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Hilbert was destined to become the hero of the Unova region and obtain the mighty Reshiram. Having long defeated N and Ghetsis, he must face against a new threat, a criminal organization who's goal is to combine Reshiram and Zekrom back together and use the power of their old form. Along with his trusted team, he needs to protect his Reshiram, Shira, from ever falling into their hands.

  1. The White Eidolon (4467 words)

  2. White Destiny (2656 words)

    The battle between two legendary dragons has begun. But unfortunately for Hilbert, Shira had been defeated by the Zekrom once before. Will this be different or will Hilbert lose this battle?

  3. White Conclusion (1708 words) [Reviews: 1]

    After a might battle with N and Ghetsis, Hilbert hurries to the Pokemon Center and gets some disturbing news.

  4. White Plead (1181 words)

    Short chapter. Sorry about that ^^

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    Reviewer: yuu
    Date:Oct 20 2012 Chapter:White Conclusion
    Very nicely done :3 I loved the ending with the group of reporters XD It makes me wonder why a scene like that never happened in the games or the animation. The whole thing really had a sense of realism to it... Very nice interpretation and a very nice little surprise from Reshiram. :3