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Story Notes:

This is my first story for agnph. I hope to make it fairly long and I also hope to finish it. I am not sure how well I do so if anyone actually reads this please comment on anything I should change. The story takes place in Unova and has a fair amount of 5th gen Pokemon so I suggest you keep a website open about those kinds of things if you arent familiar.Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 7 Darkness of Humanity

"Luke!" Koha exclaimed before she rushed over to see what happened.
"Calm down he is just unconscious from all that fighting. We need to get him out of here but Vaporeon and I are too weak to carry him so you will have to at least until we get out of town." Espeon said before walking away with Vaporeon.
Koha picked up Luke and slung him over her shoulder and began to follow Espeon. The more courageous humans began to come back to see what was happening and when they saw the three strongest pokemon of the group unconscious or limping they tried to take advantage of the opportunity. The group noticed this and stopped trying to think of a way around them being too weak to fight.
Espeon noticed that each of the humans blocking their path had multiple pokeballs on their waists. "We got to leave fast, any plans on how?" Espeon asked looking at large group of humans forming in front and behind them.
"You can try teleporting us to safety or maybe we could jump off the bridge and swim away." Koha suggested.
"Teleporting right now is impossible and the drop from the bridge would kill Luke and I." Espeon said before coming up with a plan. "Using the rest of my strength I can make an illusion for the humans but someone will have to carry me afterwards."
"I think I can carry you but not for long." Vaporeon said.
The humans began to release a small army of pokemon to fight them with most of them alone massive overkill for the weakened group.
"Okay time to escape." Espeon said before the red gem on her forehead began to glow a brilliant red light making the enemies in front back off before going into an aggressive stance and charging at full speed.
Espeon collapsed almost instantly from the strain "Don't attack the charging pokemon..." Is all she could say before falling unconscious.
Koha and Vaporeon nervously stood there ground and did not attack as the raging horde of pokemon was barreling toward them. They both closed there eyes when they got near. A few seconds latter sounds of explosion began to sound behind them and they opened there eyes to see the charging pokemon passing right by them and attacking the enemies behind them. The bridge became a war zone almost instantly with two armies clashing on top of it ravaging the bridge.
"Let's go before the illusion wares off!" Vaporeon yelled over the sounds of battle to Koha.
"Right!" Koha responded before picking up Espeon and placing her on Vaporeon's back and began to flee with him.
While running Koha heard a large cracking sound and turned around to see the bridge had begun to collapse from the large battle.
"RUN FASTER!" Koha yelled before sprinting off followed by Vaporeon.
Vaporeon looked back and saw that the entire middle section of the bridge had begun to fall into the water and the part they where on was beginning to tilt upwards. They both began to run as fast as their legs would let them. Soon they saw the crevice in the bridge where it would break off from and saw it getting much larger very fast indicating they didn't have much time left. When they where close a large Conkeldurr was sent flying past them from an attack slamming into the crevice smashing it in two with its massive body weight. Koha and Vaporeon jumped with as much strength as they could spare towards the stable part of the bridge. Vaporeon cleared the jump but Koha only managed to grab onto the ledge. She tried as hard as she could to pull herself up but she could only use one hand with the other making sure Luke didn't fall. With her free hand she grabbed onto Luke's belt and raised him as close to Vaporeon as she could.
"Quickly take him!" Koha said struggling to hold onto him and keeping herself up at the same time.
Vaporeon bit into Luke's belt and with a strong pull got him onto the ledge. Koha with two hands and a lot less weight easily got herself up. The two of them sat there panting as they looked at where the bridge used to be. The column holding it up had been destroyed by something causing the bridge to collapse.
"That was too close." Koha said weakly.
"We should get out of here before they realize what just happened and come to kill us. "But first..." Vaporeon said before trailing off and placing Espeon onto the ground. He then ran into the closest building and quickly ran out with a bag in his mouth.
"Nearly every human in this town was on that bridge so I took advantage of it to get us some food." Vaporeon said in a cheerful voice.
"...Lets just get out of here and worry about that stuff when we are safe!"
Vaporeon got Espeon on his back again then the two of them began to run off the bridge running by humans that went to see what had happened. Ten minutes latter they had gotten out of the town and where now hiding in the dense forest right before the next route. Luke and Espeon where put down next to each other while Koha was looking over them to see if she could help. Vaporeon was a few yards away munching on a large pecha berry. Koha looked back over to Vaporeon shocked that he is eating at a time like this.
"Your sister is unconscious after a fierce battle that you both nearly died in and you are sitting by eating a berry?" Koha asked.
"She will be fine when she wakes up in a day or so." Vaporeon said while happily eating.
"A day or so!? Koha asked shocked she could be out for so long.
"This situation happens every so often and whenever she uses that trick on a lot of enemies while she is weakened she will usually fall asleep for one or two days."
"What kind of trick was that anyway?"
"It is a useful little thing that makes everything that sees the glow of the gem on her forehead get caught in an illusion of her choice. I am not sure what she made them see but if it was enough for them to destroy an entire bridge it must have been a good one." Vaporeon said laughing.
"I am glad that there where no building on the part of the bridge that collapsed."
Vaporeon paused for a moment. "If you have care about things like that I suggest you don't travel with Espeon and I. We do things like that when we need to and we usual don't think about if humans are harmed or not." Vaporeon said in a more serious voice.
"You have done things like this before?" Koha asked disgusted that they would do stuff like this without care.
"Nothing this serious before but we where the ones that destroyed the train tracks leading to Anville town to get away from the humans pursuing us from there."
"That was you!? Don't you know how many people you hurt doing that? Do you feel no shame or regret?" Koha said with a raised voice.
"Well I do... a little, but Espeon despises humans and didn't care." Vaporeon said before realizing he finished his berry.
"What did humans do to you and Espeon to make you feel that way?"
Vaporeon got an oran berry from his bag and began to move it under his paw as he began to tell her why.
"You ever hear of team plasma?" Vaporeon asked in a solemn tone.
"They where the terrorist organization that broke up three years ago right?"
"...Yes but after they broke up about thirty of them stayed together still thinking their cause was righteous. Just over two years ago the thirty members hunted down our trainer and attacked him when he refused to give us up to them. Me and my six siblings fought with all our might to stop them but we where outnumbered sixteen to one. We fought for hours to protect our trainer but in the end even though we could have taken them all we where weakened by fatigue. All that was left was Umbreon and Leafeon against twenty pokemon that had not yet battled. They could barely stand and our trainer knew the fight was futile at that point and surrendered to the enemy. After they took all his pokeballs away they said something about revenge for what he did and... killed him." Vaporeon paused for a moment before continuing. "They returned us to our balls and when they released us we where fully healed and rested and they told us we where finally free of the tyranny of humans and said we where free to go... Something snapped in Leafeon and Espeon. They went on a rampage killing and destroying everything related to humanity for a mile before collapsing. Team plasma was no more." Vaporeon finished before crushing the berry under his paw.
"I had no idea... I am sorry for bringing that up." Koha said in a depressed voice.
"I am going to take a quick walk to clear my head you keep an eye on those two," Vaporeon said before walking away.
When Koha turned to check on Luke and Espeon he saw that Luke was sitting up with his head hanging down.
"Luke you shouldn't sit up you need to rest." Koha told Luke.
"Why do humans have to kill and destroy everything they touch? They are so full of hate, greed and evil." Luke said weakly before lying back down.
"Some humans are like that but some like Alex have a good heart in them even if sometimes it doesn't seem that way." Koha said while sitting down next to Luke.
"Humans have caused so much pain to anything they deem as different or inferior." Luke said turning over so his back was faced to Koha.
Koha paused knowing this to be true. "Maybe in time you will see not all humans are evil." Koha muttered.
Luke remained silent and motionless having fallen asleep again.
Koha just sat there thinking about the village Alex found Luke in wondering if that was why he felt this way towards humans.
After about an hour of eventless guard duty Vaporeon came back holding a berry in his mouth and a bloated stomach. He looked to be a bit sick from the way he was walking.
"What happened to you?" Koha asked though she was sure what he was going to say.
"I found a tree completely filled with pecha berries and couldn't resist..." Vaporeon groaned and laid down on his side next to Espeon.
"Great now I have three pokemon to guard and no one to talk to..."
It was around 2 PM and Koha knew they weren't going to be moving again today. With a sigh she found a vantage point on a tree and began to watch for any humans out for them.
The rest of the day was mostly boring for Koha who just sat up there for three hours before Vaporeon and Luke woke up. They knew that the route they would be walking on had no forests or hiding places so they would have to cover it in a day so they wouldn't have to camp out in the open. They decided to stay were they where and wait for the next day to come before heading out.
Next morning Vaporeon, Koha and Luke woke up ready to get moving again. Espeon didn't wake up and Vaporeon decided to carry her until she did. They headed towards the end of the forest where the route began and started to walk towards Opelucid city to the west. The route they where on was a human made road that spanned a massive chasm then immediately ran parallel to a river south of the route that emptied into the chasm. North of the route was mostly flat fields with some trees and flowers. Shortly after crossing the chasm Espeon began to stir and eventually wake up.
"I think Espeon is waking up." Vaporeon announced.
Espeon groaned before talking. "How long was I out...?" Espeon asked weakly.
"Nearly a day I think." Vaporeon responded while looking back at Espeon.
"I guess I over exerted myself..."
"No kidding, you caused the bridge to collapse." Koha said.
"Really? That's not what I had in mind but that works too. Vaporeon you can put me down I think I can walk."
Vaporeon let Espeon down and the group continued to walk down the route. Vaporeon decided to swim in the river along side them making him a good distance from the group.
"Luke I am surprised you woke up before me seeing how much energy you put into that battle. Maybe I underestimate what that power does to your body..." Espeon trailed off.
"When I woke up it felt like nothing at all happened." Luke said sounding confused.
"...That's not all is it?" Espeon asked.
After a brief pause. "The power felt like it has changed a little bit ever since I drank the water from my canteen." Luke said sounding even more confused.
Espeon began to think a little bit about what this means. After a few minutes she had an idea.
"The power feels different but what about you? Do you feel different?"
"A little I guess but I am sure it's nothing."
"I have an idea of what is happening to you." Espeon said.
Luke looked over at Espeon and saw her eyes glowing blue like she was going to attack him and recoiled from the sight.
Espeon continued. "Hmmm... psychic doesn't affect you anymore." Espeon said in a curious tone.
"What does that mean?"
"It means that you are part dark type now. How strange."
"How is that possible?" Koha asked.
"It shouldn't be but I guess it is." Espeon said.
"In all my time of studies I have never heard of anything like this happening." Luke said shocked at this new information. "By the way, how much psychic force did you use to test this?" Luke asked.
"I was sure of my theory so I used enough force to smash a boulder." Espeon responded.
"What if you where wrong?!" Luke asked being very concerned now.
"Then you would be dead." Espeon responded without change in tone what so ever.
Koha began to speak up. "I was right, you guys will be the death of us."
They continued to walk while Vaporeon swam for about six more hours while talking about Opelucid city and what to do after that. They continued like this until the air started to rapidly become colder and dryer the farther they walked.
"Has anyone noticed it is becoming cold pretty fast?" Koha asked while rubbing her arms for warmth.
"It's weird, the temperature shouldn't change this fast, it is unnatural especially in the fall" Luke said while looking around.
Koha looked at Espeon and Luke and noticed they both looked completely fine.
"Why do you two not look cold?"
"I guess our fur is thicker then yours letting us stay warmer." Luke responded.
The group then heard some splashing sound and looked over to Vaporeon who had gotten out of the water and was walking over to them while shivering violently.
"The water... is nearly at freezing temperature..." Vaporeon said while his teeth chattering from the cold.
"Something is definitely wrong and whatever it is will be up-stream" Espeon muttered looking around.
"If it gets much colder Vaporeon and I will die of hypothermia." Koha said starting to feel weak from the cold.
"Your right... Vaporeon can huddle up with me as we walk while you can huddle up with Luke for warmth." Espeon suggested.
Before Luke could say anything Koha grabbed him and brought him close to her side making him shiver from how cold her body was. Vaporeon walked next to Espeon with their bodies close together. The group walked liked that for another hour before the environment began to drastically change. It began to snow lightly and got heavier the farther they got while the top of the river had frozen over from the cold. By now Koha was behind Luke as close as she could get with her arms wrapped around him making him blush but it couldn't be seen from under his fur. It almost looked like the frozen tundra's to the north if it wasn't for the trees.
"It's practically a blizzard out here but no wind? Luke commented looking around.
"It's strange but it makes me sure that this is not natural at all." Espeon responded. "We will be coming to a bridge soon the crosses over a river that feeds into the one that we are next to. Whatever is doing this I think will be there."
After a few more minutes of walking they saw the bridge in the distance but next to it on the frozen river was a massive jagged pillar of ice with multiple large thorns off coming off the side. After exchanging confused glances the group continued to walk towards it hoping to get an answer. When they got close enough Luke and Koha where horrified at what was there. Strewn across the frozen lake where multiple thorns of ice coming out of it pointing in multiple directions and on each one was impaled various pokemon making their blood stain the ice a brilliant crimson color.
Chapter End Notes:Don't feel obligated but take a coupe minutes and tell me what I did wrong or right
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