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Sequel to Pokemon Advancement by Juug at Deviantart.

The Nightmare was only the beginning. XD-386 was a mere warm-up. With the land of Sinnoh on the horizon, the Chosen One will find old friends, as well as new allies and foes. But nothing will be able to prepare him for an ancient evil that will threaten not just the planet Earth, but all of existence.



When you love someone you expect to be loved back. When you marry someone, you are committed to that person. But just one simple wish can challenge you to find commitment once more.

Join Leonick Incinasius as he explores the wild world of females once more as his wife pits him in a gauntlet that should never have arise in his life. The family secret revealed within the line as Leonick finds out how good or bad his life is and how he knows his son, Blazer, experiences a hell similar to his.

Side Story to Misplaced by Type.


This is the story of a Blaziken, Blazer Incinasius. Join him as he is thrown into a swirl of Weird Events, Trouble, Mishaps, Girls, Sex and Drama. This is not his vacation, I'm sure it isn't heaven or hell either as his Life will be turned to the fullest.

Read also my other story Misplaced by Taste

First chap revised with more plot


An ancient undead being has long since slumbered in a hidden tomb deep beneath the city of Benalia, Capital of Ravnica. Having been trapped there for centuries, her anger and desire for freedom as well as all the things that she has been denied have grown and corrupted her. Betrayed by her own followers for the evil she sought to bring about in life and trapped in a tomb, she is slowly trying to return to an undead life. The approaching Star of Kael'thas had provided her with the power she needed to reach out, seducing the living to find and free her. Ravnica, already having its fair share of evil finds itself threatened by a new plague, the dead have begun to wake, waiting for the rise of their leader to join them adding as many to their ranks as they can while seeking sacrifices for their undead queen.


Darkfaire Isle, a simple island city. Built by Umbrella, the city is now a training ground for the company to perfect their B.O.W.s. Now plauged by all manor of unnatural monsters, there is only a slim chance for those few survivors who are left to make it off the island.

Pokemon X Resident Evil Crossover.


Abuse Your Admins Contest Entry

A lone Absol born into a world of dust and echoes has lived a life in the dark. The ghosts of souls long departed hunger for the spirits of the living and the few who survived the passed holocaust are either beyond sanity or struggling to survive. The only light is the appearance of a strange object, monolithic in size and terrifying to behold.

This is the story of how the world ended, and how it will begin again.

Edit: Fixed the story bug



Pokemon: Excellent Adventure Contest Entry

In a distant region of space the denizens of Marathon-4 live life as has been the norm for decades. Little do they know of the ancient evil that slumbers beneath their feet and just how close they are to waking it.

Yeah, yeah, crumby summary... Hopefully not-so-crumby story.


An agressive war between psychic pokemon and non psychickpokemon had begun, two young pokemon find themselvesreluctantly in the middle of it all.

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Okay, so.... This story is a bit unconventional. Its about a girafarig and her trainer. And its a smut story, so yeah, they do it. But before you give me your best "meh" and skip over "some girafarig story" , hear me out for a sec:

I don't blame you if you're not interested in a girafarig smut story. But... I HAD to use a girafarig. Why? Because I had this totally awesome idea to have a contrasting dynamic relationship between her and her tail. Those are big words for "tail and head don't get along" :P

Basically, you have this timid and quiet girafarig and she is in heat. She wants to hide it, but her tail acts on her instincts to breed. And you know where this is going... Yes, the girafarig keeps getting put in unfortunate situations from her tail's behavior. Lulz ensues, followed by lots of awesome pr0n. I put a lot of work into this story... its good, trust me.

Hopefully, at the very least, this story now sounds mildly interesting. I just gotta ask one thing... Just go against your reservations, and give the story a chance by reading for a bit. If you still weren't interested after giving the story a try, then I can respect that. Just don't write the story off, though. The writing is good, I put a lot of thought into the characters, there's a lot of humor, and the smut is freakin hawt. :P Got it? Good.


Two weeks, summer break, what's a guy to do? Sit around all day, or keep himself busy? One thing's for certain, while the parents are away, everyone will play.


A non-anthro Vaporeon Maid and the human master that loves her. She comes into heat for the first time and his parents are away, so he decides to take advantage of both opportunities and finally show her how he feels...


A scientist does the unthinkable and combines human and pokemon DNA. But when the power goes to his head and starts attacking trainers for more DNA, who can they call on to stop him?


A lone female Eevee cub leaves her brother behind to stumble down into the darkness of her cave to investigate the strange sounds that her parents always seem to make at night time, only to find them hunched over each others' bodies and performing acts similar to the ones that caused her into existence. Things quickly then spiral out of control as the cub's Umbreon mother reveals information about how Eevee kits in her family learn about mating... Being taught first paw by their parents very own touch...


When the local towns water supply is poisoned by a money hungry man, people turn to the legendary Suicune to purify it. But when Suicune doesn't appear they turn to a pokemon tracker in hopes of finding Suicune.


Lear and her loyal pokemon Malkin are up in the mountains at his request. Except Malkin won't tell her why they're there.