sight back to ground level when I nearly tripped on the stairs, I continued down through the main foyer, saying hello to the guard there, they appeared to be a night-shift worker, they weren't there before, paying it no mind, I continued through to the beach, heading right, towards Jonah's house, I could already see the soft glow of the campfire, a cool breeze rolled by, causing me to shiver, looking down, my clothes were still soaked, normally, this wouldn't be a problem, but now, I was no longer alone, and it wouldn't be fair to just return everyone to their balls whenever I felt like it...
Sighing lightly, I continued towards the camp site, and when I saw Jonah's house, I could make out Seena in the darkness nearby...

(Seena's P.O.V)
soon after Lucas left, I went back to the waters edge, I could find myself becoming restless, I was still worried about him, clearly, Tira could see this, as she made her way over to me and said
"he'll be fine, I've known him just as long as you have, and I know he only promises things he KNOWS he can deliver..."
"I know Tira..." I said, in a strained tone
"so..." she started "it's something else, isn't it?"
"what do you mean?" I asked, utterly confused
"I have to assume it's something to do with the fact that you two won't have the privacy of your own room anywore..." she responded, smiling a little
"no!'s not like that" I responded, shocked at what I thought she meant...
"how many times?..." she asked, vaguely
"how may times what?-" I responded, being cut off
"you know what I'm talking about, you're not THAT naive, are you?" the look on her face said everything she didn't... I knew if I didn't tell her, she wouldn't let up...
"...three times..." I said, begrudgingly answering her question
"and you've been together for five months now?" she asked
"actually, it would be closer to four months, we only got 'together' three weeks after we met..." I answered, before being cut off
"I'm still counting it, I'm sure you felt some 'tension' before then..." she responded
"...I don't want to talk about this..." I said, in a worried tone, while looking away
"...I can get you and Lucas some privacy, if you want, that is..." Tira responded, looking back to the group
"what makes you think you can do that?" I asked, becoming dubious of her claim
"if you don't tell someone your age, they'll assume you're older than them, is that not true?" Tira started "I hold that over everyone else, so I'm pretty sure they'll listen to me, also, I'm pretty authoritive, if that wasn't already clear..." she continued, smiling
"I don't want the others thinking that something is up..." I said, embarassed
"I'm going to take the others for a walk, I don't think they'll object" she responded
"...why are you doing this?..." I asked
"I have three reasons, firstly, you did it for me, secondly, I owe Lucas a lot, he saved my family from a life under Team Galactic, and I never wanted my children being controlled by them...and third...three times over five months, that isn't healthy in a need this, both of you..." she responded, I was taken back at this
"how do you know all this?" I asked, somewhat shocked
"you'd be surprised what those galactic grunts leave on back at their bases..." Tira said, smiling
"well, thank you" I started "but, when are you going to leave?"
"I'll organise it now, and I'll take them when Lucas comes back...I'll just tell them that you wanted to talk to your father again, and Lucas needs to be here to watch the campsite in the mean-time..." she responded
"do you really expect us to...out here, I mean..." I started, nervously
"don't deny it, I'm sure you've thought of it, and do you think Lucas would feel about this?" she asked, she was right, I had been thinking about it, I was prepared to make a move when we next had a moment of privacy, and now, Tira was giving me that opportunity, but Lucas...what would he think of this?
"I...don't know..." I responded, he never really talked about anything like that, at least, not often anyway...
"does he not tell you if he wishes to?" she asked, closing her eyes
"not that I can" I responded, before thinking "he ony seems to want to...when I want to..."
"Tira..." I started "am I just using him?..."
"Don't think like that, Seena, I'm sure Lucas would object to that view, too..." she started, frowning slightly "look, I'm going to try and give you two an hour, from the sounds of it, you may need to talk..."
"that may be all we end up doing, Tira" I responded, unsure of what to expect
"even so" Tira started in response "something tells me the others want to take a look around anyway..." as she said this, she turned to face the others, over at the camp site
"thanks for doing this, Tira" I said, smiling
"remember... it's not where you are that matters, it's who you're with..." Tira said, before starting to make her way back to the others, I continued to just sit there, at the water's edge, thinking about my conversation with Tira, but, at least, I wasn't as worried about Lucas anymore

(Lucas's P.O.V.)
"...Seena?..." I asked, unsure if the figure in the darkness truly was her, I saw the figure's head turn towards me, then I saw her familiar eyes looking back at me,
"hey..." she responded,
I came closer, saying "Seena, I think I should let you in on why I left"
"it's okay, Lucas" she responded, standing up
"well, it was important that I actually do it..." I said
"what was it?" Seena asked, suddenly becoming curious
"I met Uxie's brother..." I said, looking towards the others
"oh...why?" she then asked, in a suprised tone
"Uxie requested that I seek out her siblings, and deliver a message"
"oh...I guess that explains why your clothes are so wet..." she said, smiling slightly
"yeah, I swam across the lake..." I said, sighing
"well, Tira is going to take the others for a walk, it's just going to be the two of us at the campsite for a while, if you need to dry your clothes, or change, that would be the best time" she responded, blushing lightly
"so" I started, turning my head to face the others, currently a considerable distance away, "should we head back to the others?"
"I guess so" Seena responded, coming closer, putting her arm around my waist, she shivered slightly as I was wet to the touch at the moment, I responded by resting my hand on her shoulder, as we started back to the campsite, on the way, I asked "why were you over here, anyway?"
"I just wanted to think in private..." Seena responded, walking alongside me, when we reached the others, Tira looked to me and asked
"what did you do, Lucas? you're soaked!"
"I swam in a lake, Tira, because I had to..." I responded, taking my hand off of Seena's shoulder "you may want to step back" I said to Seena, she complied, taking a couple of steps back from me, I ignited one of my hands and started hovering it over the front of my shirt
"...a lake? do you mean you were-" Tira started, as I cut her off
"yes Tira...I saw Azelf" I responded, slowly making a circular motion with my hand, so I could dry more of my shirt
"well, alright then" Tira started, before turning to the others and saying "we're gonna head out, now, everyone", I then dispersed the flame from my hand saying
"this really isn't working..."
after everyone else spoke between themselves a little more, they gathered into a group and left, heading through to the Grand Lake hotel
"do you think they'll be okay?" Seena asked, as we sat at our sleeping area
"I'm sure they will, Seena, you've seen how at least three of them fight..." I responded, smiling slightly, I looked around, before spotting a low-hanging branch, I said to myself "that one looks good..."
"what? what are you talking about?" Seena asked as I got up, before becoming surprised as I took my shirt off, hanging it on the branch, I reached for my bag, pulling out my other clothes, placing them next to the bag, I then changed out of my pants and underwear, hanging them on the branch as well, before putting a fresh set of underwear on, I then attempted to dry myself, before putting my pants on, I looked back to Seena, who was watching me intently
"Is something wrong?" I asked, watching her reaction
"hmm? well, we need to talk..." she responded, as I put my fresh shirt on,
"why's that?" I asked, as I walked back to our sleeping spot, before sitting down next to her...
"a thought crossed my mind earlier, it's one I really didn't want to have, Tira told me I shouldn't think this way, but..." she said, before pausing
"what is it, Seena?" I asked, moving slightly closer
"...I feel like...I've been USING you..." she said, looking down
"what do you mean, Seena?" I asked, suddenly becoming worried
"we only seem to do... when I want to..." she said, clearly, this wasn't something easy for her to talk about, but I still understood
"Seena..." I said, pulling her into a hug "this isn't a problem to me..."
Looking up, she responded "but, why?"
"to be honest..." I started "it just doesn't seem that important to me, I can suppress any 'urges' I may feel through willpower alone"
"but, you don't have to do that..." She responded
"but, I only really have the urge when you're in heat..." I said, before being cut off
"no, that's not true" she said, almost angrily, before continuing "tell me, do humans not do this as well for reasons beyond wanting a child?"
Looking down, I responded "yes... people do it for pleasure, for fun, for love..." I paused before continuing, I didn't really want to explain further, but I owed her the truth "sometimes, people do it as a job...Some people base their whole lives around the one act, it's quite sad, really"
"I am half human, myself, Lucas, I get these feelings, too..." she said, tightening our hug.
"But, what are you asking of me, though?..." I asked, bringing one of my hand to the back of her head, rubbing it softly
"I'm asking you to tell me when YOU want to... it's been too one-sided so far..." she responded, moving her head back to look me in the eyes
"...I will, Seena...I promise..." I said, smiling, before she brought herself even closer, pulling me into a kiss, she held me into the kiss as she moved herself so that she was sitting on me, with her legs behind me, she then proceeded to move her hands down and under my shirt, before bringing them up to my back, bringing my shirt up as she did this, she stopped short of removing it, before she pressed herself to my chest, a warm sensation ran through my body upon her contact, almost as if she passed all of her body heat into me, I broke our kiss and gasped lightly, as I could find myself becoming aroused by her actions, I looked away, embarassed, before asking
"should we really do this? out here?" I asked, looking around nervously, Seena let go of me and responded
"it's not where you are that matters, Lucas, it's who you're with..." this statement really got to me, it seemed to be exactly what I needed to hear... "okay..." I said, getting her response
" want to? because I won't go ahead without your-" I cut her off, once again pressing her to me, pulling her into another kiss, she was surprised, but only for a moment, before relaxing and moving into the kiss, she brought her hands down again, this time resting them on my waist, I moved my left hand to her waist, bringing my right to the back of her head, holding her into our embrace, we held our position for a while, just enjoying our moment together, Seena soon broke from the kiss, saying "if we're going to do this, I need a minute..."
"I know Seena, I know..." I responded, letting go of her, allowing her to stand up, she then made her way to the bag, pulling out the box of pills, and a bottle of water, she wasted no time in taking the pills, whenever she did this, I thought to myself "she said she wanted to have kids someday...but when will that be?" she quickly made her way back, sitting on her knees in front of me, bringing her hands down to my waist and asking
"may I proceed?"
"of course, Seena" I responded, as she pulled at my pants, bringing them off my legs, the grass under us seemed to offer little resistance as my pants just seemed to slip out from under me...
After that though, Seena made no attempt to remove anything else, instead, she returned to our original position and started grinding herself against my underwear, I could feel the moisture from her seeping through my underwear, and I just changed into them too...I moved my left hand to Seena's chest, halting her motions, as I brought my underpants down, myself, I looked up to Seena, who brought me into yet another kiss, before moving herself forward, even closer to me, I could feel my member being laid flat under her weight, as she started lightly moving back and forth, along my length, causing me to shudder with each of her movements, I soon broke away from the kiss,
"Seena..." I started, through light panting "we need to be quiet, so we don't alert the others, or, god forbid, your father..."
"I know, Lucas..." Seena said, resting one of her hands on my chest, as she continued her movements, before pushing lightly with the hand on my chest while pressing herself to me, I took this as a sign, and allowed myself to fall back into the grass softly, she fell forward, so our chests remained together, after we were horizontal, Seena moved herself further along, before pushing herself back, I groaned softly as I felt myself enter her, being met with a low, sustained moan in response from Seena, as she shifted herself down, I let my hands come to rest on her thighs, avoiding her back, I didn't want to cause any unnecessary pain...
Seena moved her hand out from between us, moving it down and under my shirt once more, lifting it from the front this time, as she started moving herself in a steady rhythm, emitting soft moans as she brought herself down each time, she then proceeded to take a free hand and brought it down to mine, before lining our fingers up, and netting our hands together, I started bucking my hips in time with Seena's shifts, increasing our speed with each thrust, soon though, Seena's breathing increased, becoming as erratic wheezes, that, along with the contractions I could feel, told me that she was close, so I stopped holding back, I brought one of my hands up to her shoulder, and brought us both back to a vertical position, before moving my hands under her thighs, bringing her legs behind me, Seena responded to this by moving her hands, letting them fall on my shoulders, as she continued shifting her weight, I continued thrusting, increasing my pace,
I could hear Seena's breathing becoming even more rapid, and she was gritting her teeth, trying her best not to cause any loud noises, soon after, she gasped, as I felt a rush of liquids leave her, so I almost doubled my speed, finding myself incredibly close now, I continued thrusting for a short while, before I felt it hit me, I groaned as quietly as I could, given the circumstances, as I felt my seed firing into Seena, she was shaking slightly, as she was coming down from her own high, I moved my hands to her waist, wrapping them around her, in a soft embrace, "Seena..." I started "we can't continue, it's far too risky, but, I promise, next time I find somewhere good, I'll tell you..."
"mmm...thank you, Lucas, I'll try to keep you to your word on that" she responded, smiling softly, I then felt myself recede from her, I shivered slightly at the new, unwelcome coldness
"Seena, we're going to need to get cleaned up if we dont want the others to suspect..." I said, still holding her.
"yeah..."she said, looking towards the ocean "yeah..."
I caught on immediately, as I slung my pants and underwear over my shoulder, and picked up Seena, cradling her so that gravity didn't...interfere with my plans
"when we reached the water's edge, I put Seena back on her feet and I removed my shirt, placing it with my pants and underwear on a nearby rock...
...we did our best to clean ourselves quickly, before I attempted to dry us off using my hands, it worked, much better than on my clothes, for some reason, maybe I wasn't worried about accidently burning up my skin, and this affected my fire output and temperature...
after that, I got re-dressed and started back to the campsite with Seena, on the way, she asked
"so...what was that thing about Jacob you wanted to tell me?"
"oh!" I responded, I had almost forgotten "I'm pretty sure he has multiple-personality-disorder" I said, looking towards the camp site.
" think?" Seena responded
"you know what it is too, right?" I asked, as I was sure we saw something about mental conditions on the tv back at Snowpoint
"I have SOME understanding of it..." Seena responded, scratching the back of her head
"it's okay" I responded "Jacob's case doesn't seem that common..."
"why's that?" she asked, as we arrived back at the camp
"I'm pretty sure of this, myself, given the trigger for him to change, I think the Blue-eyed and happy Jacob is a representation of his innocence and childhood, while the Grey-eyed and serious Jacob is his maturity and understanding..." I said, as I sat down at my bedroll and leaned back on it,
"that seems pretty accurate...but why do you think he has this condition?" Seena asked
"I have a feeling it has something to do with emotional trauma of the mother while in the womb..." I responded, as I was sure of this, that Galactic grunt had left lasting damage on us all...
"so you think...HE was responsible?..." she asked
"I'm sure of it..." I responded, frowning, but just then, I could hear Tira, she was talking to the others, but it was as if she had just picked up in pitch, as though she was warning us, I turned my head, and looked up the small mountainside, and saw Tira's tail dissappear behind the edge
"I guess they'll be down here in a few minutes then..." I said, smiling
"you know that thing I said to you earlier, it's not where you are that matters, it's who you're with?" Seena asked
"yeah..." I responded
"Tira said that to me, first..." she said, looking towards the sea
"of everything I expected Tira to be, I must admit, Deep wasn't one of them..." I responded, chuckling lightly
"she's just FULL of surprises, isn't she..." Seena said, chuckling with me, before saying "oh yeah, if anyone asks, I talked to Jonah again, and you stayed out here and watched the camo while I was gone..."
"a cover story? well, alright then..." I responded, putting my arm around her shoulder, before saying "I've got a little gift for you..."
"really? well, what is it?" Seena asked, as her attention snapped back to me
"I'm not telling, but it should be ready sometime tomorrow..." I said, smiling
"well, alright, I can wait until then" Seena responded
"that's good, besides, I think it's something you may need soon" I said, getting her response
"I'm not telling you anything else, that's the only hint you're getting" I said, turning my attention to the beach, seeing Eliza running up to us...
Chapter End Notes:alright, next chapter should be shorter, in length, and time it took to write it, sorry, had some delays on my end, not to mention, I hate wording the 'intimate' scenes..
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