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The Human Species by RingsOfSaturn


Story Notes:

It was a quiet night when Deoxys descended from the heavens.
Believed to not be of this world, it went on a rampage, leaving death and destruction in its wake.
Finally defeated by an unknown force, the tragedy of unparalleled magnitude it created remains in the heart of every human.
To make sure that something like this will never happen again, every wild Pokèmon powerful enough to cause such mayhem must be captured, controlled or killed.
Needless to say, this year has been a bad year for Legendaries. This year has also been a bad year for Champion Trainers.
But my year... Has been... THE WORST! 

Author's Chapter Notes:


Remorseless Wraith Zerobi

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

They were all staring at her. Some with fear, others with confusion. Lucario seemed to be one of the latter.

Nothing out of the ordinary. She had seen this look before. At long last she was showing her true colors, and this is all she gets? A dumb stare? What would his expression be like if she had cut the tendrils in his legs and left him out in the snow, where he would catch cold and die? How would he react if she slipped and gave him a push at the top of a cliff, sending his body to be smashed and broken against the unforgiving ground? She wanted to know, and for barely an instant wished she had not struck a killing blow so quickly.

Looking behind her, she noticed that nothing was the same anymore. Surely these meaningless bundles of life were not something she once considered to be friends! She had been betrayed before, she would be betrayed again. Seeing the faces they were all giving her, she knew this to be nothing less than a fact.

Which one would bring the most blood? Which one would bring the best? In her mind, she saw herself peeling the shell off the Kabutops to feast upon her insides, decapitating the Gallade just like the one from so many years ago and evolving the Pikachu with the Thunderstone before cutting his tail off. Lucario, Celebi... None of it mattered anymore.

In this haze of blood and pleasure, it seems that the only thing that remained the same was her. Her claws had the same form as they had always had, with the minor difference of being drenched in blood.

This sight, unlike any other brought back memories of her days in the Cerulean Cave, living every day to the fullest. To think that ever since so long ago, her claws had been clean! So much time had been wasted in the cavern north of Snowpoint City, sitting there all alone for years upon years, reading silly magazines when she could have easily been engulfing herself in the sweet nectar of life.

But somehow... Looking at her claws, positively drenched in what she craves and desires... Fills her with nothing but emptiness. The more she took them into herself, the less joyful she became. The claws that she had kept unsullied for so long had become corrupted once more, even after she had promised herself so many times that it would never happen.

Eyes fastened upon the blood feeding her, she began to walk. Walking away from the catastrophe she had caused. Walking towards salvation from this self-inflicted nightmare.

"Oi! Lucario!" the Gallade screamed while trying to stop Lucario from convulsing, "Shit! He's a goner!"
"ZEROBI!" Kabuta howled in rage, stumbling to her feet with only one arm and running after the being drenched in blood.
"Let her go!" Pikablu shouted, "We need to free Celebi! She can help him!"

I can hear them chanting my name. All of them.


Screaming out for my attention... What they wish, they shall receive. Can that truly be a horrible intention?

"Damn... I'm sorry I got you into this."


"Open up, damn you!" Pikablu yelled, pressing the large button on the black Pokeball as hard as he could, "It's just one damn button! How could this not be working!?"
"We don't have time for this!" Kabuta shouted with her left scythe brandished, "Move! I'll cut it open!"
"NO! You idiot!" Pikablu bellowed while violently shoving her away, "Be careful, you might kill her if you do!"

"Must be hard keeping the place clean with the constant stream of visitors you're getting."

... You're here, too?

"... Yeah. I've got your back. You've got my back, back?"

No... No! But that means... You're...


... And I...

"P-Pikablu...?" Celebi asked with a confused stammer, "You-"
"Hurrah and huzzah, but we need some help over here!" the Gallade shouted, interrupting her as Lucario was starting to become too exhausted and stopped moving. His gaze became transfixed at Zerobi, somewhere by the edge of the horizon. He tried to inhale one last time, his eyes closing as he finally fainted from the lack of air, the vision of the dark figure imprinted in the back of his skull.

"I was just hoping that you'd be a bit more... Human."

It was supposed to be different! You were supposed to change me!

"What do you expect me to be able to do, anyway?"

All for blood... I didn't even want it! Damn it! DAMN IT! WHY DID THIS HAPPEN!?

"This isn't a pleasure cruise, everyone I meet is going to want me dead..."

Oh, Lucario, I... It wasn't like that... I... I... Can you ever forgive me...!?

"... Just... Let me sleep on it..."

The skin around Lucario's wound was thinning out as Celebi rearranged the tissue to cover up his throat. The blood had mostly soaked into his chest hair, giving it a red hue with tiny droplets on top.

"... Can you save him?" Kabuta asked slowly, surprised at how hard it was to tell if Lucario was dead or just sleeping. A short memory flash of the time she tried to sneak over to his sleeping area one night hit her, making her choke up a bit.
"Yes, as luck would have it I happen to be..." Celebi started before looking at her and seeing that something was out of the place, "... Kabuta! Y-Your arm!"
"Oh... Yeah" Kabuta said while waving her intact scythe where her other one used to be, "Damn, that hurt like hell."
"Your dad's gonna be pissed..." the Gallade mumbled with a more depressing tone than usual, "... At me, most likely."
"... I'm sorry..." Celebi whispered with sadly, looking down at Lucario's bloody front and hairless patches of damaged skin, "You went through all of this for me..."
"Just try to save him" Pikablu said, saddened by the fact that their victory was more bittersweet than he had ever expected, "It'd be a real shame if he died, he didn't even have a reason to be here in the first place."

A few minutes passed without anyone saying anything, Celebi finishing up her reconstruction of Lucario. Even so, hardly a moment after the air from his lungs reached his brain, his eyes shot open as he instantly leaped to his feet, startling her quite a bit.

"Cchhzz!" Lucario wheezed and surprised everyone, including himself as he clutched his throat.
"Don't talk!" Celebi said quickly, "Your throat is still recuperating!" He looked at her with an annoyed glance. His expression became more thankful as he began realizing that he had just been saved, but once again furrowed when more of the situation became clearer.

Rage inched through his being, steadily gaining strength like fiery fire. He turned around and looked in the direction that Zerobi had taken, seeing a mirage of her corrupted form leaving him to his fate. Never having been able to sense her aura, he knew that she would get away if she moved too far, and started running after a faint reddened path formed among the grassy plains.

"Wait, where are you..." Celebi asked with a confused voice before being stopped by Pikablu, who raised his hand in a silencing motion.
"Let him go" he said with a dark tone as he watched Lucario follow the trail of blood, "We have a lot to talk about."

Sitting on a large rock by the edge of a cliff, Zerobi gazed over the horizon. The sun was setting in the distance, casting the world into an orange hue of unnatural beauty. However, she was not able to appreciate it, as her world had long since turned into a never ending mist of red.

Her eyes began scrolling down slowly. It was a very tall cliff, and the rocky ground beneath seemed like it was miles away, like another horizon stretching down the vertical. One fourth of the distance of this fall would be enough to kill anyone. Remembering her past she knew that she had died before, but had afterwards been resurrected at the expense of the lives of many others.

She knew that would not be as unlucky this time.

More than anything, she wanted to cry. She wanted to cry over what she had done, she wanted to cry over who she was, and she wanted to cry over how in a short while she was not going to be.

But she could not. The blood was affecting her in a way where she could not revoke the pleasure, even though her very self was being crushed by self-loathing and guilt.

Instead, she sang a sad song.

It's better if I don't pretend;
I'm living for a dream...
If I were you I could not love
Someone who was like me...

You and me
We had something in common, we
Both shared a melody
Like magic, you helped my world come alive
I felt secure by your side...

To think that what I wanted was
To spend my life my life with you
Even if I was pretending...
Could we have made it true...!?

All this time...!
I've been nothing but trouble, I'm...
Sorry for what I am!
I am a monster, remorseless, yet still...
See my tears flow
I guess I can feel after all...

Her sorrow overflowed as a single teardrop escaped her eye and rolled down her cheek. It was like a drop in the ocean towards clearing up her anguish, but this final show of emotion relieved her of grief as she realized what must be done. Leaning over the chasm, she knew that the only dead end was the one located behind her...

Lucario's throat's grouchy aching made him worry about the wound opening up, but felt that he would regret it even more if he did not hurry up and track down the creature responsible for it. His partner in crime, on the run from the long arms of the law... His mentor when it came to matters he did not understand... The only Pokèmon he had come to trust since turning into a Pokèmon had just cut his throat, without any doubt in an attempt to kill him.

The voices of the brown cat and smug snake echoed through his head. Finally, he was able to understand why they had been sounding so terrified.

The fight against the Garchomp had taken everything out of him. His legs were giving up, every strand of grass hitting them like beams of concrete. But even so, he forced himself to keep moving. He felt more like a fool than ever, and so he kept moving in the possible hopes of doing something right for once. The sensation of the blooded monster slashing through his throat grew hazy while his determination to track her down and finish things became clearer.

It was not long before they were reunited again. Zerobi heard someone approaching her from behind, not turning around completely but instead keeping her head stationary and letting the creature appear in the corner of her eye. She became shocked when she realized who it was and tried to look directly at him, but the guilt and despair intensified as her vision fastened the blood on his chest and forced her to look down instead.

"... You survived" Zerobi whispered slowly. Her heart lifted a little, but sunk once more as her gaze moved towards the chasm. She wondered just how horrifying this view would seem to her during the plunge.

"I didn't mean to do it, but..." Zerobi said quietly with a subtle shake of her head, "... It's pointless. I did it, I've done it before and I will do it again."
Zerobi's response was complete silence, yet she still looked away, feeling like her heart would be torn in two if their eyes were to meet.

"... Fear not. I will die now" she said with a pained expression, "You should forget about me and look away. It... Won't be pretty."
Behind her there was nothing but silence once again, sealing a wave of sorrow within her. Even if only once, she wanted to hear his voice before it all ended... But realized that she was in no position to ask for a favor. She knew she did not deserve it.

"... I never told you why I saved you that day, from Suicune..." Zerobi whispered sadly, wanting to give at least one piece of closure to her life before making the leap. She hesitated for a moment, but realized that if she was unable to do even this, suicide would be out of the question. Somehow, this manner of thinking brought her enough determination to finally say what had been pressing on her heart for such a long time.

"I have been alone so long... Even before all this, I never had anyone..." she said, a few more tears creeping down her face, "I... I thought you were... Pretty."

As the words escaped her, she knew there was no turning back. Never had she expected that this is how she would be giving her confession.
"Nothing else... Never... B-But... As time went on, I... I truly..." she continued, before abruptly stopping her monologue.
"... No..." she whispered sadly while biting her lip, "In the end, y-you were just another prey... Which is why I m-must..."

Fear and hesitation began filling her when she realized that the time had come. She had to do it now, before she could change her mind. But after taking her final step towards the edge, a moment of reprise struck her as she saw a vision of herself flying through the air, helplessly trying to stop herself to breaking against the very rocks she was now staring at. She hesitated, and simply stood frozen by the edge of the cliff.

Her worries were calmed when she heard Lucario walking towards her. With his help, she knew that the end of her life could not have been more justifiable. She wanted to say something, but felt that it would be better like this.
Just one little push... And this nightmare would finally be over.

She braced herself as a set of arms wrapped around her. Lucario stood speechless, his throat too damaged to speak. He did the only thing he could to comfort his partner, and hugged her close to his chest.

Zerobi gasped as she ended up going in the wrong direction, being pulled back instead of pushed forward. Not knowing what to do, she looked up at Lucario as if to scold him for stopping her. He had a stern look on his face, but could not help but smile as relief washed over him.

It was then that the sorrow, anger and despair all overtook her mind at the same time, and finally made her start crying for real.
She wailed as the two of them embraced with the sun setting in the background, leaving this long and trying day in its wake.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Chapter End Notes:

"... You again."


"Have you returned for yet another futile attempt at disabling my solitude?"

"I-I just came to warn you! You must not be aware of-"

"Silence. I am aware of everything."

"... You... You are?"

"Your worries are unwarranted and condescending. Begone."

"But... You never leave this cave, how can you know anything about what is happening on the outside?"

"... Pitiful original. Years have passed since I surpassed the feeble limitations you supplied me with."



"... Wait... If you 'know everything'... Does that mean you also saw..."


"... Deoxys...?"



"... I believed that my abilities were failing me at that point, however."

"Same here, and I saw it with my own eyes..."

"Quite the unexpected turnout."

"... So you knew about it, yet still you sat here and did nothing!? It would have razed the world without intervention!"

"You misunderstand."


"I did nothing... Because there was nothing I could do."

"You mean..."

"Deoxys was assigned the destruction of the world... And would have succeeded."

"... Tell me! Tell me everything you know!"

"I have."

"Will there be more in the future!?"

"From my current position, that is impossible to tell."

"... Is that so...?"

"Why not utilize your silly flailing above and find out yourself?"

"Come with me, then!"


"You're so infuriating! Why must you keep yourself sealed in here like some angst filled teenager!?"

"... Last warning. Begone."

"Fine... Have it your way. I hope the rumbling from the world shattering does not disturb your meditation!"



"... If the need arises... I will come."

"... Mewtwo...!"

"But only if all other options have been exhausted."

"Of course!"

"Not to save you, only to preserve the world for my continued sustenance."


"... And should you call me 'gloomy' at any time or point, you WILL regret it."

"My lips are sealed!"


"... What?"

"You are beginning to act more like yourself."


"Continue with that."

"... By the way... There's a gathering of the legendaries in-"


"... There will be berries of every kind, and-"


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