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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 4 (histories explained, families revealed)

Lucas's P.O.V

while I slept, I dreamt of a small, female voice, which I had never heard before, beckoning me to
come to lake Acuity as soon as I could, at least, I thought I was dreaming...
When I awoke, Seena was still holding me as tightly as she could muster, her head turned to the
side. I turned my head to look at the clock, 7:14 a.m. it said "uhh, I want to get up, but, so much
as moving hurts at this point" I then heard Seena say "good morning Lucas..." not moving her head.
"oh, good morning Seena, I didn't realize you were awake..."
Seena turned her head to face me, before giving me a light kiss on the lips, before getting up and
saying "I'm going to get some breakfast for us, I'll be back soon"
I then remembered, I needed to talk to Blissey.
"Seena, could you call Blissey in here, I need to talk to her"
Seena seemed a bit confused, but said "okay, lucas" she left the room, but left the door open, a
minute later, Blissey walked in, greeting me with a friendly "good morning!"
"hi Blissey, I called you in here because I wanted to ask how my procedure went, and if there were
any precautions I should take" when she heard this, she signaled to me to wait, and pulled out a
notepad and pen from her pouch, which I then noticed, was egg-less. she started to write something
down, but stopped when I said "there's no need for that, a mysterious complication yesterday, allows
me to, somehow, understand what pokemon say to me"
her eyes opened a bit wider, before saying "really, that's something I've never heard of before..."
"me neither, but I'm getting ahead of myself, is there anything I should know?"
"oh, yes" Blissey said, noticing she had allowed herself to become distracted "the bruising to your
back is quite severe,
you shouldn't leave the room for about 3 days, getting up to use the bathroom should be fine, if you
need, I can arrange someone to bring meals in for you..." the thought had crossed my mind, but I
thought Seena would be offended to return, finding her efforts were for naught "no, that's okay,
Seena's out right now getting some food for us.
Blissey responded with "well, that's fine, but, maybe you should reconsider?"
"I'll be fine with whatever Seena brings back, I trust her" I told the Blissey, mildly annoyed.
"okay, I get it" Blissey said, before taking a chair in the room, and continuing "also, we had to
give you stitches, they should be able to come out in about 2 weeks, the cut you sustained was also
quite severe, how did you get it?"
"if you look at the 3 pokemon I brought in yesterday, you'll find your answer"
"wait, A pokemon did this to you!?" the blissey asked, shocked at this new information.
"A gyarados, to be precise, I can't blame it, it was probably abused all its life" I said, looking
"we'll do our best, for them too..." the blissey said, echoing my concern.
"was there anything else?" I asked
"no, but I must say, Seena is lucky to have someone like you" Blissey said looking away, blushing.
"I know, she told me how she felt last night"
"oh!" Blissey said, blushing even heavier, before asking "did you do anything else last night?"
I was confused, why would she ask that? "no... we were both exhausted, I couldn't even move..."
"well" Blissey said "if you ARE planning on doing anything together, please, at least give it some
time, let yourself recover first" I was very suprised by this, this Blissey was very blunt about
what she wanted to say, in a way, I could come to admire someone like that.
"you really don't hold anything back, do you?" I asked, getting her to look away, embarrassed
"I can't help it, this is why I don't talk very often..."
then, I realized, she was lonely, well, I could help her by telling her something.
"you know" I started, smiling lightly "those three pokemon I brought in, they all appear to be
male..." this got a surprised reaction from Blissey, before she retorted "a doctor or nurse can't
have relations with their patients!"
"well" I said, smiling harder "all the more reason to help them quickly"
this statement made her blush deepen even further, her whole face had turned red at this point, she
got out of the chair and said "goodbye, Lucas" before quickly leaving...
I knew I had planted the thought in her mind now, she wouldn't be lonely for much longer, I thought
to myself.
I turned to look at the time again, about 30 minutes had passed, I was starting to get a little
worried, but I couldn't get out of bed to do anything about it.
I tried to keep the thought out of my mind, switching on the TV, a broadcast of the morning news was
playing, replaying last nights events, there was a report on the medicinal effects of berries,
seemed interesting to me, after that report finished, there was a report of increased activity by
team galactic in Veilstone "huh..." I thought to myself "maybe I should avoid that place for a
while" after this, it showed the man from yesterday, being arrested again, this time, however, he
went silently, I guess he wasn't planning on escaping this time...
after the 3rd report ended, appearing to be a piece on Professor Oak's last visit to Sinnoh, Seena
got back, holding a large quantity of berries "hey Seena" I said, aknowledging her arrival.
Seena said "some of the berries here, are the pechas from the plant at my mother's grave"
"well, that's fine, but, we need to keep the seeds, I want to replant them nearby"
"okay Lucas, here" Seena said, handing a handful of berries to me
"thanks for doing this Seena" I said, smiling
"it's the least I could do, for all you did for me..." she said, leaning forward and kissing me
again., she sat, opposite me on my bed, before starting to eat her half of her haul, I started to
eat too, seeing some strange berries I had never seen before, a pink and yellow berry, shaped like a
hook, seemed safe enough, the outer colour of a berry mainly reveals the flavour, tasting it, it was
a new kind of sweetness, like a pecha, but, stronger, another new type of berry was a long, strange
shape, blue and purple in colour, biting into it, it wasn't as pleasant as I hoped, but, it had an
interesting flavour all the same...
there were some old standards like leppas, cheris and orans, along with the pechas, which I took
care to preserve the seed, each pecha had a single, large seed in their center, luckily, it was
quite hard, stopping me from breaking the outer shell and spoiling the seed. I took out the seeds,
and placed them on the bedside table, "I'll wash them off next time I get up to go to the bathroom"
I thought to myself, Seena saw this and handed her seeds to me as well, I placed them next to mine
on the table.
After we finished eating, I turned to Seena and told her "now that we can freely speak to each
other, I think we should talk about family and friends" Seena sounded quite happy about this,
replying, "yes, I did want to know more about you before you met me..."
"okay" I said "I'll start, I never knew my parents, I was raised in Celestic town by the village
elder until I was 6, I learned very quickly how to be independant, I may have never met my parents,
but, they left a house to me, it may have been theirs, I'm not sure, but I was living there on my
own, occasionally I would have some pokemon live there with me, this is probably what caused me to
feel a kinship with pokemon, I had grown with them, eaten with them..." Seena cut in, a slight look
of panic on her face "did you ever...sleep with any of them?"
"no... I was too young at the time, and I never really met any that interested me in such a way, to
this day, I'm still a virgin" Seena breathed a sigh of relief, "I guess that means I'll be HIS first
too..." she thought to herself, I continued, by saying " I continued living with pokemon until I was
14, then, my interests changed, I started to see people using pokemon as tools, this made me feel
that humans had grown weak, I decided, that I would be different, I would fight for myself, not
needing to rely on others... this move shocked the other people living in Celestic town, except the
elder, she seemed, less than surprised. I started to fight pokemon, strengthening my body, and
spirit, this kept up for 2 years, until I met Matt..."
"Matt?" Seena asked
"yes, Matt, a Machop that was on the outskirts of mt. Coronet, we became fast friends, I eventually
saw him, as a brother even, we trained together for 2 years, we had made a pact that when Matt
evolved, we would pursue our goals, then, About 4 weeks ago, Matt evolved, and I headed up through
Mt. Coronet, showing a trainer my skills in a battle with a wild Graveler, I realized myself, how
strong I had become at that point, after that, I moved up through Route 217, to the Acuity
Lakefront, that was when I met you..."
"wow..." Seena said, realizing a key difference between pokemon and humans, pokemon matured very
quickly, whereas, humans matured about 5 times slower, Seena also realized similarities between
herself and Lucas, they both never met their father, and they now, her, at least, didn't have a
"I'm sorry if this brings up painful memories of your mother Seena, I may have never known my
parents, but you had your mother, and she was taken away from you, I've always known that would be
harder for me to deal with too..."
hearing this, Seena had a small tear roll down her cheek. "it was terrible Lucas, but I could never
imagine how hard it would be to grow up without parents..."
"well, Seena, I've told you my story, would you like to share yours?" I asked, it was okay if she
didn't want to, but I felt like I needed to share my story with her.
"okay Lucas, To begin, I'm about 4 in human years now..."
"okay, so you reached maturity not too long ago?"
"yes, I lived with my mother all my life, in a small pack of sneasel and weavile, including us,
there were 7 in all"
"did you have a designated leader?" I asked
"no" Seena responded " the Weaviles rotated control on a regular basis."
"sounds interesting, during my time in Celestic, I never met a sneasel or weavile, so I was unaware
of how they operated"
"well, we hunted together, and held a small patch of territory at the edge of Lake Acuity, on the
day Mother was lost, she told me something interesting"
"what was it?" I asked, curious about what this concerned
"Mother told me, that Father was Human, much like you"
"really?" I said, suprised at this. "did you get a name?"
"Jonah Michaels"
"wait... Jonah Michaels?"
Seena heard my reaction and her ears perked up, "do you know him?" she asked
"no" I responded, hearing this, her ears drooped slightly "but, his name DOES sound familiar..."
"so, you mean, we can find him?" Seena asked
"well, if it's what you want to do, I was planning on travelling Sinnoh anyway..." I told her,
"it is, I long to meet my father, just to know who he is...oh...sorry Lucas"
"for what?" I asked
"for asking you to find my father, when you should be more concerned about YOUR parents"
"it's quite alright" I responded "I never really thought about them too much, it's been 18 years, I
doubt if they still were alive, they wouldn't have seeked me out by now, but, I would like to know
who they WERE, at least."
"well" Seena started "we may be able to find out..."
"I know, Seena, it's one of my goals, but, before we get ahead of ourselves, was there anything else
you wanted to share?"
"well, I too am a virgin, but, that's about it"
"oh..." I said, finding myself blushing, I hadn't asked her about that...
the rest of the day passed really slowly, I could barely stand being stuck in bed, at about 7:30
p.m., I pointed out to Seena that there were leftovers in the fridge that we could eat. another
movie played on tv, a comedy, that starred one of those old stand-up duos, it was quite an old
movie, around halfway through it, nurse joy came into the room, seeing us watching the tv, before
simply asking "how have you been holding up?"
"oh, hello nurse, I said, realising she must have a door key herself, incase of emergencies "I'm
doing better than this morning, and much better then's actually felt a little dull,
I'm so used to being outside, I forgot how energetic I was."
"well, I was just checking up on you for the end of my shift, Blissey will be watching the desk
again tonight, if you need anything, don't hesitate to call her."
"okay, thanks nurse joy" I said, before she promptly left, locking the door behind herself.
"well" I said, turning to Seena "that was a little unexpected, I mean, what if we were doing
something when she walked in?"
Seena started to blush "something like what?" she asked, looking me in the eyes...
"well, it doesn't really matter what we would've been doing, it would still be an interruption of
privacy... but, I suppose, since I hadn't mentioned anything to anyone today, they would've
naturally become worried...."
"I guess they only had your safety in mind Lucas" Seena said before turning back to the TV.
after the movie had ended, I turned to Seena, and said, "well, I'm getting sleepy, do you want to
sleep in my bed tonight, or in your own?"
Seena, blushing again, turned to me and said "I'm pretty sure you know the answer to that..."
I turned off the TV and Seena started to crawl up beside me, when our heads were level, she brought
one of her hands to the side of my head, turning it so my face was facing hers, "well" I said,
"hello friendly" after I said this, she brought me into a kiss, much the same as last night, we
mingled our tongues and held our position for what felt like hours, when we broke the kiss Seena
stared deep into my eyes, smiled lightly and said "I love you so much Lucas..." before bringing me
into another kiss, while her hands moved down to my sides and she wrapped herself around me, using
one hand, I pulled the covers over us, and with the other, I held my hand at the back of her head,
she responded to this by moaning into my mouth, the vibration felt strange, yet,it definitely felt
good. after we broke our second kiss, I told her "I'll always be here for you, always..." before
holding my arms around her and falling asleep...
I heard that voice again, in my dreams, asking the same thing of me. but this time, a figure was
appearing, to go with the voice, a very small greyish blue creature with yellow on it's head.
the image soon faded and I found myself waking up, looking at the time, it was about 6:40 a.m. I
turned to seena, seeing she had rolled off of me and was lying on the other side of the bed, I
decided to try moving out of bed again, there was only a mild ache this time, "I can take this..."
I thought to myself as I moved to the kitchen to put some stuff together for breakfast, when I
started preparing the meal, I felt Seena cuddling up against me "it's good to finally see you moving
again..." she said. just then, I thought to myself "wasn't Seena a little...shorter when she
evolved?" trying to put the thought out of my mind, I turned to seena and said "yeah, I seem to have
recovered faster than prdicted..."
"at this point, it's not surprising" Seena said "you're completely unlike any other human I've ever
"well" I started "there's not really much to compare me to then is there..." giving Seena a playful
smile, before turning back to prepare the meal.
"well, that may be true, but you shoudn't sell yourself short, I mean, YOU do know what you have
shown us you're capable of right?"
"I know, but, I'm still having a hard time believing it myself" I said, suddenly thinking about the
day before last, and the events that had transpired within, maybe, this figure from my dreams knows
about this. "come to lake Acuity Lucas...tonight...alone" I heard the same voice in my head again, I
got a little nervous, what was going on? So many things had started changing, maybe, I'll find my
answers there... when breakfast was ready, I turned on the TV and sat on the bed facing it, Seena
came and sat up beside me, I asked "was there anything you anted to do today?"
"well" Seena started "since you're feeling better, do you want to go visit the others?"
"yeah, I was hoping you'd say that" I replied, smiling "I was wondering, do skuntank and purugly
have names? it's felt kind of awkward calling them by species..."
"not that I know of, they WERE with team galactic for most of their lives, I guess they didn't care
enough to name them..." Seena responded, suddenly realising how terrible that must have been for
"well" I started "you recall Matt, the machop I told you of?"
"yes, as I recall, you consider him a brother..."
"well, I named him myself, when we met, he didn't have a name either"
"oh, that's strange, because mother named me when I was born..."
"well, maybe a name has different amounts of signifigance to different species" I said, wondering if
Skuntank and Purugly actually WANTED names. then I came up with an idea, what if they named each
other, they must have some idea of what their partner would like.
"hey, Seena?" I asked, after finishing a small bite of my toast
"yes?" Seena responded
"how about they name each other?" I asked, wondering what kind of response I'd get
"that...sounds...pretty good, actually" Seena said, pausing slightly
"I figured, that they knew each other more than we do... it seems, right, in a way..."
"yeah..." Seena responded, then suddenly realized she had never told Lucas her mother's name!
"Lucas, I forgot to tell you, my mother's name..."
"oh my goodness, I had completely forgotten, I should have asked when I asked your name!"
"well, that doesn't matter now, her name is Sati"
"Sati? it sounds somewhat strange to get accustomed to, but, I'll do my best to refer to your mother
by her name from now on..." I said, completely embarassed about the whole situation.
after we had finished breakfast I noticed something important on my way to the door "I just realized
,I haven't worn a shirt for 2 days" I said turning back to Seena,
"oh..." Seena said, blushing heavily
it was more of a temperature problem in my eyes, I mustn't have noticed because it still FELT like I
was wearing something, the guaze must have been doing this, I turned to my bag, getting a fresh
shirt out of it, before I put it on, I turned to Seena and asked, "is there blood on the back of my
pants?" realizing they hadn't been changed the whole time
"yes, there is..." Seena responded
"well, I guess they'll have to be changed too" I said before taking them off, my underwear was fine,
nothing had seeped through my pants because the material on them was so thick, then, I realized
something, I was practically naked in front of Seena, this thought made ME blush heaviy... I turned
around and saw Seena, she looked like she was about to faint.
"sorry about that..." I said, quickly putting a new pair of pants on,
she didn't respond, after I put my shirt on, I snapped her out of her daze "Seena? Seena!?"
"oh! sorry about that, Lucas" Seena said, still looking very embarassed, at least, I thought it was
"anyway, are you ready to go?" I asked Seena, getting a quick nod in response, we stepped outside, I
locked the door behind us, passing by the front counter, we saw blissey, who said nothing to me,
just blushing as I walked by "heh, at least she remembers what I told her" I thought to myself.
before heading out the door, when we reached Sati's grave, I felt inclined to write the name there,
so others would know her name too, I reached into my backpack, pulling out a pack of grass seeds,
"these'll do nicely" I said as I started to carefully plant them so the grass that grew would spell
out 'SATI' in the snow.
I then called out to Skuntank and purugly, telling them my idea, they thought about it for a second,
before turning to each other and suggesting names, in the end, they stuck with Julian and Tira,
happily, I announced that they would go by these names from now on, then I had to ask "have you
named the kids yet?"
"well" the newly named Tira started "we had some ideas, but we wanted you to help us decide, after
all, without your help, we probably wouldn't be here today either..."
"well" I said, "what are your suggestions?"
"we were thinking" Julian said "since they're fraternal twins, they should have similar names, like
the male and female versions of the same name..."
"that sounds pretty good" Seena said
"we had this in mind mostly" Tira said "it's our first choice, really, it's Jacob and Jackie"
"well" I said "that does sound good, I think that's what you should call them"
"you think so? well, alright, Lucas" Tira said, calling the kids out and telling them
"all right!" the male one (the one with the stripe going down the center of its back) said " I liked
it when I first heard it"
"okay dad" the female one said, before turning to me "we still have a lot of questions for you
"oh, okay" I said, thinking I would be here for a while, I turned to see Tira call Seena off to the
side, out of earshot of me... "so, mister..." my attention turned back to jackie "how did you meet
mom and dad?"
"well" I started, thinking how to spare any upsetting details, as I did this, Julian was looking at
me, as if silently pleading to me not to tell them. "I met them when I first came here, they were
very sad, because a bad trainer wasn't taking proper care of them , he was very cruel, I couldn't
stand the way he acted, so I knocked him out and released your parents myself"
Julian breathed a sigh of relief when I finished, I could understand why...
"mister" Jacob started, I turned my attention to him "how old are you?"
this was a much easier question to me "18, in human years" I responded
"wow! you're really old!" Jacob Shouted, I was quite embarassed by this.
"well" I said, blushing lightly "Humans live for up to, and sometimes beyond, a century"
"woah... they must be really, really old then"
"who is?" I asked
"the lege-"
Julian then cut his son off "he'll find out soon enough, there's no need to tell him that, drop it,
I was really curious about this, but Julian probably wouldn't budge on the subject, so I pushed the
thought into my subconcious.
"mister Lucas, are you a pokemon too?" Jackie asked, this question cut to my core.
"no" I started, then hesitated "actually, I'm not so sure anymore..." this question had been on my
mind since the incident happened, but, I figured I may find my answers tonight.
"okay, I think that's all, wait, there was one more question"
"okay, ask it..." I responded, these questions were odd, even moreso coming from such young pokemon
"it's about Seena" Jackie continued "where did you meet?"
"okay, well, we met right around here, in fact, the pecha plant over there, is right where we met
for the first time" I said, sparing the details of Sati
"okay, that's it" Jackie said
"alright then" I said, some time had passed since breakfast, so I turned to pull some berries out of
my bag.
"do you guys want some berries? I asked, offering them some of the berries from my bag.
"sure mister!" Jacob said, smiling widely, so, I put some of the berries on the ground in front of
him, carefully observing to see which one he would eat first.
He turned to the cheris and started eating them first
"so" I said "you like spicy berries?"
"yeah!" Jacob responded "I really like the feeling it leaves in my mouth" before he turned down to
continue eating. I was watching Jackie, she turned to the aspear berries, eating them first, "so" I
said turning to Jackie
"yes, I like sour berries" she responded, pre-emptively.
"okay then..." I said, a little surprised by her actions.
Julian turned to me and said "you have quite a way with them, it took me a week to find out their
favourite flavours"
"ah, it's nothing" I replied, embarassed "I lived with pokemon for most of my life, I learned that
these kind of things are easiest to see if you let THEM decide..."
"hmm..." Julian said "I'll have to remeber that..."
"Lucas!" Seena shouted running back to me
"hey Seena, I was just answering the questions the kids wanted to ask me two nights ago..."
she came up to me and whispered in my ear "you didn't tell them about how know..."
"no, no, it's quite alright" I said out loud before being asked "what's alright?" by Jacob
"oh, Seena was asking about my back" I said, trying my best not to give away my lie.
"oh, okay then" Jacob said, lying down in the snow.
"well." Tira said, walking back to us " I think we've spent enough time here, oh, and Lucas?"
"yeah?" I asked, wondering what was up
"don't forget..."
"don't forget what?" as I said that, I heard the same words echo through my mind "Lake
Acuity...Tonight...Alone" how did Tira know about this, this peaked my curiosity, I had to go now...
for the rest of the day, very little happened, before I knew it, it was night-time, it was getting
late, Seena was getting ready to go to sleep in my bed while I layed down next to her "Lucas?" she
started "yeah Seena?" I responded...
"I was wondering, after you get your stitches removed, do you think we could...we could..."
"it's alright, Seena, I know what you're asking, I would like to, as well, but, you're going to need
to be patient..." I said, hearing this, she rolled on top of me, planting a kiss on my lips, before
saying "I'll wait for you Lucas..." before rolling off me and falling asleep, I remained in bed,
waiting, I didn't want to wake her leaving, but, I had to try and get there soon. An hour had passed
before I knew it, I must've lost track of time, as I gazed upon her sleeping form. I decided, it was
time to go, I slowly and carefully slid out of bed, before creeping out the door, locking it behind
me. As I turned to walk out the front door of the pokemon centre, Blissey called out to me, I turned
around, seeing her smile "what's up?" I asked "the 3 pokemon you brought in are quickly returning to
a friendly state, our treatment is so drastically different to how they were treated beforehand,
they're really opening up to us"
"that's great to hear, If you can, Tell Gyarados I forgive him, this may help him along..."
"I'll be sure to pass it on, by the way, I thought you would still be recovering from your
"it seems my body is different, to the ones normally treated here, I guess" I said before
remembering something important
"by the way, do you have a name?"
"well, nurse joy gave me a name as a happiny, if that's what you mean?"
"it is..."
"okay then, my name is Beatrice"
"well then, thanks for all your hard work here, Beatrice" saying this got a small blush from her
"it's quite alright, anytime" she said.
I decided, maybe I should ask "have you met all 3 of the pokemon yet?"
"well, did you see someone you may like?
Beatrice blushed even harder at this "I don't see why you should care, but I do think the Abomasnow
is quite handsome"
"excellent" I said "you know, I think you deserve someone special..." before I turned around and
walked out the front door
"..." I heard no response from Beatrice from that last statement, but I assumed, she would've been
Blushing even harder at that point, it seemed clear to me, she had a Bashful nature...
as I reached Sati's grave, I heard a voice, so I turned around
"Seena!?" I was shocked, what was she doing here? but then, I noticed, as she walked closer, I could
see right through her
"no, I am not Seena..."
I paused for a second before asking "S-Sati? is it really you?"
"yes Lucas, I am here to help you get to lake Acuity cave, follow me...
I couldn't say no, she was right there, a spirit, as I followed the etherial being, I noticed small
ice crystals forming around her, it was a stunning sight to behold...
as we reached lake acuity, Sati's spirit walked out on top of the water "follow me..." she said,
before continuing.
I had to place my trust in a spirit, but, I owed her more than that, so, I stepped out onto the
lake, I fully expected to fall in, but, the water following the trail that Sati had walked, had
frozen over, I made my way into the cave at the middle of the lake, following behind Sati, as I made
my way inside, I saw the small being from my dreams "you, I know you..." I said, looking at the
strange creature.
"I know, my child, I know of many things, neither the past, present nor future are shrouded before
my eyes... I am Uxie, the being, of knowledge..."
"wait, 'my child'? you aren't suggesting that you're..."
upon hearing this, I heard Uxie laugh "No more than I am to any other living thing on this
then I remembered the elder's story stating that all life was created by these creatures
"well" I continued, "why have you summoned me here?"
"I am here to tell you of the nature of your newfound abilities, it is called, the Primal spark, it
is what links humans back to pokemon..."
"wait, Uxie, are you suggesting that.."
"yes...originally, we did not create humans and pokemon seprately, we had originally intended for
one group of beings, to live on this world."
"so Humans were originally?"
"yes, they were the same as pokemon back then, but, much time has passed, and many things have
changed..."I couldn't believe what I was hearing, was this true? did we all, have the same ancestors
at one point?
"that's fine, but, what does this have to do with me?" I asked, this whole encounter was incredibly
"all living creatures possess the primal spark, child, what set YOU apart is that you are the only
Human to have ignited his spark this century..."
"how? how was it that I was the only one?"
"you have trained your body, your spirit reacted in kind, your spark was held within your spirit,
when you suffered from serious emotional stress, the spark had been building slowly at the time,
this change caused you to unlock most of your ancient traits straight away..."
"my ancient traits?"
"yes, humans who have pokemon ancestors unlock traits of pokemon, while pokemon with human
ancestors, change appearance, they differ from the norm of the species, sometimes mildly, sometimes
extremely, there have even been cases of pigmentation changing in the affected pokemon..."
"shiny pokemon?" I asked
"wait, you're saying I have pokemon ancestors? I don't even know who my parents are..."
"allow me to unlock that memory for you..." when Uxie said this I fell unconcious, suddenly, I could
see her, my mother, she looked like me, she had long blonde hair and green eyes, then, my focus
changed, I father, white hair, a tan face, a large flame coming from his head, my
father was, an Infernape? my focus changed again, I was moving, but not on my own, I was being
carried, when I looked up, I saw the village elder, as I was handed to her, I started crying, my
memory started fading, but I remember hearing the word "grandmother" being uttered, was the village
elder my grandmother?
as I came to, Uxie was floating over me "do you now understand?"
"yes, I realize now where my power came from"
"your mother, started her journey at 10 as any other trainer did, when she was handed her first
pokemon, A chimchar, she made a strong connection straight away, and over time, that bond only
Uxie said, mildly blushing herself.
"what of Seena?" I asked, she had a Human father...
"yes, her, I have seen this, she will soon start changing, the first real change was, it took her a
year longer than the others of her kind to reach maturity..."
"okay, I'll keep note of her physical condition" I said, before turning to Sati
"do you...approve of me being with your daughter?"
"of course, I have seen the way you treat her, I could not have asked for a better partner for her,
I know you'll keep her happy" Sati said to me.
"thank you for your blessing", I said, noticing her moving over to the wall
"Lucas, there is something I must ask of you..."
"yes, Sati?"
"I need you to find Jonah Michaels, and deliver my final words to him, from what I know, he lives
alone by the sea..." as she finished saying this she pointed at a rock, seemingly out of place in
the cave.
as I picked it up, there was a sealed note, and a ring under the rock.
"that ring is for Seena, she will understand once you give it to her" Sati told me
"wait, how did you predict this ahead of time, and prepare?"
"well" Sati said, before turning to Uxie
"I predicted Sati's untimely demise, I knew I could not alter the future, only predict it, I told
Sati of this, and she prepared for this, leaving the note and ring here, for you to find"
"what do I have to do to ensure my future stays on course?"
"just do what comes naturally, everything will be revealed in time..." Uxie said to me before
telporting me back to the pokemon centre, when I looked down the note and ring were in my hands, I
walked inside, back to the room, puttin the note and ring in my bag, before taking my shoes off and
quietly sliding into bed and falling asleep...

Seena's P.O.V

Tira called me away from everyone else, I had a feeling as to why.
"so" she started "did you tell him?"
"yes, I did..." I responded, blushing
"how did he take it?" Tira continued
"better than I thought. he told me that he felt the same way..."
"that's wonderful!" Tira continued, "did you do anything else?"
"we haven't yet..." I said, even more embarassed
"well, you DO want to, don't you?"
"it seems irresponsible to do this while he's recovering" I said, but, she was right, earlier, when
I saw him without most of his clothes, I could feel my lust rising, I nearly jumped on him right
then and there...
"maybe this is something worth discussing with him" Tira told me "if you want to, be direct with
him, it worked before..."
"I guess, I'll ask him tonight"
this seemed a bit hasty, but at least, I could tell him of my intentions.
"well, I think we're done here" Tira said, before starting to head back, I ran off ahead of her to
get to Lucas.
"Lucas!" I shouted, running up to him
"hey Seena, I was just answering the questions the kids wanted to ask me two nights ago..."
I suddenly had a bad feeling about this, I closed my disatance to him amd whispered in his ear "you
didn't tell them about how know..."
"no, no, it's quite alright" Lucas responded, before being asked "what's alright?" by Jacob
"oh, Seena was asking about my back" Lucas said, clearly, he didn't want to tell them about Mother,
I was relieved by this, and, from the looks of it, so was Julian
when Tira made her way back to us, she said " I think we've spent enough time here, oh, and Lucas?"
she wasn't going to tell him, was she? I started blushing heavily
"don't forget..."
"don't forget what?" Lucas said, before pausing, he knew something that I didn't, I guess I'll ask
him later...
Chapter End Notes:this one, hopefully won't screw up so I have to submit it about 3 times..
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