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Love Scenes by Felix


Author's Chapter Notes:

Floating along in the sky a Mew named Miri finds a sad Riolu in the forest. No matter the reason for his sorrow she decides to help him feel better...
(Warning, this is a true Riolu lemon. Very little story here so sorry. Hope you enjoy anyway!)

A Mew's Comfort

High above the forests of Unova, a playful mew floated and twirled along in her aimless travels. With a giggle she breathed in the fresh air and dipped again before soaring higher in the clouds. All of the sudden, the mew's ears perked and swiveled. "Murr?" She purred curiously and poked her head from the bottom of a cloud. Again she felt a wave of despair in the air. Noting the direction with her psychic senses her ears perked towards it, catching the whimpering whine of a canine far below. "Aww... Who's crying?" She chirped with sympathy as she quite simply fell from the sky.

After a pleasant tumble from a thousand to 100 feet above the ground her small sleek body righted itself. Her long tail perked in an S as she floated and looked around, soon catching the sound again. In no real hurry she flew leisurely towards it and dipped beneath the branches to look for the source. Weaving this way and that she listened and looked; no trace of the pokemon caught her attention until she came to near ground level. Again, the whine came, this time right on the other side of the tree trunk she hovered behind. Not wanting to startle her target she stayed quiet as she poked her head around and looked down.

A small Riolu sat on the ground with his arms wrapped around his legs as he sniffled. He knew he was broadcasting his mood to the forest but he couldn't help it. Riolu just couldn't keep their aura contained as well as Lucario. Such skill came with age and practice. "What's wrong?" The kind and innocent Mew asked as she floated inches above the ground in front of the aura pokemon. Surprised, the pup yelped as he hugged his legs tighter and blushed looking up at the mew with wide eyes. Her nose twitched, she could tell this was a boy by his scent but there was something else, an exciting tinge that tickled her nose and made her tiny body shiver happily. "Why are you crying?" She asked again, ignoring the feelings his scent gave her, chalking it up to the Riolu's emotional state.

Their eyes met for a long moment before the Riolu looked down. "S-sorry. I'm fine." He said, though he sniffled once as he finished.

"But you're crying and you feel sad. So what's wrong? Are you lost?" She asked with a purr of curiosity, floating around and looking at the pup from another angle.

"N-no... My brother just kicked me out of the den for a while." He answered, his hands playing with his foot paws.

"Well that's mean! He can't do that, it's your house too right?" She growled, sympathetic to his plight but confused as to why the pup was sitting here crying instead of going home.

"Y-yeah but... I was bothering him. It's ok... I'll go back." He answered, looking up at the floating kitty with a blush evident in his cheeks.

"Of course you will! Let's go. I'll teach him a lesson for you!" The kitten giggled and grabbed the Riolu by the paw. He yelped as his paw was seized and failed to resist fast enough as she pulled him to his feet.

"No wait I...!" He squeaked too late. The mew blinked and turned back as he didn't follow. Immediately her eyes were drawn to something red that blatantly contrasted against the Riolu's soft blue fur. Her cheeks quickly flushed as her nose sniffed the air. The scent sent another shiver down her spine, making her tail flick behind her. The Riolu froze. He knew she saw it and he couldn't be more embarrassed. "S-sorry..." He whimpered as he took his paw back and awkwardly covered his erection.

"For what?" The mew asked curiously, smiling and giggling as she continued to hover near the Riolu. Confused the pup looked her in the eyes for a moment but quickly averted his gaze back to the ground. "So your brother doesn't like you being a male?" She asked murring as she went behind him and put her arms around his shoulders. She couldn't help giggling as she felt him stiffen under her touch, his paws noticeably clenching around his crotch as if she would steal his member forever.

"N-no I... I just... can't make it go away and I can't... control my aura." He answered in a barely audible voice.

"I can help!" The mew giggled and hugged him tightly, nuzzling against his neck a bit forwardly. Now that she knew she could feel the arousal emanating from the pup. It had nearly faded when she found him but with her appearance and teasing... Even if she left now the poor pup would have to suffer a while longer before he could go home, she knew that for sure. Her innocent offer seemed to mortify the Riolu though.

"I-I couldn't! N-no I'll... be fine, s-sorry m-miss Mew!" He stammered, franticly squirming away from her nuzzle and turning to face her shyly once again.

"Call me Miri!" The mew giggled as she floated closer, her chest fur almost touching his as her paws rested on his own two still covering his member. "And why not? You at least know I'm a girl. What's you're name?" She purred sweetly.

"A-Aren..." The pup answered with the last bit of breath he had left. Utterly confused, he didn't know what was happening, let alone what to do and whether to run.

"A cute name for a cute boy." Miri answered with a sweet smile. Her paws danced over the metal pads on the Riolu's wrists before she trailed them up his arms to hold onto his shoulders. She could see the blush in Aren's cheeks and his wide red eyes were full of wonder and a shy innocence. "Why don't you want to play Aren? I promise I won't hurt you." She persisted in her sweet purring voice.

"B-but I... j-just met you..." He answered, shivering as her paws roamed to his chest. Sure he'd been in the mood to mate but confronted with the chance his modesty crippled him.

"Yeah, and just look at how much you like me already!" She said with another giggle as her tail curled around his thigh gently. "Plus... I think you need a friend Aren." She purred again, her paws at his tummy now.

"B-bu-uhh-ahhh...!" Aren whimpered a meek protest as her paws found his once again. Her finger tips grazed his hidden tip as she grasped his paws, making him shutter and pant. Of course Miri couldn't help but giggle. This pup she'd found was so cute, and his aura had definitely changed since she'd found him. No doubt this was why his brother had kicked him out for a while. The Lucario was obviously embarrassed that his brother's aura was arousing him just by being near it. The mew didn't care though. She'd done worse in terms of partners, and the idea of making a new friend always made her smile, not to mention she could use a pleasant release herself...

A little stubbornly the Riolu kept his paws on his member, but it didn't take much more coaxing for him to show his treasure to her. Her nose twitched with his scent as she gave a sweet giggle and smile. He watched, still blushing at her demeanor. His breath came in soft pants that grew sharper as her paws pealed away his. Feeling his resistance fade her attention dropped south to look upon his neathers for the second time. The Riolu's length was definitely a blessing. With a length of just about five inches including his rather prominent knot he had nothing to be ashamed of. His tip was pointed and slightly bulbous while his girth grew slightly until the ball of his knot. That canine specialty was just a little bigger than what the humans called a "golf" ball, and she wondered how big he'd swell to tie a girl. The thought made her tail tighten softly around Aren's thigh.

Miri couldn't help giggling as she watched his shaft twitch against his belly fur. The sound made Aren blush deeper as he wondered what she was laughing at. Still he was silent until a gasp escaped his muzzle when she brought her fingers to his tip. His legs wobbled and he yelped as he fell to the ground. Once again the Mew giggled, though she floated down and sniffed at his length, purring louder at the enticingly exotic musk of the canine pup.

With feline affection Miri rubbed her cheek against Aren's length, smearing some of his wetness into her fur as the Riolu winced and moaned in pleasure. Unnoticed, her tail uncoiled from his thigh and was replaced with her paw as she held his legs apart. Now hovering just inches above the ground she gave Aren a soft lick, her rough tongue running over the Riolu's thick knot. Aren gasped and whined, squirming as she continued, giving him another lick and another until she found his tip and kissed it with an innocent giggle. "Mmm... a little excited now aren't you?" She purred, her tongue passing over her lips where his clear pre clung to her fur.

Once more words escaped him as the Riolu panted and blushed. When he realized their gazes had met he shyly looked down to avoid her, giving the answer she wanted. Needing no encouragement Miri continued. The gentle touch of her paw wrapped around Aren's knot as she kissed his tip, making the Riolu twitch and leak once more. With a wanton moan she slipped his head into her maw and sucked, her rough little tongue passing over his hole to collect the pre he continued to leak. She purred loudly, enjoying the moment as she took him deeper, letting the vibrations of her throat tease the quivering pup beneath her.

Oblivious to the world around him Aren gasped, whined and tensed as his cock was toyed with. Her rumbling purr made his hips jerk, and it was only by clenching the grass desperately with his hands that he resisted the urge to thrust against her. Her paw stroking his knot was unbelievably arousing and tortuous. It was the most sensitive part of his member and he could tell she knew it. His ears were pinned shyly against his head until a new noise from her made them perk forward. A cute mew of pleasure mixed with her purrs and muffled by his member. A movement caught his eye and he stared for a moment at her tail… As if it had a mind of its own the long appendage had started rubbing against Miri’s sex! The pup shuttered again as he realized she was pleasuring herself, the thought sending him over the edge as his partner squeezed his knot a little tighter!

Aren gasped at that pressure, his cock throbbing hard until Miri pulled her lips away and released her paw from his knot. “Ahh… I don’t want you to finish just yet…” She purred almost sadistically with a cute, lusty voice as her eyes flashed with a blue psychic energy. Aren shook, the pleasure of her touch and even his climax halted by her psychic abilities. The pup gave a gasping whine, pleading her to let him cum as his cheeks burned. With his breath coming in short, sharp gasps Miri giggled and let her block fade. He didn’t have the stimulation to climax and she wanted to play with him more. She could tell he was a virgin still, probably just discovering his sexual nature. Of course that’s what made this so exciting for her. She didn’t mind teaching him a thing or two…

“You look so cute like that Aren.” Miri purred as she floated over him then lowered herself to the cool grass to cuddle with the Riolu. His red shaft still throbbed and leaked his pre, matting his blue fur as it rubbed his belly. Still purring lightly as she hugged the Riolu’s arm Miri smiled as she arched her tail over him. Aren blinked as he saw the bulbous tip of her tail hanging over his face. His nose twitched with the enticing scent of an eager female and he found himself breathing deeper than ever, unable to get enough of that wonderful aroma. Still he blushed and swallowed hard, seeing the moisture that clung to her fine fur. Her feminine juices glistening even in the shadow of a tree. “Just look what you did to me with that aura of yours…” She teased, lowering her tail just enough to touch her wet fur to his nose, ensuring her scent would fill his nostrils for quite a while.

Aren shuttered once again at the touch. That scent was a heavenly musk and before he knew what he was doing his mouth opened, breathing a hot breath over her bulb and quickly lapping at it with his broad tongue. Her flavor made him moan but his touch made her giggle and squeak out a gasp. Hugging his arm tight he could feel the warmth of her body and her breath on his neck. He licked her again, collecting more of that slippery treat and getting rewarded by another adorable giggle from her. “Hehe! That tickles! Rrrr… I guess you’re not so opposed to me now?” Miri teased, nuzzling his arm and giving him a sweet kiss on the cheek.

Most of Aren’s inhibitions had been banished as he gave in to her tempting tail. Still he blushed at the kiss and turned to give her a shy smile. He wanted this… he wanted her, and he knew she wanted him. Her aura was awash with affection for him and him alone at that moment. Maybe it wasn’t true love but he knew he would see her again, she wouldn’t just screw him and leave.

Trying to be bold the pup rolled on top of her, pressing his body against her and snuggling against the velvety soft fur of the mew. Her purrs returned as she felt his hardness pressed against her belly and his knot nestling against her wet folds. “You ready stud?” She teased and wrapped her long tail around his waist, being sure to brush his tip with her wet bulb, making the Riolu shiver again in renewed pleasure. Aren let out a soft chuckle as he flexed his hips and dug his hind claws into the grass for leverage. A bit of pride flickered in his heart as Miri moaned at the sensation of his knot grinding against her sex and his shaft sliding over her little clit. Her tail gripped him tighter in her throws, not letting him escape, despite the fact he clearly didn’t want to.

Though his voice still escaped him he continued, pulling his body against hers with slow deliberate motions, reveling in both her mews of ecstasy and the sensation of his shaft rubbing against her slick opening. Finally, his tip nestled in her sex as he thrust. Still inexperienced, the bolt of blinding pleasure made his legs stiffen more than he intended. In one motion he hilted himself up to his knot in her depths!

Aren yelped and gasped, his member throbbing and squirting a thick shot of irony pre against the walls of his first female. Miri squeaked as well, her tail tightening further as she clung to the pup. Maybe he was new to this but he felt amazing! It had been a while since she’d mated and though he wasn’t the biggest she’d taken he filled her perfectly. His lively member twitching, bumping her in all the right places especially with that tip of his! And that knot! She couldn’t wait to take it. Her sex quivered and clenched just thinking about being tied to him.

Both lovers took a moment to calm themselves down. With their hot pants washing through the other’s fur Miri was the first to recover. She gave a long purring moan as she tensed her whole body, squeezing the invader in her tunnel and hugging Aren tightly as he whined with another throb of his shaft. His noise made her giggle, which again caught his attention. His ears flattened against his head shyly as he opened his eyes. Seeing her sweet smile and sultry eyes aimed at him only served to embolden the pup a little more. With a soft shy murr Aren leaned closer to his lover. Both their eyes slipped closed as his lips met hers, making her his second first of the day…

As Miri encouraged Aren in their kiss the rumbling in her throat continued with his renewed thrusts against her hips. Finally relaxing into her acceptance Aren proved to be an excellent partner. Finding just the right pace to push his hot shaft through her tunnel Miri moaned into their kiss as she deepened it, seeking the Riolu’s with her smaller, rougher muscle. Aren moaned as well, enjoying the strange sensation of sliding his broad tongue over hers while reveling in the tight silken grip of her sex.

Miri was the first to reach a climax as Aren gave sharp thrusts in and long draws out. While they still kissed his rhythm faltered, prodding her into bliss as his knot pressed against her clit twice in quick succession. The mew broke their kiss as she squeaked and hugged tightly to him. Her sex tightened and leaked her femi cum soaking the fur on his blue sheath even more thoroughly as he continued to thrust with a grunting pant.

Surprising even himself at his longevity it was several minutes before a sense of renewed urgency burrowed into Aren’s mind. Miri still lay squirming and clinging to him, mewing and purring loudly as she rode the male. “A-Arennnnnn!!! T-tie meeee! I want to feel that cute knot of yours!” She cried out as her paws gripped his fur tightly. Aren was in no position to refuse as he pistoned quickly against the female. He could feel her pleasure stricken aura around him and her eager thrusts meeting his every move. Her tunnel started to clench around his hot canine member like it had a while before. He knew he was making her feel good and he desperately wanted to join her. His cheeks flushed deeper as she begged for his knot and finding himself unable to hold back any longer he gave her all he had!

His legs flexed hard, pressing his cock as far as he could reach into the mew beneath him, still his knot refused to tie her. Miri mewled heatedly feeling it spread her almost enough! As Aren pulled back she tightened her tail, determined to take him. He slammed forward once more, grinding his swollen bulb against her sex, pressing on her clit. Miri gasped once again and tugged wither tail as she drove her hips to meet his…

Aren let out an unbridaled howl as his sensitive knot finally slipped past Miri’s folds. The mew yowled as well as the sensation sparked fireworks before their eyes. With his knot squeezed tightly by Miri’s convulsing sex the pup came hard, spurting thick ropes of his barely mature seed across her walls. Miri shuttered, her tunnel twitching around the male stuck in her depths. The heat of his seed and sex permiating her body even as he started to descend from his euphoric high. Her own chest heaved as she smiled and gave a long, pleasant purr.

As his breathing started to slow Aren weakly opened his eyes. His ears flattened again as he blushed deeply seeing Miri grinning back at him with that adorably childish expression Mews wore so well. Momentarily forgetting what had happened, he tried to get off her, only to watch as she moaned and lay her head back on the grass. He too couldn't resist gasping as he felt his stil hard shaft throb and leak, adding to the warm, wet depths that already surrounded it.

"I-I'm sorry... I-I d-didn't Mmph!" He whined, terrified of what he'd done while lost in the feeling of being with a female. He soon found her tail tip silencing him like his mother's paw pad. The mew just giggled, knowing even her matted dry fur would carry her strong scent. The Riolu blushed deeper as his nose twitched and before he could do anything more than yelp Mirihad flipped them over, leaving her straddling him as she braced her paws beside his chest.

"Feel better?" She asked sweetly, wiggling her hips a little to shift his knot as she clenched every muscle she could. A soft mrowl escaped her throat but a long pleasured growl from him overshadowed her. She giggled again and relaxed, letting her light body rest on his as she nuzzled his soft black and blue chest fur. She had never guessed such an inexperianced pup could wear her out so much... but with a little help and encouragment she was happy she could help.

Still embarrassed, Aren blinked as his new friend seemed to doze in her afterglow. His brother had taught him something about mating. For one, he knew he was stuck to this mew for quite a while now... And two... It really did feel absolutely amazing!

Chapter End Notes:

Sooooo... This is a real Riolu lemon. ^^; A friend of mine had a Mew icon on MSN and I have a Riolu. Staring at them this idea popped in my head and about three hours of writing later this is what I had.

Hope you enjoy. Please let me know what you think as well. I'd like to know if I should indulge these random ideas or if you'd rather I focus only on my main stories.

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    Befuddling since 1985, when the Cows came home
    Reviewer: Raw19
    Date:Jan 8 2013 Chapter:A Mew's Comfort

    This only took 3 hours to write?! Man, i've never been able to write something so detailed and interesting in so short a time. And this was most excellent, i highly enjoyed it. Great job.

    Reviewer: auranos
    Date:Apr 15 2013 Chapter:A Mew's Comfort
    This was a great little one-shot. You are a good writer, and I'd love to see more of these mini-lemons from you.
    Reviewer: Beluinus
    Date:Jul 5 2013 Chapter:A Mew's Comfort
    I think you should work on whatever you want :) when you get an idea for a story, you must write it down before the brilliant idea goes away.