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This is my first story for agnph. I hope to make it fairly long and I also hope to finish it. I am not sure how well I do so if anyone actually reads this please comment on anything I should change. The story takes place in Unova and has a fair amount of 5th gen Pokemon so I suggest you keep a website open about those kinds of things if you arent familiar.Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 3 From Horrible to Worse

It was almost night now with the sky turning a dark purple and the nocturnal pokemon starting to awaken from their sleep. As Luke was running from the site of his battle he started to think of what he had done back there. He thought about the Pawniard he brutally slaughtered back there and tried to find a reason of why he had done it. His emotions had flared out of control making him attack without restraint and the thought of how he had killed him made him sick to his stomach. Luke quickly looked at his paws and noticed they where almost completely covered in the Pawniards blood and then looked at his body to see it had splattered all over him. He tried to put all these things in the back of his mind to focus on the one thing that mattered right now, Enyo. When he made it to the clearing he didn't bother looking for the enemy and quickly sprinted to where he had saw Enyo's body. When he got to Enyo he knelt down to check for vital signs. While checking for a pulse Enyo opened her eyes slowly.
"...Luke?" Enyo asked in a weak voice.
"I'm here please hold on!" Luke pleaded.
She looked into Luke's eyes then moved her left hand over to her belt slowly and unclipped the sheath to the dagger she had given Luke earlier and handed it to him.
"Please take the sheath and hold onto the dagger forever. Never let it leave your side. It will protect you even when not using it." Enyo said now clearly struggling to talk.
Enyo coughed up some blood then weakly put a paw on Luke's face wiping a tear away that had formed.
"Promise me you will never forget the clan that you grew up in or times you spent with me." Enyo said barely loud enough to be heard.
"I promise!" Luke said with tears poring out of his eyes now.
"I love you Luke."
"I love you to."
Soon after, Enyo's arm went limp and fell to the ground and her eyes turned cold. Luke started to weep silently for the lose of his lover. After a few minutes he started to dig a grave to give Enyo a proper burial. With every paw full of dirt he scooped up he felt a part of himself die alongside Enyo and by the time he had finished he had cried so much no more tears would come out. Luke then gently placed Enyo's body in the hole and covered it back up with the dirt after taking one last look at Enyo's face. Nearby he noticed the rock he had waited for Enyo on earlier that day and walked over to it. He hit it repeatedly with force palm until a large chunk of it fell off and onto the ground. He dragged to over to Enyo's grave and planted it in the mound of dirt. Using the dagger he inscribed Enyo's name onto the stone followed by the symbol of the clan below it. The symbol consisted of a circle with a four pointed star in the middle signifying the four most important parts of a clan warrior. Strength, cunning, determination and willpower.
For the entire night Luke sat at the grave thinking of what he could have done to prevent this but with each scenario the result was the same but with both of them dying instead. He started to think of how much of a coward he was running away at the first opportunity to. Luke then started to look at the dagger Enyo had given him. It was a steel dagger simple in design with a few strange runes on each side that where most likely symbolic. The hilt was made of iron and the grip was covered in what seemed like leather. After the sun started to peak over the horizon Luke decided it was time to go home to see what damage had befallen it and to see if there where any other survivors. He clipped the sheathed dagger to his belt and got up. After saying a final goodbye he walked slowly towards home trying to steel himself for what he was sure would be a gruesome scene.
Eventually he got in sight of the village and saw it at least didn't burn down. The village consisted of mostly small huts made of wood closely connected by dirt trails surrounding a large wooden building in the middle which was the archives and also where Luke lived.
No amount of preparation would have readied himself for the sight of what had happened. The bodies of nearly every Lucario in the village where scattered around with either lethal stab wounds in various places or slit throats. Each Lucario body also had each of the three metal spikes on the hands and chest removed leaving gaping wounds. Mixed in with over a hundred slain Lucario warriors where the corpses of thirteen Pawniards scattered about in various places around the village. It seemed they barely had enough damage done to them to kill them which shocked Luke to see the kind of struggle the warriors had against an enemy that should have been easy to defeat. They also had the metal parts of their bodies removed as well. It baffled Luke how eighteen Pawniards where able to kill an entire village of Lucario which numbered at nearly 120 members. Luke then checked each hut for survivors but in each he found the Riolu of the village each executed in their own homes. Luke nearly threw-up at the sight of children executed when they had no reason to die.
Luke then started to walk towards the center of the village towards the archives to get his belongings so he could leave this place. As he walked into the archives he immediately noticed the bodies of the five soothsayers and the three other scholars all of them Lucario dressed in white robes covered in blood. Luke had seen the three Lucario scholars as very close friends and to see them like this tore another hole in his heart. As he walked past the eight Lucario he offered a silent prayer as he looked around the room to see if anything had been destroyed or stolen.
It was a rather larger circular room with the walls covered in shelves that housed scrolls of knowledge or prayer. The center of the room was lowered with a circular table set there with twelve cushions on the ground for the eight Lucario, himself and anyone that was joining them for the time. He walked over to the table and went to where his place was. At his place of the table where various scrolls he had written on his current research which no longer served a purpose. After shuffling them around for a moment he found what he had been studying the day before. It was a strange black gemstone that he had grown interested in. He noticed it was giving off a dark aura similar to the presence that now inhabited his body which it had never done before. He decided to check on it later so he picked it up and started to head to the back of the building to get to his room. When he reached the other side of the room he opened the door to a hallway going off both left and right. The rooms to the left belonged to the soothsayer while the ones on the right were for scholars. He walked over to the farthest room to the right and opened the door to his room. Luke's room was very small compared to the huts outside with his room only containing a bed, a shelf, a desk and chair. On his desk were a couple more scrolls and a small brown bag. The bag was filled with his eviolite and seven gems similar to the black one he was studying. Four where a brownish red, two were steel colored and one was pink. He checked they where all there then grabbed the bag and clipped it to his belt next to his canteen.
After he left his room he went around the archives in search of food but found it had all been looted. Before he was about to leave he started to sense a kind of aura he usually doesn't find. After some thought he realized it was a human that has come into the village. He walked over to a nearby window to see it for himself. Luke identified it as a male around five foot six inches tall about age fifteen. He was wearing a deep blue long sleeved shirt with black pants. He had short brown hair and had five red and white spheres clipped to his belt.
"Who could have done this?" the human thought out loud.
Luke then started to feel the aura of an immensely powerful pokemon heading towards the human. Luke was confused that the pokemon with strength almost at the level of a weak legendary was that of a Smart.
"You find any survivors?" The human asked with a saddened tone. The pokemon just bowed its head.
"I see... maybe the others will find something."
Luke started to feel another powerful pokemon head towards his way but before he could see what it was he started to feel as if something was watching him. Luke turned around to see if he had been found by one of the human's pokemon but could not sense any auras in the room or see anything out of the ordinary. After a moment of scanning he began to feel a chill run down his spine and a feeling of doom enter him. After taking a few steps back disoriented by the feeling he remembered reading that these where signs that a ghost type pokemon had possessed your body. Luke sat down and began to quietly meditate before the ghost had a chance to do something to him.
"What! Found already? You seem to know how to deal with ghost types, not like it will do you any good." A faint voice echoed. When Luke broke his meditation he found a pair of ghostly eyes inches away from his own. He started to feel very drowsy and weak and had trouble keeping his own eyes open. His vision began to get hazy before he fell backwards unconscious.
He awoke a couple hours later in what seemed to be a camp a bit a ways from the village in the clearing. He awoke from his sleep still very dizzy from the hypnosis the ghost had used on him. After the dizziness passed he found himself to be on a sleeping bag inside a tent. He looked around to see if anyone was guarding him and noticed his belt with supplies was sitting next to him. He quickly noticed that the blade was missing from its sheath and his bag was now empty. Luke put on his belt and quickly went outside. When he was outside he quickly looked for the human and found him a few yards away with a Reuniclus hovering next to him.
"Oh, you finally woke up I see. I am surprised to find anyone still alive. You sure must be strong to be able to survive that attack." The human said cheerfully.
Luke then noticed his dagger and gems sitting on the ground next to the human. The human noticed Luke was looking at the dagger and gems.
"I can't let you have those back until I capture you. I don't want you killing my pokemon and I also know those gems increase your power." The human told Luke.
He picked up the pink gem and handed it to the Reuniclus. Luke could tell this pokemon possessed amazing power and the gem only made him more powerful.
"Sorry but I have to defeat you for my master." The Reuniclus said apologetically.
Before Luke had a chance to do anything he started to feel a constricting force around his body. The force pulled him up making him levitate a few feet off the ground. A sudden jolt of power came off the Reuniclus and Luke felt the force around intensify so it was almost crushing him. Luke began to squirm in vain against the pokemons psychic powers.
"Be careful not to injure him too badly. I want him to be able to battle when I capture him."
Luke was disgusted with the thought of fighting for a human in battles that would serve no purpose. He started to feel the force around his body intensify even more to the point where he could no longer breathe. Just before slipping away into unconsciousness he started to feel the dark power awaken in him a small amount. As it did the force trying to choke the life out of him slowly got weaker. The dark power stopped getting stronger when Luke fell to ground free of the enemies hold. He collapsed onto one knee gasping for air.
"Why did you stop he was almost done?" The human asked scornfully.
With a nervous look the Reuniclus's hands and eyes began to glow as it unleashed a torrent of psychic energy onto Luke. The human noticed this and grinned because he knew this fight was going to be over soon but he then noticed that Luke was completely un-phased by this and started to get concerned.
"Use focus blast!" The human said in a commanding tone.
The Reuniclus's hands began to glow and then charged at the still panting Riolu. Luke saw this and an attack came to his mind he didn't think he knew, pay back. He faked being weak and waited for the enemy to launch its attack. When it got close enough he jumped up just before the attack connected imbuing his fists with dark energy then landed a few feet to his right. When he landed he sprinted towards the stunned Reuniclus then jumped in the air again to be able to reach his head.
"Use psyshock!" The human commanded.
The Reuniclus blasted forward an immense wave of psychic energy that destroyed a tree fifty feet behind Luke but left Luke completely unharmed. The stunned trainer then watched the Riolu hit his pokemon right in the middle of the forehead knocking him back a few feet but Luke kept his momentum and jumped forward after he hit the ground and struck the Reuniclus in the head with a force palm knocking the pokemon out. After Luke checked to make sure his opponent was down for the count he looked at the human with furious eyes. The human began to panic when he saw just how angry the Riolu was because he had sent away the rest of his pokemon to look for food or other survivors. The human started to back up with a look of sheer terror. Luke noticed the human had walked away from his possessions and took the opportunity to get them back. He slowly walked towards the human with the intent of making him panic more and forget his blade was on the ground. When he got to the dagger he picked it up and stared at the human with hate filled eyes as he got into an attacking position.
"HELP!" The human screamed to anyone who could hear it.
Luke lunged at the human with the intent of killing him to set his pokemon free but heard a deep voice off to his left.
"Retaliate!" The voice called out.
Luke turned his head to see the humans Samurott charging at him with incredible speed smashing into Luke with immense force making him drop the dagger and sending him back ten feet. As Luke went through the air he could feel the dark power in his body go dormant once again and when he hit the ground he was barely able to stay conscious. With a great struggle Luke managed to slowly get back onto his feet. Luke looked down and noticed he now had a large gash going across his chest which was bleeding profusely. He looked at the human and noticed he was panting heavily and still had a look of fear in his eyes.
"He's injured badly we should finish this up quickly or he could die. Use false swipe."
The Samurott then started to walk at the Riolu seeing that it was too weak to dodge or attack and tackled it weakly making Luke fall over. Before falling unconscious Luke could see the human breath a sigh of relief and take a red and white sphere from his bag.
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