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Story Notes:

This is my first story for agnph. I hope to make it fairly long and I also hope to finish it. I am not sure how well I do so if anyone actually reads this please comment on anything I should change. The story takes place in Unova and has a fair amount of 5th gen Pokemon so I suggest you keep a website open about those kinds of things if you arent familiar.Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 6 The Battle on the Bridge

The rest of the day went by uneventfully. Espeon and Vaporeon stayed in front of the group and continued to whisper in secrecy while Luke and Koha talked about trivial things. As it was becoming dark the group made it to Village Bridge and decided to stay there for the night. Espeon and Vaporeon led them to an abandoned partially destroyed house close to the end of the bridge. The house was small with four rooms. Two bedrooms, one with a double bed the other with a single. A kitchen with no working appliances or food. A living room with a couch and a destroyed television. The entire house was without color being mostly rotting wood with the entire place smelling of mold.
"This place is a death trap. The floors feel like they could give way at any moment. The walls and ceiling don't seem very safe either." Luke commented after looking around.
"You have a better idea? This is the only place we can stay unless you want to sleep under a bridge tonight." Espeon commented before jumping up on the couch followed by Vaporeon.
"I am guessing this isn't the first time you have stayed here is it?" Koha asked before walking into a bedroom.
"You have to make due with what you got and one thing we don't got is food so I'll be heading out to get some food." Espeon said before jumping off the couch and heading for the door.
"Ill come help." Vaporeon said before following Espeon out.
After they had left Luke jumped onto the couch to try and think of what his first step in dealing with the darkness inside of him will be. After a few moments of thinking Koha jumped up to and sat next to him.
"Do you really think it was the right thing to do to leave master behind?" Koha asked sounding slightly depressed.
"I had no choice but to leave but you did have a choice. I hope your reason was a good one." Luke said sounding equally depressed.
"I hope my reason was good but only time will tell if I made the right decision or not."
"What was your reason?"
"Uhh- it was to... protect you for the master." Koha stuttered.
Luke knew she was hiding something but decided not to pry at it.
"I am glad I still have one ally who I know is with me." Luke said thinking back.
After a few more minutes of talking Luke and Koha started to hear a commotion in town and knew that it had been Espeon and Vaporeon stealing some food. They both walked over to a near by window after the sounds had stopped to see if they where close and saw Vaporeon running towards them with Espeon lying on his back with a distressed face. Luke ran over to the door to open it for him and after Vaporeon ran in it was apparent things didn't go very well with both of them covered in small cuts, bruises and a large burn on Espeon's side.
"What happened?" Koha asked while looking them over.
"It was an ambush, it was almost like they knew where and when we would be going! A trainer was waiting there ready to fight us when we broke in. Together Espeon and I have never lost a battle but this trainer's pokemon had monstrous power."
"We can't stay here its too moldy, you will easily get sick and die from the air with those injuries." Luke said in a concerned tone.
"We don't have any choice but to risk it, we barely lost the trainer before we got here so he will be close if we leave."
After a moment of thinking Luke remembered he still had some of the strange healing water from the pond Enyo showed him. After a moment of thinking if it would burn and damage them worse like it did to him or soothe and heal like it did Enyo he decided to give it a shot. After a moment of hesitation he un-clipped the canteen from his belt and handed it to Vaporeon.
"This canteen is filled with a strange liquid that heals wounds very fast. You can use it on Espeon and yourself but try to save some if you can." Luke said while removing the cap knowing Vaporeon couldn't with paws.
"Thanks Luke but can you put it on Espeon and I yourself? I can't hold something like that very well."
Luke nodded and began to lightly cover Espeon's wounds in the water noticing immediate improvement in them. After using half the water he started putting it on Vaporeon. He required less water leaving Luke with one quarter of what he had in the first place.
"You may have just saved Espeon's life, thank you for the medicine. I will take Espeon to one of the bedrooms to get some sleep." Vaporeon said thankfully.
Koha started to wonder where Luke could have gotten such powerful medicine.
"Is that a max potion?" Koha asked in curiously.
"A what?" Luke asked in confusion.
"Never mind, where did you find that water?"
"This is the water of a lake east of Lacunosa town. I brought some along so I could find out what makes it such a powerful healing agent."
"Next time we head that way you should show me the Lake but for now I am going to bed."
"I should as well. Good night."
Koha walked into the empty bedroom to go to bed while Luke took a quick look outside to see if the trainer with the extremely powerful pokemon was near. After he saw nothing he decided he should get some sleep to. Before he laid down on the couch he quickly looked outside once more and noticed there was a full moon tonight. This was the night he was supposed to be joined with Enyo but he was instead in a abandoned falling apart house with pokemon he barely knew. After thinking about it for a few seconds Luke decided to take a walk to the river. He was safe from the trainer since it was not him being looked for. Trying to be as quite as possible to avoid waking everyone up he went through the front door and began to walk toward the river. After a minute of walking he made it to the bridge and decided to sit on the coastline of the river. The entire area was illuminated with the dim light of the moon while the reflection of it on the water glowed brilliantly. As he sat he began to stare at the moon remembering all the plans he and Enyo had for this evening. They where going to be joined at the pond she had showed him the day she died and after if they had evolved into Lucario would have conceived their first child. Tears began to fall from his face. After thinking of the bond they would have shared and the child he would now never have with her his sadness slowly changed into rage. Slowly he became more and angrier until it felt as if he was about to go kill someone until he heard a voice behind him.
"Luke... is that you?"
Luke turned around to see Koha was looking at him with confusion and concern. He turned back around to look at the river.
"Ya, its me.
"What are you doing here at this time of night and what happened to your fur?" Koha asked while walking towards him slowly.
Luke looked at his fur and noticed it looked the same as when he fought the Pawniards at the lake.
"It's... the power that Espeon talked about." Luke said unsure about it.
"So this is the reason you left Alex?"
Luke's fur began to change back to its normal coloring.
"Yes. It might not seem that important right now but in combat I don't think I can control who I see as enemies and who I see as friends."
"Hopefully we can fix that soon enough but why are you out here, it's getting very late." Koha asked while now sitting next to Luke.
After a sigh Luke began. "This was supposed to be a very special night for me but now it will never happen." Luke said softly as he looked into the river.
"What was supposed to happen tonight?"
Luke searched through his vocabulary to find a human term for what would have happened. "Tonight would have been my... wedding as humans would call it."
She glanced at Luke with eyes filled with sorrow. "I am sorry for bringing that up."
"It is okay it's what I came down here to think about anyway."
The two of them sat there for nearly an hour of silence before they began to head back. When they got back Koha went back into her room while Luke laid on the couch to finally go to sleep.
The morning seemed to come quickly as it had felt it had only been a few minutes since Luke had lain down. Luke would have wanted more sleep but knew that if the others weren't already up they would be soon. He got up and stretched then walked around to see if anyone was awake. After a quick check he found them all outside. He went outside to join them.
"Finally woke up I see." Espeon said in her usual calm voice.
"Did I oversleep?"
"We all over slept, me and Vaporeon didn't have much strength from last night and I heard you and Koha go outside for whatever reason you 'might' have had." Espeon said before smiling a little.
"I really don't want to see that trainer again so can we hurry?" Vaporeon pleaded.
Luke realized that because of what happened no one got any food last night so he opened his little bag on his waist and took out what was left of his berries and handed some to everyone.
"We didn't get any food last night so eat these so we have the strength to continue."
"You know how to ration food well it seems. Thanks." Espeon said before eating two pecha berries.
They then began to walk towards town blending into crowds of pokemon and people to avoid being recognized. The town itself was build on top of the bridge after the original town was destroyed by the river years ago. When they where half way across the bridge Espeon began to get a nervous look about her making the others feel a bit nervous themselves.
"Run." Espeon whispered to the others then bolted off towards the other side off the bridge followed quickly by the others.
Before they made it thirty feet a large Zebstrika jumped over the group landing in front of them blocking their path.
"Zebstrika?" Koha asked looking confused. The pokemon looked back in an aggressive but also confused way.
"Looks like I found the two thieves it seems."
Luke and Koha looked over to the source of the voice and see Alex.
"They have Riolu and Mienfoo with them as well, I can finally take you back.
Luke looked down to the ground before shaking his head at Alex.
"You don't want to go back? I can't just leave an orphaned child to go out into the world with dangerous criminals it wouldn't be right."
Luke was starting to get angry that even Alex thought he was a child. Alex then took two more pokeballs from his waist and released two more pokemon to fight them. One of them was Reuniclus while the other looked like a strange chandelier with ghostly blue flames coming out of metals fixtures that where attached to its side. Its ghostly eyes Luke remembered as the ones that hypnotized him back in the village.
"Everyone get off the bridge! Dangerous criminals are here and I will be fighting them now!" Alex yelled to all the people and pokemon on the bridge to warn them then began to give his pokemon orders after they all left "Reuniclus restrain the Riolu and Mienfoo, Zebstrika wild charge the Vaporeon and Chandelure shadow ball the Espeon!" Alex commanded.
Before Luke or Koha could react a psychic force grabbed onto them and lifted them into the air where they couldn't interfere. The Zebstrika was first to move being extremely quick shrouding itself in electricity and charging at Vaporeon with great speed. Vaporeon didn't have enough time to react and Zebstrika hit his left hind leg while he tried to dodge and he then tried to counter attack with an ice beam but missed because of his enemies speed. Chandelure began to charge a shadow ball and Espeon did the same in response hoping she could over power it with her great long ranged attack power. They both fired and the Chandelure's shadow ball tore right through Espeon's leaving her little time to dodge since she didn't think she needed to in the first place. Zebstrika continued to use wild charge doing more and more damage each time as Vaporeon got weaker. Vaporeon tried to fire an ice beam as Zebstrika was charging at him and he quickly sidestepped in followed by hitting Vaporeon directly. Espeon was sure by now that there was no way she would be able to attack Chandelure directly and began to come up with a plan. She quickly began to teleport around Chandelure each time firing off a shadow ball in an all or nothing attack to finish it quickly. After firing nearly a dozen in just over a few second she watched hopefully that this would finish it quickly. Chandelure closed its eyes and its body began to glow right before the onslaught of shadow balls hit it making a fairly large explosion. When the explosion passed all that remained was what appeared to be a plastic replica of Chandelure.
"Substitute..." Espeon whispered to herself right before taking a fairly large shadow ball directly in her side. The force of the attack sent her over the side of the bridge and into the water. Vaporeon was barely able to stand from the constant barrage of the weak yet impossible to hit Zebstrika. He decided to try and use dig hoping that the ground type move would be unavoidable enough and do enough damage to defeat his opponent. He quickly began to dig a hole but forgot that he was on a bridge and fell into the waters below. After Zebstrika realized what had happened he ran over to the side of the bridge and sent an all out thunder attack into the water hoping it would fry Vaporeon. Alex thinking the battle was now over went over to the side of the bridge to see if his pokemon had injured or just killed them the enemy. When he didn't see any bodies he assumed they where done for.
"Well I guess that takes care of that." Alex said before turning to Luke. "I am sorry you had to see that but those pokemon are known to not spare lives when it comes to battle and I had to get you away some how.
Luke felt his heart break from the loss of yet more friends and allies then began to feel the dark presence emerge.
"They aren't dead yet... you can save them, all you must do is use me... drink the water from your canteen and bask in the glory of darkness..." The presence whispered in the back of his mind.
Luke began to feel the psychic hold on him weaken a little and began to move his hand towards his canteen with great struggle.
"What are you doing?" Alex asked seeing he was able to move a little.
Luke grabbed his canteen and began to untwist the cap feeling the psychic force weaken further. He then quickly drank what little was left of the water sending a searing pain throughout his body making him cry out it agony. The force holding him up completely disappeared making him fall to one knee on the ground. His fur began to get darker and his irises turned purple and he could feel primal rage flow through his body. Luke could feel it was only half as strong as the first time this happened but was sure it would be enough.
"Luke are you ok!?" Koha asked in concern.
"Koha, run!" Luke struggled to say before he grabbed his dagger infusing it with a dark aura and dashing towards Reuniclus and slashing at his face using night slash followed up by a triple kick making him lose focus and stager back dropping Koha who quickly looked at Luke before running away from the battle.
Alex saw that with Reuniclus's injuries and inability to hurt Luke he returned him and sent out Samurott in his place. When Samurott had saw Luke had used his dagger against Alex it took every ounce of will power he had to not charge without orders.
"I was right you do have some power." Alex said a little afraid that Luke might try to kill him again.
Luke was now surrounded on all sides by Zebstrika, Chandelure and Samurott. It looked like Alex was about to command his pokemon to attack when the bridge began to shake a little. They all looked over the side of the bridge and saw a massive tidal wave approaching them that was taller then the bridge itself. On top of it was Vaporeon surfing it with Espeon seemingly gliding on top of it with a pissed off look about her sending off a barrage of shadow balls at the enemy hitting each at least twice before they had known what was going on and then the wave crashed down onto the bridge. When the water passed Espeon and Vaporeon where next to Luke each looking exhausted from there battle and what they just did. Chandelure was knocked out from the two super effective attacks, Zebstrika was hurt but standing while Samurott was completely un-phased by the attack.
"You just don't know when to give up. If you surrender I won't hurt you any further." Alex offered while returning Chandelure to his ball.
The three of them just resumed their fighting stance ready to see this battle through.
"So be it!" Alex exclaimed
Espeon began to analyze Luke seeing that he looked different and his body was overflowing with darkness element. She could see the fury in his eyes and unwavering resolve to fight. She was sure this would be interesting.
"Luke you take the Samurott while we take the Zebstrika." Espeon said still sounding a bit irritated.
"My pleasure!" Luke said before dashing at Samurott prepared to kill it before remembering it was Alex's greatest friend so he would have refrain from what the presence wanted him to do.
"Vaporeon I'll use my psychic to slow it down enough to make this a fair fight." Espeon told Vaporeon who quickly fired a ice beam at Zebstrika that hit it with ease after it stumbled to the ground not sure what happened to its speed. Luke ran at Samurott dodging a razor shell and a slash and quickly hit it with night slash but he blocked with the shield like shell on its head before trying to stab Luke with the sharp spike at the end but missed and cut him with the side then hit him with the dull area sending Luke back a bit. Luke knew that close ranged combat would be a bad idea so he thought of some new dark type move he may be able to use. He chose dark pulse and quickly tried to focus the darkness into a attack like he was taught to do with aura and shot it towards Samurott who was too slow to dodge. Espeon continued to concentrate at slowing Zebstrika but also tried to watch Luke's battle to see his power up close. Vaporeon continued to use ice beam but Zebstrika was still too fast for them all to hit and was able to get out a thunder bolt hitting Vaporeon but not doing enough to finish him.
"I can't fight him like this, Espeon if you can hold him still for even just a few seconds I am sure I can finish this." Vaporeon said while panting heavily.
"I'll try but I am just as tired as you so I am not sure if I can." Espeon said while also panting.
Luke tried to get in close to use close combat by using dark pulse again to stagger Samurott enough to get by his defense but Samurott anticipated this and used hydro pump to blast through the pulse and hit Luke who was charging right behind it sending him back to his original position. Espeon's eyes glowed a brilliant blue color as she unleashed every little bit of strength she had left into holding down Zebstrika for whatever plan Vaporeon had. Vaporeon opened his mouth like he was charging a hyper beam but instead of ice he began to charge pure energy. After a few moments he unleashed a massive hyper beam directly at Zebstrika hoping Espeon could hold it long enough for it to hit. It hit with an explosion and a cry of pain filled the air. When the dust settled Zebstrika still stood but barely. All Espeon could do is collapse from exhaustion while Vaporeon was too drained from hyper beam to move.
"Damn it..." Vaporeon said before being hit with a weak thunderbolt which was all he needed to go down.
Luke stared down the Samurott while he could feel his power increase from his building rage. Luke decided to let Samurott make the first move. When he saw Luke wasn't going to attack first he shot another hydro pump at Luke and the instant he did that Luke ran right through the hydro pump slowly trying his best to not get blown away and when he got close enough he used a sky uppercut on his jaw to stop the attack then tried to jump over Samurott's head parrying his horn then coming down onto his back with a night slash to lower his guard and stop him from bucking him off. Luke then struck Samurott as hard as he could in the back of the head to stun him then using his dagger reached around his neck to position it to cut his throat if he tried to fight any longer. When Samurott came back to his senses and realized the situation he was in he got disgusted that something so small could defeat him.
"What a cowardly pokemon using a weapon like that!" Samurott exclaimed insultingly.
"You have no idea how badly I want to end your life right now so don't tempt me!" Luke said back trying very hard to not listen to presence telling him he should kill the pokemon. All Samurott could do is growl in fury as he waited for Luke's next move.
Alex watched Luke defeat Samurott so quickly he didn't have a chance to help him and knew this fight was over. Even though Zebstrika was still up he knew there was no way he was in the condition to help and didn't want to risk Samurott anyway.
"Riolu wait... you win I surrender. Please don't hurt Samurott any more." Alex said in a pleading voice.
Luke saw the sincerity in his eyes and slowly removed his dagger from Samurott's throat and jumped off his back and towards the unconscious Espeon and Vaporeon.
"You have proved to be strong enough to take care of yourself, but if you ever do want to return to me I'll be waiting for you at the pokemon league. That goes for you to Mienfoo." Alex said before returning his pokemon to their balls and looking over to the building Mienfoo was hiding behind.
Alex reached into his bag and took out two flasks filled with liquid. "Give these to the two Eons to make them feel better. Mienfoo knows how to use them." Alex said before placing the flasks on the ground then walking past Luke towards the west.
"Luke are you okay?" Koha said while running towards Luke and inspecting him noticing a few deep cuts.
"I'll be fine you go to Espeon and Vaporeon and help them." Luke said.
Koha picked up the flasks and ran over to Espeon and Vaporeon to heal their wounds. Luke looked around the battle field noticing how much damage they had caused. The place where Espeon destroyed the Chandelure substitute was a crater because of the explosion. There was a hole in the bridge from Vaporeon's dig. Two building where destroyed from the surf attack while the whole bridge and everything on it was drenched. Luke looked down in the water and noticed multiple dead fish like pokemon from Zebstrika's thunder. He looked over to Espeon and Vaporeon and noticed they where getting up weakly from whatever Koha did to help them but also noticed many people had come back and where now looking at them with some of them holding pokeballs. By now Luke was fed up with everything that had happened today and with a primal shout his dark aura started to become so powerful it was visible to the naked eye making the crowd scatter in a chaos.
"We have to get out of here but take it slow," Koha instructed Espeon and Vaporeon.
"Thanks." Vaporeon said weakly.
"You are right we should go." Espeon said before turning to Luke. "Time to go, thanks for sending the trainer off."
After Luke began to calm down and turn back to normal he began to feel everything that happened to him in the battle and collapsed from the pain and exhaustion.
Chapter End Notes:I noticed half way through the chapter that my description on Alex is similar to the male version of the main protagonist of the new pokemon games and I want to make it clear they aren't the same person
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