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Story Notes:

This is my first story for agnph. I hope to make it fairly long and I also hope to finish it. I am not sure how well I do so if anyone actually reads this please comment on anything I should change. The story takes place in Unova and has a fair amount of 5th gen Pokemon so I suggest you keep a website open about those kinds of things if you arent familiar.Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 8 Secrets

The group stared at the gruesome scene trying to make sense of what could have happened here. Even Koha forgot the cold and let go of Luke to see what had happened. A tranquil quite filled the air as not a single sound could be heard. After the shock of the situation passed Espeon began to speak.
"What could have done this?"
"I heard a powerful ice pokemon named Kyurem lives a day away but I heard he was captured three years ago..." Luke said as he walked towards the pillar of ice.
"We should look for any survivors." Koha said softly seeing every pokemon had been impaled.
The group broke off into two with Espeon with Vaporeon and Luke with Koha to check for any survivors. Luke and Koha began to check the blind side of the pillar while Espeon and Vaporeon stayed on the side they where on. For three minutes they checked the corpses of multiple pokemon in hopes they could save a single one but they began to give up hope.
"I really hope we don't find the monster that did this." Koha said in a sorrowful tone.
"Even for a legendary pokemon this is incredible power..." Luke said being distracted by his thoughts.
Koha began to examine the body of a Heatmor to find any clues to what happened. After a close inspection she came across something of interest.
"This body is still warm... whoever did this must still be close." Koha said in a shaky tone.
"It would be interesting to see it but it would kill us all I am sure." Luke said feeling fearful.
Luke began to run his hand over the pillar of ice curious about if it's the one causing the weather to go haywire. As his hands went over the course ice he felt a great power trapped inside being slowly released into the air. The power felt familiar to him in some ways making him even more confused. The group started to hear Espeon call out to them to come back so they stopped checking bodies and went over to see her.
"You find something?" Luke asked in a hopeful tone.
"Look over there." Espeon said while pointing to the body of a female Simipour. It was the first body any of them had seen not impaled on a spike and on closer inspection it had only light cuts and bruises. Koha walked over and checked for a pulse.
"She's alive!" Koha announced. "She is freezing cold and wont last very long in this weather."
"If it is as long a walk west to get out of the cold as it is east there is no way she will make it." Luke said depressed they can't even save one pokemon.
After a brief moment Espeon began to speak. "I have enough strength to teleport her and myself a far enough distance away but the rest of you will have to walk.
"If you are sure you can do it then go ahead." Vaporeon said.
"I suggest you hurry along west to meet up with me and help this poor girl." Espeon said before disappearing in a flash of light with the Simipour.
The group began to quickly walk west to meet back up with Espeon. Koha was holding onto Luke while behind him again while Vaporeon huddled close to them. They awkwardly walked like this for about forty minutes in silence before they saw Espeon sitting next to the unconscious Simipour. The temperature here was close to normal and no snow visible in the distance.
"I am glad you at least put some effort into getting here fast." Espeon commented looking at the group who where now walking separately.
"How is the Simipour?" Koha asked while taking a quick look over it.
"It's alive but I think it has hypothermia." Espeon said sounding like she had no care for it.
"Strange... it's still freezing cold but has no signs of hypothermia. I guess she might be adept in ice." Koha said while sounding confused.
"Just because it may be adept in ice doesn't mean it will help her survive it." Luke said now kneeling beside her.
"If we want to save this one we should set up camp for the night." Vaporeon suggested.
"That would be best." Koha said before picking up the Simipour and bringing it over to a lone tree close by.
Espeon, Koha and Luke sat by under the tree eating some berries while Vaporeon was swimming in the near by river. The Simipour was between Luke and Espeon to try and keep it warm. They each kept a vigilant watch to check if people where coming from either way knowing it would be trouble if they where discovered. As they waited for night to fall Luke and Koha talked about the past as Espeon looked over the Simipour from time to time. As it slowly began to turn to night Vaporeon came back and everyone decided it was time to sleep for the night.
"I am going to try and get some sleep now and I suggest you do as well." Espeon suggested. "But one of you should stand guard in case humans come by or if the Simipour wakes up and panics."
When no one volunteered Luke stepped forward.
"I guess I can do it if someone can take my place at midnight." Luke said.
"I'll take over for you then." Koha said.
"If anything happens call for us." Espeon told Luke before heading off to nearby hill with Vaporeon going out of sight.
"Don't do anything reckless." Koha pleaded before jumping into the tree above them to sleep.
Luke was alone now with the only thing to keep him company being the unconscious Simipour. With nothing to do Luke began to think about things to do when he remembered something of interest. Luke remembered that the black gem he had was glowing a few days ago when he got near and he began to think if it had something to do with his powers. He rummaged through his bag for a moment before he pulled out a jet black gemstone. It had a faint black glow while resonating a weak dark power. He tried to draw power from it and felt an insignificant burst of power flow though him. He thought for a moment and put the gem away knowing he wasn't skilled enough in darkness to draw anything of use from it. After a couple hours Luke began to feel drowsy and thought a quick walk would help him stay awake.
He walked a short distance away and began to slowly circle the tree taking in the scenery and enjoying the cool night air. As he looked around he noticed the moon was nearly full illuminating his surroundings in a faint light. As he looked at the moon he began to feel increased vigor making him feel like he could run forever or defeat any foe. As he looked he stopped walking and just stared feeling the presence in him grow restless and looked away fearing the results of what would happen. He walked back to the tree and sat down next to the Simipour.
After what seemed like an eternity of boredom it was nearly midnight and Luke was glad he could finally get some sleep soon. Luke looked over at the Simipour and noticed it had a look of fear like it was having a nightmare. She started to become restless moving a little from whatever was happening. Luke knew that someone unconscious from injuries can not dream so he knew she could be woken up now but was unsure if she would be in a psychologically stable state. He decided to risk it try to wake her.
He began to lightly shake her "Wake up..." He whispered a few times.
Her eyes opened wide fast in fear from her dream and where blood shot. She quickly tried to sit up but fell back down in a cry of pain.
"You where badly hurt please try to stay still." Luke whispered.
She ignored Luke and despite the pain stood up "Opelucid City..." She whimpered before falling back down again.
"You won't be going anywhere like that so just sit down and tell me what happened to you." Luke whispered while helping the Simipour back to the tree. "First of all what's you name?"
The Simipour settled down a little but was clearly still shaken up from the days events. "...My name is Iya. I have to get to Opelucid City before it's too late." Iya said before trying to get up again.
"You won't get very far before collapsing again so just settle down until morning. Now if you tell me what happened maybe me and my friends can help you out."
With a sigh Iya relaxed and began to tell Luke what happened. "...Earlier today me and my mate Vires where walking towards Opelucid City when a group of pokemon and their trainers attacked us. Vires fought with everything he had but in the end was captured and brought towards Opelucid. I was left to die by the humans." Iya said while folding her knees and leaning her head on them.
"We can help you if you wait until morning." Luke said.
"Where are your friends all I see is you?" Iya asked wanting to see what will be helping her.
"There is a Mienfoo named Koha above us and an Espeon with a Vaporeon on the other side of that hill." Luke said pointing to the hill. "I suggest you get some sleep, I'll be switching with Koha for guard duty in a moment."
"Okay." Iya muttered before lying down curled up to try and get some sleep.
Luke jumped up into the tree and woke up Koha to switch positions with her.
Koha mumbled then turned over towards Luke. "Time already?" She asked barely awake.
"Ya and the Simipour woke up a few minutes ago." Luke said making Koha sit up. "Her name is Iya and she has been traumatized by events earlier today. Also she may try to get up and leave so try to stop her she is in too much pain to move now."
"Okay thanks for the info." Koha said before jumping down startling Iya.
Luke decided it would be a good idea to just sleep in the place Koha was. He laid down uncomfortably but quickly found a nice position to sleep in. As he drifted off to sleep he began to piece together what Iya had said. The pillar of ice and the multiple dead pokemon where likely caused by Vires trying to protect Iya. Luke began to try and think what kind of pokemon would have that kind of power and if the ones that captured him wanted that power for their own gain.
The next morning was sunny and warm which was strange for that time of year. Luke had a bit of a rough wake up when he turned in his sleep and fell out of the tree he was in. With a crash Luke fell in front of Koha who was still awake guarding them from humans. Even she was surprised when Luke crashed right in front of her.
"What? Luke are you okay?" Koha asked while getting up.
"Uhh, why did I think it was a good idea to sleep in a tree?" Luke moaned before standing up himself.
"Well at least you won't be up last today, why don't you sit down with me while we wait for Espeon and Vaporeon." Koha said gesturing to the tree.
Luke nodded and went over to the tree with Koha and sat down.
"Did Iya say anything to you last night?" Luke asked being concerned about what happened to her.
"She didn't even look up at me when I came down here." Koha said shaking her head.
"She told me that her mate Vires was captured by some humans and even though he tried as hard as he could he wasn't able to get away." Luke said
"So Vires is the one that killed all those pokemons?" Koha asked being confused that whatever it was is just a normal pokemon.
"That's what I pieced together from what she told me."
"I guess it's not a legendary." Koha said disappointed.
"I really doubt you would want to meet a legendary that would kill all those pokemon for no reason. At least we know it was in self defense."
"I guess your right but it would be such a thrill to meet something like Kyurem! Should we wake everyone up and head out now?" Koha asked.
"I'll wake up Iya you wake up Espeon and Vaporeon."
Koha got up and walked off over to the hill Espeon and Vaporeon where sleeping behind while Luke began to lightly nudge Iya.
She moved a little then groaned before sitting up. "We going now?" Iya asked weakly.
"We will head out in a few minutes."
Koha was walking towards the hill when she began to hear the sound of grass rustling under something. She was sure that Espeon and Vaporeon would still be asleep and it might be a human about to attack them. She began to sneak close to them as quite as possible to see what it was. She decided to go from the top of the hill to try and stay out of sight. When she got close to the top she crouched down and peered over towards Espeon and Vaporeon. She was completely stunned at what she saw. With wide eyes she looked on as Espeon and Vaporeon where passionately kissing completely oblivious to Koha's presence. She had a feeling they where close even for brother and sister but she had no idea it was like this. She slowly walked back down the hill to make sure they didn't notice. After taking a deep breath she walked around the hill with no effort to hide her footsteps. When she got to the other side of the hill Espeon and Vaporeon where stretching like they just woke up and began to walk towards Koha.
"Uneventful guard duty I hope." Espeon asked before walking past Koha towards Luke and Iya.
"Just before Luke woke me up the Simipour woke up. Her name is Iya." Koha said while following Espeon. "She told Luke that her mate was captured by humans and Luke thinks he might be the one who created all that ice."
"Really now?" Espeon asked while stopping a few feet away from Luke and Iya.
After introduction the group made their way to the route and began to follow it. Iya stayed silent the whole way and looked anxious to get to Opelucid city. Luke and Koha chatted while Espeon and Vaporeon stayed silent for some reason. A few hours latter they where nearing the city and Espeon called Koha over away from the group to talk to her about something in private.
"What is it you wanted to tell me that's so secretive?" Koha asked while walking alongside Espeon.
Espeon paused for a moment. "What you saw this morning you aren't to tell anyone of..." Espeon said bluntly while a light blush could be seen on her face.
"I-I'm sorry I was spying on you but I heard some sounds and thought a humans had found you." Koha said apologetically. "But why do you try and hide it?"
"We aren't ashamed of it, our species survives from incest but we know some pokemon react very negatively towards the subject and we don't want another angry mob chasing us..."
"I will make sure not to tell anyone." Koha confirmed.
"Good but just to be sure I want you to know that when you saw us kissing the shock made you lower your mental guard and I picked up some nice secrets from your mind." Espeon said chuckling to herself.
Koha froze in place thinking about the stuff Espeon might know now. All she managed to do was laugh weakly and walk behind Espeon blushing enough to see through her fur.
After another hour the group was entering the outskirts of Opelucid town.
"I suggest that we split into two groups during the day. Vaporeon and Iya will come with me while Luke and Koha can go and do something. We will help you look into that 'thing' after we finish with our personal matters here. Oh and if you see two pokemon that look kind of like me but covered in fire or made of plants you pray they don't smell you and just run as fast as you can. Otherwise just enjoy a day off from the adventure." Espeon said before walking off with Iya.
"Watch out for Leafeon he will cut your throat for fun if he knows you are with us." Vaporeon warned them before going off as well.
"We will watch out for them, thanks for the warning." Luke said shakily.
"So what do you want to do until Espeon is ready?" Koha asked.
"I didn't have anything planed." Luke said before walking towards the city.
"Well then I'm just going to have to make plans for you!" Koha exclaimed before grabbing Luke's wrist and running into town.
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