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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 48 (easily defeated, ominous news...)

(Lucas's P.O.V.)

a short while after I started running, I ran into the two, two generic grunts, well, I'd make them regret their choice.
"hey, you!" one of them shouted at me, calling me over, I decided I would start subtley, as I made my way over to them, I took a quick account of how many pokeballs they had, three each...this might be tricky, but I doubt the pokemon would be as strong as Matt is...
"yes?" I asked in response, stopping in front of the two.
"have you seen a Kangaskhan around here, we're going to catch it as a present for the boss" one of them asked, before looking around,
"I guess I COULD scare the hell out of them..." I thought, before pointing behind me and saying, "yeah, they went that way"
"heh, it's always easier when they just co-operate" one of them said, before walking behind me, when they were no longer looking at me, I ignited my arms, lowering them into the snow, Steam soon rose from the ground, I then changed one of my arms to the icy aura of an ice punch, creating fog.
"hey, guys" I said, calling out to them, they looked back, not to see the man who was only a moment ago so helpful, but a cloud of fog
"what the hell? where'd he go?" one of them asked, looking around, the other reached for his pokeballs, saying
"I don't like this, get ready for a battle" I once again reached into the snow, alternating my arms, thickening the fog, as it crept closer to them, they released a pokemon each, a houndour and a poocheyena, I started to make my move, circling around them, while continuing to increase the fog, they were too focused on the cloud of fog in front of them that they didn't even notice it was encircling them
"houndour, clear that fog with a flamethrower" one of the grunts ordered, the houndour complied, shooting a thin flamethrower through the fog in front of them, it cut a large circle in the fog, where I was about ten seconds ago, as I was busy creating more fog around them.
"poocheyena, track him down with odor sleuth" I heard the other call out, before the poocheyena dived into the fog, intent on finding me...but it was already too late, the fog had already reached the two grunts
"wha- from behind us!?" one of them said, before they were engulfed in the fog, I then made my way towards them, using my strange ability to see the spark of others, I moved towards the two silhouettes standing on two legs, saying "next time you want to catch a pokemon..." before ducking to the right, as I knew a flamethrower would soon hit where I just was, after the blast of fire shot through the fog, I continued "make sure they aren't part of my family..." I then moved to the right once again, anticipating another flamethrower
"I want to get out of here!" one of the grunts said, in a panicked tone
"stand your ground! he's only human!" the other responded, as the Poochyena soon reached my feet, I grabbed it by the waist and muzzle, quieting it before it could alert the others
"my quarrel is not with you, get out of here" I whispered, before putting the small canine pokemon back on the ground, it looked at me for a moment, through a terrified expression, before running away from me, I then turned back to the two grunts, saying "stay away from my family!" before jumping at them, grabbing the backs of their heads, I planted them in the snow, their pained cries were muffled, as I slammed them face-first into the snow, I knew I had hurt them, but I was also aware that I didn't cause them to fall unconcious.
a moment later, the Houndour was staring at me with both shock and anger
"stand down, I'm not here to fight you" I said sternly, while moving the grunts heads to the side slightly so they could breathe
"why should I?" the Houndour asked angrily "you're hurting my master!"
"they're trying to take my daughter away from me" I responded, in a serious tone, the Houndour then stopped, of the grunts cut in with
"that's biologically impossible" I grabbed his head by the hair, planting it back in the snow before saying
"no-one's talking to you!" the other grunt looked up at me and asked
"just WHAT are you!?" I looked down at him and responded
"that doesn't matter right now..." while shaking my head
I then removed my hands from the two grunts heads and said "I'll give you one chance...if you leave now, I won't have to really hurt you...but I promise this...if I hear that you lay a single finger on my family...I'll hunt you down..." through a stern expression
"what's stopping us from just beating you here?" the more insolent grunt asked
"do you REALLY want to see what I am fully capable of?" I asked, as my expression became one of anger, he saw this and was unimpressed
"maybe you can start by proving that the fog wasn't just some mere trick" I shook my head, saying
"I'd rather not do this" the other grunt said
"he won't shut up otherwise, please just show him..." I sighed and said
"fine" before igniting one of my arms, and covering my other in an icy aura
"I've...I've seen that kind of thing before...are those fire and ice punches?" the less insolent grunt asked
"yes, does that give you some hint as to WHAT I am, now?" I responded, before taking up a fighting stance and continuing, "now, if you don't want to be on the business end of these, leave!"
"...fine" the grunt said, in a huff, before the other looked around and asked
"where's my Poochyena?"
"it ran off, maybe you should find it, but I swear to god, if you go anywhere near my daughter..." I responded, still angry...sometimes, I wished I wasn't so kind...
"I get it, I get it" the Grunt said, before leaving, looking to the other, I said
"you too, piss off" while pointing at the other grunt, he sighed, before returning the Houndour to its ball, before saying
"not like any of this'll matter in a few days, anyway..." and leaving
"I guess this has something to do with their leader" I thought to myself, before dispersing the energies from my arms and heading back to the others...

...I soon reached Sati's grave, I stood in front of it, before calling out "guys, it's all taken care of, they're gone"
Seena soon came out, holding Elese, asking, "you didn't hurt them, did you?"
"Seena, it's me" I said in response, before moving in closer, pulling both of them into a hug and continuing "but I did warn them of what would happen if they tried this again..."
"sounds like you were quite convincing" Seena said, sighing contently,
"yeah...well, I don't think we'll have to worry about those two anymore..." I responded, looking over Seena's shoulder to see the others coming back out from the bushes, Elese then turned to face them,
"T...Ter-Terry!" she said happily, my eyes went wide at this, I slowly turned to the others and asked
"you heard that, right?"
Terry looked the most surprised out of all of us "I'm...I'm her first word?" she asked, Seena put Elese on the ground as she made her way over to Terry, hugging her
"well, she does consider you her best friend" Seena then said, before turning to me and continuing "it is a little unexpected, though..."
"yeah..." I started, while moving closer to Elese "Elese?" I asked, getting her attention, when she was looking at me, I continued, "you spoke just now, did you know that?"
she had a smile on her face, as she nodded, I then reached a hand out to her, placing it on her head, before saying "you've still got quite a way to go" before chuckling softly
"well, congratulations, Elese" Jacob said, moving in and nuzzling the side of Elese's head.
"That's really quite impressive" Tira said, moving towards Elese before continuing "she's only about 4 weeks old, right?" while turning to Seena and I
"yeah" I responded, before picking Elese up and continuing "I'm very impressed"
Elese smiled at me and repeated "Terry!" while pointing at her
"that's right Elese, that's Terry" I responded, smiling back at her...

...we spent the next couple of hours speaking with each other, reminiscing about the past, and discussing future prospects, Tira said she did intend on making up with her old family, but after they would know what she was saying, so I told her I would try to spend some time in Sunyshore to speed up the process, maybe find the people of who she spoke in the process, anyway, after all was said and done, Seena and I took Elese back home for lunch...
Chapter End Notes:Elese's first word, and a new display of Lucas's strength (mainly tactics...
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