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The Tribes of Unity Forest by nameofnoimportence


Last Day

Chapter 2

Last Day

Chip dreamed that night that he was out in the woods following the scent of a plump Buneary. He sniffed the ground and then the air, the scent was fresher than he’s been smelling all day and he knew he must be getting close. Pushing his way though some undergrowth he peered out into a small clearing and saw the rabbit picking up some seeds and eating them. Creeping closely he worked his way closer and closer to his prey the rabbit never knowing that he was inches from about to pounce on it as he tried to be as quite as possible. Only a few tail lengths away now from savoring his kill he tensed his muscles and braced himself for the kill when he heard a loud scratching sound from far away and instantly the Buneary turned around and looked at him with hate in its eyes. Getting punched in the mouth by the rabbit Chip slammed onto the ground and was forced to watch his kill get away from him.

Waking up to that same scratching sound Chip looked around until he saw at the screen door to his nest was Ruby the vixan was scratching at the door and as soon as she saw him began barking until he came over. “Hurry up sleepy head the sun is already high in the sky and I want to play.” She said happily.

“Honestly Ruby can’t you wait until I actually feel like getting up?” Chip yawned

Ruby rolled her eyes as began scratching at the door again to just annoy him, she always did get annoyed when she didn’t like his answers or didn’t get her way. “No now hurry up before I come inside and drag you out.”

Chip chuckled under his breath as he walked over to his food bowl and saw that his humans had left some dry food mixed with wet food this morning. He liked it when they gave him wet food it was always so much better tasting than the dry pebbles they gave him most of the time. Eating down what he could the fox thought of how he wasn’t going to be getting this type of food anymore and was kind of scared to think of what he would do for food if he left for the forest. What would fresh kill taste like? Can he stand the taste of blood and bones and fur? It was a lot to take in and consider but he also couldn’t help getting excited about it at the same time as well. Finishing up his food he walked out though his special little floppy door and headed over to meet Ruby who had dirt and mud all over his paws and he knew that she had made a hole somewhere in the yard so she could come over to see him.

Ruby walked over to him and gave the male a light tap on his nose with hers. “Have I ever told you how grateful I am to have you as a friend?” She said shaking her tails.

“What’s gotten into you?” Chip asked surprised that she was acting this way all of a sudden. “No you never have but I’m grateful for our friendship as well. Look Ruby I have something important to tell you and I know you won’t like it.” Chip saw the worried look in her eyes.

“I-I know what your going to say.” Ruby said looking sad. “I-I followed you last night into the woods after you left and didn’t come back for a while.”

“What why?” Chip asked surprised that she would brave the woods to go looking for him. “You could had gotten hurt or lost and I don’t know what I’ll do if you got hurt because of me.”

“Yes well…..” Ruby trailed off for a moment before she composed herself. “I saw you talking to that Glaceon and her friends and I over heard the offer that they made for you. And well Chip….” Ruby stopped herself and turned her head away from him the Vulpix didn‘t want him to see her this way.

“Ruby you know you’re the first poke I was going to tell this to and consult with.” Chip said not enjoying the feeling of making his best friend feel this way. He moved close to her so he could comfort his friend but  the vixan backed away and looks at him her amber eyes showing just how strong her heart was. She no longer had the look of sadness on her face but anger as she glared at him.

“Your so such a stupid pin head Chip!” She growled. “Did you once think about me, about us? Did you think about your friends and how they would feel about you leaving them behind just so you could live in the woods with a bunch of forest pokes? Life is hard in the forest Chip its not for the faint of heart…” Ruby was shaking all over as she couldn’t keep her emotions under control and she began crying. Though it seemed like she was thinking about something else as well. “I’m going to miss you so much.”

“Ruby….” Chip said as he moved over to her and comforts the female fox. “Look don’t worry we’ll always be friends I promise.” He nuzzled her and felt her warm tears touch his nose as he did so. He never knew that she cared about their friendship that much and wondered if he could really leave her like this? It was true that he didn’t consider what his absence would mean for Ruby or any of their other friends that lived here. But none the less this was something that he had to see though despite the things he would be leaving behind. He looked into Ruby’s eyes and she looked into his and she then turned away.

“Even after all that you’re still content on going away.” Wait a minute was that just a act she had put on? He didn’t know if he should be impressed with her acting skills or be horrified about how far she was willing to go to get her way. “Is there nothing I can do to convince you to stay here where you belong, to stay here with me.” She looked at him with hope in her eyes. “Anything at all?”

Chip didn’t do anything but shake his head and smiled at her as he licks her cheek and wiped some of her tears away. “I have to do this Ruby, I have to see if my destiny is out there?” He looked over to the woods and smiled and then decided to ask her a stupid question that he knew she would most likely say no to. “Come with me Ruby to the forest, if you truly wish for us to stay together why not join me.” Chip wasn’t surprised when Ruby stepped back and looked at him like he had lost his mind.

“Excuse me?” She said nearly unable to say the words.  “Leave my home? My family and live out in the woods full of ticks, bugs, and wild beast?” Ruby shook her head. “I don’t know Chip your asking a lot from me. I mean they‘ll be nice matted bedding made from hay and moss but I don‘t know….”

“Ruby you obviously care about me enough to try to pull of fake tears and say all those things.” Chip saw the Vulpix look at him angrily before she got up and stormed away back to her house. Looking down at his paws Chip knew that was asking to much from his friend and headed back into his den and flopped down onto his comfortable nest made of plushy rocks. He knew that tonight he was going to have to head back out into the woods and to his new life and he didn’t want to leave his old life on bad terms. With a nod he decided that later he’ll go see Ruby and ask for her forgiveness, he just hoped that she’ll be willing to hear him out at least. Chip decided to take a short nap and give Ruby some time to cool off on her own before he went to go bother her. It felt strange though how she seemed to know a thing or two about forest life but then again she did talk to a lot of pokes who lived in the other human dens so maybe she just over heard it from them. Dismissing the thought he began to drift off to sleep.

Later the eevee got up and yawned and looked outside to see that the sun was already at the top of the sky and was making its way back down. He must had slept for a while then and knew that he only had a little bit longer before he was scheduled to meet those forest pokes. Heading outside he found Ruby sun bathing in her backyard and he knowing her she was at least willing to hear him out now. Walking over to the hole between their yards he crawled into it and over to Ruby who didn’t seem to care that he was here and kept her eyes closed.

“Ruby we need to talk can you give me a few minutes?” Chip asked as he looks down at her, Ruby only twitched her ears to let him know that she was paying him any attention. Chip growled under his breath but keeps himself composed. “Ruby I want to apologize for what ever I said to hurt you this morning. Look I know that you think I’m a dick for asking you to come with me to the forest but I thought that was the best way for both of us to get what we wanted.”  Ruby on twitched her ears again but this time opened up a eye and looks dead at him.

“Chip you hurt my feelings today when you said that I was acting like I was crying.” She said hurtfully. “I might do things to get my way but I’ll never lie about how I feel when it comes between me and you. You’re my best friend Chip and I’m not sure if you feel the same way as me but….”She held herself back from saying what she wanted to say next and waited until she knew what to say before going on. “Look I’ve been thinking about what you offered me and…..” She rolled onto her back showing him her soft under belly and Chip couldn’t help not looking away. “I’ve decided that I will go with you and see what this forest has to offer me.” Chip couldn’t help feeling happy to hear her say that.

“Alright that’s great to hear Ruby-” She cut him off though before he said anymore.

“But Chip if I do not like what I see then I will return here and if so well….” She said getting up and walks close to him their noses inches away. “I want to spend this afternoon with you….just you and me doing something very special together.” Chip was about to say something but she stopped him with a paw to his mouth. “You’re a very special friend to me Chip and I do not know what I will do without you in my life which is why I’m coming with you. I’m not sure what will happen tonight when we go, I’m not sure if they will take me with you but no matter what I wish to spend this afternoon spending possibly our last day together and make it more special than either of us have ever know.

“Ruby….” Chip said as she looked at how she was blushing even though her fur was masking most it.

“Please Chip don’t speak….” She pressed her nose against his and the male fox took in beautiful warm scent. “You have a bad habit of ruining the moment when you speak sometimes.” She kissed him again and guides Chip  with a tail over to her human’s flower garden where she asked him to lay down on his back. Laying next to Chip Ruby kissed him again the young vixan acting like a young pup.  

“So what now?” Chip asked though Ruby just stops him as she kisses him again. Chip caught the message and just lets Ruby do what she wanted as he just stares into her eyes.

“Chip I want you to remember this moment ok.” Ruby said in a soothing voice. “No matter where you are in this world, no matter if your on the other side of this forest or in your backyard promise me that you will never forget today and the moment that are about to share together.”

“I promise.” Chip said with a little nod as he was wondering what she was about to do with him though he got his answer as the Vulpix get ups onto him covering his lower half with her tails. “Ruby what are you-?” Ruby just stopped him again with her paw and then bends down and whisper’s into his ear.

“Chip after today you and me will have a bound together that will never break no matter what happens between us. Now….” She said as she moves herself downward on his body and begins licking his stomach slowly the vulpix looking at him from time to time to see how he was taking it. Chip gulps as he saw that she was slowly making her way down to his crotch . Chip just hoped that he didn‘t piss on her the eevee was already getting a bit nervous since he knew what she was about to do with him but he didn‘t know if they should be doing it out here in the open like this.  

“Ruby I‘m not sure if we should be doing this right now? At least out here in the open like this.” he said hoping that he didn’t ruin the moment but he wasn’t feeling comfortable about it either and lowered his voice as if he suspected someone was peeping on them. “What if we’re being watched.

“Oh this is right trust me. And besides if someone is watching then lets give them a good show.” Ruby said grinning at him as she reached his sheath and found that he already was growing hard for her his body reacting to the attention it was being given.
“Your little buddy doesn’t seem to mind if we’re being watch.” Ruby giggled. Chip felt the Vulpix lick up and down his pink member with her warm tongue her breath felt like it was on fire. Ruby winked at him as the eevee moaned from it and he heard her giggle as she thought it was funny how he was acting. Chip wanted to protest but he then felt her lick his tip and slowly lapping up the little bit of pre that was dripping out of it. “Hope you don’t mind but your stomach feels so much softer than the dirt here.”

Chip watched as Ruby moved her body in a way that made her rear face him and he saw her tails split apart to show him her wet slit.  “Ooooohhhhhhh.” Ruby moaned as she looks back at him the female pausing form her work. “I feel so dirty….why not help ‘clean’ me up Chip?” Ruby asked shaking her tails at him.

What was this all about he wondered as he felt the Vulpix take his rod into her mouth now her warm throat heating him up alittle by little as she slowly took more and more of his length into her. Chip gasped as he felt himself grow more and more arouse and he continued to drip his pre into her mouth. Ruby only stopped as she looked back at him and shook her rump in his face again the eevee lost as of what she wanted him to do. Feeling completely embarrassed that he had no clue as for what to do right now Chip groaned until he noticed that Ruby really wanted him to do something with her as continued shaking her rump at him. Chip just looked at her funny until he noticed that the slit just under her tail hole was really damp now and saw a clear liquid dripping out of it. Looking at it and then to Ruby he finally understood what she wanted him to do but….could he really go though with liking that? What if she took a piss on him while he did it that would be the grossest thing in the world to him. Though by now Ruby pulled her mouth off of his dick and licked her lips before speaking to him.

“Chip….please….“ Ruby panted a little bit  the female looked hotter than usual for some reason. “Lick me already! Its not as bad as you think and I hate being the only one to do all the work.”

“What are you-?” Chip was cut off again.

“Shut up and put your tongue to go use already before I get up and let you finish yourself off. How long its taking you I could had taken care of myself and been half way to making even a Blastoise have a orgasm.” Ruby said looking angrly at him. Though then her eyes softened and she went back to licking him. “Sorry Chip, please don’t mind what I just said.” She said in between licks.  

Chip wondered what she meant by that but he didn’t decided to complain against it right now and slowly moved his head up to where her snatch and even more slowly licked the at the wet spot lapping up the cum  that was dripping out of her. Chip started outside around her folds and felt Ruby shiver a bit as she was surprised from the feeling she must had felt. Chip then worked his way inside of her folds and licked at the soft inner sides of vag licking up what he could and swallowing it and was surprised to find that he didn’t mind it, there was a slight spicy taste to it that he actually enjoyed and he saw that Ruby approved of what he did and shook her rump again in a way told him that she was begging for him to do it again. Not liking to make his friend disappointed he licked again this time working his tongue into her slit he felt her heat hit him like a strong tackle attack.

Ruby is burning like a oven in there….I’m not sure if I really want to dig to deep in there. Chip thought though her scent was even more arousing than her tongue and he knew what she was doing something that she might not want to right now, licking the thing that he pees out of. Why anyone would want to put their mouth around such a thing was beyond him and he knew he never wanted to do such a thing himself. Deciding to continue licking her he worked his tongue back into her slit and felt the vulpix’s walls tense up to him and felt her cum hit him in the face as she gushed out at him her cum drenching his nose and mouth. Drinking up what he could as quickly as possible he could Chip felt his own body about to break as he feels his entire lower body tense up and shoved his cock as far into her throat as possible before blowing his load and sent a gush of his cream straight down the Vulpix’s throat and he then felt Ruby sucking on him still like he was a straw as she was trying to get what else could out of him the Vulpix’s was dripping bits of his cum down his length as she couldn’t drink down everything fast enough. Pulling his muzzle out of her Chip noticed that Ruby was staring back at him her eyes glinting as she looks at him happily.

“What you think?” She asked happily. Chip noticed white stuff dripping from her mouth and onto his leg. He felt her brush her tails over his face in a playful way. “I hope I didn’t do anything wrong?” She asked seeming worried. “I sometimes tend to get a little excited.”  

“No it was my first time doing anything like that so I can’t really tell you if you did something wrong Ruby.” Chip said with a chuckle. “What got into you Ruby, why did you do this?”

“I don’t know…when I heard that you might want to leave I became worried and then I began thinking about what it would be like without you here and well….I didn’t want to leave without a decent good-bye present. I saw other pokes around here do similar acts with those they care about so I decided to try it myself.” Ruby licks up what had fallen onto him and Chip did the same for her as he cleaned up her rear of the clear fluid that he had let get away from him. Afterwards they get up together and head back into his place to eat. His humans always left him food at the same times of the day and there was always enough to share with Ruby. After they ate the two laid together out in his garden for a bit until it began growing dark outside and Chip knew what it was time to do.

“Its time Ruby.” Chip gets up and Ruby nuzzled him their eyes meeting as he knew this was the moment both of them had been waiting for, “Are you still going to come with me?”

“I do not want to go, but I do not know what I’ll do without you here so I have to at leas try. If I do not like what I see there then I’ll return but damn it I’ll never know until I try.” Ruby said with a determined look. “Lets go.” She said actually leading the way out of the garden and into the woods. Looking back at the place that he had called his home for the past 8 moons he knew that he would never again be able to look at this place the same and finally from the sound of Ruby’s voice calling for him from the other side of the fence he followed her into the woods.

Together the pair returned to the place where Chip had found Icemast and the rest of the Prism Tribe members and saw that the clearing was bare and empty. Looking around he couldn’t see if there was any sign of anyone waiting for him and he wondered if he might had missed his chance to see them again. He felt a comforting tail touch his back and looked at Ruby who smiled back.

“No matter what happens I’m going to be here with you until the end.” Chip nodded and sat down. He didn’t have to wait long though as he heard rustling in the undergrowth to the side and saw the Luxray Thunderheart and a Floatzel come out.

“And here I thought he was going to leave before we got here.” Thunderheart said as he walks over to the pair, the Floatzel hung back a bit watching then intensely for any sign that the young pair might try something funny.

“Thunderheart you came.” Chip said happy to see that he hadn’t been forgotten.

“Sorry got a bit distracted on the way here.” Thunderheart said looking pacing around the pair. “Anyway who is your friend here?”

“This is Ruby and she wanted to come along with me to see the tribe.”

The Floatzel looked uncomfortable with the Luxary’s decision. “Are you sure this is wise Thunderheart? We were only suppose to bring back the eevee. This could anger Icemast.”

“We need more paws to help around the tribe plus if  she fights just as hard as young Chip does then they’ll both be a assets to the tribe. Tidalwave take up the rear lets get these two back before it get to dark. Oh and I hope that your tamed pet lives didn’t make you slow since we are not going to be slowing down the entire way, if you get lost then its on you.” Takes off into the woods and Chip and Ruby followed after him while Tidalwave was close behind.

The run though the woods was tough on both pokes as they had to keep up with the fast pace of the two older pokes as Chip and Ruby had to dodge trees, stomps and ditches in the ground and all that came before they hit the river. Stopping only for a moment Thunderheart looked back the worn out pair and smiled. “Don’t worry we are near the village now so relax you did well. Our territory is not that far away from where your humans live so it wasn’t going to be a long run.”

“Well you know they do not get out much.” Tidalwave said pointing some bloody paw prints behind them.  “I give them a day before we’ll be escorting them home.”

“Well that has yet to remain to be seen.” Thunderheart said taking up the defense for the pair. “Now lets get back to the village so I can report that things went well to Icemast.” And with that they head over a small hill and on the other side Chip that they were living near a small rock wall with several holes hollowed into it. Near the rock wall was a spot where several tree trunks had falls and were not being used as a small den as the inside was hollowed out. There was another spot on the far left side of the village that a mound of earth was and there was a hole that led inside of it. A small poke made pond laid in the center of the village where several of Chip’s and Ruby’s future tribe mates were conversing. Heading down towards them they stopped talking and looked at the pair like they were aliens which to them they were.

“Tidalwave keep watch on them while I go inform Icemast.” Thunderheart walked away and over to the rock wall while Tidalwave took a drink of water. For the first time since they left Ruby finally spoke up.

“Well this is it you ready?” she asked Chip a hint of worry and fear in her voice. He couldn’t blame her, here they were out in the middle of the woods in possibly hostile pokemon tribe and were surrounded by the pokes who they hoped were going to welcome them into their lives. There was nothing that he could do but hope right now that everything went though ok. Chip saw Icemast walk out of den that was high up on the rock wall and watched her walk down and over to where they were sitting. She took on look at them and then lets out a loud bark that made everyone stop moving and turn to her.

“Everyone gather around and hear what I have to say.” She announced as the Glaceon walked over to a large rock near the small pond and hopes onto it. Chip saw pokes come out from the tree trunks, the earth mound to the side and even the lower hollows in the rock wall and came over to them. There was murming among the tribe members and the pair knew that was about them. The talking stopped as soon as Icemast began speaking and Chip knew that she commanded that type of authority and respect.

“Last night I spoke about bringing more pokes into the tribe to help strenthen us and here they are. Chip the eevee and Ruby the vulpix both came to us from the human nest not far from here.”

“Tamed Pokes!” someone screamed.

“Why do they want to join us?”

“I do not want to share my food and home with them.”

“Get them out of here!”

“Everyone be quite and listen to me.” Icemast spoke and the chattering stopped. “We have reached a critical time right now, winter will be here soon and we lack apprentices and hunters alike. If we do not have more of either then there will be less paws to go out and catch food and defend the village which is why I brought them into our tribe. Chip, Ruby you both came here on your acrode which is the reason that I gave you time to think things over. Chip you fought Lightpup last night and did a fine job of it and I felt then that you would make a fine tribe member. Ruby you over heard what we said last night to Chip.” Chip heard Ruby gasp and looked over at Icemast who was smiling. “I could smell you the entire time dear though I didn’t want to spook you. I know both of you will make fine tribe members if you will have it I would like to make you members right now.”

Chip nods. “I accept.” He said without saying more, he didn’t want to start talking and try to talk himself out of it. Ruby was a bit more hesitant though when she looked into his eyes the Vulpix nods.

“Count me in.”

“Then I Icemast leader of Prism Tribe shall grant both of you tribemanship, Chip from this day forth you shall be known as Chippup until prove your worth and loyalty to the tribe and be granted your hunter name. And Ruby you shall be known as Rubypup until you prove your worth and loyalty to the tribe and be granted your hunter name.”

There was little noise from the other members of the tribe as they stared at their new arrivals though from the front Chippup saw the Shinx Lightpup looking at him and with a smile began chanting. “Chippup, Rubypup, Chippup, Rubypup.” Soon the others began to join in until the entire village echoed their names. Looking at one another Chippup knew that maybe they could make a living here after all.

Though mostly everyone was greeting them with welcoming paws there was a few who were not so pleased to be seeing their tribe mixing with the wrong type of blood. Tidelwave was looking at Chippup with disapproving eyes his glare seeming to burn a hole right into the eevee’s soul and only legends themselves would know what type of trouble he could cause them.

Chapter End Notes:Like Bangam I will try to update this as soon as I can
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