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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 27 (details of Tira's past, Gordon's confession)

(Lucas's P.O.V.)

"Eliza, is something wrong?" I asked, as I saw the others walking up to us
"no, no, I just wanted to tell you about what we did" Eliza said, while shaking her head
"it's a relief that nothing went wrong, at least..." I responded, turning to Seena
"well, anyway, we went to Sunyshore city..." Eliza said, getting our attention
"oh?" I started "how was it?"
"it say the least, the whole place was covered in lights!" Eliza said, happily
"I've heard about Sunyshore..." I started, before asking "is it true that the whole place is electrical?"
Tira cut in after I asked this, as she walked by us "it appeared to be going under some re-construction at the time, but, last I saw, it was..."
"last you saw?" I asked, turning my head to watch Tira as she made her way to her sleeping area
"I wasn't expecting to turn up there, it seems I had forgotten the layout of the area around it, too, otherwise I would've avoided the area..." Tira responded, laying on the ground, as Julian walked by us, holding Terry, who appeared to be asleep, on his back,
"why is this?" Seena asked, leaning forward slightly
"well..." Tira started "I was born and raised there..."
"then why would you want to avoid the area?" Seena then asked
"I sort of...ran away from there when I was just over a year old..." Tira responded, looking down
" have unresolved issues, then?" I asked, folding my arms
"it's not like that...I just...didn't like it there" Tira responded, trying to avoid eye-contact
"Tira, this is unlike you" I started, through a look of concern "what happened?..."
"I don't really want to talk about that, look, maybe I'll tell you one day, but for now, stop with the questioning, somes things are better left unsaid, okay?" Tira responded, nervously
"...very well, Tira..." I responded, before turning my attention to the others, who had taken up their spots around the fire, gordon was sitting in the grass near Garudan and Eliza, I looked over to them and asked "so, how was Sunyshore for you guys?"
Gordon frowned slightly and said "far too bright for my taste...what's the point of night if they're just going to block it out with that obscene brightness?"
"...I take it you don't like bright lights..." I responded, narrowing my eyes at him, before asking Garudan "what'd you think?"
"I don't rightly know... they were putting solar panels in, those looked nice I guess, and, there was a lighthouse..." Garudan sighed lightly before continuing, "we didn't stay there long, Lucas..." he said, shrugging
Tira then turned to Seena and asked "can I talk to you in private?" before walking over to us, Seena got up and responded
"of course" before walking across to the beach, as I watched the two of them almost disappear into the night...

(Seena's P.O.V)

after we had reached the water's edge, completely out of earshot of the others, Tira asked me
" did it go?"
"well, Lucas told me that he supressed any urges he had, because the 'act' didn't really seem that important to him..." I responded, looking back to the camp
"...really? that's something that should be avoided..." this worried me
"why's that?" I asked
"...have you heard the tale of Dr.Jekyll and Mr Hyde?" Tira asked.
", I can't say I have, and I don't think Lucas would have, either..." I responded
"I'll explain it to you later... but for now, how did it resolve?" she asked
"he said he'd tell me next time he had any...urges like this..." I said, blushing lightly
"so..." Tira started, smiling, "did anything else happen?"
I started blushing heavily and nodded,
" was he?" Tira asked in a tone that suggested she was joking, my look of embarassment soon shifted to one of light contempt
"compared to what, exactly?... he's the only partner I've had..." I responded
"oh yeah..." Tira responded "I forget that not everyone is like me, sometimes..." I became surprised at this statement
"there were others before Julian?" I asked
Tira sighed lightly before responding "there's a LOT you don't know about me, Seena, a lot that no-one else knows..."
"what changed?..." I asked "what made you settle down?"
"I changed, Seena..." Tira said, before turning and heading back to the group, I followed after her wondering to myself
"how much hasn't she told us?..."

(Lucas's P.O.V)

after they left, I heard Gordon ask
"what are they doing?"
"they do this all the time" I responded, turning back to him, before continuing "don't worry about it..."
"so...what did you guys do while we were gone?" Garudan asked, leaning back,
"oh, well, Seena talked to Jonah again, and I watched the campsite, so...not much on my end" I said, trying to keep composure, before continuing "anyway...I'm going to go to Sunyshore myself, someday"
"When do you think you'll be able to get around to it?" Gordon asked
"I'd say in about two weeks..." I responded, scratching my chin, before continuing "you know, Gordon, I just noticed something about you..."
he froze up for a moment before nervously asking "what is it, Lucas?"
unsure why he would have such a reaction, I said "I noticed that you don't ACT like a nocturnal creature, that's all"
"oh!" Gordon responded, with a sigh of relief,
"was there something he didn't want me to know?" I thought to myself, through a look of confusion
Gordon then continued "well, I just sleep whenever I need to..."
I gave Gordon a suspicious look before continuing, "anyway, you guys must have passed through the other beach, then..." I looked over to See Julian huddled together with Jacob and Terry, the latter two of which had fallen asleep
"yeah, there was a man fishing, but that's about it..." Eliza said, tilting her head slightly...
...we continued talking for a while, until Seena and Tira joined back up with us, after that, we settled down, getting ready to sleep, Seena had rolled onto her stomach and had her right arm around the front of my waist as I laid back and attempted to fall asleep, at first, I had some difficulty, but the rolling clouds against the night sky took my mind off of anything else, allowing me to find rest...
...a few hours later, my dreams were interrupted by a very real burning sensation in my chest, I awoke, half-expecting to find some wild pokemon trying to attack me, only to find nothing had changed, I sat up, looking around, everyone was still asleep, and the fire was still crackling softly, looking around, I noticed a fading orange glow in the distance, like someone was carrying a torch... looking down, there was a sealed enevelope on my left side, turning it over, I saw the word "Lucas" written on it, I picked it up, under the impression that it was for me, then,
as I held it, I noticed it felt somewhat heavy, and it seemed to be bulging slightly, I opened it, before emptying the contents beside me, a note and a LOT of money fell out, my eyes went wide at this site, before I picked up the note, thinking to myself "hopefully, this'll explain things..."
I looked down at the note, unfolding it, before reading it in my head
first, I want to apologize that I haven't been there for you, but, in a sense, I have always been there, I never wanted to leave your side, but I had to go... the battle frontier... you'll find your answers...I will meet you in person soon...please, don't forget that I was always may have seen me in your youth, but you didn't know who I was, it was hard for me, too...
I have seen what you are capable of... you have a strange power, one that I know little about...professor Rowan may know about it, though...he worked with my grand-father...
Lucas...please don't forget about me-about us...
from... Ian... I don't know if I deserve to be called your father..."

"dad?..." I said out loud, looking around, before it hit me, "that fading glow, that must have been him..." I thought to myself as I looked down to the money, I still couldn't believe how much was there, putting the note in my bag, I started counting it, 100,000 , in notes... (author's note: if anyone is still confused about how money in the pokemon world works, it's like yen, 100 is one dollar, so to speak...)
I put the notes in my wallet, placing it back in my pocket, before trying to get back to sleep, before hearing a voice say "...Lucas?" turning my head to face where the voice was coming from, I saw gordon, on the ground,
"yes?" I answered quietly
"is something wrong?" he asked,
"...did you see him? an Infernape?" I asked, unsure if he was awake at the time
", why?" he responded
"turns out, it was my father..." I said, getting his response
"what...why would he contact you now?"
"I don't know, but he's left me 100,000..." (author's note: to reiterate, just remove the last two zeroes on these values, and add a dollar sign...)
"why would he do that?" gordon asked, looking around
"maybe he knew I was running low on money...but THIS, this is crazy..."
"maybe he gave you this much...because he knew you would be providing for all of us..." Gordon responded, turning to the fire
"yeah... but, he mentioned the battle frontier in his note, I've heard of the place, but, I didn't really want to go there...the whole place is just focused on trainers using pokemon to battle for them..." I said
"the battle frontier? there's a boat that regularly takes people there from Snowpoint..." Gordon said, turning back to face me
"well... I guess that means there's even more reason to go back there, then..." I said, smiling lightly, before turning to ask Gordon "you've been acting rather strange lately, is something wrong?"
"look..." Gordon started "I don't know if I'm comfortable talking about this..."
"it'll be okay, Gordon..." I responded, smiling "you can tell me..."
"well..." Gordon started "...okay, I just didn't expect YOU to be the first other person I told this, though..."
"what is it?" I asked, sitting up
"I'm gay, Lucas..." he said, I was surprised by this, but I tried my best not to show it
"...why didn't you tell me this before, Gordon?" I asked
"I thought you'd be uncomfortable about this..." he responded
"Gordon..." I started, "I'm not some disapproving father, I'm your friend...besides, I'd rather BE uncomfortable if it meant you could be open and happy about this..."
"...thanks for understanding, Lucas..." he said, smiling
"it's alright, Gordon" I started "I just don't want you lying to yourself for my sake..." when I said this, Gordon's eyes shot open, as he was suddenly enveloped in the familiar light I had seen before...
"you're...evolving!" I said, suddenly looking around, seeing if the others were awoken by this, but no, they continued sleeping soundly, looking back to Gordon, I saw his shape change, his main body became more circular, his ears, more pronounced, his wings became larger, and his feet...turned into more wings?
after the light faded, I saw that his colouring had changed, too... no longer a deep blue, he was now purple...
Gordon looked at himself in disbelief "did that really just happen?" he asked, bewildered
"from the looks of it, yes..." I said, looking on "...but why? it was so sudden..."
"well..." Gordon started, lying back on the ground, trying to get accustomed to this strange new form, before continuing "I've heard that my kind can evolve when we know the gratitude and friendship of a human..."
"I've heard of that..." I responded "there are other species' like that..."
"do you know any of the others?" Gordon asked
"I know that Chanseys and Bunearys evolve that way..." I responded
"that seems hardly fair..." Gordon responded
"why's that?" I asked
"because, those two are considered 'cute', it'd be easier for a human to show some kind of affection..."
"I'm not a superficial guy, Gordon..." I responded "it's what's on the inside that counts...after all, if I cared about looks, do you really think I would allow myself to get scarred like this?" I asked, tracing my fingers along some of my facial scarring as I said this
"well, it's nice to know that you're different in that aspect, too..." Gordon responded "but now, you surely understand WHY there weren't any others like me in the Snowpoint Temple..."
"I guess so...but enough about that" I said, before continuing "I'm glad you decided to tell me about this, but, if you want me to keep it a secret, myself, I can do that for you..."
"you know what?" Gordon started, smiling "I don't think that'll be necessary..."
I then yawned and said "I'm going to try to get some sleep, I'll talk to you later, okay?" I then proceeded to lay back on the ground
"thanks again, Lucas..." he said, before making his way over to the tree behind Garudan and Eliza, I closed my eyes, and then heard Garudan wake up, saying
"Gordon? Lucas asleep?"
I then heard Gordon respond, "no, but it's okay, he knows about me, and he's fine with it..."
"but, does he know, about US?" Garudan asked
"I do now" I said, out loud, before laughing softly, I then smiled thinking to myself "well, it's good that THEY'RE happy, then" my thoughts started drifting through various memories, as I could feel myself falling asleep, but, just then, a thought crossed my mind that woke me
"why DID Gordon follow me through Snowpoint Temple, anyway?..."
Chapter End Notes:alright, there we go... the next chapter will start AFTER Lucas has fallen back asleep, I ended this chapter there for dramatic effect..
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