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Fury Unleashed by harlan563


Story Notes:

This is my first story for agnph. I hope to make it fairly long and I also hope to finish it. I am not sure how well I do so if anyone actually reads this please comment on anything I should change. The story takes place in Unova and has a fair amount of 5th gen Pokemon so I suggest you keep a website open about those kinds of things if you arent familiar.Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 4 Escape

As Luke slept after his harsh battle with the human he began to have strange dreams. His vision floated in a vast space of nothingness searching for something that he felt may be there. After what felt like hours of searching his vision began to twist and warp until the space in front of him was split into two parts. A white side and a black side. The white side emanated of pure goodness and justice while the black side was filled with wrath and primal power. But in the middle of these two distinct planes was a small sliver of gray between them. It had a feeling of nothingness coming off it like the two sides where canceling each other. Luke was curious of what this was and decided to get closer to investigate it. Before he could get close enough to see anything his vision began to haze and then fade away.
As Luke woke up from his sleep he could feel the wound inflicted on him by the Samurott earlier. He was now lying on a small white bed in a room filled with various machines each hooked up to him making strange sounds every now and then. He looked around and saw that most of the room was white including the walls, floor and ceiling. He tried to get up but quickly noticed whoever had put him here had strapped him up to not allow him to move. He tried for a moment struggling to get out but was unable to in his weakened condition. He looked around for any means of getting free but the noticed there was a small plastic device with a button on it taped to his hand. Luke pressed it hoping to get some answers of where he is and why he was tied up. A few seconds later the door to his roomed opened and a Chansey came in.
"You finally woke up I see. Did you need something?" The Chansey asked cheerfully. She was clearly keeping her distance from Luke.
"Ya, where am I and why did I get tied up here?" Luke asked in an annoyed tone.
"You are in the Lacunosa town pokemon center and you where tied up because the human that brought you here said you where very violent and dangerous."
Luke thought back to what he tried to do before he was knocked out and remembered trying to kill the human. He started to feel really strange that he would even consider doing something like that.
"If that human is still here can you try to make him come in here?"
"He left awhile ago but should be back soon. When he comes back I'll send him your way but for now do you want me the send the pokemon he left here in?"
"Thank you and yes please do."
The Chansey turned around and walked out of the room closing the door behind her and leaving Luke alone to his thoughts. Soon after the Chansey came back being followed by the humans Samurott who was glaring at Luke. The Samurott walked in and the Chansey closed the door behind him but left it open enough for him to open it. There was a tense moment of silence between them before Luke began to talk.
"...I am truly sorry I attacked your master. I do not know what had come over me with all the things that had happened earlier that day and the day before I just snapped..." Luke looked over to the Samurott who still glared at him with hate filled eyes. Luke continued.
"Please if you could every find it in your heart to forgive me."
"Reuniclus told me that there is something about you that isn't right that was influencing you but it doesn't matter. You where in control and chose to attack my master, my greatest friend trying to kill him. I swear if you even look at him the wrong way again I'll kill you." Samurott said in an unforgiving tone.
After that the Samurott walked out of the room closing the door behind him. Without much to do Luke began to think of why he had chosen to try and kill the human. At the time he thought he was doing the human's pokemon a favor by killing him but now he questioned if that was right. His pokemon from what the Samurott had said actually liked being with the human or at least him. He pondered over this for ten minutes until he heard the door begin to open. The human that he had tried to kill entered the room with a serious look on his face. He walked over to Luke's bed and sat on the edge of it.
"I noticed Samurott wasn't where I left him when I went out. I'm assuming you had a word with him." The human said in a serious tone.
Luke nodded as best he could being tied down.
"For whatever reason you may have had for trying to kill me I hope you see that my death would have only caused more pain."
Luke couldn't bear to look him in the eyes anymore.
"While you where unconscious I captured you in a pokeball."
Luke looked at the human with a confused stare.
"It means you are now part of my team and I hope I can get through to you like I did with the others I have captured on my travels."
Luke started to think about how his pokemon listened to every word he had said and seemed like they where good friends to him. He started to think of the benefits to having a friend like this human who would help him and make him strong. Luke was starting to truly think it would be good to go with this human but knew that the darkness in him would only lead to sorrow if he went with him. The only option he had was to escape.
The human looked into Luke's eyes and could tell he had defused anything that could have happened. He got up and to Luke's surprise started to undue the straps that bound him. When Luke could sit up he quickly examined his body and noticed he was wrapped in blood soaked gauze on his torso.
"I took off your belt to help the nurses tend your wounds and when I give it back I'll put back the dagger and the gems you where carrying around."
Luke could tell this human really cared about his pokemon to trust him enough to give him back his weapon. He began to tear up in joy and sorrow knowing that he had someone like this human but can't travel with him as long as his dark power is a threat to him.
"I don't think I properly introduced myself yet. My name is Alex. I'll send that Chansey back in to replace those bandages and then maybe we can leave."
After getting re-bandaged Luke met up with Alex and Samurott in the pokemon center lobby.
"Great you're finally up. Here is your belt back with everything put back accept for a psychic and fighting gem I hope you don't mind."
Samurott started to watch Luke like a hawk when he noticed he had his dagger again. Luke unsheathed it to examine it causing Samurott to tense up. When Luke noticed nothing was wrong with it he re-sheathed it and began to head towards Alex. When Samurott saw this he got into an attacking position and began to growl intensely at Luke.
"Stop that! This Riolu is our friend now and you will treat him as such. Got it!" Alex said commandingly.
Samurott backed down but didn't stop watching Luke. Luke then followed Alex outside the pokemon center.
"I usually only let Samurott walk outside his pokeball when in a city but until you get better I have to let you stay out to let your injuries heal right." Alex said.
It was an un-eventful four hours after leaving the pokemon center just going around the town doing odd jobs for money and buying food and medicine for the journey planned ahead of them. Luke on the other hand was amazed at all the human stuff that blew away any perception he had about science and technology. Every little thing from a light bulb to cement amazed him since he had never been this close to a city. Eventually the three of them walked into a police station looking for their last bit of work before heading off to Alex's temporary home. They walked up to a bored looking police officer at a desk near the front. The officer looked up at Alex and started to seem relieved.
"Great to see you Alex. Hope you have came here for work we really need you."
"You finally have a job a civilian can do?"
"Its nothing big but it will get you a nice bit of cash."
"Is it dangerous?"
"Nothing you can't handle."
"Ok I'll take it, what needs my attention?"
"The past few nights there have been reported robberies of food all over the city. The rooms can be completely locked up and shut up as tight as possible but whatever is doing this gets in no matter what which leads me to believe this is being done by pokemon."
"So you need my pokemon to defeat them is that right? Also do you have any clues to where they may strike next?"
"The pokemon are robbing houses in a counter clockwise movement at the outskirts of town. The next house is a small mansion owned by a sculpture collector. Most of his collection is perfect replicas of human shaped pokemon which leads me to think you could sneak a pokemon in there to pose as a sculpture and take out whatever is doing this."
"I don't like leaving my pokemon to fend for themselves but they are strong I am sure they can handle it." Alex said while looking down at Luke who was bewildered by the glass windows near the entrance.
"Great! Leave the pokemon you wish to do the mission and we will take care of the rest."
Alex hesitated for a moment but unclipped two pokeballs from his waste and handed it to the officer. He then picked up Luke startling him and put him on the desk.
"I'll be leaving this Riolu and my Mienfoo to do the mission."
"Ok then go home and get some rest we will brief these two on what they have to do and bring them to the mansion."
To Luke "I am leaving you with man for awhile. He has something important he needs you to do so listen to him." Alex then went through his bag and brought out two potions.
"Before the mission give the Riolu these two full restores on his injuries."
"Can do."
Alex turned around with Samurott by his side and headed out towards the street. Luke knew that if he was going to leave Alex that this mission would be the perfect time. The police officer took the pokeball that held the Mienfoo and released it next to Luke. Luke could quickly tell it was female from her form. The Mienfoo looked around in confusion for a minute before the police officer spoke.
"Your trainer has left you both in my care so that you can assist me in a task that requires pokemon like you. Now if you would come with me I will have you briefed on the mission and what you will be doing." The officer explained.
Luke and the Mienfoo where then led to a long corridor behind the desk. As they walked Luke looked at everything they passed in confusion not sure what they where but every time he looked over in the Mienfoo's direction he caught her glancing at him. After seeing this a few times he decided to speak to her.
"Is something wrong?" Luke asked noticing she had glanced at him again.
"Uh, n-nothing I was just looking at your wounds." The Mienfoo stuttered to say.
"I can thank that Samurott for doing this to me."
"What? He has always been so nice I can't imagine him doing something like that. What could you have done to make him do that?"
"Ask the Reuniclus he can explain it better then I can. By the way do you have a name? I have noticed all of Alex's pokemon aren't named."
"My name is Koha. I am the only one of the master's pokemon that has a name but what about you?"
"My name is Luke."
By this time they had arrived in a brightly lit white room with a single table with two chairs. The table had some papers on it with descriptions of the plan to catch the thief(s). The officer told the two about their plan to disguise themselves as statues to ambush the thief's and sent them back to the front where a car would be waiting to transport them to their destination after applying the two full restores to Luke as Alex instructed. During the ride there they where repeated on what they where to do when they get there to make sure neither of them forgot. They arrived right before sundown and headed towards the house with a police officer. The officer walked up to the front door and rang the door bell. The door opened and an ancient man came out with an annoyed stare in his eye.
"These the pokemon sent over from HQ?"
"Yes they are some of the fine-"
"Then hurry up and send them in here I need to get to sleep soon!" The old man interrupted.
"Sorry sir ill be on my way now."
"You pokemon come in here I'll show you where you will be."
The old man led Luke and Koha to a storage room near the back that had multiple boxes full of valuables and food along with a few statues of pokemon. He led the two to two bare pedestals where they would be.
"You two stand on these and don't break anything if the thief's come here!"
They did as they where told and jumped onto the pedestals quickly. The old man then left while mumbling something about how pokemon behave these days. Luke and Koha stood on their spots silently waiting for the thief to arrive. After around three hours of boredom they began to hear the sound of water dripping outside the door. Using only their peripheral vision they noticed a puddle of water slowly seeping under the door and into the room. After around ten minutes of this the now large puddle of water began to shake and quiver while moving on its own. The puddle began to converge into the center and start to take the form of what appeared to be a fish of some kind. After the water stopped moving it changed into a strange pokemon that neither Luke nor Koha had seen before. It had four legs with webbed paws and a large tail with a fin at the end. It was a light blue color with a dark blue stripe going down its back. On its head where two fins on its side with one on its forehead. Around its neck was white webbing. It began to look around the room cautiously looking for anything that was out of the ordinary. After it finished inspecting the room it started to whisper at what seemed like nothing.
"It's all clear."
Almost immediately after there was a flash of light that caused both Koha and Luke to be startled but not enough to give themselves away. After the light was gone another pokemon stood near the blue one. It was a deep pink color with four legs. It had a long thin tail that was two-pronged at the end and very large ears. On sides of its head below the ears where large patches of fur coming out. Lastly right in the center of its forehead was a round red gem of some sort.
"It's exactly like you said it would be. Not a single soul in here but us." The blue one whispered.
"Ok then hurry and grab as much food as you can then lets get out of here."
The two of them parted ways each going in the opposite direction. The blue on came over in Luke's general direction while the pink one went closer to Koha. When the two pokemon where close enough Luke was about to launch a surprise attack when Koha suddenly began to make muffled sounds of pain. Luke quickly looked over to see Koha had been levitated by a psychic power and was slowly being crushed. When he turned to see what had happened the blue pokemon noticed this and pounced onto Luke knocking him off his pedestal and pinning all his limbs to the ground. Luke was about to fight back when he noticed the blue pokemon had a fairly powerful ice beam charged in its mouth and aiming at his head and at that range it would have been fatal. Instead of killing Luke the blue pokemon rammed its head into his knocking him out.
Luke woke up a few minutes latter with his arms and legs bound by ice to the floor. He looked around and saw Koha in the same position close by. A few yards away he noticed the pink and blue pokemon filling their faces with food and talking of something.
"So what do we do about those two? Should we just kill them?" The blue one asked cheerfully while eating a sitrus berry.
"They are children. We do not kill children." The pink one responded in a calm voice.
"I was only kidding."
"Hey I am not a child!" Luke said annoyed. Everyone always thought he was a child just because he was still a Riolu.
"Oh? Then maybe we should kill you." The pink one said not even looking his way.
Luke started to get aggravated at the situation. The pink one started to tense up then slowly looked back at Luke. After another moment she got up and walked towards him. Luke started to fear she was going to kill him and tried to break free. When she was standing over Luke she started to stare into his eyes as if looking into his very soul. Her eyes began to glow blue and Luke felt a presence enter his mind and travel throughout his body reading every little part of him.
"What an interesting one you are. The power to raze a city and you are stuck being controlled by a pathetic human. But you don't want that do you? You want to get away from him."
Koha started to look at Luke with confusion.
The pink one continued. "You want to get away but have no way to do it... How about I make you a deal. We can take you away to almost anywhere you want to go and in exchange you show me that power of yours. Sounds fair don't it."
Luke thought about it for a moment.
"You aren't actually thinking about it are you?!" Koha asked in a very surprised voice.
"...I... I'll go with you." Luke said in a saddened voice.
"Excellent, Vaporeon break the ice that holds him." The pink one commanded.
Vaporeon was completely unaware of what had happened being too busy eating his food.
"What? Why?"
"This Riolu will be joining us in out travels."
Vaporeon being even more confused by this got up from his spot walked over and broke the ice around Luke's arms and legs.
"We are leaving shortly. If you want anything to eat for the travels to the next town I suggest you take some and hurry." The pink one said.
Luke took her advice and started to take as much food as he could fit in his bag and started to listen to a conversation between Vaporeon and the pink one.
"Espeon why are we taking him along with us he will just be dead weight."
"He has something of great importance to me that I want to see."
"Fine but he isn't getting any of my food!"
Luke looked over to Koha who refused to even look at him now.
"I'm sorry but I have to do this. Please understand I can't be around Alex it could lead to very bad things happening. But I promise I will return one day."
Koha still didn't even look at him.
After he got as much food as he could put in his bag which wasn't much he walked over to Espeon and Vaporeon signaling he was ready to go.
"If we just leave her frozen to the ground will she be okay?" Luke asked in a concerned voice.
"After it melts a bit its easy to break." Vaporeon answered.
"Since we have a new member to our group our usual methods of sneaking wont work." Espeon commented.
"We have what we want and are leaving this town tonight so it doesn't matter if we are spotted so lets smash down the door and run for it." Vaporeon responded.
Before Espeon could even say anything Vaporeon smashed into the door immediately setting off an alarm that sounded through the entire house.
"You are an idiot you know that?" Espeon said clearly annoyed.
The three of them started running down the hall as fast as they could. When they reached the front door Vaporeon smashed it as well and the three ran outside. Waiting for them was multiple police officers with squad cars each accompanied by a Growlithe or Arcanine.
"Freeze!" One of the officers ordered. Luke identified it as the one Alex had talked to in the station.
"Awesome I haven't got in a fight like this since that time in Mistralton City!" Vaporeon said excitedly.
"You aren't actually thinking of fighting them are you?" Luke asked.
"Hehe, you underestimate our power." Espeon answered clearly amused by Luke's response.
Luke then started to watch Vaporeon to see what she meant by that. He seemed to be in a state of pure concentration. The ground then started to rumble a little bit while the enemy Growlithe and Arcanine began to whimper. Luke began to look around to see what was happening when he noticed a massive wave of water had formed behind the squadron of police. Luke was completely amazed that a pokemon could have the power to create a surf attack without being near the water. By this time all the officers had noticed the wave and began to scurry away from the scene. Eventually they where all gone including the pokemon. The surf attack suddenly disappeared into thin air.
"What?" Luke asked very confused at what had just happened.
"It was an illusion created by Espeon. Great trick for making escapes from situations like this. Now hurry up we got to get out of here." Vaporeon said while running away into the forest followed by Espeon. Luke looked over to the city in the distance knowing he was not going to return for a long time.
Chapter End Notes:I am really starting to like how this is turning out so far but enough of what I think what do the very few readers I have think
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