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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 6 (intimacy)

Seena got climbed off of me and before turning around so she would be on her back, spreading her legs before me, revealing her opening and saying "...please..."
she wanted-no, NEEDED me, and I wouldn't let her down, I slowly began removing my clothes, watching Seena's reaction while I did this, she was giving me a seductive glare, and I was finding it hard to drag my eyes away from hers, I could feel my member growing inside my boxer shorts, which I then caught Seena eyeing, as I removed them, I saw Seena give me a smile, before beckoning me to her.
I slowly crawled my way over to Seena, when our faces met, she put one of her hands on the back of my head, holding me in a passionate kiss, while her other hand drifted downwards, as she started to rub herself in anticipation of what was to come, when we broke our kiss, I told Seena "I want to make this special for you..." I was acting entirely on instinct at this point, as I reached down, I took her hand, and replaced it with my own, She started moaning when I spread her lips, and brought my head down to her swollen opening, I deeply inhaled the scent emanating from the area, finding myself overwhelmed by her pheromones, I saw that she was leaking juices, so I took a quick lick of the area, getting a resounding moan from Seena, she tasted...sublime, like the berries she had been eating, I heard Seena say "please...keep going"
so I continued to lick at her sex, getting cries of pleasure in response, knowing that it was going well, I started to poke my tongue inside and touch her now quaking inner walls. This got a louder response from Seena, I was starting to get worried that someone would hear us, but I threw caution to the wind, I wouldn't let anything keep me from making Seena happy.
I continued my efforts, getting a constant stream of moans from Seena, I could feel her inner walls convulsing faster, so I sped up, trying to hasten the progress of my work, I could tell, her release would come soon, as I once again sped up my efforts, I could hear Seena panting through her moans, I continued my actions, I kept this up for another minute before I heard Seena cry my name and I could feel a gush of liquid leave her sex, coating the lower half of my face, as I pulled came back up, Seena turned to me and said "Lucas...that was...incredible" I responded by saying "I heard the first time is always the most intense" she took my head with one of her hands and brought me into another kiss, as she did this, I picked her up by the waist, and moved so I would be in a sitting position before breaking our kiss, Seena saw what I had done and she positioned her opening over my member, I asked "are you able to keep going?" Seena responded to this by bringing me into another kiss and lowered herself down onto me, as my member slowly slid into her, we both moaned through our kiss.
as she continued to lower herself down I could feel a small barrier, there was no doubt about it, this was her Hymen, I broke the kiss and said "Seena, this is going to hurt, are you still ready?"
Seena didn't say anything, instead, she slowly brought herself up about an inch, before slamming herself down onto me, completely hilting me, Seena cried out in pain as I shouted "Seena, are you alright!?" she stayed in place for a moment, before turning her head up and kissing me again, soon breaking the kiss, Seena said "I am now..." before she started to slowly bring herself up again, and brought herself down once more, I could see her still wincing slightly, but soon, the pleasure had far overtaken the pain she felt as she had found a steady rhythm shifting herself up and down, I could feel her inner walls start to clench around my member and in response, she sped up, it was nearly too much for me, I could feel myself getting close, I started bucking my hips, thrusting into her as she brought herself down, this served to only increase the pleasure we both felt, I could soon feel myself about to release and I sped up my thrusts, overtaking Seena, I managed to say "should.I.Pull.out?" through my thrusts, I was met with the response "don'"
from Seena, I grabbed the undersides of her legs and sped myself up again as I felt my release, I could feel my seed shooting into her womb, filling her, as her inner walls suddenly clamped down on me, milking me for all I had as Seena had her second orgasm of the night, I could feel our fluids running down, meeting in a pool below us as I held Seena in our union for a minute longer. I had just lost my virginity to her, as she had to me, the mere thought made me happy, I felt myself fall backwards onto the bed, as Seena came down from her high, she flopped down onto my chest, I could feel my member receding from her depths, sending a shiver down my spine as I slipped out of her.
We both just sat there speechless for a moment before Seena turned to me and said "Thank you, for everything Lucas..." I turned to her and reponded
"anytime Seena..." as Seena brought me into another kiss.
we sat there in the afterglow for a while longer before Seena got up, making her way over to the bedside table, and grabbing the ring from Sati, before sitting herself beside me on the bed.
"why do you have Sati's ring, Seena" I asked, still smiling
"Mother told me, the day before she left that she wanted me to give this to someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with... Lucas, that person is you, there is no-one else I could ever feel the same way for, and there never shall be, Lucas, I love you, with all of my heart" as she said this, she had started to cry, these tears were different, though, they were tears of joy,
I responded ,
"Seena, I love you too, I don't think I've ever felt this way before, and I never want this feeling to end, I would be honoured to spend my life with you" as I finished saying this, I pulled Seena into another kiss, holding her naked form to mine in a passionate embrace. I was truly happy to be with her, and I would never think of giving up on this happiness, when we broke our kiss, Seena said "we've been together for only about 2 months, but I feel like I've known you all my life..."
I responded to this by saying "I feel the same way Seena" Suddenly, I could feel myself getting tired, so much had happened, "Seena, I'm getting really tired, we should continue this tomorrow" I said, as Seena took notice of the time, it was 3:43, she just realized how long she had been awake too, and yawned, saying "okay, Lucas, but first, take this ring"
"of course Seena" I responded, taking the ring out of Seena's hand, reaching over to the bedside table, placing the ring down before thinking "I need to find a ring for Seena, it's only fair..."
as I started to drift off into slumber, I saw Seena suggling up against me and pulling the bedsheet over us
"goodnight, Lucas..."
"goodnight, my love..." I responded, kissing Seena on the lips lightly.
as I slept, I could hear Sati's words to me "of course, I have seen the way you treat her, I could not have asked for a better partner for her, I know you'll keep her happy" these words had lingered on my mind since I had heard them, now, they were making more and more sense each day...

the following morning, when I awoke, I looked over at the clock "8:57" I thought, turning to Seena, I saw she was still asleep, I decided I would go and have a shower, there was no real need to lock the door anymore, Seena had seen everything I have anyway, and, I was pretty sure I was married now,
given Sati's explanation of the ring to her daughter.
as I bathed myself, Seena walked in saying "good morning Lucas..."
I turned to Seena and said "good morning, last night was wonderful, Seena"
"well, it was fantastic for me, too" Seena said, blushing
"I'll be out in a minute Seena, just need to finish up..."
as I exited the shower, I kissed Seena on the lips before saying, "I'm gonna dry off and start on breakfast..."
Seena got in the shower and said "okay, Lucas" before she started to wash herself off.
when I had finished drying myself, I grabbed my clothes, putting them on, I headed to the kitchen, starting to make pancakes, Seena really enjoyed these before, so I would use the same ingredients.
when the pancakes were about done, I felt Seena's arm wrapped around my waist "the pancakes smell great Lucas" She said, smiling at me as I looked down to her.
"thanks, I knew you enjoyed them last time too" I said, returning the smile "well" I continued "it'll be ready soon, why don't you go sit down?" I said, pointing to the other bed this time, "those sheets would need to be washed first" I thought, blushing.
when the pancakes were done, I mixed a bowl of maple syrup and berry juice together to make the sauce for the pancakes, pouring the sauce over the pancakes, I brought the two plates and some cutlery to the bed, and sat down with Seena. I turned on the TV to see a news report playing, talking about team Galactic, this report was strange, it painted Team Galactic in a positive light, saying, that Team Galactic seeks to achieve world peace "yeah" I thought "through an Iron fist, maybe" I decided that team galactic had gotten to the media and shut the TV off, Seena turned to me and asked "Why would a report say something like...that?"
I responded by saying "money is a strange thing, people will do anything if you have enough of it..."
"so, you think the leader of team galactic controls a lot of money?"
"yes, I do, I doubt they would be able to perform their cruel procedures without it" I said
"I guess, they are a real problem, aren't they?"
"yes, but, they won't be able to separate us, I will never allow it, besides, according to that grunt, the three pokemon staying here in th pokemon centre are some of their-well, USED to be some of their strongest pokemon, and we took them down..."
"I guess, but, maybe we should avoid high concentrations of members?"
"yeah, something tells me the other two lakes will be overrun soon, I hope Uxie's siblings will be okay..." I said, when I said this, I heard Uxie's voice, she said
"there's no need to worry, Team Galactic WILL be stopped, but, not by you..."
"oh..." I thought, I was relieved and confused at the same time, did that mean I was incapable of stopping team galactic, or did it mean I shouldn't worry about it?
I eventually decided on the second option, but, if any grunts challenged me to fight, I wouldn't decline...
after we had finished breakfast, I turned to Seena and asked "do you want to go see Julian and Tira again?"
Seena responded with a nod
"okay, just give me a minute, I need to put the sheets of the bed on to wash, when I said this, Seena blushed heavily, remembering last nights events, before turning to me and saying "okay Lucas..."
after I had set the sheets to wash in the washing machine, we left the room, seeing Abomasnow walking back from...Beatrice's room, I signaled to Abomasnow to follow me, he gave me a confused look, but complied...
when the three of us got outside, I asked "so...did you and Beatrice...hit it off?"
"...yes..." Abomasnow said, blushing now himself
"that's good to hear" I said
"wait, you're not mad or anything?" he replied
"mad? why would I be mad? Beatrice needed you"
"well, thanks for introducing me to her..." he said
Seena turned to me and said "you just never stop, do you, you always go and try to make everyones lives better..."
"yeah" I said, scratching my head "I never stop..."
Chapter End Notes:If you haven't seen it by now, I like staying faithful to the main story, if any characters are involved, the events take place OUTSIDE of the game timeline, or they are minor characters, I'm not revealing who Seena's father is, but, some of you may have already figured it out..
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