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A mercenary tries to forget all the horror he's seen, all the blood, gore and sickening stuff that only a mercenary would see. He wants to find a reason to live, something to make the pain go away, he finds something more. A soul mate. A Lucario. But this man and Lucario aren't the only ones that find love. They won't be the only ones fighting for their lives.

Story Notes:

If you're thinking, 'Where have all the reviews gone!? WTF happened?' well it was due to an error, you see when the change over happened from the old AGNPH to the new one happened, I had to add my Co-authors back on, seeing as it took them off for some unknown reason. Anyway, when that happened, 2 copies of this story were made. I tried to delete the one without co-authors but when I did, it also deleted the other one, leaving me with no copies of blood and love, so yeah, have to re-upload. This is a pain in the ass but I heard that there was a problem with the text in all the older stories that made the text all glitchy, so maybe it was for the best that I re-uploaded it. Fortunatly, 'Blood and love' over at FanFiction isn't fucked up so that should make things easier. Also I've now noticed theres a duplicate 'Blood and love' story floating around, why this has happened I have no idea but I'm gonna try get it deleted. Oh, hears the stats for the story before it got wiped out.Views: 26,000Rating: 4.5Reviews: 59Oh, disclaimer. Yeah, Pokemon, I don't own it and I don't intend to make a profit out of it. This was done just for fun.

  1. Blood and bullets. (2270 words)

  2. Friend or foe? (1912 words)

  3. Forgetting the horror. (2079 words)

  4. Personal history. (1666 words)

  5. Meeting people. (2331 words)

  6. Richard, the problem solver. (2150 words)

  7. The police station. (1684 words)

  8. There's a new deputy in town. (1822 words)

  9. Passing the time. (2244 words)

  10. Nightmares. (1705 words)

  11. Bloodstained snow. (2794 words)

  12. Too many questions. (1874 words)

  13. Police station party. (1843 words)

  14. The blizzard. (2238 words)

  15. "I love you." (2629 words)

  16. Preparing for the worst. (2313 words)

  17. Passionate love. (2860 words)

  18. The truth hurts. (5412 words)

  19. Meet the Glaceon. (3590 words)

  20. A new year. (3681 words)

  21. The answer to the big question. (3967 words)

  22. The mission. (6107 words)

  23. First class. (6504 words)

  24. Biker bar brawl. (6307 words)

  25. Out of the frying pan, into the fire. (5916 words)

  26. The Avenger. (6119 words)

  27. The mall. (5960 words)

  28. A drink best served frozen. (4926 words)

  29. The black and blue rose. (4906 words)

  30. Family troubles. (5251 words)

  31. The Medic. (4441 words)

  32. Old friend. (3805 words)

  33. Rising tensions. (3368 words)

  34. Caught red handed. (2934 words)

  35. Drink. (2975 words)

  36. Hangover. (2708 words)

  37. The Sniper. (3511 words)

  38. Return of the terminal. (2733 words)

  39. Getting intimate. (2130 words)

  40. A new problem (2284 words)

  41. Standoff (2348 words)

  42. Movement (3467 words) [Reviews: 2]

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    Reviewer: dragn62345
    Date:Oct 16 2012 Chapter:Movement
    Very nice I will have to read to hole story I hope that this story will continue but that is of corse up to the auther
    Reviewer: dragn62345
    Date:Oct 24 2012 Chapter:Movement
    This has been a very good story with an even better plot line. Most story's like this are/end up being based on sex , and you have managed to put it in only when the people were well known enuff for you to see that it was true love and not a one time thing. Thank you for giving us such an incredible story and I hope to see more added to it soon