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Story Notes:

This is my first story for agnph. I hope to make it fairly long and I also hope to finish it. I am not sure how well I do so if anyone actually reads this please comment on anything I should change. The story takes place in Unova and has a fair amount of 5th gen Pokemon so I suggest you keep a website open about those kinds of things if you arent familiar.Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 5 The Adventure Begins

As the three of them made their get away Koha remained bound to the floor of the storage room. She was stunned that an ally that Alex had trusted enough to send off on a task would be so quick to betray them. She was also confused about what Espeon had said.
"Does Luke really have the power Espeon spoke of? Was he planning on leaving during this entire mission?" Koha kept thinking of question feeling more confused the more she thought about it. She tested the strength of the ice to see if they where weak enough. It had been ten minutes and they where nearly melted enough to break without injuring herself.
"Why would you betray us?" Koha thought out load before breaking the ice around her limbs. She quickly got up and headed for the entrance. When she got there she was greeted by a large force of confused police officers running around randomly. They didn't notice her so she walked over to the one that Alex had spoke to earlier. She tugged on his cloths to get his attention. He turned around and noticed that Koha had a very troubled look about her.
"Your Alex's Mienfoo aren't you?
Koha nodded at the question.
"I am glad they didn't get you to. I can't believe they would kidnap a pokemon to aid them in their escape. That Riolu looked to be just a child to, what monsters would do this?" The officer said in a depressed tone.
After hearing this Koha lifted her head to look into the officers eyes and slowly shook her head.
"Did... did he go with them of his own accord?" The officer asked surprised.
All Koha could do is bow her head in sadness.
"Alex is not going to like this... You should take a rest while we bring you back to the station where Alex is waiting."
The officer took Koha's pokeball out and returned her to it.
Luke, Espeon and Vaporeon had been running for about thirty minutes when Espeon who was out front started to slow down and stop. All three of them where panting lightly from all the running. They where surrounded by trees on all sides with barely enough moonlight to be able to see each other.
"I think we should be safe now that we are out of the city limits." Espeon said calmly.
"So can we get some sleep now?" Vaporeon asked sounding a bit wound up from all the excitement.
"Go ahead but first I have to have a word with the Riolu."
"My name is Luke."
"Okay then Luke lets head a bit away from here so we don't keep Vaporeon awake."
They began walking away from Vaporeon with Espeon leading the way. Luke began to think this was going to be about the darkness Espeon was so interested in. Espeon stopped after a few minutes in a small clearing and turned to Luke with a more then usual serious look in her eye.
"You may not realize it yet but that power you posses is very dangerous for someone without strength to try and control. With your permission I would like to use my psychic powers to try and find out what makes it tick."
Luke knew that if he allowed her into his mind she could do many things that could have serious repercussions. Luke also knew that most psychic types didn't go back on promises very often.
"You may but only if you first promise to only do that and nothing else."
"Clever boy. Fine."
Luke then sat down on the ground cross legged and started to empty his mind to allow Espeon into it. When Espeon noticed this her eyes began to glow blue as she separated her consciousness from her body and put it into Luke. Espeon began to slowly search Luke's mind for any signs of the darkness. After a few minutes of navigating the twisting recesses of his mind Espeon eventually found a dark light pulsating with great force locked deep in his mind. When she got close her vision began to warp until she found herself in an endless black abyss filled with complete nothingness. After looking around for a brief time she noticed a dagger exactly like the one Luke carried around floating in the abyss. After inspecting it for a moment she realized that the darkness had attempted to disguise itself. After using her psychic powers on it she discovered it was a conscious being.
"Spirit! Why have you chosen this Riolu as your host body?"
"What is your purpose for doing this?"
"Not going to talk? One thing I know about spirits is if the host dies you die to. If you don't talk I won't have a need for Luke and I will dispose of him."
A voice then boomed throughout the void of space.
"I will answer one question I suggest you choose what you want to know carefully!"
"What is your power?"
The voice boomed again "I am the purest form of darkness and have blessed this host with my power. Next time you come here I will kill you!"
Espeon's usually calm face started to show hints of fear in it.
"Unless you wish me to kill you now, LEAVE!" The dark presence commanded.
A pulse of dark energy then forcibly pushed her consciousness out of Luke leaving her stunned. Luke then opened his eyes but was unable to see Espeon's look of fear through the darkness.
"Luke... how long have you had that presence inside of you?"
"About two and a half days."
"Before we head back I need to know if whatever caused you to be vulnerable enough to get this power could be fixed by any means."
Luke's mind then began to fill of thoughts of Enyo dying right in front of him. He began to tremble. Espeon then noticed the darkness in him began to flare up a little.
"...No." Luke said weakly.
The two of them silently made there way back to Vaporeon who was now soundly sleeping curled up in a ball. Espeon went over to him and curled up with him while Luke found a soft bed of dry leaves to sleep on. As he fell asleep he began to think out what he would do now that his old life was over
Koha was released from her pokeball in front of Alex who had a look of concern on his face. Koha looked over to Samurott who had a relived look. Since Alex and the police officer where talking about the situation Koha decided to talk with Samurott about the situation and get some answers herself.
"Hey Samurott."
"Yes Koha?"
"I wanted to know what Luke did to you to make you inflict such a terrible wound on him."
"Luke? Was he the Riolu master just caught?"
"That bastard tried to kill the master." Koha look changed from confusion to shock. "He attacked master with that dagger he carries around with him after defeating Reuniclus with some weird ability that made him immune to psychic attacks. Reuniclus said he was being manipulated but I know he was in control. If I was just a second latter master would have been..." Samurott trailed off looking at Alex.
"It's starting to make sense now. Luke didn't betray us he left because he was scared that could happen again and didn't want to risk it. I have to go follow him!"
"What! Why?" Samurott asked in a surprised tone.
"I have to protect him until he comes back. The pokemon he is with are dangerous criminals!"
"I can't let you go out to help a pokemon like him."
When she heard this Koha's fist turned purple and she stealth fully punched Samurott lightly in the throat with poison jab making him fall unconscious. She did this without anyone noticing and then walked over to the exit acting like she was taking a walk and when she was out of sight she dashed off towards the mansion to track them down.
She had a very basic idea of how aura worked and would be able to pick up any large sources if they where close enough. She hoped Espeon and Vaporeon where as strong as they seemed. When she got to the mansion she looked around and noticed some police officers still around searching the perimeter. She walked towards the forest and began to concentrate on any large auras in the area. After ten minutes of searching she then picked up two faint auras far away. She began to sprint towards them. For thirty minutes she ran and when she was getting close she began to slow down. She looked over to where the two auras where and noticed Espeon and Vaporeon curled up together. She began to get nervous when she didn't see Luke but then saw him a few yards away sleeping on some leaves. She walked over to Luke and tried to shake him to wake him up.
"Luke, Luke, we got to get away from these pokemon." Koha whispered.
"Huh? What?" Luke responded dazed and still half asleep. He then noticed Koha standing over him.
"Koha what are you doing here? You should go back to Alex where it's safe."
"I came to keep you safe from these criminals until you feel you are ready to go back to Alex."
"You can't come it will be too dangerous."
Espeon started to groggily talk "Stop with the talking. She can come if she wants to. She seems like a much more capable fighter then you and might actually be helpful. Now if you wake me up again I will make sure you never can open your mouths again."
"Fine you can come along but please be careful."
"I am much stronger then I look, I will be fine."
Koha jumped up into a close by tree to find a nice place to sleep for the night while Luke went back to sleep.
After Luke went back to sleep he began to dream like he did before. He was floating in the empty void and could see the two planes of white and black with the thin gray plane between them. Luke began to float slowly towards the gray to see what these things where and why he was dreaming of them. As he got closer he began to make out a few black dots spread out between the three planes and each dot was emanating a different color and where giving off a strange aura that felt similar to the dark presence inside of him. As he got closer he began to realize that the dots where actually silhouette's of various pokemon and one of them was him. There was three one the white side four on the black side and nine in the gray area with Luke being one of them. Luke's was the only one colored in while the rest where black and unidentifiable. Each one gave off a faint power that felt similar but where each very different to each other. Before Luke had any time to think about this his vision began to blur and his consciousness returned to reality.
It was early in the morning around 6:00 AM when Luke woke up. It was barely sunrise and Luke wanted nothing more then to sleep more. He was sure he was the first one up until he started to hear foot steps.
"It's almost time to head out so get together whatever you need and let's go. But first go wake up Luke." Luke heard Espeon say to someone.
With a groan Luke sat up looking around for the others. He saw Espeon and Vaporeon a few yards away while Koha was walking towards him.
"You look terrible this morning. Not used to getting up this early." Koha kidded.
"No. I usually don't wake up for another four hours."
"You better get used to it Espeon said she wont have you slowing her down."
"Fine let me get my belt back on and we can get going."
After getting his belt back on he went over to Espeon to ask her where they are going.
"Espeon, where are we heading?"
"I gave it some thought and think that Opelucid city would be a good place to start. It is a town west of here that lives by old tradition and studies ancient knowledge and may have information on your powers. Vaporeon and I also have a personal issue that needs attending there. When you are ready we will start moving."
"I am ready now so I guess lets go."
The four of them got what little they had together and began to head towards the nearest road. While walking Luke noticed that Koha always stayed between him the others. It was apparent that it would take time to trust Espeon and Vaporeon. After they got to the nearest route they began heading west. The area around the route was a massive expanse of fields and small hills with nearly no trees to speak of. Luke and Koha where for the most part silent the entire time while Espeon and Vaporeon whispered silently between themselves with Vaporeon looking more troubled with each passing moment. After walking for about four hours they stopped near a large tree to rest. While Luke, Koha and Espeon relaxed under the shade of the tree Luke noticed that Vaporeon was sulking a ways away.
"What's wrong with Vaporeon?" Luke asked
"He really doesn't want to go to Opelucid city and in truth I don't either." After a brief pause of uncertainty Espeon continued. "I think I should tell you what you are getting into before we get into trouble."
"Is this one of the towns you have robbed and want you dead or something?" Koha interrupted.
"Some do want us dead there but don't interrupt me I was getting to that. Vaporeon and I if you haven't guessed yet are siblings. We had five other brothers and sisters and we think two of them are at Opelucid city right now. Some things happened between us I won't tell you about and now all five of them want me and Vaporeon dead."
"What! What could you have done to make your own flesh and blood want to kill you?" Koha asked in disturbed tone.
"Like I said I will not tell you what unless it becomes necessary for you to know. What I can tell you is what we are up against. One of them is a fire type called Flareon who compared to the rest of us is the weakest but still more then a match for the two of you combined. The other one is a Leafeon who uses a sword made out of leafs and is quite deadly with it. Out of the seven of us he is the second strongest."
"Compared to the others how strong are you and Vaporeon?" Koha asked starting to get nervous.
"I am the third strongest while Vaporeon is the fifth."
"So from what you have said you are supposedly far stronger then either me or Luke." Koha asked hoping she would have a chance against Espeon's siblings.
"Yes. What are you getting at?"
"I want to test how strong I am compared to you!"
"We are supposed to be resting but this shouldn't take much effort at all."
Koha and Espeon walked out of the shade of the tree and got about twenty feet between each other. Koha had a serious look about her as she got into a fighting stance while Espeon seemed bored and was looking over at Vaporeon who had taken an interest in what was happening. Espeon had given Luke the responsibility of starting the battle. He walked close to where they would be fighting.
Luke was expecting Koha to sprint towards Espeon but she just stood there not moving a muscle. He then looked over at Espeon whose eyes where glowing blue indicating she was using psychic. Koha then began to levitate a short distance off the ground.
"Give up now. My species of pokemon is known for having exceptionally well developed abilities in long ranged combat. If you had fought me maybe two years ago you could have been able to resist my psychic but now I have enough force to push the tree we where sitting under into the ground."
Espeon could feel the determination to fight in Koha so she simply laid down and began to wait for her will to bend. By now Vaporeon had come over and was sitting next to Luke as they watched what would happen.
"So how long till you think Koha gives up?" Luke asked.
"One of Espeon's biggest weaknesses is her massive ego and..." Before he could finish a burst of psychic energy blasted him back to where he was sulking before.
After about one hour Espeon was still laying on the ground holding Koha in place when Luke was about to call it in favor of Espeon but the sound of snoring started to fill the air making Luke look around. He heard a thud and looked back to see Koha had fallen to the ground on her back not expecting to be dropped. Luke quickly looked over at Espeon and noticed she had fallen asleep.
"I told you she had a large ego." Vaporeon said while grinning.
"You should go wake her up."
"Espeon is not going to like this." Vaporeon mumbled.
Vaporeon walked over to Espeon and began to nudge her. "Hey, wake up."
Espeon began to open her eyelids and looked at Vaporeon. "What happened?"
"Uhh... You lost." Vaporeon mumbled.
It took a few seconds for what Vaporeon said to sink in "I... I WHAT!" Espeon exclaimed as she stood up.
"You fell asleep..."
Espeon's face turned a bright crimson as she stuttered to stay something before teleporting away.
"She will be back after her shame passes. Lets start moving again, Espeon will find us easily when she's ready. Maybe she will come back with a little modesty." Vaporeon said before looking over his shoulder.
The three of them began to continue down the route talking amongst themselves until the subject of Vaporeon and his siblings came up.
"Espeon told me just before her battle with Koha about you and your five other siblings and I was wondering why none of you have names." Luke asked.
Vaporeon paused for a moment before looking around briefly.
"... The seven of us all once belonged to a trainer and he never gave us names. We never met our parents so they could never name us themselves."
"What happened to your trainer and parents?" Luke asked.
"We don't know what happened to our parents, we think they may have been traded away but the trainer he... died a couple years ago. Espeon told me to not tell you any of this so keep it between us."
Vaporeon then stopped walking and stood there frozen.
"Decided to tell them a bit about our past I see."
Vaporeon looked around to see Espeon walking towards him with a torturously calm look. Every step Espeon took made Vaporeon cringe.
"I didn't tell them anything important." Vaporeon stuttered.
"I am sure you didn't now lets go before we waste anymore time." Espeon said before walking past the group.
Luke was amused that Vaporeon had so much fear for such a delicate looking pokemon and started to think what would have happened to Koha if Espeon didn't hold back.
Chapter End Notes:For those reading just for sex scenes I will only put them in when it feels right so there could be very few or a lot
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