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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 5 (unexpected complications)

Lucas's P.O.V

When I woke up the following morning, I turned to look at the time, it was 5:17 a.m.
"early" I thought, "but, I doubt I can fall back asleep, not after what happened last night"
I slowly rolled out of the bed, doing my best not to disturb Seena, reaching into my bag, I pulled out the ring Sati had told me was for Seena, upon inspecting it closely, I saw it was engraved, I read it in my mind
"though we may be far apart, our hearts beat close together..."
was this a gift from Jonah? or did Sati intend for Seena to see this as a gift from me? the lack of names on the ring made me unsure, maybe if I explained this to Seena, she could tell me if Sati ever wore this, if that was the case, I assumed that this would be a keepsake.
I didn't touch the note, though, I couldn't go against Sati's wishes...
I got up off the floor, putting the ring back in my bag, and headed to the door, grabbing my wallet on the way, I needed to get some more stuff, I guess now would be the time for it, looking back at Seena I quietly said "I'll be back soon..." I closed and locked the door behind me, when I walked around to the front counter, Beatrice greeted me, smiling wider than usual "hello again Lucas, my goodness it's early, shouldn't you head back to bed?"
"I'll be fine, but, more importantly, how are the gyarados, garchomp and abomasnow?, I was interested in talking to them..."
"I'm not so sure that's a good idea, but, maybe it would be helpful to their condition..."
"what's wrong?" I asked, I was concerned, THEY were used as puppets by Team Galactic, as Julian and Tira before them, I felt bad about hurting them, but, I really didn't have a choice. I wanted to smooth things over with them, and, this seemed to be the logical step...
"well" Beatrice started "none of them have slept in a day, they seem to be showing remorse, but, they also appear to be afraid of something... you, maybe..."
"are they awake now?" I asked
"yes, they're through the last door to my right"
"thank you, I want to help them too, you know..."
when I finished saying this, I headed through to the last door on the right, knocking on the door, soon, it slowly opened, the garchomp was standing there, looking panicked.
"oh! human!? what are you doing here!?" the garchomp said
"don't worry, I'm just here to talk... may I come in?"
"wait, human...can you...understand me?"
"yes, I started hearing pokemon speech, at the start of our fight in fact"
"you are just FULL of mystery, aren't you?" the Garchomp said, bewildered.
"you don't know the half of it" I responded
"well, you can come in now..." the garchomp said, before moving aside, allowing me entry.
The room I entered was large, sized for four people, the beds were moved out of the room, large mats being laid out instead, as I entered, I was greeted by an odd response
"Human!? Why are you here!?" the gyarados said, a panicked look on his face
"I'm here to talk" I responded, sitting on the floor
"but, why? we tried to kill you, yet, here you are, talking to us like nothing happened..." the abomasnow said, looking down
"I'm here to say, I forgive you, and, I'm sorry if I went a little overboard trying to stop you, I realize, you were being used as tools by team galactic, I can't blame you personally for this..."
"that's nice to hear human, but, we do not deserve your forgiveness..." Garchomp said, looking away, full of shame...
"what makes you say that? If I'm willing to forgive you, why do you reject it?"
"because Human, we were raised by team galactic, trained to hate Humans, but remain loyal to our masters, we knew nothing else but hatred for you..." the garchomp responded.
"but, you're proving that, here and now, you can change..."I said, trying to comfort them
"thank you, Human, we appreciate what you've done for us, we truly do, but, it will take a while before our trust of humans to come back" The Abomasnow said.
"did, team galactic say anything about me?" I asked, wondering what kind of lies they were being fed from team galactic
"they told us, that you killed pokemon and incarcerated an innocent man...but, seeing you now, you don't look like you'd ever do those things"
"wait, they told you I killed pokemon? Did they say which ones?" I asked, already aware of the answer
"a Stunky and a Glameow" the Gyarados said
"well, you saw the Skuntank and Purugly who helped me?"
"yes..." they responded, fully realizing my true actions
"well, that was them, the pokemon I apparently 'killed', do you want to know the TRUE story?"
I asked, starting to become enraged at team galactic, how could they do this?
"very well, human..." the abomasnow said, turning his head up to face me
"first of all, my name is Lucas" I said, turning to each one of them as I said this "and you, have heard the complete opposite of the truth, the 'innocent man' who I got arrested? He was a team galactic grunt who made his pokemon kill a weavile, he FORCED them to comply, threatening their lives, and, he was the man that you were being used by... I saved the stunky and glameow from this man. originally, they acted like you, but, I know I can help you come around, as I did for them"
"oh no..." the gyarados said, "Could we really be so blind?"
"not blind" I said "you were merely hidden from the truth" I continued, before reminding them "I don't blame you..."
"you're something special, Lucas, you are willing to forgive us, even though we tried to kill you, we know not of anyone else who would act in such a selfless manner, and we know not how we could possibly repay you"
"well" I said " I have an idea, you know of Lake Acuity?"
"yes, we were told that the place was important, and abomasnow was born there..." Gyarados said, turning to me
"well" I said "that place IS important, I need you to talk to Uxie, she will know what you must do"
"Uxie?" they said, seemingly in unison
"the being of the lake, talk to her, she'll give you further details" I said, before turning to Abomasnow and saying "abomasnow?"
"yes Lucas?" he responded
"you should talk to Beatrice sometime..."
"what do you mean?" the abomasnow said, confused
"I'm not saying anymore" I said, getting up and leaving, I decided not to ask if what the grunt said about killing peole was true, I figured they had enough stress just talking to me... after I closed the door, I could hear one of them saying "we should see Uxie, we owe that much to Lucas, at least..."
"okay" I said, passing by Beatrice "I'm done, they already seem to be in better spirits"
"really, oh, that's great news" Beatrice said
"I also dropped a subtle hint to Abomasnow for you..."
"really!? well, thank you, I was far too embarassed to start the conversation myself" Beatrice said, blushing
"okay, you're welcome" I said, turning to the front door and leavng the centre,
I headed straight over to the pokemart, greeted by Michael as I walked in, "greetings customer, Oh! it's you! You said you'd be back and here you are!"
"well, I DID say that didn't I?" I said, getting a confused response from the meowth
"did you...hear everything I just said?"
"yeah, it's getting kind of annoying to explain that over and over"
"what do you mean?"
"I mean, every pokemon I've been talking to as of late, has been incredibly surprised to hear I could understand them, anyway, I'm just here for some supplies" I said
"well, okay, just bring the stuff you want to me when you're done" Michael said, smiling
as I turned around, I saw Maylene, she was standing right behind me... "oh...hi Maylene..." I said, sheepishly, as she just stared at me for a minute, her jaw was dropped, soon she snapped back to reality and asked "you can understand pokemon!? since when?"
"since I...I" I started, crap, I was stuck, she was the first other human to be made aware of my strange ability and I had no idea of how to explain it, without causing unnescessary stress or vilifying the three I was attacked by. "well" I started again "since about two days ago when I ignited my spark..."
"wait, what?" she said, utterly confused
"well, I have no real idea myself, but, I was told we all have a spark within us, and we can ignite it through training..."
"teach me..." she said, still in awe of what I was doing
"I'm in no position to teach, It's hard to explain, but, once I figure it out, I'll tell you, but, for now, keep this to yourself, it's annoying enough explaining it to every pokemon I talk to..."
"I'm holding you to that promise, it doesn't matter how long it takes, you WILL teach me someday!"
"well, I suppose that I can do that..." I said, mildly embarassed, maybe I should only talk to pokemon in private from now on, this could quickly become bothersome, I guess I've just been extremely lucky so far...
"thank you Lucas" she replied, before taking her items to the counter behind me as Michael started writing down the total price of her items, I turned to get my own items, A batch of berries, about 50 in all, some more meat, vegetables and other items before heading back to the counter, Michael started to write down the prices before saying "oh, wait, I guess I don't need to do this with you, huh? anyway, your purchase comes to 3540"
"okay then" I said, grabbing a 1000 note, a 2000 note, a 500 and a 50 coin, michael took the money off my hands before giving me a single 10 coin and saying "thanks for stopping by"
"yeah, I'll see you next time Michael" I said, leaving the store, when I got back to the pokemon centre, I saw Abomasnow, out of the room, talking to Beatrice "well, that was fast..." I thought to myself, walking by, to the left of the counter, heading to the familiar room, I swear I could hear a faint "thank you" as I started to open the door, when I looked in the room, I saw Seena, she had woken up while I was gone, I didn't know for how long, and was worried she would be mad with me "sorry, I just needed to grab some stuff from the shop"
"it's okay Lucas" she responded, smiling.
"well, now that you're up, how about we get some breakfast?"
"sure thing" Seena replied, following me to the kitchen, when I reached the kitchen counter, I pulled out the stuff I had bought, asking "would you like to have some berries with breakfast?"
"that'd be lovely Lucas..." Seena said, as I was looking at her, I noticed something strange, she looked slightly taller, she seemed to be about 3'11". I knew that pokemon naturally differ in size, but, I remember, she wasnt this tall when she evolved, then I realized, this must've been what Uxie was talking about...
"what are you looking at Lucas?" Seena said, blushing...
"Seena, do you feel...strange in any way?"
"what do you mean Lucas?"
"well, you look like you've gotten taller" I said, being met with surprise.
"but, I reached maturity a while ago, why would I still be growing like this?"
"maybe this has something to do with your father?" I suggested, even though I knew this was the case...
"maybe..." Seena said, still finding this situation strange.
"anyway, why don't you sit down, I'll get breakfast ready..." I said, smiling
"okay Lucas," Seena said before moving to the bed and sitting down...
A few minutes later, breakfast was ready, I brought the food to Seena and started eating my portion.
"hey Lucas?" Seena started
"yes Seena?" I said, after finishing what was in my mouth
"the pokemon that attacked us, they're here right now, aren't they?"
"yes, I talked to them this morning, there's no need to worry, they were misguided, that is all..."
"oh, so they'll be okay?"
"yes, I've seen to that myself..." I told Seena
"you've always been so kind Lucas, even to complete strangers" Seena said, smiling
"and I shall remain that way" I responded, returning to my breakfast
after we had finished our food I turned to Seena and asked "so, I was wondering, did Sati ever, wear anything different?"
"why do you ask?" Seena responded, confused.
"well, you remember yesterday when Tira told me not to forget something? well, the thing I had to do happened last night, I left the room after you had fallen asleep, and headed over to Sati's grave, when I got there...Her spirit appeared before me, guiding me to lake acuity cave,"
"mother...appeared to you as a spirit?" Seena asked
"yes, but, when I first saw her, I thought it was you"
"well, then, what else happened?" Seena asked, shocked that her mother was still around, in ethereal form.
"when I was there," I continued, "I talked to Uxie and she told me a lot of things, then, Sati gave me a letter for your father..." as I was saying this, I reached for the bag, pulling out the letter, "and...this..." as I pulled out the ring, handing it to her "Sati told me it was for you..." I said, sitting beside her.
"Mother told me about this, she said she recieved this from father before he left" Seena said, staring intently at the ring
"was Sati wearing that, the day she..." I said, hesitating to say the last word.
"no, but, she wore it every other day, it was really special to her...wait, do you think..."
"yes, she told me, she knew she would lose her life that day..."
"why didn't she tell me?" Seena said, tears welling up in her eyes
"I think she was scared, scared that you would try to intervene and she would lose you too..." I said, hugging her, I could feel myself getting teary as well
"I want to see her again..." Seena said, tears starting to roll down her cheeks
"I'll bring you to the grave...tonight" I responded
"thank you Lucas, for everything..." Seena said, kissing me deeply. I happily returned her kiss, holding her close.
We broke the kiss shortly after, to breathe, before Seena turned to me, and asked "did Uxie tell you of your parents?"
"yes" I responded, before continuing "she showed me a memory from shortly after I was born, I was in Celestic town, being handed to the village elder, my mother, A young woman, called her grandmother, while my Infernape, stood there, silently"
"your father was a pokemon?" Seena asked
"yes, it seems to explain a lot to me..." I said.
"was there anything else?"
"oh yes! I just remembered, Sati said your father is living alone, by the sea..."
"oh...that doesn't really narrow down my search, I've never been anywhere near the sea" Seena said, frowning
"it's okay" I said, "I have a feeling I know where he would be" I continued, puling out my map
"the map says, there are two areas here where people live by the sea, route 213 and route 222"
"so, does that mean...I can finally meet him?"
"yes Seena, I WILL find him" I said, making Seena smile
"I know you will, you've never given up before..." Seena said, kissing me again...
the rest of the day passed pretty quickly, nothing of note happened except I overheard Beatrice, as she passed by on the way to her room, saying "he said he'll talk to me again tonight, oh, I hope I don't say anything to embarassing..." soon after we had dinner, I asked Seena "are you ready to go?"
Seena responded with a simple nod, we headed out, being greeted by Nurse joy as she was getting ready to switch shifts with Beatrice, when I turned around to respond, I could see Abomasnow, waiting at the door to his room... "hey Nurse Joy" I simply responded, giving a small nod to Abomasnow, he responded by nodding back, as I saw this, I turned around and headed outside the pokemon centre, heading towards the grave, Seena asked "do you think she'll be there?"
"after what Uxie said, I'm pretty sure Sati knows we're coming" I responded
"I guess, but, why would she wait until now?" Seena asked
"I really don't know..." I said, looking towards the grave, as we arrived, Sati appeared before us, saying "hello again, I knew you were coming" before turning to Seena and saying "I'm very sorry for not telling you about my last day, but, I didn't want you to try to intervene..."
"I understand, Mother..." Seena said, a single tear rolling down her cheek
"Sati, why did you give me the ring, and not Seena?" I asked
"because, it's how I had originally recieved that ring, from the man I love..."
Seena and I looked at each other, blushing, shortly after, I asked "is Jonah Michaels still in Sinnoh?"
"yes..." Sati said "when you meet him, you may notice something strange about him..."
"what do you mean?" I asked
"you shall see, soon enough..." Sati said starting to fade,
"Mother, wait!" Seena shouted
"you remind me so much of us..." Sati said, completely fading from view.
"I wanted to say goodbye" Seena said, turning to me
"she should still be able to hear you..." I said
"goodbye mother..." Seena said, another tear rolling down her cheek
I knelt down beside her and hugged her saying "I'm sure we'll see her again..."
Seena turned to me and kissed me again, before saying "okay, I'm ready to head back to our room"

The next week passed quickly, we met with Julian and tira on the third day, seeing Jacob and Jackie getting bigger... Tira was acting strangely distant to me, and I could smell something strange in the air around her, I had never smelt anything like this before, I couldn't explain it, but it smelt good, I think tira took notice of this, as she then called Seena to come with her.

Seena's P.O.V.
after Tira had led me out of earshot, she turned to me, looking slightly panicked
"Seena, we have a problem..."
"what is it?" I asked, slightly worried
"I've just entered my heat cycle, and I think Lucas can smell it..."
"what!? but, he didn't know when I was going through mine"
"think about it Seena, that happened BEFORE he could understand us, it's quite possible his other senses have improved as well"
"should I bring him back to the pokemon centre for now?"
"I think that would be best, also, maybe you should take the kids with you..."
"why's tha-Oh..." I said, looking away, blushing
"yes, you can probably bring them back in an hour, until then, I'm going to need some privacy, I need to end my cycle soon, if we're going to keep meeting like this..."
"okay, I understand" I said, as I started back to Lucas

Lucas's P.O.V.
I saw Seena running back to me, Tira was slowly following behind, when Seena reached me, she asked Jacob and Jackie "would you like to see our room at the pokemon centre?"
why was Seena asking this? I noticed while Tira and Seena were gone, I couldn't smell that strange odour anymore...
"yeah!" Jacob shouted while jackie simply said "okay..."
I couldn't help but notice, they were so different, if someone hadn't met them before, they wouldn't be able to guess they're siblings...
"okay, Lucas, it's time for us to go..." Seena said, turning to me
"alright then, come on you two" I said, turning to the kids
they followed us back to our room in the pokemon centre without saying anything, when we got to the room, they both jumped up onto my bed, followed by Seena, seeing this, I turned on the TV and sat between Seena and the kids, we sat and watched a television show showing new trainers how to catch pokemon, I took some note of this, but, I already knew most of it...
after the show finished, I pulled out some berries for everyone, knowing their preferences made this much easier for me, when I brought them back to the bed, I was met with a "Thank you" from each of the small glameows
"you're very welcome" I said, smiling at them before sitting down, changing the station to the news channel, I saw a report about professor Rowan handing out pokemon to new trainers in sandgem town, one of the pokemon offered was a chimchar... "huh...wonder if he was the one who gave mom the chimchar that became my dad?" I thought to myself, before thinking "I just noticed how strange that sounds..."
the other pokemon offered were piplup and turtwig, it also mentioned that he and his assistant, a young girl named Dawn, were looking into legendary pokemon "maybe Celestic town would be a good place for them to learn about that..." I thought to myself
after that report ended, another one detailing activity in veilstone, there was a new shopping centre opening, seeing it, I said "wow, I've never seen a building so large before..."
"do you want to go there someday?" Seena asked, looking at me
"maybe someday, it doesn't seem to important though, although, if I wanted to talk to maylene, that's where her gym is..."
"maylene? who's she?" Seena asked
"oh! that's right, you haven't met, she's a friend of Candice's, I met them both for the first time a while ago..."
"oh, okay..." Seena said, turning back to the TV.
after the news report had finished, the weather played, there was going to be heavy rain down in Pastoria city, the rest of Sinnoh would be sunny...
"okay, it should be safe now" Seena said, going straight over my head
"safe!? were Julian and Tira fighting someone?" this statement got a response of
"Oh No!" from Jacob and silence from Jackie
"no, I meant...nevermind, come on you two, it's time to head back"
"okay Seena" the two said, getting off the bed
"stay here Lucas, I'll be back soon"
"oh, okay Seena..." I said, still slightly confused
about ten minutes later Seena returned and I felt I had to ask, "did Tira smell strange to you?"
hearing this, a surprised expression rose on Seena's face "she was right" Seena thought to herself before replying "yes...that's a pheromone that females emit when they go into heat..."
"what? I knew what heat was, but, I've never smelled anything like that before" I said
"the pheromone is only able to be smelled by other pokemon, it's a method of attracting a mate"
Seena explained to me
"wait, does that mean, because of everything else that has happened to me, I can smell these pheromones too?"
"that's the most likely explanation" Seena said, looking slightly embarassed
"how often does this happen?" I asked.
"once between each 1-2 months"
"so that means, you've been in heat once while you were here with me?"
"...yes" Seena said, blushing heavily, she didn't want to admit it, but, she could feel her next one coming too.
"I've heard that a heat becomes unbearable to the female over time, until they would mate, ending the heat, how did you stand it?"
"Beatrice told me, that I could take care of the urges myself and, I didn't want to hurt you..." Seena responded, sadly
"hurt me?..." I asked
"my body was pushing me towards you, but I was unsure of how I felt about you, beyond the physical level... I decided that I would endure through it, and see how I felt about you afterwards, I needed to know if my attraction to you wasn't stemming from my heat..." Seena explained, blushing heavier than before.
"thank you...for waiting for me Seena" I said, resting my hands on her shoulders and kissing her before continuing "I can wait as long as you need, just tell me next time, I don't want you doing this to yourself again...when you don't need to"
"thank you Lucas, I will"...

four days later, I was called into the surgery room floor, it was nothing, really, they were going to check my back, to see if the stitches could be removed, they were very suprised to see I had fully healed,"you...healed in half the estimated time..." Nurse joy said to me
a passing chansey turned, looked at me, looked at another chansey and said "hey, that's the man Beatrice said could hear what pokemon were saying"
the other chansey's eyes turned wide and said "really!?" she then turned to me and said "is it true?"
I responded by bringing a finger up to my mouth, making a shhh... gesture, before pointing at Nurse Joy and shaking my head
"oh, can we talk to you later then?"
I responded to this by nodding
"okay, we'll come to your room a little later"
after my stitches were removed, I got up, put my shirt back on and said "thank you Nurse Joy" She responded to me by smiling and saying "you're welcome, I'm just doing my job"
"well, I appreciate it all the same" I said, when I got up to move back to my room, I noticed the chanseys starting to follow me from a distance
when I reached the room, Seena was waiting for me saying, how is your back?
"the stitches were removed, apparently, I heal really fast" I said, scratching the back of my head, before saying "two chanseys wanted to talk to me, they should be outside now, in order for no-one else to hear me, I'm going to let them in and close the door, is that okay with you?
"it should be fine, but, I hope they realise you're with me..."
"well, Beatrice originally told them, so, hopefully they know" I said, blushing slightly
"okay, let them in" Seena said
I opened the door, seeing the two chanseys standing there "hello sir" they said
I moved back and motioned for them to come in, after they were in the room, I closed the door,
seeing Seena, they said "you must be Seena"
"yes, that's right" Seena responded
I sat down on the bed next to Seena putting my arm around her, clearing up any misconceptions they may have had, Seena saw this and started blushing slightly and smiled
"so" I started "what did you want to know?"
"well, we were interested in how it happened, why can you understand us?"
"I've explained it several times so, forgive me if I sound slightly annoyed at some points...first of all, Uxie told me that all humans have the potential to do what I am doing, but, I'm guessing that, because I am half-born, that I was able to achieve it easier..."
"half-born? what do you mean?" the chanseys asked, Seena looked up at me and asked "did you make that term up?"
"I think so" I said to Seena, before turning to the chanseys and saying "what I mean is that my father was a pokemon..."
Seena looked at me and asked "that means I am one too, doesn't it?"
"yes Seena" I said turning back to the chanseys, they were blushing, saying "that's possible? humans and pokemon can produce offspring together?"
"well, me and Seena are living proof, it IS possible" I said
"anyway, humans who train their body apparently, have teir spirit respond in kind, their spirit contains the spark and the spark, awakens ancient traits...does this make sense to you?" I asked
"ancient traits? like what?" one of the chanseys asked
"I'm assuming, so far, understanding the language of pokemon, senses improving to new levels and...this..." as I finished I showed the chanseys the preparation of a fire punch, as my arm was engulfed in an orange flame, it didn't burn me, I always wondered why. The chanseys looked at my arm in disbelief "you...fight with the same moves as a pokemon?" one of them asked
"yes..." I said, looking down
"that's truly amazing" the other chansey said, turning to the other and asking
"is that all we needed to know?"
"yes..." the other chansey said, standing up, turning to me and bowing, before saying
"thank you for talking to us today..."
"it's quite alright, I'll let you out" I said as I walked them to the door
"goodbye sir" the other chansey said, stepping out the door
"see you both later" I said as I closed the door behind them, I turned back to Seena and said
"that went pretty well, didn't it?"
"yes, but, do you think they'll keep that information to themselves?"
"I doubt it, that's why I included extra details, hopefully, this'll spread around and I won't have to explain this so much..." I said, letting out a sigh...
"well, do you want to go see Julian and Tira again?" Seena asked
"yeah, I'll just put some stuff together..."

over the next week, I started to notice, Seena was acting differently, she seemed to be amorous, in some instances, when we embraced, her hands would start to wander over my body, caressing me, this usually caused me to blush, I was slightly uncomfortable with this, but, I knew she was testing me, I told her I would wait until she told me she wanted me, and, I have always been a man of my word...
during the later half of the week, I noticed two things, she started smelling differently, I assumed this meant she was in heat, I also noticed, she appeared to be developing small breasts "this must be, once again, because of her parents" I thought, blushing. At the end of the week, I measured her height "I knew you were getting taller, look at this, you're 4'03", and average weavile size is 3'08" "
Seena responded to this by saying "I understand, my body is changing, in more ways than one..."
" you noticed too huh?" I said, blushing
"yes, but, why do I have them? my species doesn't breastfeed..."
"I think this is what Uxie meant when she told me you'd start to change..." I said, still blushing...

Seena's P.O.V.
over the next week, I started visiting Beatrice at night, she was happier than she used to be, this made me smile when I talked to her, as I could feel my heat approaching, each day my subject in conversation was changing, finally I told her "I'm...afraid, of having children at the moment, but, I really want to BE with there anything I can do about this?" I was blushing pretty heavily by the point I finished this, when I looked back at Beatrice, she was blushing too, she told me "well, we DO have these..." before she reached down under the counter, pulling out a box of pills
"if you take...2 of these before should stop you from falling pregnant afterwards..." Beatrice was really embarassed telling me about this, I responded by asking "do you want some money for those?" Beatrice responded by handing me the box and saying "I couldn't ask for that, besides, in my eyes at least, we're friends..."
as she said this I realized, I had never told her that I considered her a friend
"thank you Beatrice, and, I think we're friends too..."
as I started back to my room, I noticed an abomasnow walking around to the counter, I hid around the corner, and poked my head out, I saw the abomasnow pick Beatrice up and kiss her on the lips, this made me blush heavily, I didn't realize that beatrice was already seeing someone, then I realized, that Abomasnow was the same one from the fight "I bet Lucas had something to do with this" I thought, turning back to head to my room, when I got back, I hid the box of pills under the bed, and seeing that Lucas was asleep, I slid softly into the bed beside him and settled on a sleeping position.

Lucas's P.O.V
3 days into the next week

I was awoken in the dead of night, when I looked up, Seena was lying on top of me, looking me dead in the eyes, she leaned down and kissed me deeply, putting her hands behind my head, holding me into the kiss, I happily responded by wrapping my arms around he torso, what Seena did next, I found somewhat strange, she took one of her hands and lightly gripped mine, guiding it towards the front of her chest, when my hand brushed over her breast, she started moaning through our kiss, I started to rub her breast lightly, getting more moans in reponse. she then broke our kiss, and said "Lucas...Take me..."
Chapter End Notes:okay, the next chapter should be up momentarily, I decided, it wouldn't be fair to contain a build-up to an event and have everyone wait up to a week to see the event in questio
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