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This is my first story for agnph. I hope to make it fairly long and I also hope to finish it. I am not sure how well I do so if anyone actually reads this please comment on anything I should change. The story takes place in Unova and has a fair amount of 5th gen Pokemon so I suggest you keep a website open about those kinds of things if you arent familiar.Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 13 Ally or Foe

The next morning Luke woke up with renewed strength ready to look for some answers. He quickly got up and put on his belt ready to get started. This time he was alone in a dark container so he didn't have to be silent while opening the door. Unfortunately when he did so he found that like the day before he had woken up before sunrise making him feel strangely tired even though he was full of energy a moment ago. He shook off the feeling and decided to take a walk until it was dawn to have some time to think again. As he walked he could feel the presence of everyone accept Vita making him ponder if he even came back last night. When he was half way through the building he felt compelled to stop in front of Koha's container. He wasn't sure why but as he stood in front of her container he began to feel the strange sensation that he felt two nights ago return. He shrugged it off and continued towards the exit to have some time alone with his thoughts.
After walking for a few minutes he eventually made it on top of the warehouse they where staying at, lying on the roof. As he stared at the slowly fading stars in the sky he began to think of what that feeling was.
'What does this feeling mean? Is it affection? No. Is it endearment? ...No. I have only felt this when near Enyo... is it... Love?...No. Is there a word for what I feel?...It has been just over a week and I feel this way?' Luke turned to his side deeply confused by all of this. 'I still feel the empty sadness left by Enyo but why is it being filled by Koha?... What does she think of me? She has followed me and saved my life twice but... she only wants to protect me for Alex... Or does she feel similarly?' As Luke watched the final star in the sky disappear and the sun began to peek over the horizon he decided to continue thinking later tonight but now it would be almost time to head out. He slowly got up and headed back down to see if anyone else was up.
Luke could feel that Eifi's siblings had already gotten up and where spread out in the building. After another thirty minutes everyone was up accept for Koha.
"Luke, go get Koha up so we can head out, I don't like wasting time like this." Eifi said sounding a little annoyed.
"Okay..." Luke answered as he walked towards Koha's container.
From Koha's aura Luke could tell that she was awake but just laid there not trying to get up at all. When he got to the container he hesitated at first but eventually knocked twice on the door.
"Koha it's almost time to go."
Luke could hear Koha mumbling too silent for him to make out the words. "Are you okay?"
"Hm? Ya I'll be out in a minute." Koha responded.
"Eifi is already annoyed so try to be quick."
As Luke walked away he could hear Koha silently mumble to herself again. When he got back to the entrance Amnis and Eifi where already gone while Iya was still waiting for him.
"They said they where going on ahead and for you to catch up when Koha wakes up." Iya informed him.
"She will be up in a minute so might as well relax while we wait."
Before Luke could finish his sentence he heard running footsteps behind him and turned around to see Koha run right past them and out the door. "Hurry up lets go!"
"Those three must be really eager to search for information." Luke thought out loud.
"It's weird, the two that should care the most are the ones that seem to care the least." Iya pointed out before walking out the door followed by Luke.
"Why do they even care about this?" Luke asked still confused as to why Eifi was so interested.
"I'm not sure but if they feel like we should know why they will tell us."
After a couple minutes of walking they found Koha standing impatiently by the road. "Come on, hurry up!"
"Why are you in such a rush?" Luke asked seeing Koha was acting fidgety.
"I got a good feeling about today and just know we will find something."
Luke thought for a moment about this. "Is there something else you wanted to do today?"
Koha froze up for a short instance "Well... a traveling bazaar was supposed to open for a few days today and I wanted to maybe get some stuff..."
"You don't have any money." Luke said bluntly.
"... I noticed you have some gems in that bag of yours you never use and was hoping... I could have a few."
"So you planed to go shopping all day while Amnis and Eifi went stealing, right?"
"The bazaar attracts all kinds of people and pokemon that might know something."
Luke sighed before taking two brown-red and one white gem from his pouch and tossing them towards Koha.
"Thanks!" Koha exclaimed before she ran off towards the town.
Iya started to giggle at the scene.
"Oh, nothing."
When they reached the town they immediately noticed it was much more lively then yesterday with a multitude of different kinds of people and exotic pokemon strewn across the area. They all congregated in multiple small groups each at a different stand that mostly seemed to sell worthless junk like little trinkets or fake artifacts.
"You ready to start looking?" Luke asked glad at least one would help him.
He looked back to see Iya was staring at a stand that was selling small crystal trinkets. "Hey Luke could I maybe have one of those gems?" Iya asked mesmerized by the brilliant crystal designs.
"But I only have two left..." Luke said as he held a brownish-red and a white gem.
"Thanks." Iya said as she grabbed the white gem and ran off.
"H-hey!" Luke exclaimed.
Luke looked back down to see his last remaining gem and began to wonder exactly how valuable they really where. He always thought of them as shiny rocks that amplified a pokemons power very slightly and never thought they had actual value. Luke sighed once more and began to search for anything that might help. He didn't actually know what he was looking for and just decided to search for any people or pokemon that seemed odd to him. The more he looked the larger the array of strange pokemon and people increased to the point where it was becoming hopeless. He was hoping to maybe find Eifi in the crowd but had no luck and didn't hear of anyone stealing anything and decided to just do this alone.
The farther Luke walked towards the center of town the more expensive looking the items became but Luke continued to search for anything that might assist him and ignored the traders. After another few minutes of walking he turned left and his eyes went wide at what he saw. A vast arrange of stands each selling weapons and armor going all the way down to the end of the path. Luke knew that he was busy looking for information but the allure of armor and weapons was too great for him. He had spent most of his life studying combat enhancing items and knew that a few minutes of looking would do no harm.
Right outside the path that had all these stands was a sign and in many languages each said "Weapons for humans only no exceptions!" One of the languages it was written in happened to be the language his Clan had written in making him feel a bit down about not getting a weapon but there was still armor at least. He quickly noticed that all armor vendors where on the left and all weapon vendors on the right allowing him to narrow his field of search considerably. As he walked down the path he noticed armor made of all kinds of material made with fine craftsmanship. While walking Luke noticed that a majority of the stands that had armor he was interested in where run by humans and very few of those had pokemon assistants so communication would be impossible. Near the end of the path there was a small stand with no armor on display that was low to the ground to accommodate pokemon and had a strange pokemon working there. It was a strange green pokemon about three feet tall. It had a red zigzag pattern across his stomach and a curled up thin long green tail. It's face was covered in yellow lines with two rows of yellow spikes on his head and seemed a bit bored having no customers at his stand. It seemed to be looking off into space before he noticed Luke walking towards him making him seem to perk up a little and stand up straight.
"Can I help you today young Riolu?" The green pokemon asked graciously.
Luke was a bit ticked off being called young again but let it slide. "What kind of armor do you sell here?" Luke asked as he noticed that there was no armor on display.
"This stand sells the best pokemon armor you can find here, it's lightweight, durable and it is easily transportable." The pokemon said with a grin on his face before reaching down behind the front of the stand and taking out a small gray hooded cloak made of what appeared to be linen.
"Is that it?" Luke asked in an unimpressed tone.
"It may not look like much but the cloth it's made of cannot be cut accept by the sharpest of blades." The pokemon boasted.
Luke didn't believe him. "Prove it." Luke challenged as he unsheathed his dagger and placed on the counter in front of the pokemon.
With a grin of confidence he grabbed the dagger and thrusted it down onto the cloak with all his strength leaving the dagger imbedded into the stand but leaving the cloak with no damage.
"Impressive." Luke commented.
"And that's not all. The fabric this cloak is made of is so thin that you can fold it up so compact you could easily carry it in that bag of yours along with all your other things." The pokemon said as he folded it into a small cube shape small enough to fit in his palm.
"How much is this thing worth?" Luke asked not exactly sure if the gem he had would cover it.
"What would you be willing to trade?" The pokemon asked as Luke re-sheathed his dagger.
"All I have is this." Luke said as he pulled the gem from his pouch making the pokemon stare in amazement.
"I-I think that will do." The pokemon stuttered.
After putting his new cloak into his pouch he made his way back down the pathway hoping that something would be different in the middle of all this. When he got back to the beginning of the path he looked around again seeing very little has changed. After looking around for another moment he spotted a strange man dressed in white robes with spiked blood red hair talking to a trader at a nearby stand. With all the other strange people around he was going to look somewhere else but as he turned he saw in the corner of his eye the person talking to the robed man raise his hand and point at Luke. The robed man looked at Luke for a few seconds before walking off down the road. Luke thought about this for a few seconds before deciding to follow the man.
After a few minutes of sifting through the growing crowd trying to keep up with the man at a distance he took a left turn beginning to walk down an alley. When Luke saw this he made a sprint towards the alley determined to not lose the man. As he got to the entrance the man had already traversed the entire alley and was already turning at the end onto a new street. When Luke made it to the end of the alley he noticed there where no stands in this part of town and barely noticed and robed man enter another alley a bit farther down the street. Luke quickly ran towards the alley but when he reached it there was no one there, it was a dead end. He looked around confused as how a human was so dexterous and could disappear into nothing. He walked down the alley observing that there would be no place for anyone to hide at all. When he reached the end of the alley he quickly looked around once more before turning around hoping the man was back at the bazaar but when he turned around ready to run back he saw the robed man standing ten yards away blocking Luke off from leaving.
Before Luke could react the man threw three small purple spheres at Luke hitting the ground and exploding releasing a purple haze around Luke. Luke quickly grabbed his dagger ready to defend himself but noticed the man just stood there. As Luke stood there ready to make a move he began to notice his dagger started to feel heavier more like a sword at this point and then began to feel as if his arms where getting heavier. After a few more seconds Luke collapsed to the ground from his own body weight as a powerful drowsiness began to take hold of him. His vision began to get hazy as he saw the robed man begin to walk towards him and then his vision went black.
A few hours later Luke began returning to consciousness after being put under by a strange poison of some kind. As his eye sight began to clear of haze he quickly noticed he was on a couch in what appeared to be a windowless waiting room. The room was an intense white color with the one couch that Luke was on with one door to his left. What confused him the most is that whoever had captured him had let him keep his dagger and all of his belongings. As he was getting off of the couch the door to the room began to open and the robed man stepped inside of the room and then closed the door.
Luke quickly unsheathed his dagger not sure what this man was going to do to him.
"Put that toy away, if I was going to hurt you I would have done that long ago." The man said calmly after seeing the aggressive stance Luke was in.
Luke slowly put away his dagger but kept his guard up in case the man was going to do something.
"You must have some questions as to why I kidnapped you and took you here and about those strange powers you acquired."
Luke looked up at the man astonished he knew about his powers.
The man paused for a moment looking at Luke. "No need for silence, I can understand what you say." The man informed Luke.
Luke had a look of confusion and disbelief as the man told him this. "How is that possible?"
"That is a question I will answer later but for now I will tell you what I'm allowed to."
"Where am I?"
"I can't tell you that."
"If you know about my powers why did you not restrain me."
"I can't tell you that either."
"What can you tell me then?" Luke asked annoyed he wasn't getting answers.
"Well... I work for a world wide organization whose task is to stop the ones going around massacring groups of pokemon. If their goals are met they would obtain the power to do anything they like."
"What can you tell me about the strange power?"
"I can't tell you much more then you have figured out yourself. You hold in your body the spirit of the darkness element that has given you a great power that comes out when fed with destructive emotions or when it is needed. There is also a spirit for each element accept for normal as you have seen with your friend Iya. I cannot tell you the extent of your power but what I can tell you is that you haven't even gotten close to reaching it once."
"Why did you kidnap me?" Luke asked his final question.
"We have a proposition for you but first I think you should go join your friends in the next room."
"You kidnapped my friends to!?"
"We left a trail for them to follow here but they where taking hours just wondering around buying stuff and I didn't have all day." The man said as he walked towards the door.
Luke was hesitant to follow but wanted to see his friends. They entered a long desolate hallway with doors leading off to both sides as they walked down. The walls where the same color white as the room they where in and had no windows to speak of. After a couple minutes of walking the man suddenly stopped in front of a door to his right.
"They are in here." The man said.
Luke quickly opened the door to see if they where all right. The room was similar to the one he was in before but with two couches facing opposite of each other. Eifi and Amnis where sleeping together on one while Koha and Iya where asleep laying down on the other one.
"They have only been asleep for an hour and should wake up in two more."
"Will they be okay?"
"No worse then you... While you wait for them to awaken I will give you my proposition to think over for now. I want you to join us in combating the ones you want revenge on. With your help we will have chance at winning and I will tell you everything I know about your powers after you do one simple task. Before I go I have one last thing to say, my instructions weren't to recruit you, they were to kill you but I saw a purity in you that made me think you might join us. If you decline this I will be forced to kill you and Iya to if she refuses as well." The man began to walk out of the room.
"What's your name?" Luke asked.
The man paused for a moment "I guess I can tell you, I am called Zalybs." the man said as he walked out of the room.
'What a strange name for a human.' Luke thought to himself.
Luke walked over to Koha and Iya to see if they where unharmed and noticed Koha was wearing a fairly large backpack filled with whatever she had bought but Iya didn't seem to have anything. Luke went over to check Amnis and Eifi and found they didn't have anything either. A wave of relief washed over him as he went to sit next to Koha. He leaned his head back on the couch as he began to think of Zalybs's offer. Zalybs had taken every step necessary to not harm him or his friends and seemed to be sticking his own neck out to try and keep Luke alive. He works for a group whose goal is to stop the people and pokemon that destroyed Luke's life from obtaining their goals. The longer Luke thought about this the better it seemed but deep down in his gut he could feel something not right about the whole thing. 'Why did he have to kidnap us?' Luke knew that if he joined and didn't like how things were going he could escape easily but hoped that this offer was as good as it sounds. Luke came to the decision that he would take Zalybs up on his offer.
With so much time left to wait Luke began to think of trivial things such as traveling but his thoughts inevitably came to Koha again. He looked beside him at Koha thinking of how beautiful she looked sleeping. He leaned his head back once more repeating the same thoughts he had had this morning as hope and doubt filled his heart until he began to drift off to sleep.
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