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Story Notes:

This is my first story for agnph. I hope to make it fairly long and I also hope to finish it. I am not sure how well I do so if anyone actually reads this please comment on anything I should change. The story takes place in Unova and has a fair amount of 5th gen Pokemon so I suggest you keep a website open about those kinds of things if you arent familiar.Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 9 Silent Day in Town

The city was true to what Espeon described it as. It was a old looking town with roads made of moss covered stone and barely a hint of technology to be seen. The building where fairly simplistic from the outside being made of a dark tan stone with simple shaped windows. All the streets of the town and by the buildings where lined with plants and trees that completed the old feeling. Luke felt at ease being in a more of a simple place then Lacunosa town.
Koha was leading Luke like she knew where she was going.
"Where exactly are we going?" Luke asked.
"In a town like this there isn't much to do as pokemon but last time I was here Alex took me to a battle house where they did double and triple battles." Koha said while walking a bit faster.
"I'm a very poor fighter, I don't think I would be much use as your battling partner." Luke said nervously. "Truth be told I don't like pointless fighting."
"It's not pointless, it is a great way to build trust with a trainer or partner. It is also good training for when we get into a dangerous fight. I'm sure you will fight fine, the trainers here aren't very strong."
"If you say so..."
After a few minutes Luke and Koha where standing outside of an average looking building with nothing of significance to note. Koha had a fierce determined look while Luke seemed a little timid.
"Will they even let pokemon without a trainer fight here?" Luke asked looking for a way out.
"Anyone is welcome as long as you follow the rules." Koha answered.
"I forgot you are new to the battling system for trainer so I will explain this once. We will only fight until the enemy is unconscious so don't try to kill or injure them too badly. That belt you have around your waist is illegal for a fight so you will have to take it off before you start. Lastly if you leave the field of battle by will you will be disqualified."
"I'll try to keep that in mind..."
The two of them walked up to the front of the building and entered ready for a fight. The building was one large room with two people in it. The ceiling of the room was nearly twenty feet high making the building seem a lot like an arena. The room was almost completely white with the battlefield in the middle. The corners of the battlefield was marked by four statues of a pokemon at each corner. There was a man by the entrance dressed like a referee and a teenaged male on the other side of the room with six pokeballs on his waist. As they walked in they where greeted by the man at the entrance.
"Welcome to the triple and double battle house will you be battling today." The man asked formally.
Koha nodded at the question.
"Riolu take off the belt you are wearing and we can begin."
Luke took off his belt and handed it to the man before walking forward with Koha showing obvious nervousness.
"Stay calm and collected and this will be easy. I think this may be a different human then last time so I can't be sure how easy this will be."
This didn't help Luke's confidence in the situation.
The human they where about to face began to address them. "A couple wild pokemon think they can take me on? Well this is going to be easy." The human took two pokeballs off his waist and released the pokemon inside of them. One was a Swanna and the other was a Beheeyem. "You can back out now if you want." The human said in a cocky tone.
"Well he sure thinks high of himself. Let's teach him a lesson about underestimating foes!" Koha exclaimed getting fired up for this battle.
The referee human walked to the center of the northern edge of the battlefield and held his arms up "Begin!".
"Swanna wing attack Mienfoo, Beheeyem use psychic on the Riolu!" The human commanded.
The Swanna dashed in at blazing speed but Koha was able to dodge it sidestepping to the right. Luke was not as fast and could only hold his arms up in defense as his enemy pored psychic energy onto him. Luke stood their waiting for the attack to connect but after a few seconds looked at his foe seeing him with his arms extended already launching his attack. Luke thought for a quick moment and remembered that Espeon had said he was immune to psychic based attacks. He took advantage of the situation with his foe not knowing this and sprinted towards him with his hands glowing darkly about to hit the Beheeyem with payback. The human looked at Luke just before the attack was about to connect and didn't fully grasp the situation until it was too late. The attack connected directly in the center of his foe knocking it back and making it stagger a bit but showing no real sign of damage.
"What?! Riolu are fighting type that should have affected you greatly!" The human being unable to think of a strategy of how to combat this.
Swanna was flying past Koha at great speed over and over at multiple different angles trying to find one that would make Koha go off guard and get a hit in. Eventually after repeated attempts it found a blind spot below and behind Koha allowing her to connect a solid blow to her back making her cry out. Koha knew she wouldn't be able to attack the Swanna like this and came up with a plan. She began to run in circles around the edge of the battlefield going faster and faster the longer she went being chased by the Swanna. She was going so fast that she left duplicates behind her as a trick. She hoped double team would be effective in making the Swanna lower her guard after an attack to get a good hit in.
Beheeyem was having difficulty with attacking Luke since every attack it knew was psychic type accept head but which was very weak and would leave it open to an attack. Duplicates of Koha then began to surround the two as they where about to square off in another exchange of attacks which seemed evenly matched since Luke couldn't seem to deal much damage.
"Beheeyem use psychic on the path the Mienfoo is running and Swanna when it stops hit it with brave bird!" The trainer commanded.
The Beheeyem raised it arms and erected a psychic barrier in the path Koha was running to create the duplicates. She immediately hit the barrier and fell to the ground stunned from the incredible impact leaving herself wide open. The Swanna picked up speed and flew close to the ground with its wings tucked in like a missile aiming for Koha. Luke knew the damage from the attack would be devastating and without thinking ran towards Koha and jumped in the Swanna's path. His body began to glow a faint blue and brought his arms up to defend himself. The Swanna hit Luke making him move a back a foot but still staying on two feet. When the attack stopped Luke immediately hit the Swanna with a fierce counter knocking the foe far back and hitting one of the statues at the corner of the arena. The Swanna tried to stand but the power of the counter attack was too much and it collapsed. To use a counter with such great force drained Luke to his limits making him fall to one knee panting.
"Thanks Luke but its not over yet." Koha said putting a hand on Luke's shoulder.
Luke looked up at Koha and saw that she had a small trickle of blood running down her forehead from the force of the barrier she ran into. Luke stood up and saw that his arms where bleeding a little as well. Luke and Koha looked at their Enemy seeing it still could fight for some time and started to feel discouraged.
"I think we may have to throw in the towel." Koha suggested.
"No... this psychic type is not very strong, if you can get its attention it won't be able to focus on both of us at the same time letting me deal a finishing blow." Luke said defiantly.
"Seems you have had a change in heart." Koha said before running off to the side of the enemy and stopping. Koha then began to rapidly run around the enemy pretending to attempt an attack while jumping to evade any incoming psychic attacks. The foe was launching multiple psychic attack at Koha most of them hitting a limb or glancing off her side since she was unable to run at full speed from her injuries.
"Beheeyem ignore the Riolu he is too weak to fight anymore." The human said.
Luke stood there analyzing the enemy's movement for the perfect opportunity to strike. Luke watched for a moment as the enemy spun around trying to hit Koha and when his back was turned took the opportunity to strike and ran at the foe.
"Beheeyem jump!" The human commanded barely noticing Luke move in time.
Just before Luke could hit his foe in the back of the head with a force palm it darted in the air nearly twenty feet and launched a psychic attack downwards at Luke to make him move while he came down but it didn't affect him and he stood there waiting for the Beheeyem to fall down. Koha quickly got on one of the statues and jumped towards her enemy delivering a fierce hi-jump kick to the enemy making it move back but not enough to end the battle. The two of them began to fall to the ground while the Beheeyem launched one final weak psychic attack on Koha hitting her directly on her forehead knocking her out from the force. Luke was still right under where his target would fall waiting but when he noticed Koha was no longer trying to land on her feet he knew she was in trouble. He began to run over to where she would fall knowing a fall like that would injure her badly. He dove under her to cushion her fall knowing his arms would be too weak to catch her and when she fell on him he had underestimated how much she weighed making him black out from the pain.
A few hours passed before Luke began to wake up. He opened his eyes feeling a bit light headed. When his senses began to come back he noticed he was in a bed similar to the one from the pokemon center in Lacunosa town. He sat up and looked around and noticed Koha was in a bed close by with a lightly bloodied wrap around her head and his belt was placed on a table in the corner of the room. Luke looked at his arms and they seemed perfectly fine aside from a light numb pain. He heard some mumbling and looked over at Koha who was beginning to wake up herself. When she sat up Luke began to talk. "You okay?" Luke asked seeing she looked a bit loopy.
Koha looked around for a moment before talking softly. "What happened?"
"I think we are in a pokemon center." Luke responded before getting out of his bed.
Koha paused for a moment still not completely clear on what happened "Did we win?" Koha asked.
"I don't think we won, sorry." Luke said walking over to Koha's bed.
Koha began to talk in a more normal tone. "How did you lose to that Beheeyem? You lose your immunity to psychic types?"
"If you remember, before you went unconscious you where falling fifteen feet and I couldn't just let you fall..."
Koha began to chuckle "You threw the battle to help me. How noble." She jumped off the bed and joined Luke. "We really shouldn't stay here, if they find out we are the ones that caused the destruction in Village Bridge we could get into a lot of trouble." Koha said while taking the wrap off her head.
"You're right, we should get out of here."
Koha looked around for a moment while Luke retrieved his belt and put it back on. Koha quickly spotted a window nearby and they walked over and found they were only on the first story. Koha opened the window and jumped out followed by Luke. After seeing no one was watching they ran to a close by ally and made their way to a road and began to walk again.
"Not much of a day off is it?" Koha kidded. "I don't think Espeon wants to see us until she deals with her problem and they took Iya with them."
"I'm sure there is something to do here for the time being." Luke said not sounding very enthusiastic.
"When it comes to human society the only thing a pokemon can do is battle or entertain humans." Koha said uttering a sigh. "Maybe if we walk around we might find something."
True to what Koha said they walked around for another hour finding nothing to do until they happened upon a very rare occurrence of technology in the city. They had found a electronics shop that had a few old televisions in a display window broadcasting a news station.
"What are these?" Luke asked never seeing a television before and being completely confused at what it was.
"What, these? These are called television and humans use them to send pictures, sounds and information across large distances."
Luke was marveled that such a incredible device could even exist. "How does it work?" Luke asked while planting his face on the glass of the display.
"I have no idea how they work but Alex watched this show all the time. He watched whenever he didn't have anything else to do and after daily training to find out what has happened all over the world."
"Why would he care about news from places so far away. It's not like stuff across the world would affect him at all."
"I wondered the same thing until Alex showed me an amazing device called an air plane. They are amazing flying devices that connect the world by transporting people and things making stuff that happens on the other side of the world affect people everywhere." Koha said.
Luke had an expression of pure wonder when he heard a device could actually fly things like people. He was about to ask how it worked too when the picture on the television quickly changed showing a women with blonde hair sitting behind a desk. Koha and Luke both looked back at the television wondering what happened.
She began to talk with a serious tone "Another act of terrorism had just been reported close by to Opelucid city. A destructive change in the environment brought about by a massive pillar of ice has destroyed all life nearby sparring nothing. Found nearby to the pillar where the corpses of nearly fifty pokemon each impaled threw the chest with sharpened ice protruding from the ground. After the recent massacre on a Lucario village this brings the attack number up to fourteen and the death toll to 937 pokemon 0 humans." Luke and Koha stopped listening at this point stunned that something was going around doing this.
"This has happened fourteen times!?" Luke asked shocked that whoever attacked his village had destroyed so much.
"What kind of monster would do something like this?"
"There is no way these attacks are just random acts of violence from random people..." Luke commented.
The two stood there is silence for a minute before walking away. It was about an hour before the shock of what they learned had faded. They eventually made their way to a nearby park and where sitting under a tree enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of the simple area. It was just after 1 PM.
"I've been wondering what your life was like before you started to travel." Koha said.
"It's not very exciting or anything but I was just a scholar working on battle technology. Seeing all this human technology really makes me think all the time I put in to research was pointless." Luke said sounding down.
"What are your friends and family like?" Koha asked trying to cheer him up before remembering what happened to them.
In a solemn tone Luke began to speak "I didn't have very many friends accept the other scholar. We would help each other with our research and keep each other company since the vast majority of my clan would look down and mock us for being weak. My mother and father abandoned me when I was one year old when I failed to become a warrior and am in a way glad they are dead. My clan had five soothsayers that would each keep to themselves only addressing clan members when the future had to be told. When the prediction of me becoming a legendary warrior of the clan turned out to be wrong they treated me like garbage thinking I was a waste." Koha looked over at Luke and he didn't seem that bothered about telling her about everyone he knew being dead. Koha knew he was leaving something out but thought best to leave it be if he didn't want to tell her. "Thinking back, besides the scholars I don't care that my clan was massacred... accept for..." Luke trailed off. Koha was surprised that Luke really didn't care everyone he knew was dead but she still could feel a sadness coming off him.
"I'm sorry for bringing that up..."
"What was your life like before meeting Alex." Luke asked trying to lighten the mood.
"My life was fairly simple, I lived on a mountain the humans called Victory road with my parents. We hunted every day from dawn till dusk looking for pokemon to eat or berries to pick. We rarely saw other Mienfoo or Mienshao so I didn't have many friends since we hunted most of the pokemon that lived there. I moved out into the world a couple months ago and a month later Alex caught me. I didn't mind being caught since I would be able to meet other pokemon... like you."
"That would have been a nice life to live." Luke said not feeling so depressed anymore.
After an hour of sitting in the relaxing park they decided to start walking again. They continued to walk around the town until about sundown when they decided to try and find Espeon, Vaporeon and Iya. Luke and Koha tried to detect them using aura but their aura was suppressed too much to be able to find them. After a short time they began to hear of a fight breaking out some time ago by four dog like pokemon and a Simipour on the other side of town. They began to head in that direction not in any rush being sure of Espeon's and Vaporeon's abilities in combat. They where getting close to the other side of town when the sun completely dipped below the horizon and the air started to become cold very fast from the lack of light. The two of them continued that way hoping they would be able to find Espeon and Vaporeon easily. While walking the air quickly began to get far colder and within a minute a wave of freezing air passed over the city making anyone who was still outside get in a building as the blistering cold air could easily kill them. Koha latched onto Luke like she did earlier at the pillar of ice.
"This cold... they must have found Vires." Luke said feeling cold even with his thicker fur.
Koha didn't respond, she just held onto Luke and shivered.
"Let's go." Luke said before trying to walk. Koha was too cold to move and couldn't let go of Luke or she could freeze to death. Luke sighed and with all his strength picked up Koha and laid her in his arms and started to sprint towards the direction the wave of cold came from.
Chapter End Notes:Next chapter will focus on what happened to Espeon, Vaporeon and Iya during this chapter
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