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This is my first story for agnph. I hope to make it fairly long and I also hope to finish it. I am not sure how well I do so if anyone actually reads this please comment on anything I should change. The story takes place in Unova and has a fair amount of 5th gen Pokemon so I suggest you keep a website open about those kinds of things if you arent familiar.Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 12 New Bonds New Life

As Luke slept soundly after his harsh battle he began to dream again. Once again he was before the conflicting planes with the darkened figures. He saw himself still in the gray plane but it seemed like he was slowly moving, like being dragged towards the black side. He looked around again knowing his visits to these strange places where short and noticed some new things. The amount of pokemon inside the black and white planes had increased and he could see now one other pokemon besides himself, Iya. As he drifted closer he noticed she was also moving towards the black side but at a much slower pace. As he began to contemplate these new things his vision began to blur as he slowly began to return to consciousness.
He awoke groggily inside the pitch black container with no sign as to what time it was. He could sense Koha and Noctis close by and decided to see how his injuries where doing. After feeling around the injured areas he was confused and astounded that they had nearly completely healed up only leaving a few nasty scars. He stood up slowly to see how healed he was and was surprised to feel like nothing had happened last night. The few reminders of his fierce battle were the bracer still attached to his wrist and his crusty blood soaked fur. He took off the bandages that barely even had any blood on them that he could feel and finished checking over himself before deciding to check outside.
After making sure it was okay to walk he went over to the entrance to the container and silently opened it before walking out and silently closing it. He walked over to a window to see that it was still night but signs of the approaching dawn where close so he decided it was a good time to get up. As he walked to the exit of the building he could sense each of Espeon's siblings along with herself inside various containers. The only pokemon he could not sense in the building was Iya which made him slightly concerned.
As he walked through the door leading outside he began to detect small amounts of Iya's energy a great distance away. Luke could tell she wasn't moving and decided to check to see what was wrong.
For the next thirty minutes Luke walked towards Iya leaving the city limits to the north and entering a mountainous lightly forested area. As he walked he began to feel Iya's emotions and could tell she was in despair. As Luke entered a small clearing in the forest he began to see Iya on the far side on her knees looking down at something. When he got close enough he could tell what it was. It was Vires's grave. It was marked by a large chunk of ice that didn't seem to melt in the above freezing temperature. He could tell by how dirty Iya was that she had dug it herself and it brought up bad memories about what Luke had done for Enyo. As he neared her Iya looked back to see what was coming close but seeing it was only Luke she turned back around to mourn.
The sun began to break through the horizon as Luke kneeled down next to Iya. After a few minutes Iya began to speak. "Why did you come looking for me?"
"I noticed you weren't at the warehouse so I came to see if you where alright."
Iya paused a moment before continuing. "This has happened to you as well hasn't it?"
Luke could feel the pain of the event resurface as he tried not to remember and only responded weakly "Yes."
"What did the people who killed the one you love look like?" Iya asked clearly trying to suppress her own memories.
Luke paused for a moment trying to remember the devils that did it. "Three humanoids... each fully cloaked in brown followed by a group of Pawniards." Luke struggled to say.
As Iya heard this she hung her head as sadness began to fill her. "The same people..." She mumbled.
Luke was shocked that some people or pokemon where actually going around and destroying lives for seemingly no reason but then began to remember what the television thing had said yesterday. "We weren't the only two... yesterday I learned that this has happened twelve times before us." Luke said in a saddened tone.
Tears filled Iya's eyes as she looked down at Vires's grave thinking about the misery of all the other pokemon this had happened to before coming to a decision.
"Let me travel with you... If someone is actually doing this I want to stop them. Vires gave his life to protect mine and I want to do something with it."
Luke thought for a moment about what Iya wanted and began to speak. "If I continue to travel with Espeon and Vaporeon I am sure I will find those murderers and if I do I want you there to help me kill every last one of them."
"Thank you." She responded before her tears stopped flowing.
The two of them sat silently there by Vires's grave for nearly thirty minutes before either one of them said another word.
"We should head back now before the others worry about us." Luke suggested.
"Just a couple more minutes..."
After a couple minutes the two of them began to walk back to town. Luke was hoping that he would finally get to learn something about his powers and maybe about Iya's as well. When they got back the sun was shinning in the sky and everyone had woken up. As they entered they noticed Koha close by to the entrance looking a bit annoyed.
"What are you doing up? With the injuries you got last night you shouldn't be moving around for a week!" Koha exclaimed.
"But I feel fine." Luke answered.
"That's impossible. Let me look."
Before Luke could say anything Koha was already examining where his injuries were checking for how Luke could even stand right now. The longer she checked the more confused she looked.
"Any problems?" Luke asked.
"...No, but how? You where on the verge of death last night now you are walking around like nothing happened?" Koha started mumbling a bit before speaking again. "Just be careful, okay."
"Don't worry I'll take it easy."
There was a pause as Koha continued to think of what happened. "We should go find Espeon now, it's about time we look into these strange powers." Koha said before running off to the other side of the building.
By sensing Aura Luke was able to easily find Espeon and Vaporeon but he could tell there was something off about their auras. They seemed exerted and deep with emotion that made Luke wonder what was happening. He had never felt anything like this and decided to investigate. After a few moments of walking Luke was in front of the container Espeon and Vaporeon were in. He carefully and silently opened the door a crack curious about what was happening and when he peaked inside his eyes went wide at the scene inside. Inside the container Vaporeon was on top of Espeon mating vigorously. Luke was stunned at this, not having the slightest clue that those two where mates being brother and sister. Luke knew he should close the door and walk away but his curiosity got the better of him never seen mating before and still being a virgin. This show was short lived as the metal on his bracer hit the steel front of the container making Vaporeon quickly look over spotting Luke instantly and making him fall backwards surprised. Luke cursed himself for forgetting something as simple as the bracer on his wrist. He quickly got up, closed the door and ran off hoping Vaporeon didn't see it was him. When Luke got back to the entrance Koha and Iya where already there waiting for him.
"Are you sure your okay you seem a bit off?" Koha remarked seeing Luke looked a bit weird.
"Ya, I'm fine. Espeon and Vaporeon will be over in a few minutes." Luke stuttered.
Iya and Koha both looked at him a bit strange seeing that something had happened.
"Did something happen?" Iya asked.
"No everything's fine." Luke responded quickly.
Iya and Koha both knew he was lying but also knew he wasn't going to tell them the truth.
After a few minutes Espeon and Vaporeon came over looking like nothing had happened. Espeon had her usual calm expression but Vaporeon didn't seem very happy and quickly glared at Luke before following Espeon.
"You all ready to head out?" Espeon asked.
"Ya we're ready." Koha answered before walking outside followed by Espeon and Iya. Vaporeon followed with a lot less vitality in his step then usual. Luke went out last following the rest of them. After a few minutes of walking Espeon called over to Luke.
"What you need?" Luke asked nervously.
"While we are walking I think this would be a good time for me to take a look at that bracer that showed up on your wrist."
Luke breathed a sigh of relief as he outstretched his left arm towards Espeon who began to examine the bracer.
"How strange, this object acts like a catalyst for your power." Espeon commented.
"What does that mean?"
"It means that this thing will amplify the darkness inside you by using your own energy."
"I still don't understand..."
Espeon was starting to get irritated. "Never use it, it could kill you or worse."
"What could be worse then death?"
"Everyone's death."
Luke was still a little confused and disturbed about what she told him but also started to wonder how she knew all these things. "How do you know all this?"
"...I have picked up a lot of information during my travels."
"Oh okay." Luke said before walking towards Koha.
"One last thing... next time you come to see us knock first." Espeon whispered.
Luke froze up as he blushed strong enough to see through his fur. Koha noticed this quickly. "Are you sure you feel okay? You look like you have a fever."
"...I'm fine..."
The rest of the day went by uneventfully. The search for any information ended without them any closer to an answer every time they found anything. The library in the town refused to let them in since they where pokemon and they doubted it would be of much help anyway since they can't read human language. Every pokemon they had found that said they knew anything about it was either a scammer or completely insane and any human that seemed they could know anything they couldn't communicate with. They walked around town until sunset before giving up and going back to the warehouse. When they got back they all decided to try one more time tomorrow before leaving town. As they came into the building they noticed that no one guarding the entrance like usual. The building also seemed empty with no one in sight. Espeon and Vaporeon decided to see if Noctis was in his container while Koha, Luke and Iya stayed back near the entrance.
"I just know something is up." Vaporeon commented while walking.
"I'm sure its nothing, someone is just slacking off from guard duty."
"Then why are there no signs of anyone in the building at all?"
"Maybe they had business in town."
"Could be but I just know it isn't the case."
"We'll see." Espeon said as they stopped in front of Noctis's container.
Using her psychic power Espeon opened the door to the container to revel most of their siblings inside. Nex and Lius where on the left side while Cyia was on the right with Noctis taking his seat in the back.
"Is everything all right?" Espeon asked looking around the room.
"Yes everything is fine, we have just decided it is time for you to have the choice of rejoining our family." Noctis answered
"That means what?" Vaporeon asked.
"First of all you would gain our full forgiveness and second of all you will get names..."
Espeon paused at first hearing this "Our names... are a reminder of the master we could have saved... it's not something we would want to give up."
"These names are to show you are prepared to move on in your life, the master will always remain in your memories as long as you let him..."
"So you are offering to let us stay with you permanently?" Vaporeon asked.
"That's basically it." Noctis answered.
"We will need a few minutes to think it over." Espeon responded.
"Take as long as you like."
Espeon glanced around the room curious to why Vita wasn't there.
"I see you noticed Vita isn't here. He's in a bit of a rage right now still not happy about having to let you live and now letting you join the family with a full pardon... I suggest you stay away from him."
They both walked out of the container to talk about joining the family again. There was a brief pause before Vaporeon began to speak. "What do you think we should do?"
"...I am not sure."
"This could be the beginning of a new life for us in more ways then one..."
Espeon thought hard about all this not entirely sure about what to do. "If we join them that would be the end of our travels."
"Maybe they would allow us to finish..."
"But what of Vita? He bears a grudge like no other and might try to kill us again."
"He is not the strongest... Noctis will help us if he tries anything."
"Our names..."
"I'm sure the master would have wanted us to move on."
Espeon paused for a moment as she came to a decision. "...We will take them up on this offer if he allows us to continue traveling with Luke for now."
"If you're sure then let's go back in and tell them."
They went back into the container ready to give their answer.
"Have you come to a decision?" Noctis asked.
"We have decided to join the family on the one condition that you allow us to finish our travels." Espeon said.
Noctis looked at them for a few seconds before responding. "I see no reason why not."
"Thank you." Espeon responded.
"One thing still remains... You must prove your commitment to us by forfeiting your most treasured item."
Espeon and Vaporeon shared a look pain as they heard this. Vaporeon silently nodded towards Espeon as she decided as well.
"Fine... I'll go get them." Espeon said begrudgingly before disappearing in a flash only to reappear moments latter with two pokeballs at her feet.
"Are these... your pokeballs?" Noctis asked astonished they didn't destroy them.
"Yes." Espeon responded sorrowfully.
"Why did you not destroy them?"
"These are the last ties we have to the master... We didn't have the will to destroy them."
"The last thing we require you to do is to personally destroy your most valued possession."
Espeon and Vaporeon looked down at the pokeballs at their feet seeing the final link between them and their master. Though it pained them greatly they each slowly brang a paw on top of their pokeballs and with reluctance severed the final link.
"I know it's hard but you have finally begun a new life... We choose our names based on our personalities or on other ways we are called, they each mean something and it's time for you to choose..."
Espeon and Vaporeon thought about this not sure of what to choose. They each went through various possibilities before finally coming up with names they thought fit them.
"A year ago I heard of a word in another language that means torrent, Amnis, this is what I want to be called." Vaporeon said after carefully thinking.
Espeon took a little longer while trying to remember something but and came up with a name. "In a far away country long ago destroyed by war they called my Species Eifi... that is the name I choose."
Noctis thought about this for a moment. "Those both are very fine names that you chose and I hope you don't regret these decisions, you will from now on be called Amnis and Eifi." Noctis announced.
They both felt a feeling of joy finally knowing they where accepted back in their family and not being hunted.
"I suggest you tell your friends about the news." Noctis said as everyone got up and headed outside the container.
After reintroductions with the rest of the group it was about time to go to sleep. As Amnis and Eifi laid in the darkness in their small container they thought of all the things that happened today but one thing stood out the most.
"Eifi... are you sure you want to try and have another child?" Amnis asked in a quite tone.
"I'll be in heat soon... we should make our new life truly different from the old one..."
Chapter End Notes:Hoping I did well but not sure so please review
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