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This is my first story for agnph. I hope to make it fairly long and I also hope to finish it. I am not sure how well I do so if anyone actually reads this please comment on anything I should change. The story takes place in Unova and has a fair amount of 5th gen Pokemon so I suggest you keep a website open about those kinds of things if you arent familiar.Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 11 Icy Wrath

It was night time now with a half full moon illuminating the area. Luke had been running towards the source of the cold for a few minutes now holding Koha in his arms. The cold was beginning to slow down Luke even with his thicker fur making Koha's suffering unimaginable. She could only cling to his body to get whatever warmth she could as Luke tired his best to not succumb to the cold himself. The entire time running Luke could feel a force coming from the source of the cold that felt somewhat familiar but also terrifying. It felt as if it was beckoning for Luke to come towards it to fight. He could feel the darkness inside him become restless almost like it was overjoyed at whatever was to come from this. Luke tried to suppress it as he continued along to whatever was happening.
After a few minutes of running he entered a part of town that seemed much more modern then the rest of the town. It seemed to be a transportation depot with multiple warehouses scattered around the area along with a few massive buildings that held large trucks. The force Luke was feeling seemed to almost guide him towards itself pointing him to the far side of the depot to a warehouse that seemed condemned. As Luke got closer to the warehouse he could feel the air around him begin to warm up instead of becoming even colder. He began to notice a dim red glow coming through a window that brought a small heat wave with it. Luke knew Koha needed heat fast or she could die and quickly leapt at the window smashing right through to head towards whatever the heat source was coming from.
When he landed he quickly scanned the area for any sign of danger. It was almost as if time had slowed down allowing him to see and analyze everything. To his left near a door were Espeon and Vaporeon along with four other quadruped pokemon. A black one a yellow one a light blue one and a red one. They all seemed fairly beaten up except for the red one who was just standing by showering the nearby area in a hot red glow. On his right was Iya but she looked much different then Luke remembered. She was covered in small ice crystals on most of her body, her wrists and ankles each had a jagged ice ring on them and the end of her tail was engulfed in a large ice crystal almost like a mace. Next to Iya was the body of a badly injured Simisage that appeared dead. Luke could feel the darkness slowly getting free of his control and responding to Iya's presence. Koha had responded to the heat and stopped holding onto Luke so he set her down by the wall in case he was needed in this fight.
Espeon and her siblings each stood by panting trying to find a way to defeat this incredible foe. She was as fast as the northern winds evading any attack that got close to her. Her flimsy looking armor had blocked the few attacks that got through without taking a scratch. The mace like crystal on her tail delivered devastating blows after each attack she evaded. Iya just stood there with a look of hatred and despair looking on at her six foes before noticing Luke.
"Don't get in my way or you die to!" She growled at Luke.
Luke was stunned at her new appearance and what she had just said. "What happened?" He asked.
"These cowards could have saved Vires by bringing him to a pokemon center but they just put him here to die to protect themselves!" She answered furiously before charging towards Espeon grabbing onto her neck at lightning fast speed and quickly pinning her to the ground ready to deliver a quick death blow as all five of her allies unloaded every ounce of power they had at once nearly at point blank to try and save her. She didn't even flinch as the power to destroy a skyscraper was unleashed upon her body. She quickly raised her free hand ready to deal a finishing blow as the darkness in Luke set itself free coming out stronger then nearly every before making Luke charge at Iya from the shock and influx of emotions from the darkness and grabbing Iya's fist as she was bringing it down on Espeon and quickly threw her out the window he came in from.
"What the hell happened here?" Luke asked while helping up Espeon.
Espeon coughed a few times before answering. "She has the same problem you have. She is being manipulated by a power and if you fight her the same could happen to you." She weakly said.
"I have to stop her before she hurts anyone else! Keep Koha warm until I get back." Luke said before jumping out the window after Iya.
When he got outside the air was immensely cold but Luke felt nearly nothing. He quickly looked around noticing that Iya was no where to be found. He heard what sounded like a small stone hitting the ground behind and quickly turned around and noticed a small rain drop shaped crystal behind him. Before he could even think about it an ice beam slammed into him from the top of the warehouse with such great power he froze up almost instantly unable to move. He looked up to the roof of the warehouse and noticed Iya just standing there silhouetted against the gleam of the moon. She jumped down in front of Luke with a grieve sorrow about her. She gently put a hand on Luke's chest and began to concentrate her energy into Luke making the ice around his body move sporadically tearing away at his skin. Luke cried out as the ice cut into him everywhere around his body and using all his strength managed to break free and jump away from Iya. He collapsed on one knee as he looked at Iya who was slowly advancing towards him. Blood began to soak most of his fur from the large amount of injuries she had caused him.
"Please just stay out of my way. I don't want to kill anyone who had nothing to do with Vires's death." She pleaded before stopping in front of Luke.
"Killing them won't bring Vires back it will only cause more pain." Luke whimpered.
"I guess it can't be helped then..." Iya said before engulfing her fist in ice and delivering a strong ice punch to Luke's torso sending him crashing to the side of a building.
Luke knew that if he wanted to stop her he would have to use force. With his right hand he reached for the dagger at his belt but when Iya saw this she quickly created a small ice spear and with pinpoint accuracy threw it at his hand going threw it and pinning it to the wall. Luke let out a scream as blood stained the ground below him. He looked back at Iya wincing in pain as he saw she had a look of remorse.
"Please don't make me kill you." Iya asked again.
Luke could feel his anger rising from the situation filling him with strength. He quickly pulled his impaled hand forward freeing himself from the wall before slowly standing up. Iya sighed before bringing her hand forward charging a massive amount of ice energy prepared to use sheer cold to finish this. In the blink of an eye Luke dashed towards Iya connecting a solid punch in her abdomen catching her completely off guard and sending her back a bit. After collecting herself she looked towards her enemy now with no remorse about having to kill him as she let her power take over again.
Luke could feel the presence inside begin to whisper to him. "She's going to kill you. She will slaughter you and then go after Espeon, Vaporeon their sibling and maybe even Koha..." Luke heart wrenched at the thought of being alone again. "If you want to have a chance at winning I suggest you forfeit your body to me." Luke could feel malice in the presence and knew that letting him take over would be a grave mistake. "No then? Well if that's the case... open your bag and take out the darkness gem and I will do the rest..." The voice ceased to talk. Luke was unsure but had no choice, he quickly opened the bag on his waist and removed the darkness gem from it. It was glowing a wretched black aura defiling the air around it. Luke started to feel the presence react to it sending some of its own energy to it. The gem started to glow incredibly strong almost like it was sucking the very light out of the area turning the entire area around it black. When the dark passed the gem was gone and in it place a bracer had formed around Luke's left wrist. It was made of a black metal that was filled to the brim in darkness energy. Luke could feel the energy from it coursing through his body invigorating him.
Iya didn't seem too impressed by the display. "Is that all you got! A cheap light trick and a new flimsy piece of armor! I will freeze you then shatter your body!" She yelled before dashing towards Luke at blinding speed. He only stood there raising his left hand ready to counterattack. When in attacking distance she quickly launched an ice punch with as much force behind it she could muster. Luke braced himself and caught her fist making him skid back a few inches then quickly attacked with a dark pulse making her stumble back from the point blank shot. He knew that without his right hand he would be unable to attack with any physical based attacks and would have to rely of special attacks. He saw the confusion in Iya's eyes and took the opportunity to begin charging up an aura sphere. After a couple seconds a fully charged sphere was in his left hand but instead of light blue it was a poisonous black color. He didn't have time to think about it and quickly launched it towards Iya who was still recovering from his last attack. When she felt a power coming towards her she looked up and with amazing reaction time was able to knock the attack away before sending out a small wave of cold in the air freezing the water molecules inside and condensing them into multiple ice shards and fired them at Luke with the speed of a machine gun. Luke's body acted almost as if of its own accord with his right hand grabbing the dagger and parrying most of the shards with the bracer on his left wrist blocking what he missed.
The two of them stood in place each expecting the other to attack and both thinking of what to do next. Luke started to analyze his foe. He knew the armor she had looked weak but would be very strong making most attacks ineffective. He began to think of ways to get around this but Iya started to emit ice energy preparing an attack. She was pouring out energy up into the sky confusing Luke as to what she was planning. Luke began to concentrate and sharpen his senses for a detect move to try and avoid whatever she was planning.
"Use the bracer..." The presence whispered.
Luke looked down at the mysterious bracer trying to figure out how but came up with no answers. He looked back up at Iya who had sly grin on her face as it began to snow lightly. Luke just stood there ready to evade anything she could throw at him when the snow started to intensify. Before he could react a massive gale came forth turning the peaceful snow into a full blizzard blinding Luke making him look away. When he turned back towards Iya she was nowhere to be found and Luke couldn't detect her aura. He quickly held out his dagger to parry any attacks when he felt a sharp pain across his left leg. He looked down and noticed a large gash had appeared. He franticly looked around but felt another sharp pain across his back making him fall to the ground. He noticed a small pool of blood was forming around him as he struggled to get up. He slowly looked around once more to try and find his foe. The snow in front of him began to move strangely before Iya appeared as if from no where and with a jagged shard of ice slashed across Luke left arm making him stagger back before Iya disappeared into the blizzard. Luke started to feel weaker as he was bleeding terribly from the three gashes along with the devastating wound she inflicted on Luke at the beginning. Luke tried to think how she could be so much stronger then him when the presence whispered once more to Luke.
"She forfeited her body to the presence of ice allowing it to control her body."
Luke began to think about doing the same as he began to fell a stream of blood run down his left arm. When it reached the bracer Luke felt the blood stop completely and looked down to see what happened. He was shocked to see his blood begin to move along the surface of the black metal creating shapes and glyphs he had never seen before. When the blood stopped flowing along the surface the figures began to glow a dark crimson and the bracer began to emit a strange dark aura. It then started to heat up rapidly to the point where it began to sear itself to Luke's skin but Luke didn't have the strength to cry out from the pain and just stood there gritting his teeth. He could feel it imbuing him with dark power and started to feel the strange aura around him. When the pain passed he started to feel a terrifying aura around him scattered in the snowy blizzard. He wasn't sure what it was but quickly realized that Iya was evading his vision by becoming one with the blizzard only rematerializing to attack. He knew that to attack him the aura would have to converge in one point so he began to wait patiently for that to happen. He started to feel it come together behind him and when she had become normal again he spun around as quickly as possible unleashing a force palm right into her chest catching her completely off guard but doing no damage since her armor was so strong. The little damage he did do was quickly regenerated as Iya disappeared into the blizzard again.
Luke thought that Iya would think that that was just a fluke and knew he would only have one chance to end this. He would have to break her armor and then quickly do enough damage to end this before she caught on that Luke could tell where she was. He began to calm down and focus, trying to phase out the terrible pain and weakness he was feeling to find the strength to at least do anything. Luke could feel Iya around him acting hesitant about attacking but eventually began to converge behind Luke again very cautiously. Luke took in a deep breath before turning around as fast as possible to not give her a chance to guard even if she saw it coming and attacked her armor dead center with a brick break causing that part of the armor to shatter making Iya gasp before Luke began to use close combat on her vulnerable area attacking as fast and as hard as his body would permit spraying her with Luke's blood and continuing until Luke felt as if he would collapse from pain and exhaustion and pushed his body one final time taking his right foot and kicking Iya as hard as possible sending her flying back. She slammed into a wall shattering what was left of her armor before falling to the ground collapsing from the powerful attack making the blizzard start to slow down and stop. Luke could only fall to his hands and knees unable to move a muscle as he used the rest of his energy on that attack. If she wasn't done Luke knew he was as good as dead. Luke watched Iya collapse to the ground and waited until he was sure she was done before groggily getting up and limping over to her. When he got close enough he noticed she was covered in large cuts most likely caused by the armor shattering. Luke looked at his wounds wondering how he didn't bleed to death already and noticed most of them where barely bleeding anymore. Luke didn't have time to think of it when Iya began to stir. He quickly held up his dagger ready to defend himself when she began to groan and look up at him.
"I guess it's over for me..." She said weakly starring at the dagger in Luke's hand.
Luke could feel the darkness ecstatic about the chance of killing Iya but Luke knew better then to listen to it. He slowly sheathed the dagger before reaching out to Iya to help her stand. When she saw this she was confused about his mercy.
"You would spare me even after trying to kill you and your friends?" She asked taking Luke's hand and standing up slowly.
"I know it wasn't you doing all those things. It was that power inside of you making you change." Luke answered starting to feel dizzy.
Iya stood there for a moment confused as to how he would know of that before tears began to form in her eyes as she embraced Luke "Thank you so much..."
"Let's just get back to the others and see if we can make this right." Luke said before stumbling forward.
"Here let me help you" Iya said before taking his uninjured arm and slinging it over her shoulder.
Iya helped Luke back to the warehouse where Espeon and the others where. As they walked Luke's fur began to change back to normal while what was left of the ice in Iya's fur melted away. The bracer on Luke's wrist was still seared onto Luke's skin with all the shapes and glyphs still there but not glowing. He could feel the evil inside of it and it made him very nervous about what it will do.
As they got close to the warehouse Iya began to shake nervously from what the pokemon she attacked might do to her when she got back. She put it out of her mind and continued forward helping Luke along. After a minute of walking they got reached the warehouse where everyone was waiting.
"You don't have to go in there." Luke said seeing how nervous Iya was.
"No, I have to make amends for my actions." She responded as they reached a door nearby to the shattered window they went out of.
Iya took a deep breath before opening the door to the warehouse being met by silence as no one was there.
"They must be in the cargo container in the back." Iya mumbled to herself as she started to walk towards the back of the building with Luke.
When they arrived at the container Iya began to reach for the door when Luke spoke up. "Maybe I should go in first to see if they forgive you for what you did."
"That would be best but you don't look like you are in any condition to be opening such large objects." Iya responded before grabbing the handle on the door and opening it a crack to let Luke in.
Luke walked into the container hoping to see everyone there. All the pokemon where there with the inclusion of a grass type quadruped that wasn't there before. Koha was sitting on a cushion by the wall with her head down seemingly deep in thought when the door opened. She quickly looked at the door in fear and hope that it would be Luke coming threw that door and not Iya. When she saw Luke she was overjoyed and started to run to him but the joy quickly changed to shock when she saw the condition Luke was in. When she was a few feet away she could only stare at the dreadful wounds covering most of his body. When the shock past she embraced Luke holding him tight letting out all her concerns. "Please don't do anything reckless like that again."
"It's okay." Luke reassured her. "Can you please let go soon, I really need to sit down before my wounds open up again."
"I'm sorry." Koha said weakly as she led him to the cushion she was sitting on.
"Thank you." He murmured before sitting down on the cushion glad he could finally relax. Koha sat next to him with a worried look on her face.
"What happened out there?" She asked while taking a quick look over of his deeper wounds.
"...Iya was deeply troubled by Vires's passing and couldn't bear to let those she thought had caused it to live."
"No I mean how could she have done this and you survive?"
"I was wondering the same thing but Espeon might know."
Koha paused for a moment thinking about the result of all this. "So did you... kill her?" She asked in a solemn tone.
"It wasn't entirely her fault she was acting that way so I let her live."
This caught the attention of the other pokemon in the room sending mixed signals about it.
"I'm glad you could see Iya was being manipulated." Espeon commented from the other side of the room.
"I would have thought you would have wanted her dead for nearly killing you." Vaporeon added.
"I could sense from the very moment she saw Vires die that she had a spirit in her, I'm sure Noctis could feel it to."
"Where is Iya anyway?" Koha asked.
"I wanted to make sure you didn't want to kill her so I made her wait outside." Luke responded before calling out to Iya. "You can come in now it's safe." He called out.
After a brief pause the door to the container slowly opened followed by Iya entering with a look of sorrow. She looked around the room to all the pokemon she tried to hurt and saw eyes of scorn and eyes of forgiveness. She paused for a moment before speaking. "I am truly sorry for what I did tonight... I did not mean to attack you all but seeing Vires... made me want a person to blame and take revenge..."
There was a tense pause as only silence filled the air until Noctis began to speak "You didn't cause any permanent harm tonight and we know of the presence inside you that caused you to act out of rage. We have agreed to forgive you but if this happens again we will kill you." He announced.
"Thank you for your understanding."
After a few minutes passed and everything had settled down Koha began treating Luke's wounds with the same kind of makeshift bandages used on Vires. After a couple minutes of bandaging she came to his left arm and finally noticed the strange bracer on his wrist.
"Where did this bracer come from?"
"I'm not sure myself but it seems to be a very powerful artifact. It appeared after I grabbed the black gem from my bag."
"Maybe you should have Espeon look at that soon." Koha suggested
"I will tonight or tomorrow morning."
Koha finished wrapping up Luke's injuries with having just barely enough bandages to do so. He had large amounts of bandages on his torso, left arm and left leg. Iya was sitting alone in the corner so Luke decided to try and cheer her up while Koha went to ask Espeon how her family reunion went. Espeon was sitting silently with Vaporeon both just enjoying each others company when Koha came over.
"Something you want?" Espeon asked seeing Koha approach.
"I've been wondering how you family reunion went. From all the talking of them going to kill you things seemed to work out in the end."
"We gave them the real story behind the reason they wanted to kill us and they decided to let us live thou they are still unhappy about what we did, and before you ask, no I won't tell you what happened yet."
"I wasn't going to ask but it would be nice to know one day."
"I'm still surprised they came to a conclusion on our fates fast enough to get here on time to save our lives."
"What happened?"
"When Iya went berserk she unleashed a large amount of energy that I'm sure you could feel very well from however far away you where. Vaporeon and I both knew we would be goners if we got hit point blank and when we couldn't calm her down we where almost sure we where going to die. When she unleashed that wave of cold we both closed our eyes in fear but when we felt nothing we looked to see why to see Nex standing in front of us using his heat to save us."
"I've been hearing them calling each other by names, I thought you told us none of you had names?"
"I guess they adopted names for some reason."
Over the next few hours Koha and Luke got acquainted with Espeon's siblings, Luke was very interested in these pokemon having never seen any of their species before but being restricted by his injuries couldn't inspect them as well as he would have wanted. One he was particularly interested in was a female Glaceon by the name of Cyia having not much experience with ice type pokemon and finding them interesting.
The container was empty now accept for Noctis who slept there, Luke who couldn't be moved from his injuries and Koha who insisted in being near Luke in case he needed medical attention. Noctis and Koha were already asleep in separate parts of the container but Luke just laid there thinking of the day he just had. He thought of many things including the fascinating technology he had learned about and being injured twice in the same day but the thing that stuck in his mind the most of all was Koha. No matter how much he thought of other things his mind would always just drift back to thoughts of Koha. The entire day she was constantly doing things for him asking nothing in return. He started to feel strange as he thought of Koha but the feeling felt familiar to him. The more he thought about what he was feeling the more confused he got. The only time he could ever remember feeling this way was during the time he spent with Enyo.
Chapter End Notes:I am not sure how well I did writing this chapter but I think I did well
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