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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 47 (a meeting of friends, another threat?)

(Lucas's P.O.V.)

over the next two weeks, things were good, Seena informed me of another Anniversary of ours... our first kiss, we celebrated it with just a moment to ourselves, with a most passionate kiss.
Elese was getting bigger and more brown, she now looked like a small Kangaskhan, her eyes appeared to be changing now, too.
Seena and I attempted to get her talking by showing her some very basic words, one-syllable type things, but she remained silent, "maybe she isn't ready yet?" I said, turning to Seena
"I guess that must be the case" she responded, before turning back to Elese and continuing "it doesn't really matter when you start talking, though"...

...later on, still in the two-week period, Uxie contacted me, telling me that she and Mesprit had been captured, and they were being moved to the Galactic headquarters.
I didn't really know what to do in thios situation...but Uxie assured me that things will resolve without my intervention, before Mesprit interrupted, saying that Uxie didn't KNOW that for sure...

...the following morning, I awoke to Elese sitting on top of me above the covers, "hello there Elese" I said, reaching an arm around her back, she smiled, before attempting to hug me through the covers, looking over to Seena, she was still sleeping, so I moved myself so I could pick her up, while moving out of the bed, when I picked Eles up, I really started to notice how much bigger she was getting
"you really are getting big" I said, bouncing her softly, before continuing "only four weeks ago, you were so much smaller" she giggled lightly in response
"well I'm glad YOU think it's funny" I said, while setting her down at the table in the kitchen before continuing "do you want to go see Terry again, today?"
she nodded happily in response to this, "well I'm sure Terry will be happy to see you again" I said, smiling, before turning back to the kitchen, getting together our breakfast, it was nothing fancy, just cereal...

...while I was eating, and Elese was attempting to do the same on her own...with varied results, Seena woke up, making her way over to us, she asked "why didn't either of you two wake me?" before standing between myself and Elese.
"I thought you would like to sleep in" I responded, turning my head to face her, before continuing "anyway, Elese has shown that she would like to see Terry again, today" Seena's expression changed to one of slight disappointment
"really? because I thought we could spend the day together..." I had already been thinking about this possibility, so I responded
"why don't we all go and see them together, then?" I then turned to see Elese's expression, she was still smiling, so I figured she didn't think it was a bad idea...
"well, that actually sounds pretty good, I haven't spoken with Tira for a while, anyway" Seena said, before taking a seat next to me.
I quickly finished what I had, before pouring another bowl for Seena "so, we'll head out soon, okay?" I said, while bringing the bowl to Seena
"thanks, Lucas" she said, accepting the bowl from me, before placing it down in front of herself, I then sat down, in between Seena and Elese, looking at Elese, who was almost shovelling the cereal into her face, I had to stifle a laugh at this sight, before I asked "would you like some help with that?" she looked over to me, shaking her head, before going right back to continue her messy work.
I looked over to Seena, to see that she was now trying not to laugh, herself, "well, at least she's becoming more independant, right?" she said, smiling,
"there's always an upside, right?" I asked in response, as I got up from the table, to go and get ready...

...soon after, the three of us were making our way to Sati's grave (which was still unknown to Elese) to see the others.
When we got there, I called out "Tira, Julian! are you guys there!?"
There was a short silence, before Jacob emerged from the bushes, "hey guys" he started, before looking down to Elese and asking "are you leaving Elese with us again, today?"
I shook my head, before responding "no, we were actually hoping to see you guys, together"
"oh!" he started, somewhat surprised "I'll go get everyone else, then" he conyinued, before ducking back into the bushes behind him, a few moments later, he re-emerged, with the others in tow, I put Elese down as she made her way over to Terry, smiling happily.
I sat in the snow, alongside Seena, as Tira and Julian did the same, Tira then turned to Terry and Jacob, asking "could you two take Elese for a walk?"
Jacob seemed a little confused, asking "okay...but why?"
"I wanted to speak to Lucas and Seena in private, if you don't mind" Tira responded, in a serious tone
"o-okay then, mom" Jacob responded, somewhat nervously, before turning to his sister and saying "well, let's go then" and taking Terry and Elese south, towards route 216.
After they were out of earshot, Tira turned to us and asked " have you two been?"
"I've been good Tira" I said, turning to Seena, I asked "and you?"
Seena blushed slightly before responding "I've been fine, but I can't help but think that..." she then trailed off
"can't think that what?" I asked, becoming concerned
"I...I can't help but think that Elese is becoming more important to you than me" she said, before looking down, I moved myself so that I was sitting opposite her, before taking her hands in my own
"Seena..." I started, as she raised her head to look at me "nothing could be more important to me than you..." I then smiled softly and continued "if there's ANYTHING I can do for you to prove it, just tell me"
"I just feel won't do anything with me while Elese is with us" she said, sadly
"Seena...I just feel like that is too risky...I don't want to take the chance of Elese walking in on us" I responded, before adding "but, that doesn't mean we CAN'T..." Seena then looked up at me with an expression of hope
"do you mean it?" she asked
"I do...I mean, we have a bathroom that we can lock, but I think it would be best to wait until Elese is asleep, okay?" I asked, smiling softly
"okay, about tonight, then?" she asked in response
"if it makes you happy Seena, I'll do it" I responded, before turning to Tira and Julian and continuing "I guess we got a little off-topic, there..."
Julian looked at me with a surprised expression "Indeed..." he said, before turning to Tira and asking "what were we talking about?"
"well, we weren't really talking about anything, so it's fine, really" Tira said, before making a short waving motion with one of her front paws, before continuing "but I did have something I wanted to ask"
"what is it, Tira?" Seena asked in response
"it's about Elese...I was wondering if you think it'd be harder to raise a child that isn't biologically yours..." Tira responded, before adding "I don't think there's anything wrong with it, I just think it might be a little harder, is all..."
"I can't really answer that" Seena started, while looking down "we don't have anything to compare it least, not yet, anyway"
"I guess not...but still...if you two have a kid of your own, which I'm going to assume would be a Sneasel, won't Elese wonder why she's different?" Tira asked
"I'm sure questions will be raised" I responded, looking back to Tira "but we'll find an answer when the time comes"
"I hope you do" Tira said, before looking off towards the south, she then looked back and said "the kids are coming back...strange, it's a little early, don't you think?"
turning to look at them, I noticed they were running, they looked scared...I stood up, and made my way over to them
"what's going on?" I asked, concerned
"it's a couple of Galactic grunts...they're trying to take Elese!" Terry said, in a scared tone
"what!? why!?" I asked in response, becoming aggravated at this statement
"we overheard them saying how rare Kangaskhans are after they spotted us, and then they came after us, intent on catching her" Jacob said, I was shaking at this point
"where are they?" I asked, trying to remain calm
"they're a little distance off, but they'll be here any moment" Jacob responded
"alright" I started, turning to Seena "take Elese and go with the others, into the bushes, I'll take care of this" I said, before cracking my knuckles
"don't you want some help?" I heard Tira ask
"I'd prefer that you stay with Elese, and besides..." I said, before turning back to them, giving them a thumbs-up through a serious expression "they can't catch me" I then ran south, intent on running into those that would take my daughter...
Chapter End Notes:okay, this'll be the second-last fight in the story..
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