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The Tribes of Unity Forest by nameofnoimportence


Chapter 1

Call of the Wild: Departure

Chapture 1

Chip had all the rights in the world to be happy, he had all the food in the world he could ever want, toys that were so unique and fun to play with that it would put the most spoiled human brat to shame and he had more time that even the most lazy snorlax to sleep. Sitting out here in the garden today he should be up and running about enjoying his peaceful tamed pet life though here he laid in a bed of flowers bored out of his mind. Sitting up the Eevee yawned and looked up to the darkening sky and wondered what it felt like to fly, what it was like to be truly free. His thoughts were broken up when he heard the cry of his friend next door yelling over to him.

"Chip, CHIP what are you doing laying there sleepy head?" Looking over he saw Ruby the Vulpix peering at him though the fence. She was a dark red vulpix with ribbons on her head that her owners changed each day, today she was wearing sapphire blue ribbons on her ears. "Normally your so much more perky than this?"

"I know." Rolls onto his stomach and got up stretching. "I've just been thinking about what it feels like to be free." He saw her look of surprise the vixan didn't understand where he was coming from.

"Why would you think anything like that silly." She asked with a light giggle. "You are free, your outside and able to do what ever you feel like." Runs off and returns seconds later with a ball. "Come on lets play before it get to dark."

Chip shook his head. "No thanks I'm not in the mood." He looks over to the forest and thinks about what it felt like to live out there. He heard rumors about wild pokes and how they fought for food and were always battling one another. But there was something in him that longed to be able to do that, to truly enjoy the feeling of doing what you wanted when you wanted to do it without any true rules. He loved his humans and Ruby but he wanted to enjoy that feeling more though. Chip heads into his home though the small doggy door that was installed in the place where his humans ate and goes over to his bowl of food. Looking down he saw the dry food and groaned, he knew that he was going to have this again but he wanted wet food so much. Even if the wet food was not fresh it was still better than this garage his humans fed him, why any poke eats this slop was beyond him but what could he say he was one of them. Gulping down a few bites he then drank from his bowl and stopped as the taste of metal and rust was to much to handle.

Chip walked back outside and around the corner of the house before taking a quick leak on his favorite bush and then walks back over to Ruby who was teething on a ditto shaped doll. Sitting down by her on his side of the fence. "Don't you ever get bored of his place?"

"No why?" Ruby asked with a concerned look. "Are you ok Chip do we need to have a heart to heart talk? You know that I'll help talk to sense into you."

"No its not that...." Chip looked again at the woods that were just on the other side of his fence." I just want to you know....explore at least get away from this boring daily routine that I'm stuck in."

"I understand." Ruby got up and pressed her nose though the fence so she could touch noses with him. Chip returned the "kiss" and stares at her.

"Understand what?"

"That you need to get away from this. Why not go for a walk and then afterward we can sit here and groom each other." Ruby said with a smile.

"You sure?" Chip asked as he eyed the spot in the fence where he had been working for days to create a escape route though. He was sure that the hole was deep enough for him to get though now. "Don't you wan to come with me?

"I would but I'm comfortable here, unlike you I do not long to be to far away from my food bowl." Ruby said amused that he would ask her such a thing. I went out one time before and I bumped into a wild poke and that was all I needed for me to stay here."

"Ok but I'll be back in a few, don't do anything without me." Walks over to his escape hole and pushed himself though until the male popped out on the other side his underside covered in dirt. Running into the forest he felt alive for the first time in his life the world around him was bigger than his yard that he lived in. Chip stopped in a small clearing and stopped to sniff a flower the aroma was soothing to him. Chip then turned away and stopped to sniff a tree and raised his leg to mark it for himself when he felt something grab his leg making the eevee to startled to try to even take a piss. With a gulp Chip turned around though not in enough time to stop what ever it was from jumping on top of him.

Chip felt himself planted onto the group as his unknown assassin held him down by his neck a strong paw on his back. Chip kicked up the dirt behind him the eevee trying to force his attacker off of him and finally it worked as he freed himself, or his attacker decided to toy with him. Getting up he saw it was a shinx with dark blue and fur where the light blue normally was and gray where the black should had been.

"That wasn't very nice.* Chip growled as he prepared himself to attack. The shinx only looked at him before charging at him and knocked Chip over onto his side though this time the eevee was ready as he braced himself and struck back with a hard tackle. The shinx looked shaken a bit and Chip took the change to tackle him again this time pinning the cat on the ground. Though it didn't last long as he got slapped across the face by the cat and thrown off by the shinx's hind legs. Turning around Chip saw just in time the cat jumping into the air to take him down again and looking to the side the eevee rolled out the way dodging the attack. Getting up he turned to face his attack who was grinning.

"Your not bad, to bad your not part of my tribe we could really use someone like you."

"Tribe?" Chip asked but before he could ask anything else he heard rustling in the grass and turned to see a Glaceon and Luxuray come out of the bushes. Great just what he needed....back up. "I don't know who you are but....I'll fight you off to if I have to. *he was bluffing if they attacked he was going to hual his fluffy ass out of here.

"Very good Lightpup." The Glaceon said to the shinx who perked up.

"It was easy Icemast this tamed poke was no match for me." Lightpup said sitting down and began licking himself. "You should let me show him more of my moves."

"I don't know you looked to be struggling near the end there, you still have a ways to go." The Luxuray said firmly. "But good job...both of you." The older cat looked at Chip.

"I had Lightpup fight you to teach him how to drive intruders out but he found something so much more...." Icemast said with a smile. "What did you think Thunderheart, did the tamed poke do well enough?"

"He fought like he was born Prism Tribe member that is for sure. He didn't even run when we came out of hiding."

"Yes and with just a bit of training...."The Glaceon closes her eyes and thinks hard. Chip just stared at the ice eon. He was wondering what she was thinking of, where they going to take him back as prisoner? After what seemed like ages she opened her eyes and stared right into his eyes.
"Eevee what is your named?"

Not breaking the stare Chip gulped and opened his mouth to speak and felt like he had to force his voice to come out. "Chip. name is Chip." Iceheart just had a smile on her face as she walks close to him and was only inches away before she bent down and licked his nose.

"Well...Chip how would like to return to my tribe and join us?" Gasped came from behind her and Chip couldn't help but join them.

"WHAT!!!" Both cats gasped.

"Icemast have you lost your mind?" Thunderheart asked walking over to her. "We can't bring him back....its against the tribe rules.

"The tribe rules state that my word is law does it not?" She looked back at him with a cold stare and Chip hoped she would never do that to him. He saw the very color in the big cat's body drain away. "I am your leader and you will remember that do you understand!" She said firmly, with a little nod from the Luxuray she turned back to Chip.

"Now where was I...." She smiled. "Oh yes, no Chip I've been watching you for a bit when I go out hunting or lead a watch around the woods and you know what I"ve seen out of you?" She asked still smiling. "Longing."

"What? Chip asked stepping back though Icemast only followed him. "You've been spying on me?"

"No but your always outside staring into the woods, you're always play fighting and you try to hunt when you get the chance. And if I remember right this is not your only time coming into the woods since my tribe members have told me they have scented you wandering the woods from time to time."

Chip thought about what she told him and then turned away. "I-I dream sometimes about the woods....they....they call to me." He looked into the trees as the sun sank into the ground and darkness took over the world. Looking up he saw the first stars beginning to come out. A cool wind brushed against his body.

"I know that look." Icemast said with a chuckle. "And you know that feeling, it's the call of the wild." Icemast walked back over to her tribe members who were still looking at her in disbelief. "Close your jaw Lightpup or else a bug will get in. Chip." Chip looked at her and the Glaceon looked at him warmly. "Think about my offer ok. Come back here tomorrow evening and I will have someone here to escort you. This is a one time offer so please think about it hard ok." She looks forward. "Alright lets head back you two." And with that they took off into the woods leaving only their scents behind.

That night Chip returned home and walked into his house and laid down on his little bed. He had issues sleeping and felt like his heart and mind couldn't stop raising....was all this real or not. This morning he woke up without a thought in the world and tonight he was going to sleep with the biggest decision of his young life before him. It took him a hour later before he finally began to settle down and let sleep over take him and as the world grew dark he said one last thing....

"Ruby is going to kill me....." He said with a chuckle and finally he let himself fall asleep.
Chapter End Notes:

Ya I know its been a while but you know hey thats life. I know the story has a slow start but I promise it will get better.

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