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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 7 (living with the guilt and plans for the dream of travel)

I Turned to Abomasnow and told him "well... Seena and I are going over to meet the Skuntank and Purugly now, did you want to come with us?"
"you know what? I WOULD like to meet them..." the Abomasnow said
"excellent, did you want to get the others?" I asked, looking towards the pokemon centre
"no, they're asleep now, I'll just come with you myself" the abomasnow said.
"Well" Seena started "maybe you should let us tell them about you first, I'm sure they'll understand you're not hostile"
"okay, I'll follow you from a distance, just give me a shout when it's time for me to join up with you..." the abomasnow said, a look of caution rising on his face.
"okay, I'll let you know" I said, starting to walk towards Sati's grave, when we arrived, Seena
called out for Tira and Julian, soon getting a response from their son, he walked out and said "hi Seena!" whilst smiling
"hello Jacob, could you go and get the rest of your family please?" Seena responded, returning Jacob's smile.
"Okay, I'll be back in a minute" Jacob said, before disappearing behind the bushes
"he's getting bigger" I said, turning to Seena, smiling
"yeah, but, I wonder how Tira is..."
"why's that?" I asked
"well, she might be pregnant again..."
"ohh... now it all makes sense" I said, scratching my head
"yeah, that's why I brought the two kids with us" Seena responded, blushing
"okay, well, they'll be here soon, it'd be embarassing if they heard this, we'll talk to them about this later" I said, crouching down and pointing in the direction that they usually emerged from
"okay, Lucas" Seena replied, giving me a quick kiss on the cheek.
A moment later, Julian emerged from the bushes, followed by Jacob, Tira and Jackie
"hey there guys" Julian said when he first saw us, I quickly snapped my attention to Julian and said
"hey Julian, how have you been?"
as the rest of the family emerged from the bushes Julian said
"I've been good, but, Tira's been a bit moody lately"
"hey! I'm not the only one to blame, Julian" Tira said, smiling at him, wandering around, smelling the air, before saying "someone else is here..."
I responded to this by saying "I know, I invited him to come and talk to you guys, you may remember him as one of the three pokemon that grunt had, but, he's changed, trust me"
"okay Lucas" Tira said "where is he?"
"I had him wait for me to call him over, I didn't want you guys to get off on the wrong foot"
I replied, before calling out "ABOMASNOW! you can come over to us now!"
soon, the large white and green pokemon appeared from behind us, walking over to me, he turned to the family of pokemon and said "hello, I'm sorry about before, I've been trying to make up for it since"
I cut in and said "he was acting like you guys did, when I saved you from that same man, I thought maybe you could help him more than I could, Julian, could you talk to Abomasnow for me? I think you may have something personal to say to him..."
Julian responded to this by hanging his head down, before saying "it'd be best if we went somewhere more private for this abomasnow"
"I'll stay here with the kids..." I said, looking over to Seena and Tira "I guess you guys wanted to speak in private too?"
"well" Tira started "every time we meet, we do, why should this be any different? come on Seena"
"okay Tira" Seena responded
as they were leaving, I turned to Jacob and Jackie and asked "so, how have you two been?"
"well...not much has been happening, but, I like it that way..." Jackie said, turning to me
"no way sis, it's been sooo boring! I want to go out and do something! I only really have fun when we hang out with Lucas" Jacob said, turning to his sister, I still couldn't believe how different they were, I turned to Jacob and said "come on, it can't be THAT bad..."
"well..." Jacob started "whenever wild pokemon show up, which is rare at best, dad always scares them off, or fights them, saying "this is a special place, stay away" I just want to make a friend.." Jacob said, hanging his head, I didn't know he felt like this
"you know" I said, smiling "I could find a pokemon to be your friend..."
"really Lucas? that'd be great!" Jacob said, now smiling
"well, I just want to help out, is there anything YOU want Jackie?"
"not really-well, there is ONE thing..." Jackie said, starting to smile
"what's that?" I responded, finding myself becoming uneasy from the way Jackie was smiling, I'd never seen her smile before, she always struck me as someone too serious for that
"anyway" Jackie started "I want to talk to that Meowth I've sometimes seen around town..."
"oooh... Jackie's got a boyfriend!" Jacob said, teasing his sister
"you want to meet Michael? he works at the pokemart each night, if you want to meet him, go there between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m." I said, looking back towards the town.
"thanks, I'll be sure to remember that" Jackie said, continuing to smile, I turned around, seeing abomasnow walking back, being followed by Julian, I could hear the Abomasnow saying "I'll tell the other two back at the centre, I still can't believe someone could act that way..."
when they reached us I walked up to Julian and quietly asked "the grunt said something about THEM killing others, did you find out if that was true?"
"yes I did" Julian responded, whispering to me "and it's false, I should've known it was a lie as soon as it came out of that man's mouth..."
"that's good to hear..." I whispered back, before Jacob asked, "what are you two talking about?"
I turned to Jacob and said "we were just talking about your father not scaring off any potential new friends straight away..." Julian turned to me and gave me a look saying "WHAT!?" I whispered "just go with it, I'll explain later" hearing this, Jacob started smiling, saying "really, that's great!"
after that, I saw Seena heading back, followed by Tira, I looked around and noticed, the grass was growing, I could barely see "SATI" appearing in the snow.
When Seena reached me, she said "I found out, but, Tira wanted some information in return..."
I could guess what Tira wanted to know, but I asked "well? is she?"
Seena reponded to me by nodding, I said back "I thought as much, anyway, I have some work to do, it seems..."
"what do you mean Lucas?" Seena asked
"well, Jacob's bored without a friend around, and Jackie wants to meet Michael, the meowth that works at the pokemart, I can probably talk to Michael tonight, and, I had an Idea that maybe Garchomp would be interested in being Jacob's friend, after Abomasnow tells them what Julian told him, they should be more open to us..."
Abomasnow turned around and said "how do you know what we talked about?"
I responded by saying "I know, because, I knew Julian since before he evolved, and, I know what he'd have to tell you to get you to realise you're not so bad..."
"oh..." Abomasnow said, hanging his head

Julian's P.O.V
When I had led the Abomasnow away from the children, I turned around to face him and asked
"now, why are you beating yourself up?"
"because, I had been trained to hate humans, and, I was ordered to kill Lucas..."
"well" I started "no harm was done, and Lucas himself is trying to help you get back on your feet, it's clear he's forgiven you."
"maybe, but, I'm not so sure I can accept this so easily..."
hearing these words caused me to become quite irritated, I needed to tell him this, Lucas was right, I really wished that this wasn't the case, but, I was staring at a Fragment of my own past here, this abomasnow didn't know what I had done, when Lucas had blurted out his cause to the man who used to be my trainer, Abomasnow was knocked out
"do you have ANY idea how it feels to actually take someone's life!?" I shouted
"what!? NO!" the abomasnow angered back "Lucas was the first one I fought outside of other training pokemon"
"well..." I started "I do know how it feels..."
"what? how?" Abomasnow asked
"it was the day I first met Lucas, that man ordered me to take the life of a weavile, the very same as the mother of the weavile with Lucas, her name was Sati..."
"how? how could he order such a thing? why couldn't you refuse?"
"because, he threatened to kill my partner, who was holding my two unborn children at the time, he threatened to kill one of his own pokemon, because I didn't want to kill one I had never met before...Lucas...saved us from this man, all he asked in return is that we protected Sati's grave, he considers us his friends, even Seena trusts us, and I killed her mother, I try not to think about it, Lucas told me that I wasn't the one to blame, but, I still beat myself up over it, I regret the day I was ever caught by Team Galactic..." I was drained, I could barely speak after this, I needed to clear my head
"I'm sorry about this, I can't believe you had to do something like that..."
"yeah, just think of what that man would've done if YOU had hesitated to attack, he could have had you killed..." I said, reminding him of that man's nature
"well then, I'm glad Lucas acted the way he did..." the abomasnow said back, smiling slightly
"ever since I met Lucas, my life has been getting better" I said
"I guess you could say mine has too, LUcas actually introduced me to someone"
"really?" I said, thinking to myself "wonder if Lucas would have done that for me if I wasn't already with Tira at the time?", "might I ask who?"
"the blissey working at the pokemon centre, she really liked me when I met her, Lucas just helped us to start talking with each other, things just, elevated from there" the Abomasnow said, he was starting to blush now, I felt I had to ask "have you two, BEEN together yet?" I couldn't be so blunt about this, I didn't have it in me
"well, Lucas asked this morning and, yes, we have" the abomasnow replied
"do you want to leave snowpoint at anytime in the near future?" I asked, seemingly out of the blue...
"no, I was born here, even during my time with Team Galactic, I still wanted to return here"
"well, I'm sure you'll keep some people happy with this decision, Lucas doesn't want to keep you with him, he only sought to rehabilitate you. Lucas has a dream, he wants to travel Sinnoh, originally, he said he didn't want to have pokemon fight for him, but, he seems open about bringing pokemon with him, I was thinking about asking him to bring me and my family with him..." I said, starting to walk back towards the are where everyone else was, abomasnow started after me saying "well, you should ask him, he seems to consider you a friend..."
"also" I started, "I want you to tell gyarados and garchomp what I told you, I would've told you all, if you had all gone with Lucas..."
the abomasnow responded, now withing earshot oof the others "I'll tell the other two back at the centre, I still can't believe someone could act that way..."

Seena's P.O.V
"Okay, this should be far enough, now, what's been happening lately?" Tira asked, turning back to me
"well, I entered my heat cycle..."
"I know, I also know that it's been ended prematurely, I'm not making any conclusions, I wan't to hear you say it"
"very well" I started "but first, I need to know, did your latest encounter with Julian leave you...expecting?"
"maybe I'll tell you after you let me in on what YOU did..." Tira said, a smile forming on her mouth,
"fine, I suppose this is the best time to say it...I...mated with Lucas..." as I said this, I felt myself blushing heavily
"at last, you finally did it, and you're asking me if I'm expecting? what about you?" Tira asked
"well, I don't want to have kids right now, I do want to later, but, just not now, I asked the Blissey at the pokemon centre if there was something I could do, and she handed me a box of pills, that I could take 2 of before an 'encounter' to prevent pregnancy from occuring afterwards
"so...that's a no then?"
"I guess so" I responded "anyways, will you tell me now?"
"okay, I've had my fun with you" Tira said, still smiling "yes, I am..."
"are you...happy to have more kids?" I asked
"of course, I was so happy when Jacob and Jackie entered my world, but, they don't seem to get along, hopefully, the new child, or children will have a personality that matches with at least one of them, I do want them to be friends, but, they seem to be from different worlds..." Tira said, her smile had disappeared at the end of this comment
"siblings quarreling is very natural" I said to her "I've never met any siblings who consistantly get along"
"well, there's nothing for it now, but to hope, I guess" Tira said
"is that everything you needed to know?" I asked
"yeah, I'm done with you, for now..." Tira said, poking out her tongue at me and smiling
"well fine, I didn't want to talk to you anymore anyways!" I said laughing slighlty, before heading back to Lucas.

Lucas's P.O.V.
I looked at Abomasnow, hanging his head and said "well, that seems to be it" before turning to the others and asking "was there anything else anyone wanted to ask?"
Julian stepped forward and asked "Lucas, you're still planning on travelling Sinnoh right?"
"yes, but I won't be leaving snowpoint for a little while yet..."
"well, when you DO decide it's time to leave, can you take us with you?"
hearing this, Jacob's ears pricked up, before he turned to me and shouted "CAN YOU!?"
"well, I did originally want you to take care know...but, she's told us that won't be necessary, apparently, she can hear us from anywhere..."
"who can?" Jacob asked
"Uxie..." I said, not mentioning Sati, I didn't want him to find out about this until at least a while in the future
"but, if you are going to come with me, I'll need to assign pokeballs to you all, I won't keep you in the pokeballs themselves, but, it will stop you from being caught by other trainers, the only reason, however, that I would return you to the pokeballs, would be if you needed medical attention, I could carry you, but, it wouldn't be particularly easy..." I said, scanning my head around them, looking for reactions, after I had finished, Tira said, "I don't want to travel yet, I'll need a little while first..."
"that's okay Tira, I understand..." I said, looking at her, I then turned to abomasnow and said "could you tell the others with you, they may want to consider my offer too..."
"okay, I'll let them know, but, I already decided, I'm going to stay here..."
"that's fine abomasnow, I understand why, I wouldn't ask you to do something you didn't want to"
"thank you Lucas..." abomasnow said, turning to head back to the pokemon centre
"okay, I guess that's it" I said, before turning to jackie and waving her over to me, when she stopped in front of me, I picked her up, holding her in my arms before whispering to her
"I'm going to be here for at least 2 weeks, meet Michael, and before I leave, tell me if you want to stay here or not, I won't force you to come with us if you don't want to" while I whispered this to her, I made it look like I was merely rubbing her back, we were a decent distance from the others, so only Seena and Jackie could hear me, after I put Jackie back down Jacob decided he wanted me to do the same for him, so he wandered over to me asking me to pick him up, I did so without hesitation, but, I whispered to him, "stay quiet about this, but, I was planning on Garchomp being your friend, but now, if you travel with me, you'll meet all sorts of pokemon..."
Jacob responded by looking up to me and smiling, after I had held him for about the same amount of time as I had held Jackie, I put him down too, saying "okay, I'll see you guys later!" to the family of pokemon.
"bye Lucas!" Jacob shouted back to me
"we'll see you later then" Julian said
"I hope we can travel together soon" Tira said,
while Jackie simply nodded to me.
I nodded back to Jackie before turning to Seena and walking back to the pokemon centre with her...
Chapter End Notes:alright, people may complain about how one person can't have more than 6 pokemon on them at a time, while this holds true in the games, I believe it means, in a legal fight, the max amount of pokemon on one team is six, Lucas will be getting a party together, of old friends and new friends, some friends not even mentioned in the story, I'm talking about pokemon he grew up with, before he met Mat
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