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Story Notes:

This is my first story for agnph. I hope to make it fairly long and I also hope to finish it. I am not sure how well I do so if anyone actually reads this please comment on anything I should change. The story takes place in Unova and has a fair amount of 5th gen Pokemon so I suggest you keep a website open about those kinds of things if you arent familiar.Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 10 Family Reunion

Espeon, Vaporeon and Iya had been walking for a few minutes before Luke and Koha ran by them seemingly in a hurry. Espeon and Vaporeon where walking side by side while Iya lagged behind them. She was looking down slightly seemingly deep in thought.
"...Why did you want me to come with you?" Iya asked sheepishly.
"My brother might know where your mate is. If he doesn't kill us on the spot he might bring us to him." Espeon said.
"...What could you have done to make your own family want to kill you?"
Espeon remained silent and quickened her pace to get more ahead of them.
"She doesn't like to talk about it but before the day ends you will know." Vaporeon said.
"...What should I be looking for?" Iya asked.
"Just look for a dog like grass type with a sword on its back, I doubt there are two of those in a place like this."
The three of them continued to walk around the city scanning the area for any signs of Leafeon or Flareon. For four hours the three of them wandered around the town searching. They all walked in silence just looking around while Iya still was looking at the ground with a worried look. After awhile the group decided it would be best to take a break and have a late lunch. They found their way to a near by park to eat and Espeon sent Vaporeon to find some food.
"Where is Vaporeon going to get food with no money and nothing to barter?" Iya asked.
"Do you ever start a sentence without a question?"
"I-I'm sorry."
"Well, Vaporeon is adept at stealing so that's likely where he will get it."
Iya paused for a moment to process what Espeon had said.
"Are you criminals?" Iya asked startled that Espeon would talk of such things so nonchalantly.
"If it isn't obvious by now, yes we are."
Iya stayed silent not sure what to say or do. She had always thought that criminals where brutish and cruel but Espeon and her friends went out of their way to save her and help her find her mate. She continued to be silent while waiting for Vaporeon to return with food. When Vaporeon returned with a bag filled with Sitrus berries the two of them began to talk of what to do if they found Leafeon and Flareon.
"When we do find them what are we going to do? There is no way to defeat them so how can you be so sure they won't kill us?" Vaporeon asked while munching on a rather large berry.
"Well, chances are they are going to kill us but if there is any chance they won't, I want them to take us to the others. If you choose to stay behind you can."
"You know I can't leave you alone with Leafeon, I'll stand by your side and maybe by some miracle, we might make it out of this alive."
Iya started to speak up in a meager tone "What about me?"
"I'm sure they will let you live. If not just tell them we where holding you against your will." Espeon said taking her first bite out of her berry.
"If they try to kill us we need a plan of attack." Vaporeon said showing signs of fear."
While the two of them talked of complicated battle strategies Iya tuned them out while thinking of what she would be able to do. She knew she wasn't a capable fighter and wouldn't be able to hold her own against something so powerful. Vires usually did the fighting for her and protected her. She hadn't taken a single bite of food yet and couldn't stop thinking of Vires.
After the three of them where finished they continued on their search. After two hours they started to follow a scent trail that Vaporeon had picked up on.
"If you can get us close enough to them I will be able to pick them out from the crowd using psychic power." Espeon said following Vaporeon who had his nose to the ground.
"They are close I know it!" Vaporeon announced before stopping. "Try to pick them out before we are noticed."
Espeon closed her eyes and began to concentrate. She scanned the area in front of her searching for any trace of her brothers. After a moment she opened her eyes.
"They are here..." Espeon said looking forward.
Vaporeon began to quiver knowing this could be his final moments. "We should watch them before we make ourselves known." Vaporeon stuttered.
"We might learn something of use..." Espeon said.
Espeon, Vaporeon and Iya quickly located Leafeon and Flareon walking down a path and followed them for three hours to try and find anything that could help them. They seemed like they where doing normal things with nothing out of the ordinary. They went to a human store and bought food and medicine, they went over to an ally for an hour and seemed to talk with a Purrloin but Espeon and Vaporeon couldn't hear what they where saying since they where so far away. Lastly Leafeon and Flareon went to the pokemon Gym but Espeon didn't dare try to follow them in. They hid in a bush across the street from the gym.
"They isn't getting us anywhere..." Vaporeon complained.
"We need to get closer to hear what they say when they get out of the gym." Espeon said.
"That's suicide."
"Well we are going to reveal ourselves to them anyway so it doesn't matter how."
"Fine we can try to get closer but try not to get too close..."
"Iya you stay back here. Three pokemon are easier to detect then two."
They waited for a few minutes before Leafeon and Flareon exited the gym. A group of people where walking by Espeon and Vaporeon so they tried to blend in with them to get close. The group of people where just a little bit faster then Leafeon and Flareon so it was easy to catch up. When they where only five yards away they could hear what they where saying.
"He said we could have the gym badge if we just did this simple task." Flareon said.
"Why would you want a gym badge anyway? It's not like you can challenge the elite four if you get them all being a pokemon." Leafeon told Flareon.
"We will not go out of our way for simple piece of metal. Noctis said we will be leaving this town tonight."
"You are no fun Vita." Flareon said with a sigh.
"Just keep your mind on our task Nex."
Espeon and Vaporeon had listened in the entire time and where incredibly confused.
"Noctis, Vita, Nex? Vaporeon are you sure these are the right ones?"
"Uhh, ya I'm sure, their scents are the ones I remember and what other pokemon have you heard of that has a sword made of leafs?
They both paused knowing what they had to do next.
"I guess it's time huh..." Vaporeon asked in a mellow tone.
"Ya..." Espeon responded.
Espeon signaled back to Iya who was a good distance away to stay put. They emerged from the group of people and began to cautiously walk towards Vita and Nex.
"Leafeon, Flareon!" Espeon called out.
Vita and Nex froze in place hearing Espeon's voice.
"It can't be..." Vita whispered.
The two of them slowly turned around to see the source of the voice.
"You!" Nex called out.
The two of them began to take aggressive stances. Flickers of flame where coming out of Nex's mouth and Vita grabbed the sword on his back with his tail.
Espeon and Vaporeon where trembling looking at the two fighting machines in front of them ready to gut them. "Please hear us out." Vaporeon asked.
"You cowards will pay for what you did!" Vita yelled before charging at blinding speed at Espeon.
Espeon barely had time to react as Vita jumped towards her spinning his body trying to slash at her face using the leaf blade. Nex stayed back knowing he would just get in the way. Vita tried to slash at Espeon again but Vaporeon fired a quick but weak ice beam into his side throwing him off course. As soon as Vita's feet hit the ground he charged at great speed at Vaporeon giving him no time to react slashing at his side making him stagger back. Vita started towards Espeon again keeping out of her sights continually running to her blind spots making sure she can't get a psychic attack off. Espeon franticly looked around trying to spot Vita knowing that a strike from him can be deadly if not prepared. Vaporeon was bleeding but was not injured enough to just sit around. He looked towards Vita who was elegantly evading Espeon's sight and began to take aim for another ice beam. He waited for a moment for when Vita would let down his guard. Vita knew that Espeon's perpetual calmness had been shattered by the paranoia of an enemy that could not be seen and lunged at the back of her neck hoping to end it quickly but when his blade was a hairs length away a massive ice beam hit him directly in the face sending him back a great deal landing next to Nex. He got up like nothing at all happened and prepared to attack again.
"Noctis said he wanted them alive, don't get carried away!" Nex said.
"Thank you for that, now I can't say I forgot!" Vita barked back.
Espeon had quickly backed up to where Vaporeon was still shaken up about how strong Vita is. "P-please just let us explain ourselves." Espeon stuttered to say.
Vita glared at them with hate filled eyes wanting to see their blood painting the streets.
"Just bring them to Noctis. I'm sure he will let you kill them afterwards." Nex said.
Vita growled and turned around walking in the direction they where going in the first place.
"Unless you want him to permanently paralyze you both I suggest you follow us!" Nex commanded before turning around to follow Vita.
Espeon and Vaporeon tried to shake off the fear they just felt before signaling back to Iya for her to follow them and then following Nex and Vita themselves at a bit of a distance. Iya came out of hiding and carefully followed Espeon and Vaporeon. For thirty minutes Nex and Vita led the rest of them through the streets of the city. They eventually came to an narrow ally filled with garbage and some wild pokemon. After a minute of walking they stopped at a man hole cover and knocked on it three times.
"Who's there!?" A voice called out from inside the hole.
"Nex and Vita! We also have captured the traitors!" Vita responded.
Almost instantly the cover was blown off the ground with massive amounts of electric bursts coming from the hole. A Jolteon jumped out and when he saw Espeon and Vaporeon he scowled while getting ready to unleash some of his own anger before Vita stepped in.
"They are being taken to Noctis! Don't hurt them until he says so!" Vita scolded.
"But nothing Lius!" Vita said before jumping down the hole followed by Nex.
Espeon, Vaporeon and Iya started towards the hole but Lius's glare felt like it was burning into their souls making them quicken their pace. After they went into the hole they heard a large bang just outside followed by Lius cursing. They where now in a sewer following Vita and Nex who where walking in the sludge like they didn't even care. Vaporeon could feel the putrid air burning the gash on his side making it feel like the blade was still there. After ten minutes of silent walking they eventually made it to a steep ramp leading up to what appeared to be an exit. After walking up it they entered what seemed like an abandoned warehouse with multiple cargo containers littering the area.
"Stay close and don't get separated!" Nex called back to the others.
They continued to the far side of the building where they stopped in front of a very long and wide container. Vita knocked on it three times and stepped back.
"Enter!" A commanding voice called out from the container.
Nex and Vita each grabbed a handle on the container with their mouths and pulled open two doors revealing the inside of the container. Inside was a dimly lit room with various cushions spread out on the ground. On the far side on the container was an Umbreon sitting on a cushion appearing to be expecting them.
"Iya please stay out here and don't come in unless we say so." Espeon whispered before entering the container followed by Vaporeon. Nex and Vita stayed outside the container and closed the door locking in Espeon and Vaporeon. They stopped walking towards Umbreon when they heard the doors slowly shut locking them inside. The Umbreon just stared at them without a hint of emotion seemingly trying to read their intent.
"Umbreon please let us-"
"Silence!" Umbreon commanded. "Why do you dare show your faces to us again after what you did!?"
"We wish to explain our actions..." Espeon struggled
"So you actually had a reason to let our master die other then freedom... I'm sure it is worthless but I will listen."
Espeon paused for a moment thinking back to the day that team plasma had killed her master. "During the masters final battle with plasma I ran away before it began because..." Espeon paused for a moment reliving the horrible experience in her head. "I was pregnant." She meekly said.
Umbreon stared into Espeon's grief filled eyes trying to find any hint of a lie. After a few moments he moved his gaze over to Vaporeon. "What about you Vaporeon?" Umbreon asked after scanning Espeon.
"I ran away to protect Espeon because I was the father of her unborn child." Vaporeon said boldly.
Umbreon stared into Vaporeon's eyes scanning him for any signs of lying but quickly looked back at Espeon after coming to a decision. "What happened to the child?"
Espeon looked away with tears beginning to fill her eyes.
Vaporeon could see she wouldn't be able to answer. He paused briefly himself reliving that awful day. "Team plasma found us shortly after they killed master and after they knew we weren't going with them they got violent. The twenty or so pokemon that you five didn't knock out where sent to subdue us. A short battle happened and in the end a Throh got a solid hit on Espeon making her miscarriage." Vaporeon weakly said before nearly breaking out in tears as well.
Umbreon let the new information settle before talking again. "I will call the family together and relay this new information with the rest of them. We will then decide your fate but for now we will have to lock you up until we allow you to leave or kill you. That goes for your Simipour friend as well."
Espeon and Vaporeon where about to leave before Vaporeon remembered something. "Wait. Before we go please tell me if you know the location of a pokemon named Vires." Vaporeon pleaded.
Umbreon thought for a moment before answering. "We did recently rescue a pokemon named Vires from a group of humans who tried to use this place as their base but I don't think he has very long to live..." Umbreon responded before calling to Vita and Nex. "Vita, Nex enter!" Umbreon commanded.
The two doors in the front of the container opened and Vita entered followed by Nex. "Do we get to kill them now?" Vita asked with a malicious grin.
"No. Bring these two and the Simipour to the pokemon we rescued yesterday and lock them there. Then call everyone together in here to discuss what to do with them."
"What! You are willing to give these trash a chance?!"
Umbreon glared at Vita with cold harsh eyes slowly breaking down his will.
"Fine! You better have a good reason to do this Noctis!" Vita exclaimed before storming out of the container.
When Espeon and Vaporeon left the container only Nex and Iya where there, Vita had left in frustration. Nex started to walk towards a nearby broken down door and walked through it. Espeon, Vaporeon and Iya followed him. Iya still seemed a bit down from all that has happened. Vaporeon noticed this and thought it would be a good idea to tell her where they are going. "Iya. We are being led to Vires right now, you will finally be re-united with him." Vaporeon said.
Iya noticeably perked up with a surprised look. "Really!? He's here!?"
"Ya and we will get to see him very soon."
Iya's eyes started to tear up in joy that she would finally get to see her mate safe but Vaporeon knew it would likely not end very well from what Noctis said. After another minute of walking Nex stopped in front of a door and turned to face the rest of them.
"He's in no state to be moved so be careful." Nex informed them before fumbling with the door handle for a moment before finally getting the door open. After he let them in he closed the door behind them and locked the door with great difficulty. The room they where now in was colored gray and almost completely empty. There was a small table in the far corner with nothing on it and in the corner across from the door was a pile of hay with a sheet on it covering a pokemon.
Iya was overjoyed that her love was finally with her again. "Vires!" She called out before going over to him sitting down and carefully removing the sheet from him.
After removing the sheets from him Espeon could finally see the pokemon that had caused all the ice and death. "A Simisage? No, that can't be right. A grass type with such absolute mastery over ice can't exist." Espeon thought for a moment before coming to a conclusion. "That means..."
Iya was horrified by what she saw. Vires was covered in heavily bled through makeshift bandages and look of his eyes shows that he was only still conscious through sheer will power. It was clear that the bleeding was severe to the point were no living thing could survive.
"Vires..." She whispered in complete shock at the scene.
Vires's eyes began to focus on Iya becoming relieved that she was there. "Iya... please... run from here... before they get you... Don't let my sacrifice... be in vain." Vires struggled to say.
"No, I won't leave you here to die. We have to get you to a pokemon center before it's too late!" Iya said with tears falling from her eye's onto Vires's face.
"I won't make it out of here alive but you..."
"Don't talk that way!"
"Escape before it's too late."
Iya grabbed Vires and held him in an embrace for as long as she could with tears still streaming down her face. He tried his best to hold her but in the end could only lay there. She stayed like this for a few moments until she could feel his body go limp in her arms.
Iya's eyes went wide realizing what just happened. She couldn't believe it and refused to accept it. She looked down at her lost lover as thoughts of hate and vengeance filled her mind against the humans that did this. All sense of sanity fled her body as the temperature of the room began to drop rapidly.
"You all will pay!" Iya growled as a wave of intense cold blasted through the air and out of the building.
"Iya calm down!" Espeon called out knowing that if she unleashed the cold that they felt the day before at full power and point blank it would kill them.
Iya just stood up trembling as she looked down at her blood soaked hands. The water in the moist blue parts of her fur began to crystallize giving her a weak frozen armor that glistened magnificently under the light. Jagged rings of ice began to form around her wrists and ankles as the tuft of fur on her tail became a solid crystal of ice. Iya let out a primal scream as she unleashed a massive amount of ice energy in all directing coating everything nearby in icy death.
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