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Chapter 12 - The Other Journey - Zoey & Dawn

Around the same time Ash and his companions started their trek through the forest, so too did Dawn and Zoey start their trip from the airport at the other side of the island.  After meeting up at the airport’s Pokemon Center, they had made their way to the forest and were now about a third of the way through.

Darkness had already set in, so both girls had set up camp in the woods, a good 10 minute walk away from the main roads. A large clearing containing a small lake suited their needs perfectly and now they were busy getting themselves ready for the night. Dawn had taken it upon herself to set up their tent, while Zoey had volunteered to get a campfire going. The red-haired coordinator was still not feeling well, but she was happy to make the journey and she was looking forward to the upcoming tournament.

Dawn, however, had been quite angry at Zoey. At first, she had been happy with the prospect of travelling with her old rival again, but when she actually met up with Zoey again she was met with quite the surprise.  Zoey had refused to give her a straight answer back at the airport, and they had started their journey in annoyed silence after a short argument.

Dawn ate her meal in silence, taking small, vicious bites as she shot questioning looks at the redhead on the other side of the campfire.

“So…” she started in between bites. “When were you going to tell me?”

“Tell you what?” Zoey replied, avoiding eye contact as she munched down on a sandwich. With an angry grunt, Dawn punched her fist on the grassy ground. “You know damn well what I’m talking about Zoey! Look at you!”

“Okay, okay! Hey mom, guess what? I’m pregnant!” Zoey replied, her voice a mocking tone of innocence.

“You don’t say…” Dawn shot back, her voice heavy with sarcasm. “The giant stomach and the huge tits totally did NOT give it away!”

It was true. Zoey’s stomach was huge, even the loose purple jogging outfit Zoey was wearing now seemed to have trouble holding everything in, the area around her belly button was permanently exposed to the outside world. No wonder Zoey had felt so emotionally drained and tired. Carrying around that kind of weight on a Pokemon journey would be tiring on anyone, not to mention the psychological effects. Heck, she was going to be a mother pretty damn soon by the looks of it!

And who was the father? Why wasn’t he here with her?

“Why didn’t you tell me about this sooner? I could’ve helped you!” Dawn said with a look of hurt in her eyes. “How long has this been going on Zoey?”

Her eyes downcast, Zoey fiddled with a zipper on her pants before answering. The girl had always been so confident and tough, but now she was reduced to a pitiful state of uncertainty and regret. Dawn hated to see her like that.

“Almost 8 months, according to the doctors I’ve visited. I’m in my 30th week now…”

“And you kept on travelling?” Dawn was perplexed. She couldn’t imagine herself carrying that kind of mental and physical load, while also competing as a coordinator.

“Of course I did!” Zoey cried out indignantly, making eye contact with her blue-haired companion for the first time that evening. The look of determination was evident in her eyes. “You think something minor like a pregnancy is going to keep me from chasing my dreams?! I can still walk, and as long as I can still do that I’ll keep going! And even if I can’t walk anymore, I’ve got more than enough Pokemon willing to carry me!”

There’s the Zoey I knew all right… Determined as always.

“Something minor?! Get real, Zoey! You are having a baby! How long do you think you’re going to last?”

“Truth be told, I had just about reached my limit the day May e-mailed us 2 weeks ago…” Zoey shot back.

“I was about to book a flight back to Sinnoh, back to home. But then this tournament came up. I couldn’t just miss out on it, could I? Besides, this little guy shouldn’t be coming out for at least another month…” she patted her swollen belly affectionately, a subconscious smile on her face.

Dawn leaned back on her hands, unlocking her legs from their cross-legged position as she took in Zoey’s words.

“Still, that’s 28 weeks... Let’s say you found out after a month, which means you could’ve told me this at least 5 months ago Zoey! I could’ve helped you!”

“I didn’t want any help!” Zoey shot back as her eyes filled with moisture. “I didn’t want to saddle any of my friends with my problems, especially not you! Just because I made a mistake doesn’t mean someone else has to give up their live to help me…” Dawn gasped at her reply.

Mistake? What is she talking about?

“M-… made a mistake? What are you talking about Zoey? W-… who’s the father?”

Zoey snorted, a mirthless laugh leaving her lips, she stared into the fire with sad eyes.

“That’s the problem… If only I knew…” Before Dawn could reply, her rival continued.
“Back before this all started, I attended a party… I had just started my Unova journey, so I wanted to celebrate a new start...” Zoey shuddered, reliving a particularly depressing memory, before she continued. “I don’t remember much of it… Only a club with really loud music and really tasty drinks… The next day I woke up in my bed at the Pokemon center, naked and dripping with fluids that definitely weren’t mine…”

“I never found the bastard, only the two condoms he left,” Zoey finished; her voice devoid of emotion, “one of them was torn…”

Dawn gasped as the full situation her friend was in hit her. Here she was, nearly 8 months pregnant, and the father was nowhere in sight… She couldn’t comprehend just how alone Zoey must’ve felt these past months.

“Oh Zoey… I’m so sorry…” Dawn choked as she shifted around the campfire and wrapped her arms around her friend in a hug. Neither of them knew who started crying first, and neither of them would ever confess it even if they did, but soon they were both sobbing quietly as Zoey held on to Dawn for all the support she had so dearly missed.

After this, the mood between them had lifted considerably. Now that Zoey had told her everything, Dawn no longer felt out of the loop and she was more than happy to support her friend with whatever advice she could come up with. Zoey, in turn, greatly appreciated Dawn’s friendliness, though she kept on refusing any tangible help. It wasn’t in her nature; she wanted to do this herself. It was a burden she had to bear alone, she reckoned.

Smiling, she threw another log onto the fire and breathed in the musky forest air deeply.

“Okay, enough about me! Let’s talk about you now, what have you been up to Dawn?” she turned to the blue-haired coordinator, tilting her head slightly in a cute questioning look which made it impossible for Dawn to ignore. “Well, not much really…” she answered, lying herself on the ground beside Zoey, watching the stars slowly blink into life. “Didn’t do too well in Hoenn, so when I heard Unova was starting to get into Pokemon Coordinating I decided to give that a shot!” She slipped her hand into her backpack, producing a pink aluminum container. With a flick of her thumb the container opened, revealing 2 shiny ribbons.

“Congratulations! I guess you’re finally ahead of me for once!” Zoey chuckled as she produced her own, single ribbon.

“So, how was Hoenn?” the red-haired rival asked as she too lay down on her back to watch the stars. Dawn’s face immediately took on a frown and she rolled on her side, her back facing Zoey.

“I don’t want to talk about it…” she responded, her voice even but lined with a sense of sadness.

“Didn’t you go there with that Kenny kid who always picked on you during your contests? Dee-dee, wasn’t it?” Zoey let out a tinkling giggle. Dawn did not enjoy it quite as much though, as she was now holding her head in her hands.

“And I definitely do NOT want to talk about Kenny right now!” she yelled, perhaps more forcefully than she had first realized. Zoey was visibly hurt by her sudden outburst. However, tough as she still was, it didn’t take her long to fire up and demand an explanation.

“There’s no need to yell at me like that! What happened between you two? Last thing I heard, the two of you were going pretty steady!”

Dawn let out a tired sigh and rolled on her other side, now facing Zoey. “Sorry about that… we were close, yes...” she mumbled as she avoided all eye contact.

“Close… until what happened?” Zoey enquired, she didn’t like the look of hurt on her friend’s face one bit, but her curiosity demanded answers. Dawn’s face contorted into a fierce scowl, her eyes seemed to shoot fire as a deep blush formed on her cheeks.

“Winona” she growled fiercely. “That’s what happened!” Dawn almost spat the words out, as though she wanted to get rid of them forever. “Everything was going great; Kenny and I loved each other very much! We even competed in the Hoenn Festival together and we would face each other in the finals… I promised him, no matter what would happen; I would always love him, win or lose, no matter what…”

“So… ya beat him, he couldn’t handle it and then he broke things off?” Zoey bluntly asked, causing her friend to laugh sharply.
“Ha! If only that had been the case… Instead, I found him in his dressing room, just before our final match. Balls deep into Winona, that whore of a gym leader from Fortree City!” Zoey let out a startled gasp and covered her mouth with her hand as Dawn broke down in tears. She had never paid Kenny much attention, but the last time she saw him he had seemed to genuinely care for Dawn.

How could he? How could he betray his girlfriend like that, right before her final match?!

“Of course.. A-after t-that, I couldn’t focus anymore. I lost the finals to him… and he didn’t even say a WORD! A-a-all he did was smirk as that gymleader bitch cheered him on from the sidelines!” Dawn sobbed on. Without her even noticing, Zoey had gently taken her head and rested it on her lap. Softly she stroked Dawn’s long blue hair as the younger girl sobbed on.

“Did you ever confront him?” Zoey mused softly. “Did he know you discovered his betrayal?” Dawn stopped crying for a moment as an evil grin spread across her face.

“Oh, he knows all right,” she said, not a single drop of sadness in her voice, “I made sure he knew, when I punched him in the face and broke his nose, once all the cameras were gone!”

“I haven’t seen him since…” Dawn concluded, still slightly hiccupping from her crying. “Last thing I heard, he made the front page when the paparazzi discovered Winona was pregnant while he was off having an affair with Roxanne from Rustboro City!”

“Wow, what an asshole…” Zoey mumbled as she let Dawn’s story sink in. Compared to her, Zoey’s own problems didn’t seem so bad. She never knew the father of her baby, so there wasn’t a broken relationship she had to deal with. From the looks of things, Dawn must’ve gone through hell and back emotionally… Zoey vowed to give Kenny a well-deserved kick in the groin next time she saw him.


Quietly Zoey handed a steaming mug of choco which she accepted thankfully. The very first sip already filled her with warmth she hadn’t felt in a long time.

“That’s better, isn’t it?” Zoey remarked, patting Dawn on the shoulder. “It feels good to get it off your chest, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, it does!” Dawn replied as she held the hot mug in her hands. “I guess we’ve both had our share of relationship problems…”

“I suppose so… Well, no more men for me, that’s for sure!” the red-haired coordinator stated decidedly. “It’s not like I’ll have time for another relationship anyway, once this little fellow comes out…” she affectionately stroked her swollen belly, sending as much of her love to her unborn child as she could.

The fragile scene in front of her made Dawn feel weak in the knees. The young mother-to-be looked so delicate and loving, but determined as well. Somehow, Dawn knew Zoey would be all right, and she would be there to help her along the way!

“I couldn’t agree more, I’ve had it with men as well; they can go fuck themselves for all I care!”

“Hear hear!” Zoey joined in laughing as they raised their mugs of chocolate together as if to toast on a new life, a new life without the men who had wronged them so.


Chucking the remainder of her choco back in one gulp, Zoey laid down her mug in the grass besides her. She eyed Dawn curiously, seemingly trying to make up her mind about something.

“There is one thing I’m going to miss about men though…” Dawn suddenly said as she swirled her choco around.

“Which is?” Zoey asked tentatively. Dawn seemed to squirm a bit before she answered, a blush once again on her cheeks.

“Well, let’s just say masturbating… only gets you so far...” she giggled, causing Zoey to snort into her hot chocolate and into a coughing fit as they both laughed uncontrollably. When she got some of her breath back, Zoey looked Dawn in the eyes and made up her mind.

“What if I told you there’s another way?” Dawn’s attention was immediately piqued. Truth be told, ever since they had entered the forest, the young girl from Twinleaf Town had felt a slight, burning need in her crotch. As the day had progressed so had the feeling, by now the heat between her legs could not be ignored anymore and she was quite eager to relieve herself of this strange sensation.

“Another way?” she replied before taking another sip of her choco. “What are you talking about?”

“Have you ever considered… Pokephillia?”


Surprised, Dawn sprayed her choco all over the ground beside her. With eyes as big as dinner plates she looked at Zoey.

“P-p-pokephillia? You mean having sex with Pokemon?!”

“Yep, that about covers it!” Zoey confirmed with confidence.

Holy shit, she IS serious about it!

“Zoey, are you crazy? Having sex with Pokemon is illegal! You’ll lose your trainer license if people find out!” Dawn panicked, talking rapidly as she started sweating profusely. Surely, Zoey couldn’t be serious?

“Now Dawn, it’s only illegal in the Sinnoh region and that’s only because Sinnoh is the homebase of the whole Church of Arceus thing. They claim that Arceus created humans and Pokemon separately and that therefore the two shouldn’t mix… In all the other regions, having sex with Pokemon is actually tolerated as long as both partners agree to it willingly!”

Dawn was stunned. Not only was Zoey seriously considering having sex with a Pokemon, she had apparently done her research into its legalities as well!

“And trust me, if this big guy didn’t want to do it, he would’ve been quite capable of letting me know… Here, I’ll show ya!”

And before Dawn could even utter a single word to stop her, Zoey unleashed one of her Pokeballs.

One bright flash later and they were joined by a huge Tauros, scraping its hooves across the ground as he looked around for signs of trouble. When he found none he visibly relaxed and turned to his trainer, affectionately nuzzling her neck.

“You’ve had sex… with your TAUROS?!” Dawn cried out, utterly baffled by what she saw. Zoey nodded her head, blushing shyly.

“Yep! I caught him in the Safari Zone in Kanto, about a year ago. We started a few weeks before I arrived in Unova. This big guy was in heat… One thing led to the other and, basically, he’s been my fuckbuddy ever since!” The blue-haired coordinator did not know what to say, she couldn’t believe her friend had actually had sex with her Tauros.

Just look at the size of him… His dick must be huge!

The thought had come and gone before she realized it, but its effects were clear. The burning heat between her legs intensified and Dawn let out an involuntary moan. Zoey smiled slyly as she noticed her friend’s stunned and horny expression. She herself had not been able to resist Tauros for long, and she had a feeling Dawn wouldn’t be able to resist for long either… With a single finger of her left hand she stroked Tauros’ head, making sure to scratch him behind his neck as well. The large bull Pokemon sniffed loudly as he shook his head and let out a low, rumbling moo. Dawn stared into the eyes of the hulking beast before her, and she gasped when she saw her own burning need reflected in them.

“Would you like to try him out?” Zoey spoke breathlessly. Dawn couldn’t believe what she was hearing, but Zoey’s tone of voice betrayed neither doubt nor dishonesty. Zoey genuinely meant what she said.

“W…what?! Z-z-z-Zoey, what are you saying?!”

The pregnant teen snickered. “I’m saying you should try him out before you judge my sexual preference… Come on! I’m sure you’ll love it and I promise Tauros will be a good boy!”

“I-I’m not sure…” Dawn still doubted. The prospect of having sex with a Pokemon, and such a big one at that, filled the young coordinator with a confusing mix of lust and doubt. “You’re really willing to share him?”

“I wouldn’t share him with anyone else but you, Dawn…” Zoey confirmed, giving Dawn a not unpleasant boost of confidence. But still, she wouldn’t move as she sat there on her knees, stuck between the choice of ripping her clothes off or outright refusing Zoey’s offer.

Zoey could see that her friend was still unable to make a decision, so she decided to speed things up a bit. “Fine, you don’t have to choose right now. But don’t think that’s going to stop me from having my turn…” she said in a low voice which she hoped sounded sexy and lustful. Quickly, she discarded her body warmer before she slowly and teasingly started to pull her shirt up.

Two soft D-cup breasts revealed themselves as she slowly pulled her shirt over her head. Dawn noticed her breasts were a lot larger than they were the last time she had seen Zoey and Dawn knew they were filled to the brim with her milk. With a jolt the young woman realized she hadn’t even noticed Zoey hadn’t been wearing a bra.

Meanwhile, Zoey continued discarding her clothes. The ever-present sunglasses on her head were next, after which she tried to bend over to untie her shoes. Her pregnant belly prevented his however, so she decided to forget about the shoes and just dropped her pants to her ankles, revealing a white pair of panties sporting a large wet spot. She sat down on her rear and pulled her pants off, leaving her in just her shoes and panties. For some reason Dawn couldn’t stop shaking as she looked at her friend. Zoey looked beautiful; her heavily pregnant body only seemed to add to that beauty. A strong, determined young mother-to-be… Dawn couldn’t help but feel the burning between her thighs increase.

Now crawling on her hands and knees, her big belly lightly scraping the grass below her, Zoey turned to Dawn with hazy, lust-filled eyes. “You know, you can still join in on the fun!” she whispered huskily. “I’m sure Tauros has a free spot just for you… In fact, Tauros could you turn to your right, please?” Obediently, the big bull turned around so that Dawn was facing his side, with Zoey on her knees between them. “There’s a funny thing about Tauros, here, I’ll show you…” Zoey continued as she reached out beneath Tauros and took a hold of his members.


Wait, members?!


Sure enough, with a little bit of light fondling, Zoey coaxed not one, but two penises out from underneath Tauros.

“Heavenly Arceus, TWO?!” Dawn exclaimed as she saw Zoey playing with the two rods. They looked completely identical; both tools were a good 19 centimeters long with a thick tip and a straight shaft covered in tiny blue veins. They were quickly covered in pre-cum as Zoey used her tongue to lick the tip of one penis while her hands took care of the other. Zoey paused her oral treatment for a moment to explain her Pokemon’s double organ.

“I actually did some research after I found out about this… Turns out, male Tauros have as many dicks as they have tails! In the wild, the male Tauros attempt to impregnate as many females as they can and having more than one dick greatly increases their stamina! There have even been recorded matings where a male Tauros would impregnate up to three small females simultaneously, isn’t that amazing?!”

'Amazing' isn't the first word that comes to MY mind, but holy hell those dicks are something else!

Dawn could no longer resist her friend’s insistence, or the juicy dick that awaited her should she accept. It had been months since she had last had a proper fuck, back then she was still together with Kenny even! But now, all that would change. “That’s it, make way! I want a piece of him too!” Dawn grunted as she got on her feet and quickly rushed to get her clothes off. In quick order her hat, vest, shirt and skirt dropped to the ground, leaving her in only her underwear and shoes. With a determined look she kept eye contact with Zoey as she unhooked her dark blue bra and dropped it to the ground, stepping out of her panties at the same time.

Zoey nodded in lustful approval. Dawn looked stunning, she considered. Her body was well proportioned and slightly toned from the travelling she had done; the muscles in her arms and legs were clearly visible. Her stomach was flat, a detail which made Zoey quite jealous as she hadn’t had a stomach like that for months. Above her stomach, two B-cup mounds jiggled along with every step she took walking towards Zoey. Finally, a thin vertical line of blue pubic hair guarded over her lower lips, which were already dripping with fluids.

Crouching down beside Zoey, Dawn got under Tauros and gingerly took his left penis in her hands as Zoey continued working on the other dick. It was so sticky and hot! His member felt unlike anything Dawn had touched before and rubbing it felt surprisingly good. Dawn smiled as she heard Tauros grunting and snorting, scraping his hooves on the ground as the two girls continued to pleasure him.

Kenny had nothing compared to Tauros and the bull Pokemon was miles beyond the Pikachu-brand dildo she had bought after the breakup. Driven by both her curiosity and some unknown primal urges, Dawn opened her mouth and carefully engulfed the tip of her assigned penis. It tasted salty, with a slight hint of ham even, Dawn realized with a mental giggle.

Not too bad… I could get used to this!

Suddenly, Dawn was shaken from her thoughts as a high-pitched moan came from beside her. A quick glimpse confirmed what Dawn had already known. Zoey had gotten impatient and she had lowered her panties to her ankles before quickly guiding her assigned penis inside her. Quickly, Tauros set up a brisk rhythm of thrusts, pumping into Zoey at a fast pace. Tauros seemed to lack in power what he had in speed though, none of his thrusts were really forceful and Dawn realized he must be holding back because he knew Zoey was more fragile in her pregnant state. Dawn was amazed by this amount of gentleness and care, especially since it had come from a Pokemon which had the reputation of being wild and unruly.

I bet he really cares for her… I never knew Pokemon could care so deeply for us…

Another lustful moan from Zoey permanently shook Dawn from her musings and she decided she was going to join in on the fun. With a pop, she took his tip out of her mouth as she kept up with his rhythm. “All right big guy, show me what you got! Arceus, I need a cock!”

With that, she turned around and braced herself on her hands and knees as Tauros’ dick poked around her vagina a few times before it finally hit its mark. With a smooth thrust, Tauros worked about half of his dick into her in a single go, making the young coordinator cry out and pleasure.

Tauros was a little bit thicker than Kenny had been and Dawn could definitely feel the difference as the bull stretched her lower lips to their limits. Soon, both girls were moaning loudly as they were being fucked simultaneously by the large bull Pokemon. Tauros scraped his front hooves and mooed his pride to the moon above them as he pumped both his meats into his beloved trainer and her friend.

Both girls were soon out of breath as they felt his big meat pump into them, sending jolts of pleasure through their bodies with every thrust. Both Dawn and Zoey were moaning constantly and both girls were sweating like crazy, their bodies glistening in the moonlight.

“I.. t-t-told you you-… you’d love it?” Zoey managed to say in between thrusts, her face flushed red and a lustful smirk on her lips.

“He’s a-a-a-amazing!” Dawn shuddered as Tauros thrust forward again, his long dick stimulating her clit like it hadn’t been stimulated for a long time. “He’s so gentle and careful and his dick is so big, I love it!”

“If you think this is good…” Zoey gasped as Tauros withdrew from her, leaving her strangely empty for a split second before thrusting in again. “… then you’ll absolutely love him when he really gets going!”
“W-what do you m-mean?” Dawn stuttered. This already felt amazing, how could it possibly feel even better when Tauros ‘really gets going’? Zoey didn’t answer her straight away. Instead, she shifted closer to her and engulfed her mouth in a kiss. Startled as she was, Dawn did not retreat, surrendering to her old rival’s kissing instead. Soon their tongues were battling for supremacy as Zoey gently massaged one of Dawn’s breasts in her hand as she supported herself with the other. Dawn quickly returned the favor, taking one of Zoey’s big mounds in her hands and massaging it.

The redheaded girl let out a high-pitched yelp, loving the sensation of having her tender breasts fondled by her old rival.

Their kiss came to an end when both girls had to stop for air, a thin strand of saliva still connecting them shortly before it broke. “What do I mean?” Zoey repeated huskily. “You’ll find out soon enough…”

And with that, Zoey threw her head back and moaned loudly as her orgasm hit her, filling her body with a pleasure unmatched. Her inner walls clamped down on Tauros’ big member and the bull let out a mighty roar as he felt his beloved trainer cumming. He still had plenty of stamina left though, so Zoey’s spasming inner walls did not push him over into an orgasm of his own. Dripping with her own fluids, her eyes hazed over with lust, Zoey quickly pulled Tauros out of herself before she shifted out from underneath the massive Pokemon. Lying on her side, still stark naked, she addressed her groaning bull. “T-thank you Tauros… You were amazing!”

After a few deep breaths, she added: “now show Dawn what you’ve got… Don’t hold anything back!”

Dawn’s eyes spread open wide as Tauros mooed loudly. Quickly, the bull Pokemon doubled his speed and more than tripled the force of his thrusts, causing Dawn to shriek in pleasured surprise.

With Zoey, Tauros had been holding back… a LOT, Dawn realized. In an effort to spare her fragile pregnant body the full force of his instincts, Tauros had pushed back his personal needs, until now… Now, he was plowing in and out of Dawn at an incredible rate and with such a force that Dawn found it impossible to stay her ground. Her arms gave out after the first dozen thrusts, causing her to land on her face and breasts into the grass below, her ass sticking up high in the air as Tauros kept on thrusting his pelvis.

“Aaaah! Yes, YES! Keep going Tauros, KEEP GOING!” Dawn screamed as she felt Tauros’ member throb inside her. With every thrust, Tauros would push a good deal of his member into her, but he was simply too long to fit inside her completely. Never the less, with every thrust, Tauros’ loosely hanging balls smacked against her ass. Dawn couldn’t do much more than brace herself as Tauros continued his treatment, with every thrust her vagina coated his dick in more juice as the cried loudly. Tears of pleasure were streaming from her eyes as she leaned on her arms. She turned her head and looked at Zoey, only to find the redheaded girl with two hands between her legs. Her face bright red, Zoey fingered herself so quickly her hands were little more than a constant blur of speed as they slipped in and out of her folds.

For some reason Dawn thought Zoey looked incredibly hot and seeing her masturbate pushed the young coordinator past her limit. Her mouth wide open in a soundless cry, Dawn buried her head in her elbow as she felt her orgasm coursing through her body. Every muscle in her body tensed up for what seemed like an eternity. This final squeeze proved to be the last push Tauros needed and with a loud moo he unleashed his semen inside her. At the same time, his second cock – now unattended – shot an equally massive amount of cum into the air, coating Dawn’s back with his seed at every pulse. Meanwhile, his second member was quickly on its way to completely fill Dawn’s womb with his potent seed. Every twitch and every pulse added another gush of the white fluid, which quickly started to drip out between her legs in a steady stream.

The whole experience lasted maybe half a minute and when it was all over, they were both exhausted. Tauros’ heavy breathing came out in labored puffs of smoke in the rapidly chilling night air. Below him, between his legs, Dawn was recovering from the most intense experience of her life so far. Despite having finished his orgasm, the young girl could still feel his semen dripping out of her. She wondered just how full he had pumped her with his spunk and gingerly caressed her abdomen. With a shock, she realized her belly had actually grown a few sizes. Meanwhile, the bull Pokemon above her was shaking on his legs from the whole experience, but he held on, refusing to give in and crush his beloved trainer’s companion.

Besides them, Zoey was sitting back with her legs spread wide and her back supported by a discarded backpack. The look on her eyes was a strange combination of smugness, lust and love. As if she was saying “I told you so…” in the sexiest way possible. Her left hand was coated in her juices, which indicated to Dawn that her friend had masturbated herself to another orgasm in the meantime.

“Told you… you’d like it!” Zoey said in two puffs of labored breaths, the smug victory obvious in her voice.

“You… were right… Zo…” Dawn moaned as Tauros moved about a bit, his member was still firmly pressed into her dripping folds. Zoey smiled at the use of her nickname. “I should’ve done this a lot sooner… I never knew a Pokemon could feel this good!” With a tired sigh, Dawn extracted the bull’s big dick from herself and crawled out from beneath him. Standing up on shaky legs she took a good look at herself. Her knees, elbows and even some spots on her breasts were covered in grass stains and everything below her navel was covered in thick, white Tauros cum. Shivering slightly, Dawn realized her entire back, from her shoulders down to the small of her back, was covered in Tauros’ seed as well, slowly dripping down.

So much cum… Where did he keep it all?

Exhausted, Dawn made her last shaky steps until she dropped herself down on her side besides Zoey. The pregnant coordinator mimicked her motions and before Dawn realized what was going on; Zoey and herself were wrapped up in a loving embrace, kissing each other as if their lives depended on it. Dawn’s slightly swollen belly pushed into Zoey’s hard stomach and their breasts rubbed together as they deepened their kiss. Dawn had never considered kissing a girl before, but she didn’t care about it. In her current state, she couldn’t. Besides, she loved Zoey, she realized as their tongues swirled around each other. Not just as a friend either, she loved her as something more…

“Thank you… Zoey… For letting me borrow your Tauros…” she gasped out as they paused their kiss. “I love you…” It had come out without Dawn even realizing. Zoey didn’t flinch though, instead, her smile widened and her eyes seemed to sparkle through her tears.

“Any time Dawn… any time… I love you too!” she confirmed.

“So… You ready for round 2?” the pregnant coordinator asked huskily, causing Dawn to flinch and look at her with a stunned expression. With a burst of sudden energy, Zoey managed to roll Dawn off of her, rolling her blue-haired lover on her back, her legs spread awkwardly and her breasts jiggling slightly from the sudden movement. With a gasp, Dawn realized that Tauros was standing over her now, a look of determination in his eyes and no visible sign of exhaustion left on him. His two dicks were fully erect again and were now aligned with her still dripping entrance.

“What… You didn’t think he would be done after just one round, did ya?” Zoey said with a wicked grin spreading on her face. Snorting loudly, Tauros stood over Dawn and lowered his pelvis, one of his dicks immediately penetrating her again deeply, his other dick rubbing over her legs and thighs. Dawn let out a loud scream as Tauros started thrusting in and out of her again and wondered just how long the bull Pokemon could keep this up. Her loud moans were quickly muffled when Zoey  joined her beneath Tauros’ massive body. Leaning the top of her body over her, Zoey silenced Dawn with more kisses while at the same time guiding the blue-haired girl’s hand to her own dripping folds.


This was going to be a long night…

Chapter End Notes:

Woke up this morning to find the read count standing at exactly 1337! I think that deserves a new chapter to celebrate, hmmm?

Thank you again for reading and stay tuned for more, because this story has only just started! ;)

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